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Banished angel episode 10 & 11

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Banished angel episode 10 & 11 by : 7:42 am On September 14, 2020
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Banished Angel
Episode 10
When they arrived at the warehouse, Raguel fell unconscious because of his wounds,
Elena was very scared because she did not know what to do,
she was very restless until Raphael showed up and told her everything will okay, that was when she became relaxed.
Elena was staring into space, she was still thinking about the information she got from the demon, that she is bonded to an Angel, she still could not wrap her head around it.
He is starting to wake up, Raphael said pulling Elena out of her thought,
she quickly turned to look at Raguel who indeed is waking up.
Immediately Raguel eyes snapped opened it rested on Elena, he smiled brightly at her,
Elena had the urge to jump on him and hug him tightly but she was able to restrain herself, and gave him a big smile instead.
Raphael stared at both of them with warm smile on his face, he was very happy for Raguel, its been long since he saw smile like that.
“Indeed having a soulmate is everything”.
With Raguel strength returning to his body, he stood up, that was when he notice Raphael standing at the corner of the room.
Ralph! He cried out moving closer to him and pulling him into a big hug.
I’m very happy you are here, Raguel said, he hug was a tight which cause a little pain in Raphael, but he did not mind, so he did not pull out of the hug, he was just happy Raguel was fine.
Elena was contemplating, if it was the right time to ask Raguel about their bond, she was wondering why Raguel did not tell her about the bond, but she spoke anyway.
I thought it was crazy to have feelings for someone you know for days, she said making Raguel to pull out of his hug to Raphael and turned to meet her eyes.
I thought it was stupid to feel deeply connected with someone you barely know, I thought it was some hero crush, since you saved my life, but I knew deep down that it has to be more than that.
Elena paused and took a deep breath
Why did you not tell me about the bond we share, that we are soulmate she added.
Raguel was in shock but not because Elena knows about bond but she can also feel it.
You can feel the bond, Raguel asked in shock as he glanced at Raphael who was still in shock.
I know I have not made any physical contact with you so how come you can feel the bond, Raguel muttered more to himself but Elena heard him
What do you mean by physical contact she asked.
We have to make skin to skin contact with each other for you to be able to feel the bond, but you are already feeling the bond without making the contact, its really strange.
If you were to be another Angel, you will feel the bond the moment we met, but you are not, so I don’t really understand it.
Does that mean that there is something wrong with me? Elena asked feeling scared of the unknow
There is nothing wrong with you Raphael quickly intervened, he has been quiet ever since the conversation started
Elena you are very special, Raphael said, we don’t know exactly what you are now, but we are certain you are not entirely human.
Raphael gave her a smile which says everything will be okay.
Are you ready to connect your bond now, Raphael asked with a big smile on his face, he was happy he will get to see Raguel connect his bond to his soulmate.
Are you ready? Raguel asked Elena, he was very excited inside he know a soulmate bond is very special, because he was taught when he was in heaven, he is so happy that he will get to experience it himself
Does connecting the bond hurt, Elena asked, she was very happy to connect with her Angel in a deeper level.
No it does not hurt, but it will only feel strange for some seconds Raguel said with a smile that lite up his entirely face
Okay then, I’m ready she said
Raguel held out his hand, Elena smiled and moved closer and placed her hand on his.
They both gasped at the sensation they both felt, the tingling present in their palms, sparks was flowing within them, they could not explain how a smiple touch could ignite such strong feelings within them
Elena wasted no time as she flung her hands around the Angel and embraced him tightly, she buried her head on his neck and inhaled his scent.
He smelled heavenly, she just wish she could bottle up his scent, they both continue to clung to each other and enjoy the comfort of each others warmth
Episode 11
After the bond was connected, Raphael went back to heaven and Raguel took Elena back home
Both Raguel and Elena sat in comfortable silence not knowing what to say to each other, both their minds and souls were deeply connected
They both feel like a different person, its not really something any of them can explain, but they know the feelings and strong emotions the bond stir in them is unique
Elena on the other hand was stealing glances from her soulmate, even though they just connected the bond and they feel so many emotions for each other the fact still remains they just met few weeks ago, and she was trying to get use to all this powerful feelings
Elena has always admire the Angel from the first time they met but now she sees him in a different light, everything about the Angel interests her
Raguel cleared his throat to get her attention, which he got because Elena look up at him with a smile
Are you alright? Raguel asked
Of course yes, Elena said smiling
I’m sitting here with an Angel who is also my soulmate why wouldn’t I be alright, she added
I like that he said but that was not what I was asking about
Then what? Elena asked
Your encounter with the demons again, Raguel clarified
He notice how fast Elena’s smile left her face immediately he mentioned demons,
“Those creatures is trouble” he said to himself
I don’t know what to say, I don’t even know what those demons want from me and it is really frustrating.
To be honest with you, I’m really scared of what those demons will do to me, she said looking at her hands
Raguel reach for Elena’s hand giving it a little squeeze
It’s okay to be scared Elena but I promise you everything will be okay
I will not let anything happen to you he added
I and Raphael will find out what those demon’s want from you and most importantly what you really are he added with a smile
Elena smile warmly at him and she was really grateful that she was not alone in what is happening to her
“Thank you” she said softly
I know I can always count on you and I completely trust you
Raguel’s heart instantly fill with affection towards his soulmate, hearing that she trust him completely brought smile and warmth to his heart
“I’m so lucky to have her” he said to himself
I will not let you down Elena, I will protect you with everything I have, I promise he added
I know that, Elena said
They were both silent but Raguel was lost in thoughts
I wonder if Raphael has found anything, but whatever it will take me I will surely find out what is going on, I will not let those demons take away the one person that have bring joy and laughter to Me
What will I do if she gets taking away and I could not find her,
No, that will never happen
I won’t even survive it
He quickly shook his head trying to get the ugly thought out of his mind
I will have to find out what those demons want
Elena has been watching Raguel she knew whatever he was thinking was not good from the looks he has on his face and especially for the emotions she is feeling
Ever since they connected the bond they could both feel each others emotions and she knows whatever Raguel was thinking is really throwing him off balance
Hey, Elena said shaking his hand a little to get his attention
Are you alright? Elena asked
I don’t like what I’m feeling, she said, What are you thinking about? She asked
Raguel took in a deep breath trying to calm himself down, he knows Elena could feel his emotions and the last thing he wants to do is to make her worry
No I’m not, but I will be fine, Raguel replied
Elena wanted to persuade Raguel to tell her what he was thinking but she later decided against it
Elena smile at him and rest her head on his shoulders, Raguel wasted no time as he wrap his hands around her making Elena to sigh in contentment as she enjoy the comfort and warmth of her Angel
******** ******* *******
I guess you went to earth again to see Raguel
Raphael turned to see his friend Samael watching him with crossed arms and leaning against the wall
You already know the answer to question so why do you bother to ask, Raphael said
I guess I do, Samael said with a little chuckle and you my friend look very cheerful today, he said eyeing Raphael
Did anything special happen today on earth? Samael
Raphael was contemplating if he should tell Samael about Raguel’s soulmate, he knows Samael has not done anything to make him not to trust him so he went ahead and told him
Yes, he answered with a bright smile
He look over his shoulder to make sure nobody was insight before he spoke
Raguel has found his soulmate, he said quietly
Are you serious? Samael asked
Of course I am, Raphael answered
Do you think heaven has forgiven him for the crime he committed? Samael asked
Raguel did not commit any crime he was accused of and I think heaven knows that, Raphael said with a sigh
Okay if you say so, Samael said he was not in the mood to argue about anything, he does not really know if Raguel commit the crime he was accused of but he trust his friend’s judgment
The little time he spent around Raguel when he was in heaven did not really show him that Raguel was capable of the crime he was accused of
Anyways, Samael said unfolding his arms
Make sure nobody hears about this, you know not many people like Raguel
I know that, Raphael said
And I think there is something going on in heaven,Samael said as he patted Raphael’s back
Be careful Ralph, I will see you around he added as he left Raphael in his own thoughts
What could be going on in heaven?
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