Ayomide episode 3

(A short story)
Episode 3
“Good afternoon Bolaji”, the man said to me. I did not even look at him, I face Precious.
” What kind of a joke is this?”
“This is not a joke, I’ve already told him everything and he is ready to help you”, she replied.
” To help me? ”
“Yes…I’m sure it is that your husband that has problem… See, nobody will know except the three of us…”
“Precious!, can you just stop…you’re a devil…is this your way of rendering help?, by creating another problem for me?, I don’t think you’re in your right sense, because if you’re you will not be trying this with me”, I said angrily.
” Madam, calm down “, the man said.
” Eehhnn… Please shut up, I am not talking to you”, I replied him angrily.
“Bolaji, I’m just trying to help”, Precious said.
” Then I don’t need your help and mind you I don’t even want to see you near me again, you’re such a wicked person “, I said and stormed out of the house.
” Bolaji….Bolaji”, Precious was calling me but I did not answer her.
I was about entering our house, I saw my neighbor at the gate.
“Good afternoon, aunty Bolaji”, she said.
” Good afternoon mummy Junior “, I responded.
“I already check you at your apartment but your husband said you went somewhere, I want to tell you that Junior want to do his birthday party next week”
“Oohh…that’s good, many happy returns to him”, I said smiling.
” So I want you also to be there”
“There’s no problem about that ma, so when is the birthday party”, I asked.
” It is on Saturday and your friend will be the one to host the visitors”, she said.
“My friend?”, I asked
” Yes, aunty Precious”
“You mean, the same Precious?”
“Yes, and I’ve told her, so I need to tell you also as we’re neighbors so that you can assist on that day ma”, she said smiling.
” It’s alright ma, just give me the update later”, I said before entering the house.
“So how was where you went to?”, Daniel asked me after sitting down.
” It was okay, thank you dear”, I answered.
“But why is your countenance like that?, it seems you’re not happy” he asked.
“Why will I be happy dear…eehhnn… Our neighbor here just invite me to her son’s birthday party now…remember they met us in this compound, they got married three years after our own wedding, and you’re telling me to me happy?….”
Daniel took a stood and sat down at my front, holding my hands trying to console me.
“Bolaji, I already said you should believe and have faith in God, He will do it and at the right time….”
“So you mean this is not the right time?, when will the right time be?…20 years after our wedding… I am tired already”, I said almost crying.
” Don’t be tired dear…I believe I will be a father soon….”
“Oohh…I know that’s what you will say…after your mum would have brought Agbeke or whatever is her name for you abi?…I know you will be a father now…all what you think is about you…men…”
My husband started smiling immediately I mentioned Agbeke.
“And why are you smiling, you think I did not hear when both of you were discussing and you choose not to tell me because you have another agenda abi?…my God will surprise all of you”
“My dear, it is not like that…true she mentioned something like that but I told her not to try such…you know that I love you and I am also doing all the necessary things to be done concerning our child bearing, so just forget about that and let’s concentrate on ourselves dear”, Daniel said calmly.
” Hmmm…I’ve heard you oo…but dear, when will I also celebrate my child’s birthday…hmmm?”
“Soon dear….soon, you just have to keep on trusting God and don’t give up on Him”, Daniel said and assuring me that all will be well soon.
” I’ve heard you dear”, I said before I went to the bedroom.
>>>Party Day<<< "I welcome everyone here on behalf of the celebrant and his parent", Precious said as she stood up to talk. I was just sitting down with some other guests and I tried to avoid her as I could, we did not even greet ourselves. We stop talking since that day I left her house in anger and we've not seen each other till the day of the party. " Now we won't take too much of your time as you've been sitting down since morning, but I want to advice everyone here before we cut the cake", she said smiling. I was busy pressing my phone as I did not even want to listen to any advice she wants to give, at least she doesn't give good advice after all. "Now, if you're in a situation for a long time and there are other options to take to get out of that situation, won't you choose that option, at least the goal is to get out of the situation, who cares what method you use", she said. " Hmmm, she is true, why won't I take the other options available since the one I'm doing is not working... At least there are many ways that lead to the market ", the woman sitting beside me said smiling. " Now it is foolish to keep doing the same thing every time and you should expect different result... But it amaze me that we still have stupid people in this century...those that do not want to wake up to the reality before them...but that is not why we are here, so we will cut the birthday cake now as I will call the celebrant , his parents and well wisher to come around him as we will take the pictures after cutting the cake", she said. "So this aunty is very wise like this, look at the good advice she gave just now", the woman beside me faced me as she tried to engage me in a conversation on what Precious just said. I just hiss and went inside, not even minding her. " Why are you inside, the party is still going on", Daniel said when he saw me inside the bedroom. "I'm through and I'm tired", I said as I pull off my clothes. " It's alright dear, don't worry we will celebrate our own children birthday soon and it will be more than this", Daniel said with an assuring voice. "Amen, I pray so", I replied him. " Don't be discourage dear...I know it's not easy..but we will laugh last", he continued. "I am not discouraged, I am just wondering why all these is happening now...why is there attack everywhere?, ..am I the only one that has not given birth on earth?", I asked myself loudly. " You're not the only one dear...but I want you to know that when you have a challenge, the enemy will make it loo like you are the only one in that situation, that the whole world is coming on you, but it is a lie... If he sees that you did not give up, he will back out and you will be victorious ", Daniel said. " You just have all these words you always use to keep me calm", I said smiling. "By the way, my mum called me", he said. Immediately I heard that I stop what I was doing. " What did she say?", I asked. "She said she is coming soon", he answered. " She is coming? ", I said as I sat on the bed. ************************* To be continued. Inspired by the Holy Spirit Written by Oluwaseyi Obisesan

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