Bad boys baby Episode 3 & 4


BadBoy’s Baby 🎩

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Episode 3



Chase’s POV
“Chase, are you okay? You’re acting weird or are you also thinking about her big ass” he smirked and licked his lips.

I flinched and got down from the car.

“Of course, not” I yelled in defence.

“Hey, why are you getting worked up? I’m only teasing you okay?” He said but I rolled my eyes at him and went into the car.

“Hey, are you angry?
Hey, chase am talking to you. Did you forget am two years older than you? You should at least have some respect for me.”

“Chase! Chase!!” He kept yelling but I ignored him and plugged in my headphone.

Please let that jerk Chris finish up and let’s leave here, I thought with my eyes closed.


Chris’s POV
I finished with them both and felt exhausted.

Gosh. They are headaches.

My bit*h did a second round with me before finally letting me go.

The two bit*h*s lay down on the bed breathing with their mouths wide open.

You could mistake them for an animal if care is not taken.

I took my boxers and wore them, then picked up my shirt.

“That was awesome baby. Should I come over tomorrow night for a round or two?” Lily asked and I shook my head.

I won’t be having your p***y again tomorrow, I thought but didn’t say it out.

“No, my parents will be around tomorrow night so don’t dare come expect you wanna go home embarrassed” I replied and left the room.

I bombed into Drake, his hands were wrapped around two different girls as they giggled and followed him.

He stopped immediately he sighted me.

“Yo! I bet you had your full” he smiled.

“Yea, surely. Do you know where those nut heads are?” I asked him.

“Yea, they are both waiting outside in your car” he replied.

One of the girls he was holding has been winking at me but I’m too tired for it.

Maybe she’ll be the one I’ll take tomorrow since I’ve had my full today and thank goodness I’ve seen her face.

“Alright buddy, see you maybe tomorrow or the next” I cooed and he left one of the girls and we both shook hands.

“I’ll be coming over to your house tomorrow bro, expect me yea?” He said.


I left him and went outside to see Charlie on the bonnet with a bottle of vodka.

Oh my! My champagne.

Gosh I forgot about it.

I took the drink from him and gulped down large quantity from it. I took another shot and handed it over to him.

I don’t wanna get drunk because I’m gonna be driving.

I opened the driver side and made to get in but chase pushed me out and got into the driver sit.

“Hey a*s hole, why did you do that for?” I questioned.

“You just drank from that and beside I don’t wanna die after what you did earlier so I’ll be driving” he replied and I scoffed.

“Have you perfected your driving skills? You’re the one that is gonna get us killed chase” I retorted and made to push him away but he held tightly until the steering.

“I’m not letting go of this” he insisted.

“Yea, leave him. His gonna die first yunno” I heard Charlie say and rolled my eyes at him.

“And is that a good thing?” I questioned getting a sit beside chase.

Charlie followed and got into the back.

Chase ignited the engine and I continued watching him as he reversed and left the building.

He wasn’t that fast nor was he slow but my mind wasn’t at rest one bit as he kept driving.

Minutes later we got into our street and he decreased his speed driving so slowly, I bet a snail could run faster than the car right now.

“Hey! Why aren’t you driving? Come on drive faster?” I urged and hit his shoulder.

“Ouch! Leave me be” he snarled and continued driving slow until we finally got to our compound and he drove in.

We all came down from the car and I felt like slamming his tiny head on the wall but mom was already outside with her hands at akimbo.

“Where are you boys coming from?” She questioned and immediately chase went to hug her.

He acts like a baby sometimes, I don’t just get him.

He just clocked 18 and his still behaving this way.

“Mom” he called and mom patted his back.

“My baby boy” mom pouted and I stood starring at them both.

“Why is this guy is guy? Why isn’t he a girl? He doesn’t like girls, mostly on his own expect forced to go out. Aren’t this the character’s of most girls?” I questioned and he turned and looked at me.

“I wish I was one so I couldn’t be forced to always go out and I won’t be disturbed by girls, d**k head” he retorted.

“What did you just call me jerk?” I snapped.

“What you just heard” he replied.


“Will you boys stop and what are you doing there Charlie?” Mom cut in and I turned to look at Charlie who’s attention was buried into his phone.

“Charlie! Charlie!!” Mom yelled more loudly and he jerked.

“Yes, yes” he answered.

“Hand over that phone right now” mom ordered stretching her hand to him.

“Aw Aunt, you can’t do that. You can’t keep sizing my things, I’m f**k*ng twenty” he groaned.

“The phone” mom insisted again and he handed his phone to mom.

“You won’t be getting this back till tomorrow night” she said strictly and went into the house.

That’s it, mom hates been ignored over something like hell. She even broke my computer because I didn’t answer her calls last year so I learnt my lessons immediately but Charlie on his own doesn’t seems to learn at all.

Mom has even taken one of his favourite shirt when he needed to go out urgently with it months back but he doesn’t take correction.

And about chase, mom doesn’t punish him at all. Like I said earlier today, his the baby of the house.

Chase’s POV
I followed mom in immediately she left with Charlie’s phone.

Mom went to the kitchen and I followed her in.

“Mom, what did you cook? I’m really hungry” I pouted.

She kept Charlie’s phone on top of the sink and turned to look at me.

“Did you smoke chase?” She asked and my eyes widened.

How in the world could I forget this? How in the world? I thought.

“Chase?” She called her voice coming out cold.

“Did you smoke?” She questioned again and I gulped down saliva.

“No…no” I stuttered.

“Okay, you’ll be going to our new neighbours to hand them this pancakes.”

“Remember we do this to our every neighbour.”

“So take” she cooed and handed a tray to me.

“Go to them now and extend my greetings” she ordered and left the kitchen.

What? The new neighbour? The blonde haired her house? I thought puzzled.


Episode 4

Chase’s POV
I exhaled softly before planting a knock on our new neighbour’s door.

There was no responds then I knocked a second time.

“Coming” I heard a girlish voice answer me and I became nervous.

No, this is not me. I’m not like this because of girls, I’ve never been like this, I thought to myself trying to calm down.

The nervousness increased when I felt a hold at the door and the door opened revealing a girl that is about 8 – 10 years old.

She has long hair with long lashes and little big eyes making her look really pretty.

She smiled suddenly.

“What do you want?” She questioned.

“Um..can you give to your parents? They are from mine, we..we usually do this whenever we have a new neighbour. Its a way of welcoming them” I explained to her and she stretched her tiny hands forward and collected it.

“Thanks a lot” she smiled out dimples.

“Mona? Who are you speaking with at the door?” I heard a woman voice.

“Um..see mom” the little Mona replied showing the tray to her.

The woman opened the door wider and I saw her.

“Um..good evening ma’am, my mom gives out pancakes to every new neighbours. Its a way of welcoming them” I explained.

“Oh! Come on in, we appreciate” the woman beamed.

“Oh no ma’am, I gotta go now” I replied but she held my back.

“Come on and have a cup of juice, its my way of saying thanks to her” the woman insisted with smiles and I stood thinking whether to go in or not.

“Mom” I heard a girl’s voice, an older girl’s voice this time and figured out that she is the one – the blonde hair girl.

“Come on” the woman bugged into my thoughts again and I jerked.

“Um..of course…ma’am” I stuttered and she stepped out of the way.

I stepped into the house which was the living room precisely and saw her – the blonde hair girl.

I don’t no her name but she’s extremely beautiful, I thought and slapped my head mentally.

F**k chase! What are you thinking?

“Natalia, please go get a cup of juice for our neighbour here” the woman instructed her and she glared at me and left.


Natalie’s POV
I got to the fridge and took out an orange juice.

Ouch! I didn’t ask him what fruit juice he’ll prefer.

Damn! I cussed and hit my head.

Well, I can still give him this. It’s orange and everyone likes orange, I thought and with that I left to the sitting room and saw him standing quietly starring down at his shoes.

“Hey” I said softly and he raised his head and starred at me.

“Do you like orange juice? I got this one for you” I asked proffering it to him and I noticed he cringed before collecting it.

He gulped it down in one shot and handed the cup over to me.

“Thanks” he mumbled.

“I’ll get going now” he added and left as if he was being chased.

Chase’s POV

I got out of their compound hastily and went to ours.

Immediately I got in mom was standing in the dinning area while Charlie’s eyes were fixed on the TV screen.

“So, did you give them?” Mom inquired immediately but that was not what I’m concerned about right now.

I really need to puke before I die.

I’m damn allergic to orange.

I rushed into the kitchen being the nearest and possible place I could puke and I released everything in my mouth into the sink.

My body was already changing colour and sweats were screaming down my whole body as if I just showered.

I continued puking and heard mom scream.

“What the hell did you take?” She questioned and patting my back downwards.

I started feeling dizzy and had to hold my head.

“Chase! Chase!” I heard mom’s faint voice.

“Charlie, fast call the doctor” I heard her yell last and fell on her body, passing out.

Charlie’s POV
I heard Aunt’s scream and stood up.

“Call the doctor” she added and I went for the telephone and called him.

“Hello, Mr Edward, please come over right now” I said into the phone and dropped the telephone.

I went to the kitchen and finally saw what happened.

This jerk has started again.

What did he eat this time? I thought as I carried him from Aunt and took him to the couch in the sitting room.

I laid him down and turned the air conditioner.

Aunt was just panting heavily starring at Chase.

“What did he take when you guys forced him out? What did you give me?” She half yelled.

“Aunt, I seriously don’t no what he took and beside he should have been down for a long time, why now? He even drove us home and nothing happened to him.”

“If he took anything at all then it wasn’t at where we went to” I defended.

“Then what and where the hell did he take what he take?” She continued screaming.

“Mom, Charlie, what is going on? Mom you wanna scream down the whole building?” Chris asked coming down the stairs.

“His allergic symptoms, he took what he shouldn’t have taken” Aunt replied him.

He ran pass us and went to him on the couch, opened his mouth and inhaled his breath.

“Its orange, it smells like orange” Chris announced.

“What? Where the hell did he get orange? Why on earth will he take orange?” Aunt cried.

Its impossible for him to take orange. He couldn’t have taken it in his right senses, what the hell happened? I wondered starring down at him on the couch.



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