Average boy episode 31-32

🌺Average Boy 🌺
🌺By Hossana Isaac O. 🌺
(Hossy American Series)
🌺Chapter 31🌺
🌺🌺Beck Oliver’s POV 🌺🌺
Nothing can explain the type of choking I got in my chest when she lifted that picture up. It was the last thing I wanted her to see. It was the last thing I wanted to see. How come that picture is still here?
Tessa: why can’t I see her face clearly
I swallowed a lump and ruffled my hair
Me: sweetie, maybe you should get your hands off the dust. You’re gonna get sick
She shrugged and dropped the picture in the drawer
Me: what were you even looking for?
Tessa: bonding glue
I went to my shelf and brought it out
Me: I used it yesterday and forgot to drop it back into the drawer
She stood up from the ground and took it from me
Me: make sure you wash your hands
She nodded and walked out
I locked the door and slumped on the bed. Thinking far and wide
🌺🌺Benedict’s POV 🌺🌺
I brushed my hair down and wore my sunglasses. I was going to the airport with mom. We’re leaving for Mexico today. Her concert is in a week but we need to be there from now
I’m so excited about this. It’s somehow the first time mom and I are leaving the country together. It’s usually only me going for movie shooting or her, for music sake
This time it’s us, for music and family sake
Oh I forgot to say my hair was already long. My hair grew fast the past two months. Now I just need to trim it frequently and always keep it intact like Mace Coronel
I finished dressing up and I pulled my luggage downstairs. Mom was talking with Ken, her personal bodyguard. I gently sat on the bottom of the staircase and watched them. After awhile, mom turned round as Ken left
Mom : hey, you’re ready?
I stood up
Me: super-duper ready!
Mom: then let’s get moving.. Whoaaa
I pulled my luggage to where some guards were staying. One took it from me and I walked to my mom
Me: which hotel are we lodging at?
Mom: it’s a secret
I shrugged and walked with her outside the house. We entered our black car and drove to the airport.
When we arrived Mexico, a black limo ride was waiting for us.
Me: is that new?
Mom: yeah, two days old
I chuckled
Me: smooth
We entered and drove to a house. It was a personal house mom bought. But it was already heavily guarded by men wearing suits and ties and sunglasses
🌺🌺Tessa’s POV 🌺🌺
I entered the dinning room and met dad setting the table.
Dad: sorry baby, it’s just bread and butter and jelly sandwiches. There’s no time to make large breakfast and we might still eat in the plane
Me: it’s okay by me. I’m just so so excited. It’s gonna be my first time on a plane
I sat down and he placed two plates in front of me. Then a cup of coffee
Dad: then get too excited or you’ll miss the fun.
I chuckled and he sat opposite me
Me: I’m going to buy lots and lots of gifts for my friends when we’re coming back
Dad: I wonder who I should buy something for
Me: Miss Guello
He glared at me then laughed
Dad: you’re right. I should buy something for her. Maybe a bouquet of roses. A fancy dinner in a restaurant when we’re back too. Then maybe ask her to be my girlfriend and later my wife. She’ll make the best mom for my daughter
I became irritated. The food I swallowed was trying to come back and the thought of her making breakfast for me everyday, with the big wort on her cheek made me feel like puking. I ran up to the bathroom and threw up real bad. I could hear dad laughing so hard
I finished, washed my face and came back. Dad was laughing. I gently sat down and drank all my coffee.
Dad: next time. You won’t mention her name
Then I spoke in Spanish
Me: I learnt my lesson the hard way. Now I can’t even eat
Dad: pooh! Sorry
He chuckled and ate up. I just drank more coffee and picked up my bags for the plane
When we got to Mexico City, we took a taxi to the hotel. On the way, we got passed by a black limo.
Me: OMG! A real Limousine
Dad: you like it
Me: I love it!
Dad: how about we get into one before the end of….
Me: this month
We looked at each other and began to laugh.
Getting to the hotel, we were led to the estate. Our house was shown us. A big bungalow. Everything in it was so luxurious. There was even free Wi-Fi but dad had it disconnected. The water was constant, everything was just superb
When we got to the back of the house, I screamed at the sight of the twin pool
Me: this is going to be so much fun dad!
Dad: the pool is tempting.
Me: makes me wanna jump in
Dad: there’s another house. For our neighbors
Me: we’re gonna have neighbors
Dad: yeah. The second pool is for them. And they’ll be here in a week
Me: I don’t want neighbors
I pouted
Dad: so do I. Neighbors are problems.
I chuckled and we went inside together.
The next one week was so fun. Dad was really happy. We played all the games and everything in the hotel. Well everything except dancing and karaoke night. He always made sure we went back to the house.
On the night of the concert, I told him I wanted to go and get some pills from the city. He didn’t let me, saying he’ll get them for me
I tried to convince him that it was a personal, girly stuff. But he didn’t let me.
I lost hope of going to the concert. That night was really unhappy. I went to bed early. I would have watched it but no TV. Dad had it removed
The next morning I woke up late, with a headache. I went down for breakfast. Dad said we were going to the eatery for breakfast so I showered and wore a blue floral dress with a bow tie at the waist
We took the motorcycle dad rented and rode to the eatery in the hotel. We had breakfast and dad decided to go grocery shopping. He said the things in the house were unhealthy for him.
He rode me to the house then left. I quickly brought out my phone to check the internet about last night’s concert.
I went to the back of the house and strode to the other house. The Wi-Fi was connecting while I was still a little away from the house.
I came closer and sat under a tree on the lawn. I was checking through YouTube when I heard a voice
Voice: hey
I looked up to see a young boy, with long dark brown hair and oval shaped face. His hands were in his pocket and he was wearing shorts and T-shirt, both Red in color
The face quickly sparked a recognition in my brain.
Or is he a look alike?
Me: hi
Boy: you stay here?
He pointed to our house
Me: yeah
I stood up and dusted my gown
Me: please.. What’s your name?
Boy: Benedict…
Me: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
I was jumping and screaming. He was looking at me like I’m a weirdo. I stopped jumping. Wait, what if he’s not the one. It could be that the first name was just the same
Me: sorry. Continue… Your name.
He chuckled
Boy: I’m Benedict Oliver
I felt my eyes widening and widening. I thought they were going to pop out
Me OH my God! It’s really you! Gosh, it’s a great honor seeing you in person. I love your movies a lot
Benedict : thanks. It’s nice meeting you
Then my mind went far, he must have followed his mom for the concert. And I forgot this is a high class hotel. Celebrities come here a lot
Me: your mom. Is she..is she here?
He nodded and walked to the pool
Benedict : nice pool. I love the flooring. It’s sparkling
I felt like screaming again. Tori Vega is here. Tori Vega is here! What I’m I gonna do? I’m my idols neighbor. This is ama…zing…
Benedict : you haven’t told me your name
Me: uhh Tessa… Tessa Rudy
He smiled. That smile. That smile is so familiar. Benedict stole my dad’s smile. He looks a lot like him. I always wanted to tell dad that there’s a kid actor who looks like him and he’s American. But I know I don’t wanna be grounded, some things are better left unsaid
Benedict : you look a lot like my mom
Me: and you look a lot like my dad
His eyes widened
Benedict : really?
Me: yeah. A lot
Benedict : is your dad here?
Me: yeah. But he went out. And your mom? Is she in right now?
Benedict : she’s taking a two hour nap. For some reason
Me: I really love your mom. She’s my idol. I’m crazy about her
Benedict : obviously
He looked at my appearance and I laughed
Me: would you like to come inside?
I pointed to our house
He looked at their house then at ours
He shrugged
Benedict : sure
We went to our house together. If dad comes, I’ll just say it’s our new neighbor’s son. He doesn’t watch TV so he wouldn’t know him. Or his mother.
To Be Continued
Written by Hossy
🌺Average Boy🌺
🌺By Hossana Isaac O. 🌺
(Hossy American Series)
🌺Chapter 32🌺
🌺🌺Benedict’s POV 🌺🌺
After the concert, we were really stressed out. But it was fun. I came on stage just once with mom then only I, dancing to one of her songs.
Afterwards, we went back to the house. The next morning, we came to this hotel alone. Mom said it was her surprise. We were going to stay for about two weeks.
After unpacking, I showered and wore a red T-shirt and red shorts. I ate some fruits from the fruit bowl on the dinning table and strolled outside to see the yard. Mom had to take her nap cause of the stress and it’s also part of her everyday schedule
As I strolled to the back, I saw a girl, definitely not a teenager but should be older than me with maybe a year or two. She was with a phone and was sitting on our lawn. I looked over at the second house, the door was slightly opened so I guess she just left there
Maybe I could use a friend here. I walked closer with my hands in my pockets. I remembered mom always chuckled when I did that, she said I took it from dad. That he always walked with hands in his pockets. And when standing with his backpack, the right hand clutched on the bag over his shoulder and the second one in his pocket.
I totally got that from him cause I do that all the time. Even while acting.
Me: hi
She looked up at me and she became still, looking at me. I wasn’t surprised though, I knew she’d act that way. Especially if she loves music and Disney.
We later engaged in a conversation. She was really like mom. Especially the hair. Maybe she is a diehard fan.
She also said I look her father. Or maybe she just said so
Well, we later went to her house. We talked about different things, mostly about my life both in front of the camera and outside the camera. She asked me tons of questions about my mom, she said her dad doesn’t like music or anything that has to do with TV.
Me: do you have grandparents?
Tessa: dad said both are dead
Me: and your mom too?
She nodded
Me: I’m sorry about that
Tessa: it’s okay. How about you?
Me: I have a grandfather. His name is Mark Vega
Tessa: is he an actor too?
Me: haha, no. Just some CEO
Tessa: CEO?? Wow. Your family is pretty rich
Me: what does your dad do for a living?
Tessa: he’s a manager. We’re not rich, but we’re not poor
Me: average?
Tessa: yes, average
I looked at my wristwatch. It was already an hour to 30mins gone.
Me: I gotta go, before my mom wakes up. I’ll see you later
Tessa: okay Benedict. My regards to your mom, tell her I love her
Me: I’ll tell her. But she’d be more thrilled to hear it from you
She jumped up and clapped
Me: and my regards to your dad
Tessa: sure
We walked to the back door and she opened it and we walked out. She waved at me
Me: see ya
I walked further and entered our house. My mom was already awake and was looking through the window
Me: hi mama
I sat on the chair in the dinning area
Mom: got your self a new friend
Me: yeah. She’s Mexican
Mom: and taller than you
I laughed. She poured out some orange juice and stretched it to me. I took it and gulped down
Me : she should be older than me. Oh, she loves you so much. Like she’s crazy about you
Mom: are you serious?
Me: yeah. And I think that’s why she looks like you. Her hair is like yours and the shape of the face
Mom: like that girl we saw in California?
Me: exactly… But that girl looks more like you. This one is just the structure. That California girl, it’s like you gave birth to her
Mom: haha, the girl looks like her mom. And her mom looks like me
Me: you’ve got look alikes mom
Mom: I wonder why
We laughed
Mom: we’re going speed boating in about three hours
Me: whoa. I better go get my sunglasses
I ran up to my room
🌺🌺Beck Oliver’s POV 🌺🌺
I came back to my own bungalow with bags in my hands. Tessa ran out and took some of them from me
Tessa: welcome back daddy
Me: thanks sweetheart
She smiled as she walked to the kitchen with the bags. I followed her and dropped the bags on the counter. We arranged the groceries in the fridge. Most of which were sugar-free.
Tessa: what are we going to do today?
Me: speed boating on the beach
Tessa: really, sounds fun
Me: we were supposed to go with our neighbors but since they’re still not around, you’ll ride with me
Tessa: if they were around…?
Me: then you’ll ride with them and one of them rides with me
I bit my lower lip as she played with her fingers on the counter.
I felt like she wanted to say something
Me: is there something you wanna say to me, baby girl?
Tessa: uhh yeah but never mind. Do you know you somehow speak like a Canadian?
I froze then quickly thawed so she won’t notice anything
Me: really?
She nodded
Me: I once lived in Canada before coming back here
Tessa: is mom Canadian or Mexican?
Me: ……American
Her eyes widened
Tessa: my mother was American?? Are you serious?? I’m Mexican-American?
I could see the excitement in her eyes
I kissed her cheek and carried her on my shoulders. Tessa is growing up real fast. I remember when I first had her, she was so tiny and cute. Now, she’s going to be a teenager. I just hope she doesn’t cause much trouble for me. Youthful misdemeanor is one thing I’m scared of for her
It also hurts me that I’ve been lying to her about myself. Even my name is a lie. But I hope I can bring myself to tell her all about me
🌺🌺Tori Vega’s POV 🌺🌺
We got ready to go to the beach. It was a sun-kissed day and perfect for activities.
I wore a black overall inner sun-dress that fitted perfectly to my skin. It was armless and it reached my outer thighs. I wore a light fabric robe over the inner. It was also short but it reached my knees.
I rubbed red lipstick lightly and just a little mascara on my lashes. We’re going to play with water, I don’t wanna come back looking like The Joker
I packed my hair into a pony tail and wore my sunglasses. I had already packed some sun blocks, sunscreen, and sunhats. I hope shades will be available there
I walked out of my room with the bag and my phone in my hand. It’s funny I didn’t let any of the guards or crew members come with us. I just wanted it to be Bene and I.
Only the hotel security were permitted to look over us, but weren’t allowed to cross boundaries except when it’s an emergency.
Me: where is he?
Benedict : coming mother
He came out with black shorts and a white vest. His hair was tied behind and some strands had fallen out. He was wearing some boyish bracelets on both wrists, like Beck will always do.
Me: you look beachy
Benedict : and you look beach…. Oops
Me: what?
Benedict : I wanted to say you look beachier. Then I remembered it has the same pronunciation as bitchier… You know.. As in bitch.. So I stopped. I don’t wanna cuss at my mom
I chuckled
Me: aren’t you the sweetest little thing ever
I rubbed his cheek
Benedict : ewwww… Mom… I’m ten… Not Six.. Stop that..
I laughed
Me: I wonder what you’ll do to me when you become eighteen
Benedict : let’s not go there mom
He chuckled and opened the door for me, bowed and said
Benedict : mi ladie…
He pointed to the door. Oh how sweet
I walked through and he came out and closed the door. I locked it and we entered the car to the beach.
When we got there, we got accompanied by the attendant to the place where we could get the boats.
The manager there attended to us
Me: we need a both please
Manager: you can pick any one of these boats. They’re the same, just different colors
Benedict : I love the orange one
Me: no I want the blue one
Benedict : no the orange one
Me: nope, we’re taking the blue one
Manager: why don’t you wait for your neighbors to come. Each of you will ride with one of them
Benedict : Tessa and her father
Manager: yes the Rudys
Me: that’s your friend right
He nodded
Manager: you will ride with her father and she’ll ride with your mom
Me: sounds good to me. But where are they?
Manager: here they come
Bene and I turned to look at them. The young girl was wearing black shorts above her knees and a yellow vest
Her hair was also in a ponytail and she had a silk scarf around her neck
She was holding hands with her dad, I looked up at the man’s face and everything around me shut down. I didn’t see my son, didn’t see the manager, not the sea, not the people, not even the girl he was walking and laughing happily with
I also felt my heart being removed from my body.
My mouth was slightly opened as I stared at him blankly. He looked up and his eyes met mine. He stopped walking immediately and locked eyes with me.
I could see he was as shocked as I was.
I can’t believe this… Beck is alive
To Be Continued
Written By Hossy

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