Annabel’s little secret episode 19 – end

Little Secret💋
(What happened to her?)
Episode 19
By: Faith Lucky.
Vanessa’s Pov:
“Oh, God! What are we going to do?” Esther asked, worriedly as we stood in our room.
We were finally able to free ourselves from Annabel’s room, but couldn’t find any trace of her.
“Where could she be?” I asked tiredly and plonked myself on the bed.
we were so devastated.
“What happened to Annabel?” Renee asked.
“She confessed to those murders. Does it mean she really did them?”
There was no reply to that.
“I…I seriously think we should involve the police”.
“Yes;!” Renee supported.
“That lady isn’t the Annabel we know. She might do something crazy”.
I buried my face in my palm and didn’t know what to say.
Just then, my phone started ringing and I checked and discovered it was Leo.
Why the hell is he calling me now?
I exhaled deeply before answering the call.
“Leo?” I called blearily on the phone.
“Vanessa, are you there?” He asked.
He sounded bothered.
“Y..Yeah. Its me”.
“Um..what happened between you guys and Annabel?” He asked and my countenance brightened up immediately.
Renee and Esther who could also listen to the call, beamed.
“A…Annabel? Nothing. Why? Do you know where she is?” I asked curiously.
“Well yeah. She just came over to my place not long ago, crying. She told me she wanted to spend sometime with me and asked me not to tell you guys about it” he replied and I sprang on my feet immediately.
“H…Hold on, Annabel is there with you?” I asked, my eyes almost bulging out.
“Yeah, she’s sleeping right now. I…was just kinda confused and wanted to know what was going on”.
Oh, God!
“Leo, please, I beg you in God’s name; make sure Annabel stays there till we arrive. If possible, tie her up. Please Leo, don’t let her leave” I pleaded on the phone.
“Huh? But why?”
“Leo please, I’ll explain everything to you as soon as we get there. But for now, just do as we say. Please” I said and hung up.
“Annabel is with him?”, Esther and Renee asked immediately.
“Yes. Let’s go” I said and we ran out of the house.
Annabel’s Pov:
I slept for a long time and woke up feeling a little better.
I opened my eyes and found myself still lying on the bed. Then, I tried to sit up and that was when I discovered my hands and legs were chained.
I yanked the chains, but nothing happened. I was chained like a dog.
What the hell is this?
“Leo?” I called angrily.
Anger was beginning to eat me up.
“Leo!!” I Called again and the door opened.
He walked in with my sisters.
Vanessa’s Pov:
Thank goodness Leo was able to chain Annabel and keep her till we arrived.
We were already approaching her room when we heard her call his name.
“She’s awake” he said and we hastened our footsteps and ran to the room.
We opened the door and went in and there were found her on her knees, her hands and legs chained.
Her eyes flashed with anger the moment she saw us.
“Annabel” Leo called.
He felt pity for her.
“You animal!” She snarled.
“I can’t believe you betrayed me! Yet you claim to love me! You fool!”
“Annabel, I’m sorry…”
“He didn’t betray you, Annabel.” I cut Leo off.
“He’s just trying to save the girl he loves”.
“And the girl he loves will never kill people”. Esther said.
“She’ll never try to kill her sister’s boyfriend.” Renee chipped in.
“And so f**king what???” She yelled.
“Yes, I’ve killed people! Why haven’t you turned me over to the police then?”
“Because we love our sister too much to do that” Esther said.
“Even when you know she’s a murderer???”
“Even when we know she can never be a murderer” I said and her eyes dropped immediately.
Her anger melted into that of a sober mood
She busted into tears.
“Why won’t you just leave me alone?” She wept.
“All I wanted was revenge”.
“What revenge, Annabel? What did they do to you?”
“Please, stop calling me that name” she winced.
My sisters and I looked at each other.
“What name?” I asked and she bent her head and wept bitterly.
“I’m sorry” she whimpered.
“You’re right, Annabel would never do such a thing. She’s not a murderer”.
She wept and lifted her head to look at us.
“I’m not your sister. I’m not Annabel”.
Episode 20
By: Faith Lucky.
Vanessa’s Pov:
That was the greatest shock of my life.
What was Annabel saying?
I turned and looked at the rest of my sisters in awe.
“What…did you just say?” Esther asked, picking her words.
She was obviously kinda scared to ask out loud.
“I’m not your sister” she busted into more tears.
“I’m just a twenty one years old lady who wants vengeance for what happened to her family. My name is Sharon.”
She paused and wept.
“Back then at the party, when your sister went missing, I was behind it. I had possessed her. And that’s the reason when she returned, she started acting differently. It wasn’t her. It was me all along.”
“What the hell are you talking about?” Renee said, almost yelling
It was sounding Crazy.
“I was a young Peaceful girl who had a happy family. We were happy and lived together in peace. Everything was perfect. But not until the murderers came.
“My father was into politics and they wanted to over throw him. They wanted him out of the way.
“We were having a little house party that night when the murderers came. They killed my entire family in my very eyes. My dad, my mum,my two sisters, and the only son we had. They killed them all in cold blood”.
She bent her head and cried.
I was gobsmacked.
“And the assassins, they took me away so I could be their s3x slave. They tortured me for years and used me as a s3x machine. And each time I got pregnant, they forced the abortion pills down my throat. They treated me like an animal!
“And while all these was going on, the people behind the murders ; the dirty politicians – were out there having fun and celebrating with their families! While mine was rotting in the grave! They were so evil.
“One day I tried to escape, but was ran over by a truck. I died at the spot – in pains and regrets.”
She paused and wept again.
“I know this might sound ridiculous, but when I got to the after life – the ghost world – someone offered to help me have my revenge”.
On a normal day, I’d have laughed. But on this day, it’s impossible.
“She told me she was gonna help me come back to earth for a short time so I could have my revenge. But to do that, I needed someone who was of the same age as me, the same height, the same color. And I see all that in Annabel. She was the perfect match.
I had been around you guys for a long time, just my spirit. I’ve been wandering around you, trying to make sure Annabel was the perfect match because a mismatch might make her unable to return when I’m done.
“I saw how happy you guys were. And that’s the reason when I returned as her, I tried to keep up the relationship because I didn’t want to ruin it. I…I was still good to you guys and only got mad when you started poke nosing into my privacy. I just didn’t want my little secret to be exposed.
“All I wanted was just to use her body for the meantime and achieve my plans. Then I leave. I didn’t mean any harm to any of you. I’m sorry. I just wanted vengeance”. She said and continued crying.
We were all quiet for a long time.
Esther fell on the chair behind her.
“So…you’re not Annabel?” Renee asked and she shook her head tearfully.
“How were you able to answer the question about the Korean guy?” I asked and she scoffed.
“Of course, it was in her diary. It was that simple”. She said.
“Why are you after Royce? Does it mean he also has a hand in what happened?” Renee asked again, this time around, in fear.
“No. – his Father. But during my investigations today, I got to find out he wasn’t a part of it”.
“So where’s Annabel?” Esther asked.
“She’s right here in me – sleeping”.
“How do we get her Back?” I asked, sternly.
“We need her Back” Esther added and she chuckled.
“You don’t have to worry. My time is up. I’m leaving already” she replied with frail smile.
I furrowed my brows in surprise.
“Your time is up?” I asked
“Yeah. I wasn’t supposed to confess and expose the secret. It was part of the deal”. She said weakly.
A dead silence stepped in again.
More tears came streaming down her cheeks.
“I’m sorry for all the inconveniences I brought. You’re all lucky to have each other as sisters. You just remind me of how happy my family was.
“At least, even if I didn’t get to kill everyone of them, I’m glad I had a little revenge.
“Thank you for the love and care you showed towards me, even if you had no idea I wasn’t your sister. These last few days have been the best days of my life, because it made me feel what it felt like to be loved again by your own family – to wake up in the morning and remember there are people out there who loves you. Thank you soo much.
“If I could have a chance to return to earth in another body, I’d chose to be part of your family. You’re unique.”
I didn’t realize tears were already streaming down my face. Esther was crying as well.
She turned and looked at Leo.
“You’re a nice person” she told him.
“I hope you still love her. You two will make a perfect couple”.
Her lids were already drooping.
She was becoming too weak.
Immediately, Esther ran to her and embraced her.
“I’m sorry” she whimpered, holding her tight.
“Sorry for what happened to your family. Sorry you had to go through such a hard time”.
She couldn’t even hold her as well because her hands were still chained.
I drew closer as Esther left her.
“I’m sorry for the pains you passed through. But you don’t have to worry, karma will definitely catch up with the people involved.” I said pathetically and she smiled.
Renee also went to her and embraced her and by the time she unlocked from the hug, her eyes were closed already.
“Oh, God!” Esther winced and covered her mouth with her palm.
“She’s gone”.
The whole thing melted my heart. It was so painful.
I bent my head and wept. She was only a victim who wanted revenge.
I heard someone cough and lifted my tearful eyes to see her awake again.
Esther and Renee also flinched.
She looked tired.
“Where am I?” She asked, and tried moving her hands, but they were chained.
“E…Esther? Renee? Vanessa? Wh…What’s going on? What am I doing here?” She asked fearfully.
Oh my God! It was Annabel!!
“Annabel?” Esther called.
“What’s going on? Why are my hands chained? Where have I been? Please, talk to me!” She cried.
I breathed out a smile.
Annabel was back.
“Hey, its okay. Come on” Renee said and embraced her and Leo hurried to free the chains immediately.
Vanessa’s Pov:
“Does this bag go with the dress?” Annabel asked as she turned around in front of the mirror.
“Will you stop trying to frustrate us, Annabel? You’re not the only one going for a date, okay?” Esther jibed as she applied lip gloss to her already red lips.
“Come on, sisters. This is my first date with my boyfriend. I need to look perfect” she pouted like a baby.
“Awwn. And someone is actually bragging now” Esther teased.
“Don’t mind her, Annabel. Its fine” Renee replied.
I just chuckled and concentrated on packing my hair.
“Alright then. I’m off” she said as she headed for the door.
“Yeah. Say hi to Leo okay?” Esther said from behind as she whacked the door.
I shook my head and laughed.
“You’re always picking at Annabel, Esther. She’s gonna beat you up one day” I told her.
‘Oh, please. Annabel is a good girl.” She laughed.
“Alright. I’m off as well. See you later” Renee said as she took her bag from the bed and headed for the door.
“I have a feeling Royce’s gonna propose to me tonight” she whispered and giggled and left the room while Esther and I laughed.
“Bye sis. I guess you’re gonna be the last to leave” Esther said after a while as she also headed for the door.
“Alright then. Bye. And good luck with your new boyfriend” I told her and she smiled happily and left.
I also took my bag and stood in front of the mirror, giving myself one final proper look.
Everything was perfect.
Yes, it was.
After Annabel’s return, everything returned to normal. Of course, we told her what happened and we decided to keep it within our circle. Not even mum or dad got to know about it.
Sharon was gone and gone for good.
So, everything that happened became ”our little secret ”.
And we never had conflicts again.
I smiled and took in a deep in front of the mirror.
Then, finally left to have dinner with Sean – my fiance.
Thē Êñd…..
Love you all
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