Average boy episode 23-24

🔵Average Boy 🔵
By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy American Series)
🔵Chapter 23 🔵
Tori Vega’s POV
I came out of the car and went straight into the house. I saw my dad pacing up and down the living room
Me: dad
Dad: good, I hope you brought your things
Me: no I didn’t.. What’s..
Dad: what do you mean you didn’t? I told you to come home and you came without your things? Why are you so dumb?
Me: dad what is going on? Just tell me and stop yelling at me
The door opened and Jade entered, we both looked at her like she was a strange being
Jade: I’m out
She turned back and left. Dad sighed and sat down
Dad: please sit
I sat beside him and he looked at me
Dad: I know it might seem really hard for you but it’s for your own good. You have to break up with Beck
Dad: like I said Tori, it’s for your own good
Me: I still don’t understand what you’re saying. You want me to break up with Beck? Why would you want such a thing?
Dad: I have my reasons. And you have to do what I say. I know better than you and I wouldn’t let you be in a forbidden relationship
I laughed
Me: seriously dad, you’re calling my relationship forbidden. Is it because of his social status? But you agreed to it from the beginning, why are you….
Dad: don’t question me! Break up with Beck and live your life the way it used to be
Me: and what if I don’t! In fact, I’m going to see him now
I stood up and walked out. He didn’t say anything else. I wasn’t with any car keys so I was going to take a taxi. I took my phone and dialed Beck’s number but he wasn’t picking
I got to the gate but it was already locked. I knocked on the security officer’s door but he didn’t open it. I tried hard to open the gate but it was firmly locked. I felt frustrated
Me: what I’m I going to do?
I called Beck again but he still didn’t pick, I tried again and this time it went straight to voicemail
I turned around and saw my dad looking at me
Me: you made him lock the gate, didn’t you?
Dad: I never knew you were stubborn
Me: dad, tell him to open this gate
Dad: to your room, now!
Me: tell him to open this gate!
My eyes were getting red and teary but my dad’s face was hardened
Dad: are you going inside or not?
Me: the only place I’m going to, is Beck’s house
Dad: well then, good luck
He turned around and went inside. I dialed Jade’s number and it went through
📲hello Jade
📲Tori, are you crying
📲it’s dad
📲what happened?
📲he wants me to break up with Beck
📲what? Why?
📲I don’t know, he doesn’t want to tell me. And now he has locked me up, I can’t go back to Beck’s house
📲have you tried calling Beck?
📲he’s not picking up
📲go inside and ask your dad why?
📲I don’t wanna talk to him
📲what are we going to do now?
📲I don’t know what has come over dad
📲you know what, I’m coming there now. Just go inside and try to get his phone, text the security man to open the door for me
I hung up and tearfully went inside, my dad was taking coffee. His phone was on the dinning table
Dad: look who’s back
I didn’t talk to him, I just went straight to the kitchen. He followed me
Dad: look Tori, I know you’re angry with me but I have a good reason for all of these
Me: that reason isn’t good enough for me to hear?
He sighed
Dad: you’re better off if you don’t hear it
Me: well, there’s something I want you to hear
I opened the tap and washed my hands in the sink
Dad: what do you want me to hear?
Me: I will never ever break up with Beck, unless you tell me your reason. And if the reason isn’t good enough, then I’ll forever be with him
I collected his coffee, dropped it on the counter and left the kitchen. This time he didn’t follow me, I took his phone and texted the guard
💬open the gate for Tori’s friend
The message delivered and I deleted it, dropped the phone and went outside
Beck Oliver’s POV
Andre sat on my bed while I sat on my wooden chair.
Me: Andre, I think my mom has really gone nuts
Andre: what do you mean?
Me: she told me to break up with Tori
Andre: what?
Me: and she refused to tell me her reasons
Andre: why the heck will she say that? Or is she looking at your status?
Me: I don’t know. I don’t know what that crazy woman is thinking
Andre: I saw her at a restaurant few minutes ago
Me: yeah, she left the house saying she was going on a date with reality
Andre: reality?
Me: that’s what she said. And she was dressed like a teenager, make up, long earrings, sexy outfit.. I almost thought I was back in time when she was still young
Andre: that’s why I didn’t recognize her on time. I had to think and think
Me: was she alone at the restaurant?
Andre: hmmm… No
Me: who was she with? A man?
Andre: yes… Tori’s dad
Me: what?
Andre: I was surprised too bro, damn surprised
Me : why did she go and see him?
Andre: I don’t mean to say this but Beck, I think you’re mom is up to something. Do you know if she has interests in Tori’s dad? She might want your relationship out of the way so she can build up hers with him
Me: I don’t wanna think towards that direction.
I palmed my face and sighed
Andre: try to convince her to tell you her reason. Try to make her talk, then you’ll know what next to do
I raised my head
Me: I’ll try
Andre: come on, let’s go. You don’t want Tori to be waiting
I smiled and stood up, I brought out my phone from my pocket and we went out of the room together. When we got downstairs, we didn’t see Tori. My mom walked out from the kitchen area
Me: mom, you’re back
Mom: yes
She poured herself some water
Andre: good evening ma’am
Mom: Andre, how are you?
Andre: I’m fine
Mom: Beck, can I see your phone
Me: uhh, sure
I gave it to her
Me: mom have you seen Tori?
Mom: yes, she was standing with a mean looking girl when I arrived and I saw them leaving together
Me&Andre: mean looking girl?
She looked at us
Mom: yes
She then opened my phone
Me: describe the girl
Andre: was she wearing a green shirt?
Mom: yes
Andre: and her hair had green highlights
Mom: yes
He looked at me
Andre: Jade
Me: Jade was here? Where are they now? Let me call Tori
I stretched my hand to collect the phone from mom
Mom: you’re not permitted to call her
Me: and why is that?
Mom: because I say so
Me: seriously mom, what has come over you? Give me my phone now!
Mom: if you try to prove stubborn, I throw it into the water
Andre tapped my shoulder. I sighed angrily
I turned and left the house, Andre followed me outside
Mom: even if you go to her house you won’t see her!
Tori Vega’s POV
I paced up and down, waiting for Jade to come. I was really angered and needed to be pacified, just then I saw headlights through the space between the gate and the ground. I sighed when I saw the security guard opening the gate
Jade stepped out and I ran towards her. The guard wanted to close the gate again
Jade: open the smaller one
He closed the big gate and opened the smaller one. She then held my hand and took me outside then closed it
Me: are you taking me back to Beck’s house?
Jade :no
The door of her car opened and Beck stepped out
Me: Beck
I ran to him and hugged him tight
Non of us said anything, we just hugged tight
Then we disengaged
Beck: what happened? Why did you leave?
Me: it was dad, he… told me to come
Beck: what did he say to you
Me: he told me to break up with you
Beck: hmm, that’s the same thing my mom told me to do
Me: I don’t understand, what’s going on Beck
Me: I don’t know but it’s seems they planned this. Andre said he saw the both of them at a restaurant this night
Jade: yeah, I was with him then.
Me: why would they plan it? What are they even thinking?
Beck: I don’t know babe
He hugged me again and I sighed, feeling comforted
Jade: it’s getting cold
Beck: yeah, you should go back in. I’ll bring your things tomorrow
Me: I don’t wanna leave you
Beck: me neither. But we have to, just for today. I’ll still see you tomorrow
I smiled
Me: I love you
He kissed my forehead
Beck: I love you too
Jade: ugh!
She rolled her eyes and walked away
Beck and I laughed
Me: how are you going to get home
Beck: I’ll take a taxi
Me : okay, good night
Beck: sleep tight
I smiled as he disengaged from me.
Beck: good night Jade
Jade: whatever
He smiled and walked into the street after giving me a wink
Jade walked to the door and I sighed as Beck went out of view. The big gate opened and Jade came back and entered her car, she started it and drove into the compound
I followed after the car and the guard closed the gate
The night air was seeping into my skin. I was feeling cold outwardly but my inner system was so hot. Even the air I breathed out was so hot. Jade came out and I walked to her
Jade: let’s go inside
She held my arm and we entered inside. Trina was in the living room.
Trina: hey Tori I heard you and dad arguing. Why?
Her face was sincerely concerned.
I couldn’t answer
Jade: she’ll be okay. Let’s go upstairs. Can you get water for her?
Trina nodded gently and went to the kitchen while we went to my room. I sat on the bed and cuddled up
I really need someone to hug. I really need it. I took a pillow and hugged it.
Jade sighed and began to text someone on her phone. Trina came with the water and I immediately gulped it down. My throat was still very dry
Trina: are you okay?
Me: I don’t know
Trina: what exactly is the problem?
I stared at her, contemplating whether or not I should tell her
Jade: your dad wants her to break up with Beck
Trina: what?
She looked at me and I looked away
Trina: why?
Tori: he doesn’t want to tell me
Trina: one thing I know is that Dad wants you to be happy always, he knows clearly how Beck makes you happy. Why would he want him out now?
I groaned as I felt my temperature rising. The door opened and I looked up, thinking it was dad. But it’s Cat
Cat: Tori
She ran and hugged me tight. Just what I wanted
Cat: don’t worry, you’ll be fine
She stroked my hair
Cat: Jade texted me to come that you were not okay
Trina: I’ll just… I’ll excuse you guys
She gently left the room
Me: Cat, dad wants me to break up with Beck
She immediately left me
Cat: what’s that supposed to mean??
She was clearly angry
Me : I don’t know
I began to cry and surprisingly Jade frowned
Jade: stop
I looked at her
Jade: don’t cry, it won’t solve the problem
Cat hugged me again
Cat: whatever happens, just know we’re here for you you. We love you
She kissed my forehead and I smiled. The door opened and it was dad
Dad: Tori, we need to talk
To be continued
Written by Hossy
Average Boy ❄❄
By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy American Series)
Chapter 24❄ ❄
Tori Vega’s POV ❄ ❄
I slowly stood up and walked out of the room. I followed dad to his room and sat down on his sofa while he took a chair and sat in front of me
Dad: Tori, I’m sorry it has to come to this
I didn’t look at him
Dad: you know I love you right. I love you so much Tori, I won’t like it when you get hurt. That’s why I feel so bad that I’m separating you from Beck
I looked at him
Me: and you can’t tell me your reasons?
He sighed and rubbed his neck
Me: dad I thought you liked Beck
Dad: of course I liked him. He’s really responsible and a gentleman. And I liked him because he made you happy
Me: then what is all these?
Dad: some things are just not meant to be. Listen baby girl, dad knows best
I huffed and looked away
Me: of course, dad knows best
My tone was really sarcastic
Dad: we’re going to see Beck tomorrow. To get your things and say a final bye bye
He stood up and walked to his bedside table, he picked his phone and began to type on it.
That reminds me, what was he doing with Beck’s mom earlier. Do they even know each other?
Or did dad call her to threaten her to make Beck leave me?
No, dad doesn’t do that.
Maybe it was Beck’s mom. She didn’t really express sincere heart towards me. Sometimes when our eyes met, I felt like she was seeing someone through me
I rubbed my temples and closed my eyes.
Me: I’m going
I left his room without looking at him. I entered my room and laid on the bed beside Cat
Cat: how did it go?
Me: the man said ‘dad knows best’
I dropped my head on the pillow and closed my eyes
Jade: I seriously suspect Beck’s mom
Cat: why?
Me: she saw them earlier in a restaurant talking. My dad and his mom
Jade: and his mom was telling something that seemed like it ruined your dad’s mood. And the look on her face was like that of a villain.
Cat: what does a villain’s face look like
Tori : the type of face Jade puts on when she wants to cut your hair or ruin your teddy
Cat shouted
Cat: I hate that face. It’s like she’s going to ruin me when she looks at me like that
Jade: good, that was the face she was putting on
Tori: did you notice the way she looked at me earlier?
Jade: yes. She doesn’t like you Tori
I sighed and sat up
Me: I didn’t know my relationship with Beck could be so complicated. We’re not even up to a month yet
I cuddled up my legs against my chest and placed my chin on my knees. An event that took place between me and Beck came up in my mind. I had sex with him.
I sighed and closed my eyes
Cat: let’s sing. It will make you happy
She hugged me
🎶I will try everything🎶
🎶to make you come closer to me🎶
🎶and maybe till you believe it’s not just a phase🎶
🎶how can I get it through🎶
🎶you’re the one I can’t loose🎶
Me, Cat & Jade
🎶I will try 365 days in 365 days to get to you. 🎶
🎶to get to you you you you baby🎶
🎶every second every tick tick of the clock🎶
🎶I want you all to myself🎶
Me, Cat & Jade
🎶feeling kinda guilty, but dude I can’t stop🎶
🎶I want you all to myself🎶
Jade started to clap rhythmically, according to the song
🎶yeah I will try everything🎶
🎶to make you come closer to me🎶
🎶and baby till you believe it’s not just a phase🎶
🎶how can I get it through🎶
🎶you’re the one I can’t loose🎶
🎶I can’t loose🎶
Jade and I
🎶I will try 365 days, 365days🎶
All of us
🎶to get to you🎶
Cat: whoaaaahhh
She clapped and hugged me while I laughed. Jade just had her hands folded
Me: I love you guys so much
Cat: just know that whatever happens, we’re here with you
I smiled and kissed her cheek
Cat: group hug
She hugged me and we looked at Jade Who scoffed and made for the door. We simultaneously sprang up from the bed and hugged her tight
The door opened and it was Trina
Trina: I heard some people singing
She stared at us in a hug
Trina: wrong timing. Bye
She closed the door and Cat and I giggled
Jade: can you guys let me out of this stupid hug
We released her and Cat still went ahead to hug her personally
Jade: whoah, let go of me
Cat: I love you so much Jade. I’m so happy you’re my friend. I really love you and I know you love me too. Even if you enjoy bullying me, I won’t hate you for it because I know it’s your personality
Me: awwwn. So sweet
Jade didn’t say anything
Cat: tell me you love me too
Jade was silent. If she doesn’t say it today, then Cat is gonna cry
Jade sighed
Jade: I love you too Cat
I smiled, I think she meant that
Cat released her and smiled
Jade: group hug?
Cat : yay
We jumped on her in a hug. I love my friends so much
❄ ❄ Jade West’s POV
I left our special classroom and went to look for Andre. Tori didn’t come to school today because she went to get her things from Beck’s house with her dad
I saw Andre talking with a black girl. Maybe his girlfriend
Me: hey
The girl saw me first
Girl: uhh bye Andre
She hurried away. Andre turned and faced me
Andre: good afternoon Jade
Me: how’s the song going? Have you started?
Andre: I started this morning. I’m almost done with it
Me: there’s actually an addition and I want to tell you about it
Andre: sure
His phone buzzed and he brought it out and read a text. His eyes widened
Andre: oh my God!!
Me: what?
He looked at me with scared eyes
Andre: Tori
Me: what happened to Tori?
He didn’t answer
Me: what the heck happened to Tori???
❄ ❄ Beck Oliver’s POV
I felt my throat getting dry. I don’t like the tension in this room. Mr Vega has been glaring at my mom since they came and mom has been acting like a pervert.
I ran my hand through my hair as they finally settled down to talk to us. Tori came to sit beside me and I held her hand, determining never to let her go.
My mom looked at the hands and looked at me. I stared at her back.
Mr Vega : I really have to apologize for putting you through all of these. I know it’s hard for you, it’s hard for us too
Mom: I just want you two to know that we know what’s best for you and we’re trying to help you before it’s too late
Me: and you please go straight to the point. Tell us why we can’t be together
My mom sighed
Mr Vega : back when I was still in Canada, I met your mom. She was married by then. I really liked her and we began to have an affair
My eyes widened. Mom had an extra marital affair?
Mom: we became so addicted to each other. I really wanted to be with him so I decided to divorce Jackson Oliver
Mr Vega : I talked her out of it and made her stay with him. After awhile I got married. I was still seeing your her and was secretly cheating on my wife. Then Veronica got pregnant with Trina, I felt bad and decided to let go of Monika forever
Mom: I knew Veronica would stand in my way. I was scared of losing Mark. Amidst my fears I….
I cut her short
Me: wait… So since both my dad and her mom are out of the way, you old lovers are trying to reunite and get married?
Tori : and turn Beck and I into step siblings. No way!!
I felt her hand stiffen on mine. She’s as determined as I am
Mr Vega : that’s not it
His voice was sober, it seems he doesn’t like what he’s doing
Mom: Beck I got pregnant for Mark. He asked me to abort it then he gave me huge amounts of money. He left the country and never returned. I was not quick to abort the pregnancy and Jackson found out. He was so happy and thought the baby was for him. I couldn’t abort it anymore
My eyes widened and I looked at Tori.
No it can’t be what I’m thinking. It can’t be!
Mom: Beck, you’re that pregnancy. Mark is your real father
My heart dropped off from my mouth. I stared at my mom in disbelief.
I felt Tori’s hand slipping out of mine
Mr Vega : we’re so sorry. You too can’t be together. It will be pure incest because you two have the same father. You’re both Vega
Tori screamed loudly and stood up then ran out of the house.
Me: Tori…
I stood up and tried to run after her but mom stopped me. Mr Vega ran after her himself
Mom: Beck… Stop this. Stop being a fool
If she wasn’t my mom, I would have slapped her.
We both looked towards the door abruptly when we heard a loud shout from Tori, a car screeching to a halt and Tori’s dad shouting her name.
My heart pumped faster. I quickly jerked my mom’s hands off of me and ran out. I ran into the street and saw Mr Vega bending down in the middle of the road, in front of a car
I ran there and Tori was lying on the road, with blood all over her face, her leg was under the car just before the tire and her right arm was bleeding terribly.
The place where she was lying down was covered with blood and the blood was increasing
To be continued
Written by Hossy
😔 😔

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