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Bad boys baby 2 Episode 15 & 16

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Bad boys baby 2 Episode 15 & 16 by : 10:36 am On March 3, 2021
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🎧Bad Boy’s Baby 🎩
👗[The new girl next door] 🔞

Written By Kebby NG

Episode 15



Chris’s POV
I drove out of my parents house headed to the police station.

After a lot of effort we have finally gotten a footage that caught her going into the hotel that day.

The bit*h will surely pay, she’ll also pay for lying too.

I sited someone standing in front of Natalia’s house and decided to have a closer look.

Then the person turned out to be Cindy.

What? Cindy? Is she back from wherever she went? I thought and halted my car.

She kept starring at me with that killer look.

Hasn’t she gotten over it yet, the way she’s starring its as if she wishes me dead.

I kept looking at her and soon she took her eyes off me and went in with the bag with her.

I removed my eyes from there and concentrated on the way, I then drove off, straight to the police station.

I didn’t encounter much traffic jam, this is weekend I guess.

I arrived the police station and came down from the car then decided to see her alone.

I know with the evidence she can’t keep denying, if she denies means she only have a death wish.

I requested to be alone with her in her cell room and was allowed but was timed.

I stood at the entrance of the door with my f!ng£rs tucked into my trouser.

I took gentle steps towards her as she glared dangerously at me.

She’s pretty but it’s all a waste.

A beauty without a heart.

Such a waste.

I stood in front of her as she stayed curled up on the floor.

“Nancy, I don’t wanna repeat myself after this, tell me the reason you want me dead. All the evidence gathered is enough to put you behind bars for years so don’t even try denying it again, why do you want me dead?” I asked with a husky tone.

She lifted her eyes and starred at me then took them back to the floor.

“I aren’t answering your questions so do whatever you please” she answered less concerned but she only got me more angry.

I don’t no if you have heard about my anger but its actually unbearable, when I’m angry I can’t control myself at all even if I want to.


the bit*h is getting me more angry.

She is really enraging me.

“Speak, speak before I make you speak myself” I groaned but she still kept mute.

“Have you gone deaf?” I snarled and she looked up at me.

“Didn’t you hear my reply? Or are you really dump? Are you that dump?” She retorted making my head become more hot.

I took my hand to her collar and pulled her up at once then pinned her to the wall.

“If you don’t wanna die right now you better answer my questions truthfully or…”

“Or what? You’ll kill me? Then go ahead but be ready to also waste your life in jail” she ranted and I slapped her real hard across her face.

Her lips started bleeding immediately as she starred back at me, tears were already gathering up her eyes but who cares.

I’ll give her what she wants the way she wants it, I’m good at such.

I grabbed her neck tightly and started choking her.

She tried removing my hand from her neck as she let out sheer cries but I held her neck more firmly.

“Are you gonna talk now? Bit*h tell me!!” I shrieked.

“So, you’re afraid of death and you happily poisoned me and stabbed Charlie, huh!?” I shrieked the more as she continued trying to free herself from me.

The door opened and two cops rushed inside, they freed me from her and she fell on the floor and started coughing.

“F**k, leave me, let me deal with her” I yelled as they dragged me out to the counter.

Gosh, I’m so angry.

Natalia’s POV
I was in my room preparing for today’s introduction.

Well, its today, after much delays its finally today.

I want everyone to know that I’m his girlfriend so I won’t have to hide that fact to anyone.

I want the whole world to know that I’m dating him, the cutest guy I’ve ever seen.

I dressed up real good and turned repeatedly in front of the mirror to check myself out.

I was still doing my thing when the door opened and Cindy came in.

“Oh my, Cindy!” I beamed and went to give her a slight body hug.

“Hey, girl you’re looking good, how have you been?” She asked smiling.

“I’ve been good, I’ve really missed you Cindy, its been two weeks and I missed you this much. I can’t believe it” I said to her and she smiled.

“Gosh, you’re more prettier now that I look at you well. You became more prettier than before” she said and I nodded.

“Why won’t I be? I have to be pretty for chase you know” I said to her and she smiled.

“He is really good, isn’t he?” She questioned and I replied with a yes.

“He is a great guy, I wonder why he is so different from his brothers, you’re so lucky girl” she said and I blushed becoming more happy.

“Thanks Cindy, thanks, how was your trip?” I inquired.

“I’m good, I’m good, as you can see. I’ve decided to put all those hurtful memories behind me, I’ll forget about Chris but not without showing him my other side for once.”


all the things he did without remorse, I’ll pay him back double” she said with so much passion.

But hold on, what does she mean by she’ll pay him back double? I wondered.


Episode 16


Natalia’s POV
I left the house after telling Cindy where I’m headed.

I then got to Chase house and saw him coming out.

“Hey” he beamed and came to hug him.

“Hi” I smiled and tucked my hair behind my earlobe.

“You’re looking stunning” he complimented and I found myself blushing.

I think he is really improving. He is no longer too shy although he still likes snubbing.

“Let’s go in, mom and dad are waiting for you inside” he beckoned and I nodded.

He lead the way and we got into the house.

I became very nervous the moment I saw his parents.

“Hi Nat” chase mom called and I went close to her.

“Hi ma’am, goodday” I greeted.

“Hi sir” I greeted and shifted my eyes to chase dad.

“Hello young lady, how are you?” He cooed.

“I’m good, sir, thanks for asking” I replied.

“Alright then, thanks for helping chase out, I heard a lot of things about you from him” he said on his feet.

“Its my pleasure sir” I beamed and he flashed me a smile and left.

“Alright Nat, take your sit, I’ve been expecting you, I was so curious to know the girl who won my son’s heart, I wanted to know you more” she narrated.

“So, how are you and your family?” She inquired.

“We are all good ma, thanks for asking” I thanked.

Chase sat down on a couch across us and kept watching us as his mom talked and asked different things which I humbly answered.

After about ten minutes his mom left to set the supposed table for lunch.

Chase came to me on the couch.

“Hey, don’t be nervous alright” he said softly and held my hand then starred into my eyes.

“Can I see your room before I leave today?” I questioned being in the mood to klzz life out of him.

He smiled and pinched my nose slightly.

“What are you planning pumpkin?” He asked and I made a small laugh.

“Wait patiently for it” I replied him.

“Chase, bring your girlfriend to the dinning, please?” I heard his mom’s voice.

“Coming..” chase replied and stood up.

“Let’s go pumpkin” he urged and I stood up then we left for the dinning.

Minutes later.

We were done with the lunch and chase excused us.

“Chase grew up real quicker than I expected, to me it was just yesterday I gave birth to him” she started.

“If you’d wondered why chase is all Mommy’s boy and a little bit different from the others is because I made him that way. I thought he was gonna be a girl, I wanted him to be one because I love girls a lot but he turned out to be a boy.”

“A very cute boy so I decided to pamper him like a girl and eventually I made him that way.”

“I never for once thought he’ll get to love another female like he loves me.”

“When he was very young he doesn’t go anywhere, trice he had tried eating outside resulted to all his allergies.”

“But as time grew by he started overcoming it, he started eating other people’s meal. Many times he falls sick I become really restless.”

“He is just so different and the most difficult among the three boys.”

“Well, it’s a good thing he found someone as good as you, I can say that you two are perfect match so please treat him softly and gently.”

“I won’t be able to bear it if he gets hurt as a result his heart, this is the first time he is falling in love, so please forgive all his mistakes and treat him with a lot of love cause that’s what he deserves” she cooed and I nodded.

“I will, I promise never to break his heart, I will never do that” I assured and she smiled and patted my hand.

“Thanks, you can go to him now, he must be waiting in his room like you told him to” she said and my eyes widened.

Did she hear me telling him that I want to see his room before I leave?

Hope she didn’t.

Geez I’m so embarrassed.

“Ma..” I tried calling.

“Come on, go on” she urged with smiles and I left for his room upstairs.

I got to the front door and knocked.

Its opened immediately I knocked revealing chase.

“Hey” I coed and walked into his room.

“Hey, are you done talking with mom?” He inquired.

“Yes, she’s done with me and guess what” I said.


“Guess” I said.

“Just tell me please” he retorted.

“Its about the reason I am in your room” I said and took a step towards him.

We weren’t that far from each other.

“What?” He asked ignorantly but I know his no fool.

“This thing” I said and crashed my lips on his.



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