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Average boy episode 11-12

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Average boy episode 11-12 by : 11:03 am On May 12, 2021
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👕Average Boy👕
👕By Hossana Isaac O.👕
(Hossy American Series)
👕Chapter 11
👕Robbie Shapiro’s POV👕
I’ve got an assignment to do and I need the help of someone. Beck and Andre are both busy with the play so I need to find someone else
Me: Rex, do u have any idea who I can get help from?
Rex: over what?
Me: the ICT assignment I’ve been talking about
Rex: what type of help do you need?
Me: I’m supposed to be doing most of the things, so I just need assistance from someone
Rex: girl or boy
Me: girl
Rex: pretty or not
Me: pretty
Rex: hahahaha, get ready to fail your assignment
👚Mrs Oliver’s POV👚
I sat down in the second row of the theatre and watched Beck acting like a pro. I felt really proud
He sometimes smiled at me from the stage and I couldn’t help but smile back.
When the play came to an end, every one of us stood up and loudly gave an applause
It was really emotional and interesting.
Afterwards, the vote of thanks by the principal was performed and the dignitaries amongst us were applauded.
The last person who was the most important was called upon.
I didn’t hear the name they called properly but I looked forward to seeing his face
He climbed the stage and turned. My eyes widened as my brain came to recognition.
Everyone was clapping except me. I lowered my face so he wouldn’t see me
What the heck is Mark doing here?
I thought he was in Washington DC
Why do I have to meet him again?
I lifted my face and he was already climbing down the stage. I looked away before he sat down on the first row
The show came to an end. I searched for Beck but couldn’t see him. I wonder if I’m allowed backstage
I walked towards the stage when a girl mistakenly hit my hand while hurrying towards the stage. My hand bag fell to the floor and I frowned at her angrily
Girl: old lady, can’t you be more careful while walking? This is a school not an elderly home
She smirked, kicked my bag a little further and left.
I frowned
Well if I was introduced as a dignitary earlier, she wouldn’t be so rude to me
I bent down and took my bag. When I looked up, I saw a group of girls surrounding Beck and visibly flirting with him.
I giggled
He is just like his father
I moved towards them. They didn’t even care about my presence, they kept flirting with my son and asking him for different favours
Girl: hey everyone move away!
The girls looked at the other girl who was rude to me earlier. They laughed at her and faced Beck again
That was when he saw me
Beck: mom
He pushed them aside and hugged me. I hugged him tight and felt emotional
Beck: I’m happy you came
Me: you’re just like your dad, perfect in every way
He chuckled and I squished his cheek.
The mean girl just stared at us looking somewhat ashamed
Beck : hi Trina
Me: you know her?
Beck: not really, I saw her just once
Trina: uhm, hi Beck’s mom
I stared at her slightly and looked at Beck
Me: are you coming home now or you still have unfinished business?
Beck: I still have unfinished business
Me: good, don’t get stressed out okay. I love you
Beck : I love you too mom
He bent down and klzzed my cheek
I smiled and left
I am feeling so proud 😏🙌
👚Trina Vega’s POV👚
And I’m so stupid.
How could I have messed up like this?
Why didn’t I realize that it was his mother?
Their noses are very similar. I would have just guessed it and wouldn’t have been so rude to her.
Just imagine if I was actually nice to her, maybe we would have gotten along well and I could have a chance with Beck but I ruined it.
Nevertheless, I’ll keep trying.
I like Beck and nothing is going to stop me from getting him. Not his mother or my sister can
She has never stopped me and she won’t stop me now
👚Tori Vega’s POV👚
Where the heck is that awesome klzzer?
What is he doing?
I want him to meet my dad
I’ve been feeling so great since he asked me out
And I love this new feeling. Beck is my Dream Come True
I looked through the curtains to see if he was in the theatre. He wasn’t there.
I sighed sadly and turned back.
Me: whoaa
I almost fell back because I was frightened but he held me up
Beck: I’ve been looking for you
Me: I think I’m the one who’s supposed to say that
He chuckled and squeezed my left hand softly. Chills ran down my spine and I felt goose bumps on my skin
Me: uhm, are you tired
Beck: maybe
He was staring intently at my eyes making me feel all woozy
I turned him around and we walked towards the dressing room
Beck: how’s tomorrow gonna be? I’m picking you up right?
I nodded.
He brought out his phone and held my shoulder
Beck: selfie time
I chuckled and looked up at the camera
It clicked about two times before he brought the phone down. We checked the two pictures
Me: wow, you’re so photogenic Beck
Beck: you can say that again
We laughed and walked further until we met Sichowitz
Sichowitz : there’s my two favorite students
Beck and I looked at each other with a puzzled look
💭when did we become his favorite students?💭
Sichowitz : here is the key to my apartment and in this paper is the address written.
Beck collected it
Beck: do you have security cameras in your room?
Sichowitz : yes I don’t
Me: wait… Yes you do, or no you don’t
Sichowitz : no I do
Beck: you’re making us confused
He laughed
Sichowitz : I don’t have security cameras in my room
Me: that’s better. Let’s go Beck
We walked hand in hand through the empty hallway
Beck: where are the students?
Me: they’ve all gone. Today’s a Friday and we performed a play today, so everyone is allowed to go home after the play
Beck: they’re security cameras here right.
He was looking at the corners of the room where the cameras were
Me: yeah, but they’re no cameras in the closet
He looked at the door of the closet in the hallway. Took my hand and pulled me in then locked the door
Me: what was that for?
Beck : this
He pulled me and klzzed my lips
I chuckled and hit him playfully.
He pulled me closer and began to klzz me again. He klzzed me so softly that I even felt like sleeping with his lips on mine 💋
Where did he learn to klzz this way?
He disengaged and packed my hair aside
Beck: I like it this way
I smiled as he tucked my hair behind my ear.
Beck: let’s go out today, after school
Me: where?
Beck: you choose
Me: hmmm, can you afford the place I wanna go
Beck: maybe. But don’t drain me too much
Me: hahahaha, I wont even drain you at all. Let’s just go to a sushi 🍣 restaurant . You like sushi right?
Beck: I love sushi
He klzzed my nose and opened the door. We got out and went to the classroom to get our bags
👚Emily Brown’s POV👚
Karie and I are at the mall shopping for our sleepover. We’re buying snacks and drinks and new pyjamas.
We are also buying magazines
Karie: I hope Beck is actually gonna come?
Me: of course he would. Dad already said so.
Karie: better, I really wanna see the guy you’ve been talking about since the beginning of this week
I laughed and we went to the jewelry section. I saw a sparkling wristwatch
Me: wow, Karie look
Karie : I like it. But isn’t it too manly for a girl
Me: coward, I’m not buying it for myself. It’s going to be for Beck
Karie: all right moron, whatever you say
I giggled and dropped the watch in the basket
👕Robbie Shapiro’s POV👕
Rex says he found someone who could help me out already. I don’t know how he found someone but I’m glad he did. At least he helped me out
I walked to the living room and saw a girl that got me awestruck
I got paralyzed as I stared blankly at the hottie standing before me
Girl : uh hi, I’m Laura
Rex: he’s Robbie. Robbie meet Laura
I walked to her and gave her a handshake
Me: nice to meet you Laura
Laura: I see you need help with your assignment
Me: uhh yeah…. Yeah I… I… Do
I heard Rex chuckling evilly
Laura: let’s go to your room then.
She smiled and took her handbag 👜.
I’m definitely not in my right mind
This girl is too s£×y
👕Beck Oliver’s POV👕
I klzzed Tori for the last time and winked at her.
Tori: remember, you’re picking me up tomorrow by 8am
Beck: I wont forget
Tori: but what about your job at that restaurant?
Me: oh, I resigned. I can’t combine school, plus the driving stuff with that one
Tori: okay then
I opened the car door for her. She sat in and I bent down
Me: why do I have a feeling that I’m gonna miss you?
Tori: haha, I don’t know. Maybe you will
Me: I’m sure I will. Won’t you miss me?
Tori: no
I frowned and stood up then closed her door
Me: bye 👋
She winded the glass down and laughed
Tori: I miss you already
I smiled and pecked her nose through the window.
Me: see you tomorrow
I went back and watched as she drove out. I wanted to say I Love You but I feel it’s too early for that. Besides, the feeling isn’t so intense yet. When it goes really deep, I’ll tell her I love her
👚Tori Vega’s POV👚
These are the last days of summer. Winter would begin in a month or two
It’s really hot today so I’m in the pool.
Swimming is like my hobby, apart from singing and watching Barbie cartoons.
I think watching Barbie is the reason why Cat and I became close friends. And it’s the reason why Jade hates coming to my house with Cat.
I dived into the pool and swam underneath before busting out at the other side. I took a deep breath and relaxed over the floor.
I feel refreshed now
I can’t wait for dad to come back so that I can tell him about Beck and I.
He’s going to be so happy for me
👕Beck Oliver’s POV👕
I parked the car and got out with the keys dangling in my hand.
I went into the house and as usual I was directed upstairs.
I opened the door and closed it. Emily and one other girl were watching TV and didn’t see me coming in
Me: hello
They turned and Emily smiled and stood up. The other girl was looking at me with widened eyes
Emily: hi Beck. You came quite early today
She was smiling brightly and shoving her hair around
Me: yeah, I got a text from your dad that I should come by 7pm today
Emily: you’re welcome. Come and sit down
She held my hand and pulled me to the cushion
Emily: Karie, meet my friend Beck. Beck meet my best friend Karie
The girl stood up and shook my hand. She hesitated a little before withdrawing.
Flirting 😒
And when did Emily and I become friends?
Me: it’s nice to meet you Karie
Karie : it’s so awesome meeting you
She smiled and kept staring at me
Emily nudged her and she looked away from me
Emily: Karie, why don’t you get something for Beck to drink
Karie: yeah.. Uhm.. Well.. I.. I’ll go get it
She walked away and Emily chuckled
Me: where’s your dad?
Emily: he’s bathing
I nodded and she smiled
Me: thanks for the phone. Your dad told me you asked him to buy it
Emily: oh it’s nothing. I actually have something else for you
She stood up
Me: really
Emily : yeah, wait here
She ran upstairs and just then, Karie came back with drinks. She handed me a glass and sat down beside me
Karie: which school do you attend Beck?
Me: Hollywood Arts High School
Karie: wow. So do you sing or dance?
Me: I dance
Karie: please dance for me
Me: whaat
Emily came down with a box in her hand
Karie: Emily, do you know that Beck is a dancer and he attends Hollywood Arts
Emily: really, that’s awesome. Why don’t you dance for us?
Karie: I already asked him too. Come on Emily, turn the music on
She did and I had no other choice but to please the ladies.
I danced for them or rather with them for over thirty minutes. It was actually fun that I even forgot I was in my boss’ house
We sat down looking exhausted. Emily fell on me, panting heavily
Karie winked at her secretly but I saw it.
These girls are up to something
I gently shoved her aside and checked the time
Me: what? It’s seven minutes to 8 o clock? Where’s your dad?
Emily: oh that reminds me. I got this for you
She gave me the box.
Me: what’s in it?
Emily: open it. It’s yours
I opened it and it was a diamond laid wristwatch. The light of the room struck it and it glistened
Me: whoaaa
Emily: do you like it?
Me: I love it. Thanks Emily
I hugged her and Karie chuckled
Just then, her dad came down the stairs
Mr Brown: wow, Beck you’re here so early today
Me: good evening sir
Mr Brown : how are you doing?
Me: I’m fine sir
Mr Brown : I thought I told you to come by 8:30
I raised my eyebrows
Me: but I later saw a text that I….
Emily: dad your bag is torn!
I looked at her
Did she just caught me shut?
Mr Brown : oh, I’ll go and change it. I’ll be right back Beck
I nodded and he went upstairs.
Emily heaved a sigh of relief
Me: Emily? Did you use your dad’s phone to text me?
Her eyes widened
Emily: I. .i. no I. Didn’t….
I frowned
It’s obvious she just lied
To be continued
Written by Hossy
Emily Brown’s picture below
She’s pretty right
💎Average Boy💎
💎By Hossana Isaac O.💎
(Hossy American Series)
💎Chapter 12 💎
💎Emily Brown’s POV💎
I just got caught red-handed. How did he find out. But I can’t let him know I actually did it
Me: I didn’t use his phone to text you
Beck: I don’t like lies
He kept his hands in his pocket and stared at me
Karie: well, she actually texted you that. But it was just because she wanted to give you that wristwatch. She didn’t want her dad to know and the only way he wouldn’t know is when he’s upstairs
I smiled at Karie for bailing me out. Beck sighed and I looked at him
Beck: you would have just taken my number from him instead and text me that you want me to come over
My eyes brightened
Me: which means I can take your number and call you when I want?
He chuckled
Beck: sure… You bought me the phone anyway
I smiled brightly
Me: thanks
I held Karie’s hand and squeezed it. She pinched me and I giggled
Beck looked up at the stairs as my dad climbed down .
Dad: I’ve changed it. Beck let’s go
Beck took the bag and walked behind him
Me: bye Beck
He looked back and smiled then went through the door
I slumped unto the chair and Karie fell into it beside me
We laughed
Karie: that dude is damn handsome Emily
Me: I know right.
Karie: I think I’m crushing
Me: don’t even dare
Karie: or what? You’ll call your cousin for me?
I laughed
Me: you bet I would
Karie: come on, I need some cookies
She pulled me up and we ran to the kitchen
💎Robbie Shapiro’s POV💎
Laura: so what next?
Me: I… We… We have to log in with a browser… A launcher… I.. Think
Laura: Robbie concentrate…
She smoothed my cheek and I shivered
This is the first time in my life that I’m actually having a conversation with a high class girl. And she’s not laughing at me. But I’m kinda scared of messing things up. And my hands are really shaky
Me: excuse me please
I left to the living room
Rex: how’s it going with the hottie
I sat beside him and sighed
Me: I can’t keep up with her
He laughed
Rex: then just postpone it till tomorrow. Tomorrow is Saturday
Me: yeah, thanks man
I stood up and went to my room
Me: Laura will you be able to come over tomorrow, I have something else to do today
Laura: okay then. I’ll come tomorrow
She took her purse, walked to me and touched my cheek
Laura: I’ll see you tomorrow
She smiled and left
I sighed in deeply and fell on my bed. Finally I can breathe freely without having to act cool in front of a high class girl
💎Trina Vega’s POV💎
I wish I could know more about Beck. His home address, and all those stuff. I want to pay him a surprise visit this weekend. And I’m planning on buying his mom some things to apologize to her.
And tell her it was transfer of aggression
Will I be able to get the information from Tori?
I’m sure she’ll tell me
But…. I hope Tori isn’t into Beck? I noticed the klzz was intense, I felt bad though. I even wished I could go back to school and get the part so I’ll klzz him
Anyway I’m sure she doesn’t even know he exists. She has done more than a ten klzzing scenes with different handsome guys and she never cared to know their real names. Tori isn’t the kind of girl that finds interest in boys. And she’s the one that gets most of the boys’ attention
I sighed and wore my fuzzy slippers then wore a crop top and pants before heading out to the living room. I walked down the stairs and took a turn to the kitchen to get some squash to drink. I then went back to the living room to watch a fashion show
Tori came from the front door with a phone on her ear
Tori: 📲I’ll just wear my jacket and pants📲no we’re not wearing the same thing📲because it’s not a da…….
She saw me and didn’t complete what she was saying and I stood up and faced her
Tori: 📱 I’ll call you later
She hung up and looked at me
Tori : why are you standing like that?
I brought my hand before her like I was going to collect something from her
Me: hand your phone over
Tori: excuse me
Me: give me your phone
Tori: why?
Me: I wanna use it
Tori: for?
I frowned and snatched it from her
She retorted and tried to snatch it
Tori: hey give it back
I pushed her away
Me: don’t let me get angry and smash it
Tori: you wouldn’t dare
I smirked
Me: you’re right. I wouldn’t dare to smash it. It’s too stressful to use force on it.
I turned and walked through the door
Tori: Trina give my phone back to me or I’ll tell dad
I walked down the facade
Me: you can tell dad, not that he is gonna kill me
I walked to the fountain and left the phone from the air and it fell into the water
Tori frowned deeply at me. Her eyes could kill
I laughed and took the phone from the water
Me: sorry, I think your phone is a little wet
I stretched it to her and she stared at it then went inside without saying a word
Me: idiot
Tori: that’s what you are
She entered inside and closed the door
I rolled my eyes and threw the phone to the water before going inside
I went to my room, took my car keys and drove out
💎Beck Oliver’s POV💎
I was standing outside in the cool night breeze, leaning on the car and watching people pass by. Mr Brown is in his bar and drinking with his friends. I would have gone out but I don’t feel like yet. I might go and get some drinks later but I’m still expecting Tori to call me back.
I was telling her to wear something that I would wear. So that we would look like a couple
But we couldn’t talk much before she hung up.
Maybe I should call her back instead
I dialed her number but she wasn’t picking up. I dialed two more times but she didn’t pick.
Maybe she’s not with the phone
I entered the car and drove to a café to get hot coffee. Just as I stepped down from the car, I heard my name. I looked at the direction and saw Trina with a group of girls
She stood up and walked towards me
Trina: hi Beck
She hugged me and klzzed my cheek
Me: how are you doing Trina?
Her hands were on my shoulder so I took her hands as if I wanted to hold her. But I moved back and released her hands
Trina: I’m fine. What are you doing here?
Me: I came to get coffee
Trina: wow….. Why don’t you say hi to my friends first?
I nodded and she tucked her arm under my arm
We walked to the table which was not too far from the car
Trina: hey girls, meet Beck my friend
They all ‘wowed’ making me wonder if they practiced it
One of the girls stood up
Girl: hi Beck, please sit
She took my hand and pulled me down to sit on the chair I guessed to be Trina’s.
The girl beside me arranged my hair
Girl2: I love your hair
I smiled
Me: thank you
Girl3: come on Trina, get a chair for yourself and make the waiter give Beck something to drink
She nodded and left with a grin
The girl beside me flung her hair and smiled at me
Girl2: so you’re Trina’s friend?
Me: yeah I think so
Girl3: do you have a crush on her? Or you guys are already dating?
Me: what! No! None of the above
Girl1: really. Wow…. Can I have your number?
Me: sure
I took her phone and imputed my number
I looked and saw Trina coming with the waiter
The waiter dropped a tray with two cups of coffee
Trina: do you prefer café laté or creamed coffee
Me: creamed coffee please
She handed me the cup and I took it then sipped from it
My phone beeped and it was a message from Tori
📩sorry for not calling back. I had an emergency
Then I replied
📩it’s okay. My emergency is worst. I’m stuck with some weird flirty girls
📩what! Girls? Beck!
I chuckled out loud
Trina: what are you reading?
She tried to peep into the phone but I dropped it on the table
Me: it’s nothing
The girls began to ask me different questions that I didn’t even answer properly
I took my phone up again and sighed
Me: girls I have to go now. Thanks for the treat
I stood up
Girl1: good night Beck
Girl 2: bye Beck
The third girl winked at me and I smiled
Trina: can you please drop me off
Me: you wanna go home
Trina : yeah
Me: okay let’s go
She stood up and walked with me to the car
We entered and I drove off. But just a few metres away, I remembered that I needed some coffee
Me: we have to turn back. I need to get some coffee
Trina: okay Beck. The treat is on me. I’ll buy it for you today then next time you’ll buy it for me
I busted into laughter but immediately turned it into a deliberate cough
I didn’t want her to know that I was laughing
Trina: oh sorry. You must have choked on your word
She gave me a tissue and I took it and covered my mouth. The reason I laughed was because she said next time I’ll pay. There won’t be any next time because I’ll avoid her
We got to the cafè and she got down and went to get what I requested
I took my phone and texted Tori
📩I already got rid of them. And I’ll text you in a few minutes
I dropped the phone and awaited Trina
💎Tori Vega’s POV💎
I went to the fridge to get cold water to cool my anger. I gulped down the whole glass and sighed out
I went back to the living room when I heard a car driving out. I looked outside and it was Trina’s car. I rolled my eyes and went outside to the fountain side. I checked and my phone was in it
I took it and checked it, there were three missed calls from Beck
I went back inside and decided to text him later on
My phone has a water resistance so it’s still working normally.
I texted Beck and he said he’s with some girls
That took me unexpected
Not that I’m surprised though
But come on, he’s dating me already. He should try and shove them off
I got relieved when he said he has already gotten rid of them
I was already in my pyjamas when I got another text from Beck
📩come outside
📩outside your gate
Me: outside my gate?
I stood up and went downstairs. I went outside and retexted Beck
📩are you playing pranks on me?
📩you’re my new girlfriend, isn’t it to early to play pranks on you. Just come outside
I sighed and called him to be sure if he was the one
📲are you still doubting? Come on baby, I don’t have all the time in the world
I smiled
He called me baby
📩okay, I’m coming outside
I hung up and walked to the gate. It was a little farther away from the building because our house is very spacious
I ordered the security guard to open the gate for me which he did. I went outside and paused when I saw Beck with his hands in his pockets
I smiled and walked towards him. I reached him and he pulled me into a hug then whispered into my ear
Beck: my pyjama princess
I chuckled and hit his chest playfully
We disengaged and he klzzed my cheek
Me: where are you from?
Beck: a coffee shop
He opened the door of the car and brought out a coffee paper cup and handed it to me. I took it from him
Me: thanks
He slipped his hand around my waist, pulling me to himself and of course the other hand was in his pocket
I felt tingles from my waist and it felt good to have his arm around me firmly
I opened the drink which was still hot and gulped down a little
Beck: how’s tomorrow gonna be baby?
I blushed
Me: how do you want it to be
Beck: romantic comedy
I looked up at him
Me: why the comedy?
Beck: because we’re going there to clean up.
I laughed
Beck: you see why I call it a romantic comedy. Instead of rose petals flying and laying around. We’re gonna be having dust and cobwebs everywhere
I laughed again
It’s going to be my first time actually doing such clean ups.
Beck checked his time
Beck: oops, gotta get going. It’s few minutes to 9pm. I have to pick my boss up
Me: oh nooooo…. Don’t go yet please
He chuckled
Beck: don’t give me that cute face. We’ll see tomorrow okay?
I dropped my eyes sadly
Me: ok……ay
He bent down to klzz me but stopped when our faces were just few inches apart
He stared into my eyes and chuckled
Beck: you’re so pretty
He pecked my lips briefly and pulled away
Beck: I’ll see you tomorrow princess and don’t let that coffee get cold
I chuckled and moved back as he started the car and drove out
I suddenly began to feel lonely and I sat on the floor with the cup in my hand
I sat down for a few minutes then I suddenly heard Trina call my name hoarsely
Trina: Tori!
I looked back to see her with her hands akimbo
Oh no! She must have seen Beck klzzing me
To be continued
Written by Hossy

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