Ayomide episode 2

(A short story)
Episode 2
“Precious get out”, I said in anger.
” What do you say?”, she asked
“You heard me right, I said get out of my house”
“You mean I should get out?”
“Precious! Out!”, I stood up as I open the door for her.
She took her bag and was walking towards me.
” I will go, but don’t forget my advice, I’ll be available when you are ready”, she said.
“I will never be ready for your devilish advice in Jesus name”, I replied.
” Then be ready to wait for so many years”, she said sarcastically before she finally step out of the house.
I closed the door and sat down.
“Why is all these happening?, those that I think they should encourage me are the one discouraging me…but am I really stupid?… What am I missing?… Oh God…my God”, I wept the more.
” Those that wait upon the Lord, He shall renew their strength, let us pray that God give me the grace to wait upon you…prayer”, the Pastor called the prayer as he round up the Sunday sermon.
I’ve determined that I will see him immediately after the service today. My husband has not said anything yet about what his mother told him.
“Why is he not saying anything?, maybe he thinks I did not hear them…but at least he suppose to say something”.
” Daniel, how is mama doing “, I broke the long silence that overshadow the car as we drove to church.
” She’s doing fine”, he replied while concentrating on his driving.
“When is she coming back?”
“She said next month”
“Next month?”, I was shocked.
” Yes…is something wrong with that?
“No dear, but is she bringing something for us when next she’s coming?”
“See dear, if you want her to bring anything, just call her and tell her what you need, but as for me I did not need anything at all”, Daniel said.
” I did not need anything either, I was just asking ”
“Okay dear”, he replied.
…..” Sis Bolaji, Pastor is calling you”, I was tapped by an usher, then I realized I was lost in thought.
“Okay, thank you very much”, I stood up as followed him to the Pastor’s office.
My husband was waiting for me in the car.
” Good afternoon sis Bolaji”, the Pastor said smiling.
“Good afternoon sir”
“You said you want to see me”, he asked.
” Yes sir”.
I did not even know how to start the conversation, but I remember the last word he said today while preaching that we should wait upon the Lord.
“Sir please, how long are we to wait upon the Lord as you you’ve said today?”, I asked with all seriousness.
The Pastor just smiled.
” This is not a smiling matter”, I said within myself.
“As long as his will takes”, he replied.
” His will?”
“Yes, sis Bolaji… His will for your life and for my life”
“Sir, I did not understand, can you please explain better”, I said.
” Alright my sister, you see people don’t wait for God’s will again… They look at other people’s time to judge their own…God’s will for Mr A is different from that of Mr B…but we lack patience and the ability to wait upon the Lord….”
“But Pastor, it is not easy…look at me now…next month will be my 10th year in marriage, I did not have any child of my own, are you saying it is God’s will for me not to have any child?”, I asked.
” No my sister, don’t misunderstand me…what I am saying is that there are sometimes that it takes a while for some things to manifest in our lives…and it is of the Sovereignty of God that knows the end from the beginning…it is the will of God that you will bear your own child but you’ve to wait for that word to come to pass in your life…”, he said.
“But when Pastor… When?…I’ve been hearing this all my life…I will give birth… I will give birth but it’s not manifesting… I am tired sir…I am really tired…to make the matter worse, my mother in-law is bringing another wife for my husband next month”, I said almost crying.
The Pastor stood up from his chair as he walked towards me. He touched me at my shoulder.
” Sis Bolaji, all is well…you will give birth in Jesus name… Just trust in the Lord will all your heart…I know it’s not easy but at the end, your joy will come”
“But Pastor…..”, I burst into tears.
” Don’t worry my sister… God will visit you…He has not forgotten you… You just keep holding unto Him…He will come for you “, the Pastor said.
” It’s alright sir, I’ve heard you… I will keep trusting him… Let Him fulfill his word in my life…I know my own joy will come”, I said as I stood up.
“Sis Bolaji, please wipe your tears, though weeping may endures for a night, I want you to believe that joy comes in the morning…. You will laugh and people will rejoice with you in Jesus name”, the Pastor prayed.
” Amen sir…thank you very much sir”, I said as I leave his office.
“Dear, your phone is ringing”, Daniel called me from the sitting room.
” Okay, I’m coming “, I replied.
As I picked the phone I saw that it was Precious. What did she want to say again. Maybe she wants to apologize for what she said.
I reluctantly answered the call.
” Hello”, I said.
“My friend, how are you doing”, she replied.
” I’m doing good, so what’s the problem?”, I asked.
“Nothing dear, I just want to see you”
“For what?”
“Haahaa…Bolaji, I want to apologize for all what I said to you now”
“Okay…I’ve heard you, I will think about it…bye”, I hanged up.
“Who was that?”, Daniel asked.
” It’s Precious, she said she wants to see me”
“Okay…you can go now”, he said.
” But I don’t feel like going dear”, I replied.
“But you said she asked you to come…then go and see her…who knows if God can also use her for us”
“So you mean I should go?”, I asked again.
” Yes dear…go jor”, he replied.
I got to Precious apartment as I knocked on the door.
She quickly came to open the door for me.
But as I got inside, I saw a man sitting down watching the TV.
“Precious, you did not tell me you have a visitor”, I said
” No…he is not a visitor, it’s a surprise for you… He is the one I said will help you with your child bearing.
“What?”,I screamed.
To be continued…
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by Obisesan Oluwaseyi

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