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Annabel’s L'ttle Secret Episode 11 – 12

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Annabel’s L'ttle Secret Episode 11 – 12 by : 6:15 am On December 22, 2020
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L'ttle Secret
(What happened to her?)
Episode 11
By: Faith Lucky.
Esther’s Pov:
I walked quietly and slowly into the room and met Vanessa and Renee on the bed.
I didn’t say a word to them and just quietly went to sit on my own bed.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” Renee asked, but I still couldn’t say a word. I was too stunned to speak.
“Esther?’ Vanessa called.
“What happened?”
Then I scoffed and batted my lashes.
“You wouldn’t believe what just happened a while ago in Annabel’s room” I stated and Renee sat up properly.
“What happened?” She asked curiously and I dallied a little, trying to make sure it wasn’t a dream.
“Annabel yelled at me today – simply because she caught me with her diary” I said and Vanessa also sat up.
“She yelled at you?” Vanessa asked.
“Yes she did. And I’m as surprised as you are. She spoke so angrily to me – like she’s never done before”.
“Because…she saw you with her diary?” Renee asked and I nodded.
“Did you…read it?”
“No, I couldn’t. She came in before then, but still got mad at me”. I replied and a short silence stepped in.
“Um…don’t you think she’s pissed off as a result of the argument she had With Vanessa a while Ago?” Esther asked.
“I…I don’t know; Maybe. But that was so strange of her” I replied with a fazed look.
Vanessa sighed and laid back on the bed quietly without saying a word.
“Just let it go, Esther. It’s probably a result of the argument” Renee said with a shrug and also laid on the bed to sleep.
But no matter what, I couldn’t get that off my mind – the spark in her eyes and the anger – they were so strange.
We woke up the next morning and after brushing our teeth, decided to.go downstairs to have breakfast.
As soon as we left the room, surprisingly, we met Annabel standing by the door – putting on a pale look.
“Annabel?” Renee called, while Vanessa and I remained quiet.
Suddenly, she bursted into tears.
“I’m sorry” she whimpered, fiddling with the tip of her shirt.
“I’m so sorry for what happened yesterday. Please sisters, forgive me”.
I turned and looked at Vanessa who was wearing a vacuous expression.
She wept and went closer to Vanessa.
“Please, forgive me for talking back at you. I didn’t mean to, I swear. I was just confused when you were doubting me. Please, I beg of you; forgive me” she wept and came to me next.
“I’m so sorry Esther, for raising my voice on you. I don’t know what got into me. Please, forgive me. I really can’t bare to have you guys mad at me” she whimpered and wept more, making me more gobsmacked.
“Come on, Annabel; its okay” Renee said and held her hand.
“I’m sorry” she still whined.
Then slowly. Vanessa went to her and embraced her.
“Hey, it’s okay” she said as she rubbed her back.
Renee signaled me to follow suite and I also went ahead and embraced her.
“It’s okay, Annabel. We forgive you” I said perfunctorily while Renee wiped her tear with her palm.
“Thank you” she said with a rueful smile.
“Alright. Come on then. Let’s go down for breakfast before mum comes yelling on our names” Renee said and we laughed and took the stairs.
Although, I had forgiven her, but I still couldn’t take my mind off the diary.
Why was she so mad when she had seen me with it?
It was more like she was hiding something precious in it.
No matter what, I’m going to read that diary at all cost.
Episode 12
By: Faith Lucky.
Vanessa’s Pov:
We all went to the dining and had breakfast together.
Thank goodness Annabel returned to her senses by apologizing. I was already beginning to get mad at her.
While we were eating, dad returned an urgent call that warranted him leaving the house immediately.
Someone he knew he was dead – Minister Peters.
He was murdered the previous night with his family.
God! What is happening?
Yesterday, it was Senator Sigmund. And today, it’s Minister Peters. All murdered with their families. Why all these?
I shook my head in agony and after eating, my sisters and I went upstairs to get ready for work.
Annabel’s Pov:
I turned from left to right in front of the mirror to make sure I was good to go.
Then, I took my designers bag from the bed and walked out of the room.
I got to the other room and decided to knock and see if they were done.
“Hey, sisters?” Are you done?” I asked from outside after knocking.
“A minute”
I heard them reply
“Alright, then. I’ll wait downstairs” I said and left, taking the stairs.
I got to the sitting room and surprisingly, found a handsome fellow entering into the house.
Oh! Royce!
Renee’s prince charming.
I put up a smile on my face as I went to meet him.
“Hi Royce” I beamed.
“Hey, Annabel. Wats up?” He asked.
“I’m fine, dear. And you?”
“Yeah – I’m good. I heard you went missing. Sorry, I couldn’t make out time to come see you. I’ve been so…”
“Oh, please. It’s fine. I understand. After all, I’m okay now”,I said and twirled around for him to view, making he chuckle.
“Okay. Um…I’m here to see Renee. Is she still upstairs?” He asked.
By this time, I was standing very close to him.
“Yes, Royce. She’s upstairs”, I replied calmly and touched his hair.
“Uh…okay” he cringed and moved back a bit.
“Could you tell her I’m here, please?”
I smiled and held the collars of his shirt.
“I love your tie” I muttered as I arranged his collars.
His face crumpled up immediately.
“Yeah…thanks” he drew his reply.
“And…I love your lips” I added in a whisper and his brows furrowed immediately.
A grin crept into my face.
“Royce?” I heard someone call from behind and slowly turned to see Renee standing on the stairs.
She looked stunned.
“Hi, sis” I smiled.
“What is going on here?” She asked and Royce moved away from me.immediately.
“Nothing, love. Trust me. I was just dressing your boyfriend’s shirt” I winked at her and started towards the door.
“And that reminds me” I said when I had opened the door.
“Tell Vanessa and Esther that I’ll be going for a friend’s party after school. So, you guys shouldn’t panic when I’m late” I added and finally walked out the door.

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