Assistant girlfriend episode 5

Assistant girlfriend episode 5
The moment I entered Jack’s house, I forgot my resolve to tell him about all that had happened with Mark. He seemed pretty excited to see me that I didn’t want to spoil his mood with the truth. I would postpone telling him till later.
The only thing was that things got heated a few minutes later. My heart beat triple time as he slowly undressed me but I didn’t resist him and he was so caught up in the moment, he didn’t notice the fact that I didn’t offer any hindrance or resistance to his advances.
After what Mark had done to me, I thought I would never experience sex in a calm and sedate manner, the way it ought to be experienced between two consensual adults who had feelings for each other. But in Jack’s arms, I felt myself blossoming, exploding with colour and vibrancy. His kind and tender touch filled my heart with a warmth I never dreamed I’d feel.
Nothing was rushed; nothing was gross. His fingers made secret places on my body tingle, places I never imagined would ever feel as alive. I closed my eyes and clung to him when he moved over my breasts with his lips and touched my n—-e with the tip of his tongue. I felt as if I were falling, but as long as I held on to him tightly I would be safe, forever.
He didn’t rush to force his d–k inside me. It was as if he knew what I had experienced under Mark’s forced sex the night before. But when my hymen seemed to offer little resistance, he looked at me and I knew he knew. He seemed to get over his shock quickly and in a few quick thrusts, he was done.
I told him I was sorry…I tried to explain how things happened. I told him I’d been raped but I didn’t tell him who and my role in it. I painted Mark as the bad guy.
Jack was shocked and stewed for a while. He eventually comforted me and assured me, that it wasn’t the end of our relationship, unless I wanted it. He had taken everything in stride, or so I thought.
I cried all the way to school. I was completely ashamed. I had started out trying to make Jack jealous but had ended up messing up everything.
But Mark was waiting for me in school. Kristen was out when he came to my room and apologized for his statement the night before. I told him all that transpired between me and Jack, I carefully left out the part that I’d painted him as the bad guy.
I told him I and Jack were still together, he knew what had happened and was still sticking with me. He asked me if we were bound by an oath. I smiled and told him, we were bound by true love, oh, how I wished this was true.
Four months later, I and Jack were still together and in my mind I thought we were waxing stronger. Jack and I had sex now and every weekend I spent in his place, we spent more time under the sheets than out of it. The only problem was, when I and Jack got into our lapses of silence, I’d find succor in Mark’s arms.
Mark had refused to let go and I found it difficult to turn down his advances despite what he had done. I had heard from friends chatter how difficult it was for a girl to let go of her first and I seemed to be experiencing the same thing. It didn’t help matters either that Mark sometimes subtly threatened me with his influence as a former cultist.
I was stuck in a web of deceit and betrayal, spanned by none other than myself and I couldn’t seem to get out of it.
One evening, Mark had his fingers inside me, the beginning of one of our sexcapades. I was in his room and on the throes of passion, trying to forget the nasty argument Jack and I’d had the day before on a suspicious call he kept receiving. I longed to be lost in Mark’s arms and was halfway to Pearly Gates when he suddenly stopped.
“Why is your discharge this thick?”
I couldn’t mistake the wariness in his tone as he asked so I couldn’t help rapping back smartly, “because I’m ovulating I guess. Its called cervical mucus.”
He didn’t seem to believe me but I thought nothing of it until he went to wash his fingers briskly and call a doctor friend of his. That ended our lovemaking session for that day and forever.
Finally, I’d had enough of Mark. His doubt of my virtue was the swift kick of reality I needed that I was casting my pearl before a swine. He thought that my thick discharge was a result of some infection but his doctor friend had assured him it was really cervical mucus, he said you couldn’t be careful but I nodded serenely while boiling with rage within. After being the one who forcefully deflowered me, he was having doubts about my sexual health. The fvctard!
A few days later, I had also had enough of Jack. My roommate showed me pictures of a girl he took out on a date at the cinemas and seemed intimate with. She was probably the one who kept his lines busy with her calls and the one he made all those secret calls to. I kept wondering why he didn’t want to let me go. He knew I couldn’t end it.

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