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Banished angel episode 12 & 13

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Banished angel episode 12 & 13 by : 7:49 am On September 14, 2020
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Banished Angel
Episode 12
Raguel stared at Elena, who has cuddle into his side during the night, not that he is complaining, he enjoyed her warmth throughout the night.
I’m so fortunate to have a soulmate, he said
Elena stirred in her sleep, snapping Raguel from his thought, he looked at her with a smile on his face.
Elena knew there was a warm body with her on bed, she was confuse at first, making Raguel to pay extra attention to her, because he did not know what she might be thinking.
The event of last night played in her head making her to smile as she slowly opened her eyes.
Good morning, Raguel said, morning she replied with a warm smile on her face, she just wish she could remain cuddled to his side forever.
Did you sleep well? Raguel asked
Who wouldn’t sleep well with an Angel on her bed who is also my soulmate, she thought to herself, but instead of saying that she only nodded .
I will go freshen up now, Elena announced as she made her way out of the bed and gave her Angel a cute smile before she disappeared into the bathroom.
Elena rested her back on the and shook her head, all this things happening, just seems like a dream and a really good one at that, well apart from the demon part anyway she said softly.
Not only an Angel was sitting in my bedroom, he is also my solumate, this is really crazy, if somebody had told me few weeks ago that Angels and demons exist, I would have said that person was drunk or mad.
She just smiled at her self, I just hope this is not a dream, Elena said as she strips her clothes and turn on the shower.
***** ****** ******
Raguel was sitting quietly on the bed waiting for Elena to finish her bathing, oddly to say, but he already misses her, even though she is just few meters away from him,.
I just don’t know how I miss her so much but God I miss her so much already.
I just can’t wait to see her beautiful face again, he stood up from the bed and made his to the window, he stood there just starting at nothing in particular, until he heard the bathroom door clicked open, he wasted no time as he quickly turned to look at Elena was was still standing at the doorway looking freshed and also looking at him with a smile
Raguel did not want to rush anything between them
We have the whole world to ourselves he thought.
But for now I really need to feel her skin, my skin feel so cold without hers.
Making physical contact between soulmate is very important,.Raguel knows that so without wasting time he moved closer to Elena and wrap his hand around her, he did not even think if Elena wanted the same thing, because she was stilled at first when he hugged her, he was about pulling back so he could apologize but at the same Elena wrapped her hands around him tightly and sighed softly, Raguel just smiled.
Raguel was really happy that he could not stopped himself as be buried his nose on the crook of her neck and inhaled deeply.
After a while they both pulled apart and settled on the bed.
So what’s going to happen with those demons chasing me, Elena said, even though she enjoys Raguel company, she still needs to go back to her normal routine, she just don’t want to continue her life living in fear.
Don’t worry about that for now, Raguel said, I will do everything to protect you, you are safe with me, he added.
Elena smiled and blushed a little, whenever Raguel speaks like that, her heart always skip a beat.
Thank you, she said softly.
You don’t have to say thank you every time Elena, you are my soulmate, its my duty to protect you, Raguel said.
The way her name rolls from his tongue, sends goosebumps all over her skin, she just can’t understand how it feels right coming from his mouth.
I will always continue to thank you, even if its your duty to protect me, I will always appreciate your efforts Elena finally said.
Raguel smiled brightly at her, and she smiled back at him.
So does the other Angel lives on earth, Elena suddenly asked.
No he does not live on earth, but in heaven but he always come to visits me on earth.
He wanted to continue his explanation but Elena shuffled closer, his eyes fell to her lips and it just seems the time stops and the world stops existing, he just had the strong urge to taste the sweetness of her lips.
He leaned down slowly, just in case Elena wants to back off,
Do you want this, Raguel whispered, they were only inches apart, Elena leaned more instead of replying, their breaths got heavy, they could feel each others breath on their lips, so without hesitation Raguel connected their lips together.
Maybe time stopped when his lips met Elena’s but the flutter only intensified, Elena’s heart pounded loudly in her chest, she could only focus on how soft his lips felt against her mouth, how addictively he invaded all her senses, it still wasn’t clear if she was dreaming, but there were raw emotions in the way his f!ng£rs curled around hers.
Elena kept her eyes opened sneaking a peek at her Angel every time she came back for air, just to make sure this wasn’t a product of her imagination.
She could not believed they just shared their first
Episode 13
They clung to each other after sharing their first klzz, trying to get their breath even.
Raguel knew klzzes were special, but he has never experienced it for himself, until now, he just got his first klzz.
He had always had opportunities to explore what it will feel like, but he decided to wait for his soulmate, and now he was very glad he waited.
The other Angels name is Raphael, Raguel finally spoke making Elena to look at him,
Raphael raised me in heaven, he added, he was really glad that Raphael chose to raise him, he knows he could be difficult at times but in all that, Raphael never left him, he was always there when he needed him.
What about your parents? Elena asked
I don’t know them, Raguel answered
Parents are not allowed to raise their children after giving birth to them, they think its a big distraction to them to stop them from their heavenly duty.
Elena could not imagine herself living without her parents especially her mom, they had a perfect little family and she really glad that at least Raguel has Raphael.
Raphael looks like a good man, Elena said.
He is, Raguel replied with a smile.
Elena just nodded her head in understanding.
I thought Angels lived in heaven? Elena asked, so why are you on earth, or is it because to came here to look for your soulmate, how were you so sure your soulmate was human and not another Angel, Elena vomited all her questions at once without even taking breathe between sentences.
She stopped quickly to take in breathe when she noticed that Raguel has gone quiet all of a sudden, and his mood has changed, the smile that was once present on his face has faded away.
She cursed herself softly for not paying attention to him.
You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, Elena said softly
No, it’s fine, you are my soulmate and you deserve to know.
I really did not come to earth to find my solumate, Raguel said softly, I did not even think I deserve to have a soulmate when I first came to earth.
Elena gave him a confuse frown, I thought all Angels have soulmate she asked
Yes they do, but not Angels like me, Raguel answered,
Elena noticed he was struggling with his words she quickly cupped his face and rested her forehead on his.
You don’t have to tell me now, we have all the time to discuss this she said.
I know, Raguel said with a sign, am so lucky to have you he mumbled.
But I really want to let you know now he added,
Well if thats what you want, just take your time and I will be here to listen.
Raguel nodded his head. I was accused of a crime in heaven, thats why I was banished to earth, he said softly, I was accused of blasphemy in heaven, but I did not commit the crime I was accused of, some Angels conspired against me.
I don’t even know their reason for conspiring against me, his voice cracked a little making Elena wrap her hand lightly around her Angel, she noticed the matter is really difficult for him to talk about.
Raguel welcome the comfort he got from his soulmate, he was very glad that she was there with him, because every time he recalls the experience and the way he was just banished to earth without even hearing from him, it almost bring tears to his eyes but he blinked them away.
So I thought heavens punishment for me is by not having a solumate, he added but you showed up, and am really happy you are here with me.
Elena looked at her Angel and gave him a warm smile;
So what did you do when you were in heaven, she asked wanting his smile to return to his face.
I was a warrior Angel, Raguel said smiling down at her and was grateful she changed the subject,
He recalls all the time he trained in heaven with Raphael and other Angels and the wars they fought, it brought genuine smile to his face.
That explain your skills, Elena said with a smile, so is Raphael also a warrior Angel? She asked.
No, he is an Angel of healing power, but every Angels knows how to defend themselves, I learn most of the things I know today from him he added.
You mean like Raphael is like a doctor, she asked
Yes he is, Raguel answered
Thats explain why he was calm when you were unconscious at the warehouse Elena said,
Anyway, I should head downstairs for breakfast before mom comes here looking for me, she stood up from the bed before she spoke again,
I notice you don’t eat and you don’t shower too but you always look fresh she said eyeing the Angel.
Raguel laughed, making Elena to look at his face, that will be the most beautiful sound I have ever heard she thought to her self.
Well I don’t shower because my body refreshes itself and for food, I do eat sometimes but it is not always necessary I do, but if you have any fruit available downstairs I will appreciate some he added.
Okay, Elena said making her way to the door, she looked at her Angel one more time with a smile before shutting the door behind her.
Raguel rested his back on the head board of the bed, he closed his eyes and linked his f!ng£rs together, he was trying to concentrate on his environment but he was finding it very difficult because he could only think about Elena.
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