Average boy episode 33-34

🌺Average Boy🌺
🌺By Hossana Isaac O. 🌺
(Hossy American Series)
🌺Chapter 33🌺
🌺🌺Beck Oliver’s POV 🌺🌺
Me: come on Tessa. Let’s get going
Tessa: I can’t find my sunglasses!!
I sighed
Me: you’ll take mine
Tessa: then what would you wear!
Me: I can manage
Tessa: thank God. Found it!
She came out with the sunglasses
Me: better. Now let’s go
I held her hand and we walked out of the house together. We got on the motorcycle and wore our helmets then zoomed off to the beach. We parked at the lot
Tessa: daddy, I think our neighbors are around
Me: really? Since when?
Tessa: this morning. I actually spoke with one of them. A boy
Me: a teenage boy?
She chuckled
Tessa: about ten or eleven years
I breathed in. Thank God we’re not gonna be living next to a freaky teenage boy
We strolled to the boat stand, hand in hand
Tessa: daddy… When can I have a boyfriend?
Me: when you reach eighteen
She began to laugh
Me: why are you laughing?
Tessa : daddy, did you hear me at all?
Me: you said when can you have a boyfriend
She laughed again
Tessa: I said where could be the bathroom
Me: what
I started to laugh. I seriously heard wrong. What is wrong with me?
I was still laughing when I looked up and saw the shock of my life. My eyes widened and my feet refused to move. My blood became really thick and hot.
My hand slipped from Tessa’s.
I couldn’t believe it. Could it be a look alike?
No way, the face is way too the same.
I wouldn’t have believed it to be her if she wasn’t as surprised as I was. Her eyes held shock and unbelief.
I however didn’t let myself believe it. I closed my eyes for a few seconds then opened them
Tessa: are you okay?
I looked down at her then squatted
Me: yeah… I’m good baby. I just need something to drink. Why don’t we grab a drink?
Tessa: dad, our neighbors are here, we’re supposed to be boat riding already
Me: I… I’m sorry but… Maybe we should do that tomorrow. Let’s just go enjoy the beach today
She frowned. She was really hoping to do this, but I’m not in my right mind now
Manager: Mr Rudy… Are you okay?
I looked up at the manager standing fifteen steps away
The other lady was standing beside him, with a young boy beside her. A young boy with long hair tied behind, the exact way I tied mine. He was also wearing bracelets.
I gulped down. This must be a silly dream
Me: yeah I’m fine. I’m sorry, we can’t boat today. It has to be tomorrow
Manager: oh. That’s fine.
Then he turned to the two
Manager: Miss Vega, you and your son would have to boat together
My heart dropped
Miss Vega?
It’s Tori. It’s truly Tori. And she has a son. Oh my God!
I looked at Tessa. She suddenly looked excited as she stared at Tori.
Tori: uhm don’t worry. We’ll just ride tomorrow
Boy: but mom…
Tori: not now Bene. Go play with the neighbors. I’ll be right back
Then she hurriedly walked away. I watched her as she walked into the restaurant. My skin turned sweaty immediately.
I couldn’t believe it. The Tori I thought I lost years ago is alive and well.
I felt like killing myself
But I’m so confused. How is this possible!
The young boy came to us
Tessa: wow, look at the both of you. So alike. It’s like you planned the hairstyle
I looked at the boy. I needed no soothsayer to tell me he looked like me. So much like me
Boy: hi
I smiled
Me: hello
Tessa: Benedict, meet my dad. Daddy, meet Benedict, my new friend
Me: it’s nice meeting you Benedict
He smiled
Tessa: ohh dad. Snow cones!
She pointed to the stand
Me: you want some?
Tessa: yeah
I brought out some notes from my wallet
Me: you go buy some for you and Benedict
Tessa: thank you
She ran off.
Benedict : can I ask you a question sir?
Me: yeah
Benedict : do you know or are you related to anyone by the name, Beck
My blood drained out immediately. I began to need oxygen. I began to feel dizzy and nauseous. I began to dehydrate
Me: I… I… Why do you ask?
Benedict : cause you look so much like him.
I swallowed a lump
Me: what’s your mom’s name?
Benedict : you don’t know her name?
His face showed pure surprise
Benedict : you don’t listen to music right? I forgot Tessa told me that. Well her name is Tori Vega
My breath increasingly hit out my nostrils.
Me: uhm do you have an aunt named Trina?
He smiled
Benedict : aunt Trina. Yeah I do
Me: and do you know Jade and Cat
He chuckled
Benedict : my mother’s best friends
I palmed my face. This is happening, it’s not a dream.
I raised my head and looked at the restaurant.
Tessa came back with two ice-cream cones
Me: I’ll be right back. You two be safe
Then I ran off to the restaurant
🌺🌺Tessa’s POV 🌺🌺
As we approached the boat stand, I saw Tori Vega and Benedict standing. I screamed internally.
The almighty Tori Vega. It’s Tori Vega. My idol! Oh my goodness!
I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy. I wanted to jump on her and hug her out.
I looked up at dad and saw him locking eyes with Tori Vega. Both were staring at each other.
Oh my God! I hope she’s crushing already. I know how my dad is. Too handsome he can make any lady look twice at him.
I really wish they fall in love. She’d be my step mom and Benedict would be my step brother.
I went to get ice-cream and I gave the second one to Benedict
Dad ran off to the restaurant
Benedict : is it me… Or my mom and your dad are acting weird
Me: you noticed too. They kept staring at each other. I hope they fall in love and get married. We’d be siblings
Benedict : sounds fun. Then I won’t be left alone when mom goes on tour
Me: and you look a lot like my dad. Did you see the resemblance?
Benedict : yeah I did. Let’s forget about them. Let’s go watch the surfers 🏄
Me: okay
🌺🌺Tori Vega’s POV 🌺🌺
I wiped the tears that were streaming down. The more I wiped them, the more they fell. I was so confused. I didn’t know what was happening
Was nature just trying to haunt me? Why would he bring someone who looked exactly like Beck my way.
The old wounds that I thought were healed up got injured again. All my old pains came flowing back.
The pains I felt when the police kept telling us that they still couldn’t find him. The pains I felt when I first had Benedict at eighteen, when I looked at him and cried because he had no father to call his own.
I felt hated by life. The only comfort I had was my dad and music. Cat had gone to face her career and so did Jade. I was the only one left, a single teenage mother.
I wouldn’t have felt pain at all if Beck was beside me.
Now I’ve seen someone who looks like him. I thought it would be him. But then the person is something Rudy. I don’t know his first name. And he has a daughter. And he looks thirty five or so
Beck should be just twenty-eight. Same age with me
I heaved a dry sigh as I wiped my tears again
Me: Beck… Please… Come back… Come back I’m begging you…
I broke down crying. I was in the garden and since it was sunny, it was just me
🌺🌺Beck Oliver’s POV 🌺🌺
I entered the restaurant and looked around. No sign of Tori. I looked through all the restaurant but didn’t see her
I sighed sadly. Where could she have gone to?
I looked at my side and saw a pavement leading to a garden.
I went through it and opened the door, I saw her figure in a corner. She was standing under a shade.
I looked at her, I didn’t know how to approach her. What should I tell her? How would I even start?
I walked gently towards her with my hands in my pockets. A metre from her, I cleared my throat.
She looked back with a jerk. Her face was pink and wet.
She’s been crying
Tori: Mr.. Mr Rudy
She quickly cleaned her face
I stared intently at her. She’s grown into a very beautiful woman. Her body has changed. So angelic. I could worship this goddess
Me: Tori
Her eyes widened
Me: Tori…
She didn’t say anything
I got closer but she moved back
Tori: please who are you?
I didn’t answer. Who exactly I’m I?
Tori: you’re Mr Rudy right? My neighbor
Me: no.. I’m Beck… Beck Oliver
Tori: no.. Beck is dead. He disappeared ten years ago and he never came back
I held her hand and pulled her to me. I looked into her wet eyes. I could see hurt and want. The want of knowing the truth
Me: what happened? I thought you died Tori. I thought that accident took your life. What the heck happened?
Tori: Beck???
She stared at me with disbelief
Me: I ran away when I heard you didn’t make it. I lost my mind. I just wanted to leave. I couldn’t bring myself to think you were really dead. I entered a truck and crossed the border. Ever since then, I’ve been here
She wiped the tears that fell
Tori: and after you found out I was alive. You still didn’t come back. You left me to suffer being a single mom… I hate you
She jerked her hand off mine and hurried away. I felt hurt
Me: wait Tori.. Tori please wait…
I ran after her and grabbed her by the waist. She struggled to let go but I won’t do that, not again.
Me: stop it. Stop it please!
She stopped struggling but didn’t stop crying. I held unto her tight, resting my chin on her shoulder and listening to her sobs.
Me: I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to stay back. If I had known, I would have come back for you
Tori: I won’t believe you on that. That you didn’t know.
I left her and she faced me
Tori : Beck, Benedict and I are very famous. We’re all over the internet. We’re all over TV. How wouldn’t you know? Just say you were contented with your wife and daughter. That’s why you neglected me. You left Benedict to be a fatherless boy. He always wanted a dad, not knowing the bastard has his own family somewhere else
I froze
Me: Benedict is my son?
She scoffed and walked away. I couldn’t move
Did she get pregnant?
That explains the striking resemblance between Benedict and I.
I looked as she walked out of the garden
Me: Tori… Wait!
To Be Continued
Written by Hossy
🌺Average Boy🌺
🌺By Hossana Isaac O. 🌺
(Hossy American Series)
🌺Chapter 34🌺
🌺🌺Tori Vega’s POV 🌺🌺
I walked hastily to the white sand beach. I didn’t want to think everything that happened in the garden was real. But it was. Beck had been alive all these years. He had replaced me
But come to think of it, it wasn’t his fault. I had caused him trouble. His mother is in jail now. Isn’t that trouble?
I sighted Benedict and Tessa jumping and hailing at the surfers. I walked to them
Me: Bene, I’m going somewhere. Make sure you go back home later
Benedict : mom, are you okay?
I nodded
Me: sure. Take care
Tessa: be careful Tori Vega
I smiled at her. I like the girl. Maybe it’s because she looks like me. I like people that look like me
I walked out of the beach, took my car and drove into town
I went to a fancy restaurant and sat at a corner sipping only a glass of wine. I just wanted to be alone with my thoughts. I thought about Beck, how he had been all these years. What he had been doing. Why he didn’t come back for me. Who he has been with. And all those things
I twirled the glass and watched as the blue wine rolled about beautifully.
I looked at my phone and it was almost an hour. I need a nap. I feel like this vacation has been ruined. I wanna go back home to LA.
I stood up, paid for the drink with my credit card and zoomed back home. I entered inside and found out that Benedict hadn’t returned yet. I dragged myself to my room, falling on the bed and fighting back tears.
I love Beck. I still love him. It’s been years but I still love him
I tried dating Emma Bellz and Dave Steve but it didn’t work out. They both complained I was too cold towards them. We broke up and I realized I couldn’t love anyone else.
I think I slept off cause the next time I woke up was in the evening. I went to the kitchen to take water and I found Benedict and Tessa making smoothies
Me: hey
Benedict : mom. You’re awake
Me: yeah
I sniffed and opened the fridge
Tessa: good afternoon ma’am
I looked at her. She was looking so excited. I guess she really likes me
Me: hi Tessa. How are you sweetie
Her eyes brightened
Tessa: I’m fine. I’m so fine
I chuckled
Benedict : looks like someone is about to explode
He was referring to Tessa. She laughed and continued slicing the fruits with safety knives
Me: you guys aren’t supposed to be doing that
Benedict : well, you were asleep. And we wanted smoothies
Me: you could have easily got them from the beach. I saw a stand for tropical smoothies
Benedict : we wanted to try our smoothie. Not theirs
I chuckled as I brought out water. I gulped it down and threw the can into the garbage basket
Me: is there anything you need help with?
Tessa: please, sign my album
Me: your album?
Tessa: my photo album. Please, I seriously need your autograph
Me: sure. Anything for you
She jumped up
Tessa : thank you
Benedict : you can go get your album if it’s here. Mom and I would finish up
Tessa: okay. I’ll be right back
She ran off happily
Benedict : she really likes you
Me: I can see that
Benedict : what’s up with you and her dad?
My heart began to race
Me: I don’t get you
Benedict : is he my dad?
I looked at him
Me: why do you ask?
Benedict : he’s the exact person you’ve been talking about. He’s the person in the pictures you’ve been showing me. Except for, you know he’s older now. Plus, the way you looked at each other, I knew something was there. And mom, I look just like him. Is he my dad? Or related to him?
I sniffed
Me: he’s… Mr Rudy, Benedict. Your dad is Oliver. And, that man is about thirty years, that’s why he could have a daughter of twelve. He must have gotten her when he was twenty or twenty-five.
Benedict : but..
Me: no buts Benedict. Now hand me that knife
He sighed and gave it to me. I don’t want to talk about Beck
Tessa returned with a big photo album.
Tessa: here it is
I looked at it
Me: I’m coming. Let me just put these into the blender
I washed the fruits then kept them in the blender. I turned it on and turned it off minutes later.
I poured out the juice into a glass jug then dropped it in the fridge.
Me: let’s go to the living room
We went to the living room and sat on the cushion. I opened the album and the first picture was that of her and a lady about my age. They were smiling and the lady had her hand over Tessa’s shoulder
Me: your mom?
Tessa: no. She’s my teacher. We took that picture in school, when she wanted to gain an impression on my dad.
I heaved a sigh of relief
Benedict : create an impression on your dad?
She told us about how all her teachers wanted to date her dad. Typically Beck
We kept looking through the pictures and I signed each page. All the pictures were either her and her friends or her and Beck. The more I saw the pictures, the more I knew it was Beck. My eyes were almost pulling out because they were heavy with reserved tears.
Me: Benedict.. Why don’t you get the drink from the fridge and some glasses
Tessa: don’t worry. I’ll get it. Keep looking at the photos
She went and Benedict looked at me
Benedict : you still think he’s Mr Rudy, mom?
I didn’t reply. I know it’s Beck. He told me himself and he gave me proof
Then I opened to the last page, after looking through her baby pictures with Beck, I was surprised why there was no photo of her and her mother. It was just Beck.
I looked at the last picture and my eyes widened
Benedict : oh my goodness! That’s the same picture you have mom!
I picked it up.
The picture Beck and I took in the class. All the memories of that day came running in.
The picture was in my phone and I had printed it out and kept it safe. Benedict even had a copy.
But my face isn’t clear here. I wonder why. Did he clean my face with vinegar. What does that mean? Why would he do that? Because he doesn’t want me in his life again?
Tessa came back with the glasses and jug.
I took it from her and dropped them on the table
Tessa: oh you’re looking at my dad’s picture when he was younger
Me: Bene, please get me my phone from the room
He went inside
Me: your dad and who?
I picked up the picture again
Tessa: he said that’s my mom
I looked at her
Me: what?
Tessa: I wouldn’t have even seen it. It was in the middle of some old books. I found it filled with dust and I cleaned it. I asked him who she was and he said she’s my mom. I had to take the picture later, because I couldn’t get enough of it
She took the picture from my frozen hand
Tessa: I wish I knew her
I blinked my eyes to get back into my senses
Me: you don’t… know her?
She shrugged
Tessa: she died when I was born… That’s what dad said
My heart became too heavy for my body to hold
I began to suffocate. Why would Beck do this. Ahh, I need explanation. Huge explanation
Me: where is your dad?
Tessa: he should be at the beach still, he was standing under a coconut tree for hours before Benedict and I left
I took the photo from her and stood up
Me: I’ll be right back dear
I kissed her cheek and she blushed
Benedict came out with the phone. I quickly grabbed it and entered inside, took my keys and rushed out
Me: I’ll be right back kids
I entered my car and drove to the beach. I looked around. Few people were still there
I looked under all the coconut trees and I saw him under the last one.
I sighed and walked to him. He didn’t see me
Me: Beck
🌺🌺Beck Oliver’s POV 🌺🌺
Stupidity! Irresponsibility! Arrogance! That’s what I’ve been living in.
I’m so stupid. What the heck is my problem? Why didn’t I even think of going back home? How was I comfortable being on exile
I know I didn’t want to feel the pain of seeing her being kept in a coffin, but at least I should have stayed back.
And the stupid thing that haunted me most was that she was my sister and I slept with her. I couldn’t live with that guilt. I just couldn’t!
And now, Benedict is our product of incest
How could he live with that tag? That his parents are siblings?
I screamed and punched the tree. I’m burning inside.
My greatest regret is that I relocated to USA. If I had known, I should have stayed back in Canada.
But then, my greatest confusion is how Tori is alive. Did they resuscitate her? Or she didn’t even die.
I need answer or I’m gonna die of curiosity
I stayed, staring at the white sand for hours. Only the shade from the tree kept me.
I was thirsty but I couldn’t move to get any drink. That’s not my priority now
When it was getting late, I decided to go home. Meet Tori and talk things out. Then I heard my name. My real name. I knew it was Tori, she’s the only one who knows the real me
I gently turned back and faced her. She was looking pale
Me: Tori
She cleared her throat and looked at the ground
Me: what is it? Are you okay?
Tori: I’m sorry for walking out on you
She looked up at me
Me: it’s okay. I’m not holding it
Tori: can we please… Talk?
Me: sure… Now?
Tori: let’s go to a secluded place
I nodded and she took the lead. We kept walking silently towards a quiet place. The evening wind began to blow and we settled down on a rock, just before the ocean.
Tori: thanks for following me here
I smiled
Me: what’s it you want us to talk about?
Tori: lots of things
Me: how should we start?
Tori: I didn’t die…
Thank God she decided to start with that. I really needed the answer to that question
Tori: someone wanted me dead. She paid a nurse to inject me but the nurse was Jade’s sister and she knew that I was Jade’s best friend. She told Jade and one thing led to another. She didn’t inject me but told the doctor to announce that I was dead.
Me: why would someone want you dead?
Tori: because she wanted me out of the picture so her son would take my place
Me: who is she?
She didn’t answer
Me: Tori…
She looked at me
Tori: I’m sorry Beck. But it’s your mom
My eyes widened
Me: what?
Her voice began to crack, a sign that she’s fighting back tears
Tori: she wanted me dead so she could make sure you took my place. She said she did it because she knew I’d stand in her way because of my love for you
Me: no. I can’t believe that. My mom can’t hurt a fly. How sure were you guys? Was there any proof?
Tori: yeah. A video
I closed my eyes. Mom! I knew something was wrong then
Me: where is she now?
Tori: serving a jail term
My heart sank. What did she get herself into?
I feel really bad
Tori: and you’re not my brother
I looked at her
Me: what?
Tori : the DNA test you conducted that day, the results came out. You’re not a Vega
My heart jumped for joy. I wanted to scream out loud and dance in the waves. So mom lied. Well thank God. Tori is not my sister and Benedict isn’t a product of incest
Tori smiled as she saw me smiling
Me: I’m glad
I took her hand and squeezed it
Me: I’m really sorry I ran away. If only I knew the way things turned out, I would have stayed back
Tori: but why didn’t you come back?
I sighed
Me: my life has been like a prison. I didn’t care about music anymore, I hated the television and internet. Tori, for the past ten years I haven’t watched TV or listened to music. Except for church hymns. That’s all
Tori : why would you live like that?
Me: because I thought news of your death and our problems would be all over
Tori: but then, how does your daughter know me. She really loves me and listens to my songs.
My eyes widened
Me: what?? Tessa listens to music?? Gosh! That girl!
I clenched my fist. She’s such a good undercover agent
Tori: you didn’t know?
Me: she knows how much I hate music. She wouldn’t dare to let me know
Tori: I don’t like it that way
She looked at the sand and began to write something on it
We were quiet for minutes. I was looking at the gentle waves. The sun would soon set.
Tori: did you get married?
I smiled
Me: yeah
She nodded and looked back at the sand. We were quiet for minutes again then she looked back at me
Tori: but what happened to Tessa’s mother?
Me: she died
She looked back at the sand again. This time, I looked at her. I know that face. That’s jealousy
Tori: but why did you tell her I’m her mother? And why did you wipe my face off?
She showed me the picture she was holding. I knew Tessa came back to take it
I chuckled
Me: because I didn’t want her to ask me further questions that I can’t answer. And I didn’t wipe your face off. I didn’t even know that picture would get exposed to moisture. I kept it in some books years ago
I remember I had that picture printed out before I sold my phone, when I first entered Mexico
She nodded and continued writing on the sand. I shifted close to her and grabbed her hand from the ground
Me: what are you writing?
Tori: no no no. Don’t look
I looked and my heart melted. She wrote ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO STOP LOVING YOU
I chuckled and released her
Her face was pink with embarrassment
Me: I missed you
She looked at me
Me: you didn’t miss me?
She looked away
Tori: am sorry about your wife. Tessa said she died when she was giving birth to her
I laughed
Me: that’s just a story I made up. I never got married
Tori: what? Then how did you get Tessa?
Me : I adopted her when she was two years, from an orphanage nearby. She was so tiny and malnourished and sick. I adopted her because I didn’t want her to die
Tori : Tessa’s not your daughter?
I looked at her
Me: she’s my daughter. And will always be my daughter
Tori : I understand that
Me: so you got pregnant, from that our little play?
She covered her face
Me: Benedict what is he?
Tori: Oliver
Me: Benedict Oliver. Beck Oliver….
I looked into her eyes
Me: Tori Oliver… Tessa Oliver
She twitched her lips and tried not to smile
Me: if you’re not single then we can just forget about the….
Tori: no no no… I’m single.. I’m so single.. I’ve been single all my life. I’m still single
I laughed and pulled her to me
Me: I’m sorry for all the pain you passed through. I’m so sorry
I arranged her hair and she hugged me sideways
Tori: it’s okay. Everything happens for a reason
I looked at her face and smiled. I’ve missed this fairy. I’m so glad she’s back. And I’m not letting her go ever again
Tori: Beck… Please do me a favor
She pulled away from me
Me: what is it?
Tori: please kiss me
I raised a brow.
I’m not sure if I know how to kiss anymore
I pulled her again and placed my lips on hers. Well, the memories came back. I kissed her
She smiled and hugged me sideways again. We sat and watched the sunset. The feeling was back afresh. It was magical
Me: I do have a question though
Tori: what is it?
Me: is Jade still mean and vicious?
Tori: hell yeah. Even worse now that she knows Kung Fu and can handle all sort of guns. She’s the bad ass now
Me: oh no! I’m dead
To Be Continued
Written by Hossy
😘 😘

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