Bad boys baby Episode 17 & 18

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Episode 17



Chase’s POV
Few hours later the bell for lunch break went off, the teacher teaching us left the class.

I stood up immediately but felt a grip on my hand.

I looked down to see that Natalia was the one holding me.

“Chase? Did I do something wrong?” She asked with a sullen face.

I bite my lower lips and sat down back.

I took my gaze to the floor because I couldn’t stare at her.

“Chase?” She called again and I managed to look at her.

“No, you didn’t” I replied and bite my lower lips again.

“But, why are you treating me as if we never met before?” She asked in a sad voice and guilt immediately clouded me.

“I’m..I’m..sorry, I was only being stupid” I muttered.

“What did you say?” She asked straining her ear.

“Um..nothing, let’s just go grab something” I cooed and stood up. She also stood up with me.

“I’ll need to drop this in my locker so can you wait for me at the cafeteria?” I asked her and she nodded and proceeded outside.

I walked slowly behind her until she was out of sight.

I then leaned on the closest wall and sighed.

Get a grip of yourself chase, I thought and hit my temple.


Natalia’s POV
I walked sullenly to the cafeteria. It was really hard getting there but I did anyways.

Crazy male students blocked my way but I ignored them and left.

They are mostly bunch of lunatic, especially Chris that guy.

I got to the cafeteria and was about ordering when I heard someone call me from behind.

I turned and behold it was Frank.

“Hey” I muttered and turned my attention back to the attenders.

“White rice and bun with sauce” I ordered and looked back at Frank.

“Let’s sit together, shall we?” He gestured and pointed to a table.

“No, I…um..” I tried to reject but didn’t have the mind to.

He doesn’t look harmful. He just looks cool too.

“Um..okay but someone else is gonna be joining us too” I cooed and he nodded.

“No problem Natalia, its no big deal” he replied as the attender handed my tray over to me.

I followed him to the table he was talking of and we sat. He already ordered his food and we started eating.

I ate slowly and occasionally looked at the door to see when he’ll show up – chase.

“Is it chase? You’re expecting him?” Frank suddenly asked and I looked at him.


I replied flatly.

“You like him?” He asked again and I paused and looked at him.

He was also starring at me.

I removed my eyes from his after a while and cleared my voice.

“We’re just friends” I replied.

“But you like him. Well it’s not a crime to like someone like him. All female student likes him and his brothers anyways” he replied taking a bite from his crunched chicken.

“And I’m quite surprised that his talking to you, do you two know each other before here?” He asked and I sipped from a drink he bought.

“Um..kind of,we’re neighbours actually” I replied and he made an “oh” mouth.

“You’re quit lucky, even I have tried being his friend but couldn’t. He doesn’t make friends at all” he explained.

“Hmm but why?” I asked.

“Well, I don’t no. His quit the opposite of his two brothers whom are male bit*h*s” he explained further and I shook my head.

“So he just doesn’t like associating with people is that it?” I inquired.

“Well, it seems like it to me. We have been in the same class for long but I don’t no if he knows my name” he added.

“Hmm well I notice some of those features but his cool yunno?” I said and smiled.

“Yea, his cool because you have feelings for him” Frank replied turning it into a joke.

“Frank?” I called and he cracked.

“I’m sorry” he apologized immediately.



Chase’s POV
After staying at that same position for long I decided to go meet with her at the cafeteria but bombed into Charlie.

At first I thought he didn’t see me and wanted to escape and even thought I did not until I felt a hand grab my collar.


“I caught you, haven’t I?” He asked from behind.

“Can we do this at home Charlie?” I requested.

“Well no because I tried doing it at home but seems you wanted it here in school so spill it out. What happened between you and that big a*s girl?” He asked now standing in front of me.

“Charlie, let’s just do this at home, you’re seriously embarrassing me” I asked calmly.

“No, i wanna hear it now” he insisted.

“But, I’ve told you she only came to study, nothing else happened” I told him.

“Huh, you’re still lying. I’m gonna really embarrass you if you keep on lying to me chase” he threatened.

“Okay, I promise to reveal it to you later. I promise” I said sounding convincing.

“Hmm I know you’re a good boy so I’ll hold you to your promise” he smiled and finally left me.

I sighed and continued on my way.

Natalia’s POV
Why isn’t he here yet? I’m about to finish my lunch? I thought and sighed pathetically.

Maybe his still angry.

I looked at the door and nothing.

I sighed again and looked down on my meal.

“Just go and look for him, stop sighing like the world is about to end” I heard Frank say.

I looked up at the door again and saw him. I smiled as I waved at him.

But immediately he turned back and left.


Why is he going back?

But I thought he saw me. Why is he leaving? I thought and stood up running after him.






Chase’s POV
I got to the cafeteria and eye searched Natalia.

I sighted her sitting with that Frank guy again and lost my confidence.

Then I decided to leave.

I turned back and started going taking the hallway that leads to the garden of the school.

I was walking so fast and before you know it I got there.

I got in to the garden and stopped.

Why is she always with him? I wondered starring at the beautiful flowers lined up there.

“Chase?” I heard that familiar voice.

Wait, Natalia’s voice. How did she find me here? I wondered and turned to look at her.

She starred directly into my eyes.

“What happened? I’ve been waiting for you. Is this the canteen? Is this where we agreed to meet?” She asked obviously pained by my action.

“Natalia?” I called and took a step towards her. She just stood starring at me.

“I’m sorry, I…I..just, I just..I don’t understand myself either so I’m sorry” I apologized.

“Frank and I are just friends and nothing more, and his a nice guy, are you avoiding me because of him?” She inquired.

“Of..of course, not” I stuttered.

“Then why don’t you like him? I heard be wanted to become friends with you but you didn’t want to” she said.

“Its not as if I don’t like him, the feeling is just unexplainable” I mumbled the last part.

“Feelings? What feelings?” She asked and I sighed.

“You don’t have to mind me, go on and finish your lunch”I urged.

“Well, you’ve ruined my appetite completely” she replied and turned to leave.

“Natalia?” I called and she turned to look at me.

“Just wanted to apologize again” I cooed.

“Its okay, I understand” she replied and left.

I closed my eyes and ruffed my hair.



Natalia’s POV
I was on my way back to the class when I bombed into him.

Oh this creepy guy.

He smiled immediately he saw me.

“Hello beauty, have you considered my request?” He smiled but I kept a straight face.

“No, I haven’t” I replied and he smiled again.

He leaned his hand on one of the lockers.

“I mean you no harm doll, why don’t you wanna be my friend?” He asked in a sexy voice.

I tucked my hair behind my ear and sighed.

“Please just let me pass, I have something more important to do” I cooed and made to pass but the blocked me.

Students around were already starring at us.

“I mean you no harm baby doll, why don’t you wanna be my friend?” He asked with a smug smile.

“Chris, I don’t have time for you alright?” I barked and pushed him out of the way.

I’m still dealing with chase problem, I don’t need you to add yours to it.

Few hours later.

I got home in mom’s car to see Cindy standing there in front of our house.

The witch.

I got from the car and walked up to her.

I already promised mom that I’ll behave so I will keep to my words.

Mom has already informed me that she brought her from the airport few hours earlier.

“Hey” I called starring at her.

“Hey” she replied.

“Welcome” I added and walked pass her inside.

She followed me in to my room but I didn’t say a word to her.

I kept my bag and pulled off my uniform.

“So you attend crystal high?” She asked after the long silence.

“Yea” I replied simply.

“Then I guess we’ll be in the same class from now on” she added and I looked at her.

“Yea I guess” I mumbled and went into the shower.

“Be fast, I want you to show me around the neighbour” I heard her yell from outside the bathroom.


Charlie’s POV
We all came back together and had lunch.

Chase has been a bit off. I don’t understand him again.

Today he looks moody tomorrow he’ll look happy.

What could trigger those changes in him?

Hmm could it be a girl?

That Blondie big a*s is the only girl I’ve seen him with.

Hold on; don’t tell me that they are in a relationship or worst does he like her?

Hmm weird! Maybe I’ll keep on eye on him.

If he falls sick at this rate all the blame will be put on me. I don’t auntie’s problems.

I don’t no why chase doesn’t behave like a guy he is, always behaving so soft like a girl, falling sick every now and then.

I’ll have to keep on eye on him.

I heard foot steps coming down the stairs and looked up to see Chris coming down.

“Where are you heading to?” I asked.

“Just wanna look for bit*h*e” he replied putting on a leather jacket.

“Care to join?” He asked.

“No, do your thing” I replied and sipped from the drink in front of me.


Natalia’s POV
After everything Cindy forced me to take her around and I obliged.

We came out from the gate and stood looking at the tall buildings around.

The gate to chase house opened and my eyes went there.

Could it be chase? I wondered still starring at the gate.

The person stepped out and …

Chris?? I thought and scoffed.

Wait, is he chase brother?

Hmm I thought they looked alike but they are brothers?


“Oh my gosh! Is he an angel?” I heard Cindy say and looked at her.

Her gaze was focused on Chris who hasn’t seen us yet.

“Wait, you like him?” I asked with a disgusted look.

“I love him, do you know him?” She asked and finally looked at me.

“No, I don’t” I lied.

“Oh my gosh! His so handsome. I wanna talk to him” she said and I scoffed.





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