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Ayomide episode 4

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Ayomide episode 4 by : 3:42 pm On December 20, 2020
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(A short story)
Episode 4
“Dear, where should we go tomorrow for your birthday, I want us to go out”, Daniel said to me as I was pressing my phone.
He was busy playing with my hair.
” Hmmm…I think we should go to orphanage homes to celebrate with them”, I replied.
“Orphanage home?”, he asked with surprise written all over him.
” Yes dear”, I said assuredly.
Daniel change the posture and I can see that he was really interested in the subject matter.
“But why orphanage home dear, I thought you will say restaurant or shopping mall”
“But we’ve been going there all these while, I just feel like going there to celebrate with those children”
“Since when have you been nursing this?”, he asked.
” Hmmm…not too long, I suppose to discuss it with you yesterday but you were busy with your friend “, I said.
” Okay dear, so what’s your plan”
“Thank you very much… So we will just buy some foodstuffs and provisions for them and they will sing for me, that’s all”
“Hmmm…that’s a very nice idea”
“You know children are so funny, I just love them…the way they do their things, you understand”
“Yes dear”, Daniel replied.
“I just hope one day, my children too will celebrate my birthday with me”, I said.
Daniel looked at me and I can see that he is not ready to have that discussion again. He just smiled and face my hair that he was playing with before.
” So what time are we going “, he asked in a way to change the topic.
” I’ve spoke with the director this morning and she said we should come by 11am tomorrow ”
“Alright dear, no problem, we will buy the things needed while going tomorrow”
“Oohh…thank you very much dear, you’re such a supportive husband, thank you sweetheart, I love you”, I said smiling.
” Children, let’s welcome the celebrant and her husband as she step forward to speak with us”, the director of the orphanage said as she called my husband and I forward.
“Good morning children”, I said.
” Good morning ma”, they all chorused.
“I really thank you all and I am very happy to celebrate my birthday with all of you, you’re so wonderful and it’s a privilege being here”.
” I just want you all to know that you’re special, you’re wonderful and you’re precious to God and to us. Do not look down on yourself as you should know that there are so many people looking for beautiful and handsome children like you but they but all efforts proved abortive “, I continued.
” So as I celebrate with you today, I want you all to be happy and be joyful… Thank you all”, I said as I closed my speech and beckoned to my husband to speak.
“Good morning children”, he said.
” Good morning sir”, they replied.
“My wife and I are here to celebrate her birthday with you all and we’re very happy to be here.”, he said as he close his speech.
Daniel is a man of short words.
” We will all now sing birthday song to her”, the director told the children to sing for me.
“Happy birthday to you(2ce), happy birthday to you mummy, happy birthday to you”, the all sang the song with their strength as I smiled all along.
” We really thank you ma and appreciate your kind gestures to this home and to the children, God bless you ma”, the director said as she appreciate my husband and I.
She dispatched the children and we were just talking with her before we enter the car when a child came near me that she wants to see me.
I was moved with the way she talks and I excused myself as I went to meet her.
“Mummy, thank you for today, I am really happy and I pray God will make you happy too”, she said.
She did not even allow me to reply before she ran away to play with her mates.
” Amen “, I said as I went to meet my husband who was still with the director.
” Bolaji!, the Lord has answered your prayers and you will laugh very soon “, a man said to me.
” I’ve been hearing this all my life that the Lord has answered my prayers but it’s not manifesting “, I replied him.
” Yes and they are not lying but I want you to know that it can take a while before the word of God will come to manifestation in a man’s life”
“But the staying power is what most people lack but you’ve proven yourself to be strong and you’ve really wait upon the Lord, now it is your time to laugh and those that see you will laugh with you”
“Thank you very much, I believe your words and I pray they come to pass”
“They will surely come to pass”, the man said and disappeared.
” Dear, you better wake up, so that you will dress up, don’t let us get to church late”, Daniel tapped me as I opened my eyes.
“So it was a dream”, I exclaimed.
” Dream…forget about any dream and let’s go to church nor”, Daniel said as he was already dressing up for the morning service.
“Alright dear”, I said as I stood up to also prepare to dress up for church.
” Today’s service was awesome “, I said to Daniel as he was pulling off his clothes.
” Yes dear, I really enjoyed it….”
Daniel was still speaking when we heard a knock from at the door.
“Who is that?”, I asked.
” It’s me”, we heard my mother in-law voice.
“Ah…mummy”, my husband stood up as he went to open the door.
My mood changed as I stood up to also welcome her but I was fixed when she was telling someone outside to come in.
” Come inside dear”, she said.
To be continued…
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by Oluwaseyi Obisesan

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