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Bad boys baby 2 Episode 5 & 6

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Bad boys baby 2 Episode 5 & 6 by : 4:55 am On February 25, 2021
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🎧Bad Boy’s Baby 🎩
👗[The new girl next door] 🔞

Written By Kebby NG

Episode 5



Natalia’s POV
I was watching a movie on Netflix when the sitting room door opened and Cindy showed up in tears.

Huh, what’s happening now?

She has been all moody for the past few days and has refused to tell me what happened.

She left the house few minutes ago, now what’s wrong with her?

I stood up and dropped the couch pillow with me and walked up to her at the door.

“Hey, why are you crying?” I questioned her but her cries only increased.

“Cindy? Come on, say something, who made you cry?” I asked getting more worried by her condition.

“Chris doesn’t want me, he said I mean nothing to him” she sobbed hard.

“Chris? You’re like this because of him? But why on earth will he tell you those hurtful stuff, did you do or say anything to him?” I questioned and she sniffed continuously.

Then after a long while she opened her mouth and explained everything that happened.

“What? How could he say such a thing? His such a freak” I cussed annoyed.

But seriously, Chris is worst than I imagined, I so much hate his type.

“How could he??” I snarled.

“I’m going to speak some sense into him” I said bittered and made to leave but she held me back.

“Their mom, their mom is around, she heard Chris replies to me, I don’t think its the right time to go.”

“Please don’t add more to it, don’t make him hate me more” she cried and I felt pity for her.

“Sorry, sorry you had to fall for a jerk like him. I seriously should have warned you continuously but I admit some part of me still doesn’t like you for what you did to me, I’m sorry for that, we’re humans and we do have feelings, I should have at least warned you” I apologized.

“No, it’s not your fault. I stupidly fell for him and allowed him use me, I thought he was gonna at least develop some feelings for me but…” she paused and resumed her tears.

“Come here” I cooed and hugged her.

“Its okay, stop crying, his going to regret all his actions towards me one day, he’ll beg you to talk to him too one day so dry your tears” I consoled.


pulled out of the hug and cleaned her face.

“Yes, that’s what is going to happen, I can’t continue crying over spilled milk” she muffled.

“Natalia?” She called.

“Huh” I answered.

“I’m sorry for what I did to you in the past, to be sincere I was really jealous of you, guys liked you more so..so I asked him to do what he did. I’m sincerely sorry, if I could turn back time I wouldn’t have done it, please forgive me, this is how you must have cried with your heart broken when you found that..that..he only wanted to play you” she sniffed in and dried the new tears on her face again.

“Just find it in your heart to forgive me, when I firstly saw Chris, I knew he liked you with the way he looked at you but it was obvious you don’t like him back so I decided to like him, then I foolishly fell deeply for him, it was this same jealous that lead to it too. I’m sorry please find it in your heart to forgive me okay?” She asked and I nodded and hugged her again.

“Of course, I’ve forgiven you so quit crying” I patted her back and we stayed like that for a while before she left for her room.

I sighed bitterly as I tried to put those past hurtful memories that kept returning away.

I strolled outside and to the gate, then opened it.

I saw a car packed outside then chase gate opened revealing Chris.

Perfect, I’m gonna give him a piece of my mind, I thought and walked out to him.

I made to talk before the gate opened again and chase walked out but I decided to continue with my speech anyways.

“Hey Chris, we need to talk” I said in a very serious tone as he was about to get into the driver’s sit of the car.

“Later” I heard him mumble and he made to open the door but I closed the door back.

“I’m serious but its can’t wait” I hushed looking so serious.

But sincerely I’m hurt by what he did to her, she’s my cousin and mom loves her a lot.

He took his eyes to look at me for the first time since I approached him.

“I sincerely don’t have that time, Natalia” he said in a husky dry voice.

“Nat” chase called and I looked at him.

“Later, please, Charlie is hurt and his in the hospital, we need to go to him” Chase cooed and I hesitated a bit before I moved away from the car.

“I’ll give you a call later” he added and also went into the car.

I stood there as I watched Chris ignite the engine of the car, then slowly he drove off.

Lucky jerk!

But what is with the look on his face.

He looks like he was gonna die.

And that’s the first time his speaking to me with that kind of voice.


always speaking with that sweet womanizer tongue of his, I thought and went back inside after a while to meet Cindy in the sitting room with a bottle of canned water.

“Have you sobbed up a bit?” I asked, concerned.

She looked at me and made a weak smile.

“Thanks, I’m okay” she replied.

“I just want to tell you I’ll be visiting my mom’s grave, I want to go there for a while so I could use that opportunity to forget about this hurtful things he did to me” she announced.

“Really? You’re leaving?”

Episode 6

Chase’s POV
We arrived the hospital after a long drive which was awkwardly silent and got down from the car.

Chris has been so quite after what mom did and said to him.

We traced Charlie to his ward and it turned out that dad was there with him.

“Dad” I called and went to sit beside him.

Haven’t set my eyes on him since yesterday.

“Hi son” he called.

“Hey dad, you came back from work late yesterday right?” I inquired.

“Yes, and I had to come over here and stay with your mom and Charlie, wouldn’t leave them all by their self” he replied and I nodded and took my eyes to Charlie.

He seems to be sleeping.

“Hey dad” Chris mumbled and sat down on the bed beside Charlie.

“Hey son” dad replied him.

“Why do you have that look on, if its about the evil girl that did this then you don’t have to worry, I promise I’ll use all my resources to make sure she rots in jail for trying to harm you both” he said.

“Yea, I trust you’ll do that” Chris replied him coldly.

Dad looked at me and asked.

“What’s wrong with him?” He asked me.

“He had a fight with mom” I replied and he nodded.

“Now that both of you are here, I’ll go home, take my bath and return with your mother” he said and left.

I took my eyes to Charlie’s and they were still closed.

“Chris” I called but he didn’t reply me.

“Are you still thinking about what mom said?” I questioned but still no reply.

I’m usually the one like that, now his the one in my position.

I sighed when he still didn’t reply me then I got up and left the ward to a more quite place to call Natalia.

I brought out my phone and dialed her number.

It was a good thing she listened to me and left Chris.

He has mom’s anger, I don’t remember when last he got angry but when he eventually does he changes completely.

I’m glad Natalia didn’t keep pressing on him to talk to her, he could have gotten pissed and then anger comes next.

She picked at the second ring and her voice boomed out from the loud speaker.


📱Hi Nat, sorry about Chris. He is kind of in a bad mood.

📱Yea, but what he did to Cindy was too cruel, I heard her reply.

📱I’m sorry about that too. How’re you?

📱I’m doing just okay. What happened to Charlie?

📱Well, Charlie got stabbed, I replied.

📱What? How on earth? By who? She exclaimed.

📱By an evil bit*h, a very evil bit*h, the same bit*h that had Chris poisoned.

📱Wow, seriously? How could one person achieve all that? And for what reason?

📱Well, she keeps denying everything tho I don’t no the latest news, I sincerely don’t really understand the situation too, I’m a bit confused.

📱oh sorry about that.

📱yea, I couldn’t meet up with you yesterday’s night because of it. Hope I’m forgiven?

📱of course, I knew something was up for you not to show up or call so its fine, can I still see you today? I’m missing you a lot chase, I heard her say, a smile formed at the corner of my lips as I replied her.

📱I miss you too even if I saw you few minutes ago, I paused and chuckled.

📱If Charlie gets discharged today, there might be a chance, I continued.

📱Hmm can I come over to the hospital then? She asked.

📱You want to?

📱Yes, lemme also see your jerk brother, Charlie, I have nothing or no one to talk to. Cindy is locked up in her room, even my little sis don’t speak too much, she voiced out.

📱Okay, I’ll text you the address, I don’t think my parents will be returning to the hospital soon.

📱Okay, text me the number of the ward alongside alright? She cooed.

📱Yea sure, see you then.

📱Okay, I’ll cut the call now.

📱Yea do, I replied.

Then the call got disconnected.

Natalia’s POV
I received the message from chase and dressed up real fast.

I came out of the house and walked to the side I can get a cab and I did after a long wait.

I gave the cabby man the hospital’s address and before you know it we arrived the hospital.

I paid him off and came down from the cab.

I went into the hospital and walked pass the reception looking for the ward number given to me.

I was still searching for the ward number before I heard chase voice.

I looked up and smiled, then I went to him and embraced him tightly ignoring the few people that might be starring at us.

“Hey pumpkin” he called and I pulled a surprised look.

“Pumpkin?” I asked and laughed and he also laughed.

I wrapped my hands around his neck bringing his head down to me.

“You got cuter chase” I teased and he smiled.

“You got even more pretty” he complimented and I smiled and gave him a quick klzz on the lips and embraced him afterwards.

“Natalia?” I heard a very familiar voice call in shock and I pulled out of the hug and turned to see mom.

“Mom?” I called also in shock.

Oh my!

How did I forget that she works here?




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