Bad boys baby Episode 25 & 26

🎧Bad Boy’s Baby 🎩
👗[The new girl next door] 🔞

Written By Kebby NG

Episode 25



Cindy’s POV

I beamed in happiness immediately the door opened and revealed a guy.

I don’t no him tho his very cute. They are all just cute.

Super super cute.

The guy pulled a surprise look with his eyes fixed on Natalia who was gazing downward.

He opened his mouth to talk but I didn’t let him to.

“We are here to see how Chris is faring” I smiled and the confused look on his face became more obvious.

“Who are you?” He asked starring at me.

“Oh I’m Natalia’s cousin and also Chris classmate” I introduced and stretched fort my hand for a handshake.

I noticed he cringed before taking my hand.

“But, I haven’t seen you before, are you perhaps new?” He questioned after releasing my hand.

“Yes, she’s my cousin, Charlie” Natalia suddenly cut in.

“So, can we?” She asked and he smiled and paved the path for us.

I was the first to enter followed by Natalia.

I wowed at the beauty of the house.

It looks so beautiful.


Natalia’s POV
Immediately we got in I stood and starred around.

There weren’t anyone around here apart from Charlie.

Where is chase? I was hoping on seeing him, that’s the only reason I’m here anyways.

“Um..I’ll go bring him down then” Charlie said and took the stairs up.

Cindy went to sit down comfortably.

“Hey witch, you better behave yourself here” I eyed her.

“Whatever” She replied with an eye roll.


Chris’s POV
I was in my room surfing the internet before my door opened.

The way it opened made me surprised.

“Hey, are you being chased? Why did you come in that way?” I asked and eyed Charlie who just came in.

“You won’t believe it Chris, the big a*s Blondie and her cousin are here.”

“Damn her cousin looks like an easy catch and guess what? They both came to see you” he rushed his word.

“What? Man are you serious about that?” I asked, shocked.

“I’m damn serious, they are both downstairs now. I think this is the opportunity we have been waiting for” he said and licked his lip.

“Well, you have to bring them both up here. You know I can’t go down” I said.

“Oh, but will they agree?” He asked.

“Come on, they will. They came for me right? So its not a big deal. Just help me get them up here” I cooed and he smiled.

“That’s even much better man” he smiled and rubbed his palm against each other.


smiled as I watched him leave.

I know I’m bad but he is baddest.

Total jerk!


Charlie’s POV
I went downstairs to see big a*s still on her feet.

“Um..I’m sorry but you can only see him in his room, he is not strong enough to come down here” I said softly hoping they but agree immediately.

“Yea sure” the cousin girl took the lead immediately.

I heard Natalia sigh as she followed her cousin.


Chase’s POV
I came out of my room to go take a glass of water and heard foot steps coming towards my direction.

I waited and soon that girl – Natalia’s cousin appeared and I saw Natalia behind her.

Huh! What’s happening? I thought as they approached me.

Charlie appeared and opened the door to Chris room and that her cousin entered.

Natalia came to me instead.

“I’ll see him later” she turned to Charlie and said.

I still don’t understand.

Why is she here?

“Hi” she beamed and tucked her hair behind her ear.

“Hi” I replied starring at her.

“Um..can I?” She asked and I immediately opened the door for her and she entered.

I entered with her and shut the door.

Immediately those strange feelings started clouding me as I watched her sit.

Then I went closer to her…


Chris’s POV
I watched as they entered but became a little disappointed that the blonde haired girl isn’t here, just her cousin.

“Hi” she smiled and immediately came to sit with me on the bed.

“Hello pretty” I cooed and saw her blush.

She is sure an easy catch. Everyone of them are easy catch anyways, its just Natalia that is always proving stubborn.

“I came to check on you” she said.

“Yea? Thanks so will you like a drink?” I asked and she nodded.

Then I gave Charlie a sigh then he nodded and left the room leaving just the both of us there.

“You look so pretty” I complemented looking into her face. She was so close to me that I know my breathe fanned her red cheeks.

“Thanks” she blushed hard.

“So where is your cousin?” I asked her.

“She left to her boyfriend’s room” she replied.

“Boyfriend? What boyfriend?” I asked puzzled.

“Chase, your brother” she answered.

I chuckled when I heard her mention chase.

“Nay, they aren’t dating” I replied her.

“No, they are, you needed to see how they embraced their selves in front of everyone in school today. I even heard people talking about it, they look so close and so much in love with each other” she explained.

I opened my mouth to talk but shut it back.

Chase? My own brother? Hugging a girl?

That’s unbelievable but I’ll confirm later, I thought.

“So pretty, tell me why you look so stunning?” I cooed my face real close to hers.

She smiled and looked at my face, then because of the way I was close to her our lips touched.

She looked away instantly but I smirked inwardly, I took her face and planted my lips on hers.


Episode 26


Natalia’s POV
He came to me on the couch and sat down beside me.

“Why are you here?” He inquired.

“Guess” I smiled.

“Um..I can’t, please tell me” he cooed starring intensely at me.


I came to see you” I replied and he pulled a bemused look.

“Me?” He questioned.

“Yes, can’t I?” I asked back.

“ can, its…’ve never done this before” he stuttered a bit.

“Yea, but I just decided to start now or do you want me to leave? Aren’t you comfortable?” I rushed my words.

“Of..course so……what were you talking about with Charlie then? Who were you planning on seeing?” He asked.

“No one, it’s just a prank” I smiled and he chuckled.

“Okay, can I get you anything since you’re here already?” He further questioned.

“No, I’m okay, don’t bother maybe next time” I replied and he nodded.

We both remained silent for a long time.

Gosh what I’m I gonna say to him?

And I think his a bit shy too.



Chris’s POV
I deepened the kiss as I pressed my body against hers pressing her down to the bed in the process.

Hmm she’s a good kisser.

We continued kissing for a long time as I sucked every corner of her mouth.

My body was getting tensed up so I decided to take it to another level.

I left her mouth and went to her neck, giving her little bite.

I’m sure she’s gonna have a lot of hitches after I’m done.

I pulled her top aside so I could get a clear view of her shoulder which looks sexy and fresh.

I pulled it down and made to pull it off totally but she held my hand.

“No, no, I can’t do it right now, we…we just met” she stammered shifting away from me.

I smirked preventing myself from laughing.

So she wanna prove stubborn like her cousin?

But I promise she won’t resist me a second time. I’ll just let go of her now.

Its in my parents house and they might show up at anytime and beside I’m still recovering from this shi**y poison I was given by that d**k s*cker.

“Um..okay, I’m so sorry about that. Just that you look so lovely, I couldn’t resist the urge to kiss you anymore, I’m sorry” I apologized and she nodded.

My room door opened revealing Charlie who came in with a glass of drink.

I don’t no what drink he brought tho.

He proffered the glass cup to her and she collected it and gulped down the content.

Charlie gave me an eye which I understood the meaning immediately.

I shook my head to tell him that its not today and not here.

Then he collected the cup from her and kept it.

He looked unhappy tho.


Charlie’s POV
So two damn pretty girls came into this house and they’ll leave untouched by me.

Gosh, I just don’t understand anymore.

I was already preparing myself the minute they came into this house.

Ouch! It hurts so damn much.

Guess I’ll have to call Mandy that bit*h so we could meet up.

I can’t let today pass without getting my d**k in between a lady’s legs.

So with that I left with my car keys.


Chase’s POV
I felt so uncomfortable with the silence but I didn’t no what to say.

I guess I’m not good at this.

I don’t even no how it works.

Its so embarrassing tho.

Charlie and chase aren’t this way. They will always engage the lady into a chit chat.

Maybe I should learn from them.

“Um..maybe I should get going now” she said after a long long silence.

“Okay” was the only reply that came to my mind.

This is f**k*ng not cool of me tho.

She stood up and made for the door with me behind her.

I opened the door and she got out. I watched as she knocked on Chris door and later opened it.

Why is she going in there? Maybe to call her supposed cousin.

So came out seconds later followed by her cousin and they both left the house afterwards.

Natalia’s POV
Immediately we got outside Cindy started jumping.

“You can’t believe what happened Nat. I think he likes me – Chris likes me.”

“He kept on complementing my beauty till you came. We even kissed” she jumped but I continued starring at her – speechless.


Chris’s POV
Immediately they left I picked up my phone and dialed chase line.

He picked up almost immediately and I asked him to come to my room.

Few minutes later the door opened revealing him.

I needed to confirm what that girl said.

“Chase” I called moving straight to the point.

“Do you have feelings for Natalia? This is the second time I’ll be asking so you better answer me truthfully” I hushed.

He just kept starring at me like I was some television.

“Chase? Your answers” I inquired.

He took his gaze to the floor and became nervous.

“I..I think so – yes,” came his reply.



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