Advantage episode 9

Advantage episode 9
Noticed her feet was shaking as we got in. I
wanted to show how caring I was by asking
why she was involuntarily vibrating, but
gala wouldn’t just let me. It focused my
eyes straight to her thighs as we were both
sitting on the bedside.
She was on a tight gown that was a bit
distant from her knees. I moved closer to
her and began to kiss her. I held her waist
with a hand and continued to kiss her, then
gradually her gown was nowhere to be
I acted so fast and skilfully. I didn’t waste
to time to take off her bra. ALAKA O! Best
have ever seen. They were firm and properly
shaped. I could feel gala’s reaction to that.
At this stage she was kissing me back
passionately until I placed my palm against
her nippple then she froze!
She tried to cover her hands with her
bo^obs but i laughed at her ‘’what for?’’.
Before she could say a word, my mouth
descended on them, one after the other.
She began to breathe hard and cry out at
the same time. But i didn’t stop until she
began to fumble with my trouser.
Now you’re talking. I thought
I pulled down my trouser quickly and placed
her hand there. She could feel gala through
my boxer shorts and I was sure it was more
than she expected.
I asked her to knead it gently but she just
froze like a statue – it was growing! ‘’is it
too big or too small?’’ i teased but she
continued staring like a dummy!
‘’Are you alright?’’ I asked.
‘’I’ve not done this before’’ she
i looked at her in amazement and chuckled.
i didn’t believe her; almost every girl gala
had baptized had said the same thing. But
at the end of the rumble, they were all wide
like an express road!
She watched me, she understood my body
language and she could tell i didn’t believe
‘’I thought you knew I was a virgin?’’ she
asked in an accusing tone.
‘’Ermm not really. You don’t really know
until you try it’’
‘’neither had I’’ I answered with a straight
We laughed.
At this point gala was so furious, asking
why I was chatting instead of putting It into
use. I began to caress her booobs. This
time around, she reciprocated by kneading
his HRH—–Gala.
She continued until it was double the size! I
could feel gala rejoicing.
She placed gala in her mouth. Going back
and forth. At the initial stage her
performing was so poor, but with some little
hints she improved.
Gala couldn’t take it anymore after awhile. I
wore a condom and parted her legs aside
then she began to fidget. ‘’Relax now,
i whispered as gala was heading to the
Promise Land.
From time to time, she would ask ‘’is it in?’’
It was quite annoying and funny at the
same time. It was then I realized she was
not joking. Mrs Williams’ daughter was a
She was so tight. It was like someone had
cemented the floor, left it to dry then asked
him to penetrate it with his J0yst!ck!
I had to replace gala with the combination
of my middle finger and the ring finger of
my left hand.
Few minutes after penetrating with my
fingers, gala made its re-entry and jubilated
like Yekini did against Bulgaria.
We were still dressing up when we had a
knock on the door. I quickly pick up my
phone and saw 14 missed calls from Jide.
Chai! We already exceeded the two hours.
We had a knock again and I
answered, ‘please hold on’. I asked who it
was when I got closer to the door, but the
voice that responded ‘‘Shina’’sounded
Jide’s brother was Shina by name, but the
voice I heard that night wasn’t his. I wasn’t
afraid of anything really. Gala was happy at
that moment, so was i. The problem might
just be that gala’s future happiness at
Jide’s house might not be guaranteed if it
was Bro Shina.
I opened the door after about a minute and
it was Jide.
Me: mehn! You scared me
Jide: I had to, Bro Shina is almost here.
We left immediately. I walked Princess
home before legging it to mine.
It was 7:30pm that evening, I was chatting
with one of the neighbourhood dude,
Ikenna, when Udenme came from behind
and kissed me. I stepped back with my eyes
revealing how shocked I was at her move.
Me: what was that for? I asked with a
straight face.
Udenme: I want to show them i’m already
taken. She gazed at the right direction. I
look at the same direction and there they
were, Tunde and two other familiar guys.
Ikenna excused us.
Staring back at her I questioned, ‘’I’m
yours? I don’t understand?’’
‘’You don’t understand?’’ she echoed like
she was using Beats By Dre headphone.
‘’What am I to you?’’ she asked without
answering my last question. ‘’A friend,’’ I
replied. A friend?’’ she echoed again like
there was a Grammy award for echoing.
I knew just what I was doing. I have been
waiting for that moment to end things with
her. I didn’t want anything or anyone
jeopardizing my relationship with my
There was a brief silence before she
questioned me again in a curious tone with
her eyes flashing. ‘’Do you make love to
your friends?’’ I did not hesitate to answer
with and harsh voice, ‘’If I’m not in a
relationship and they’re females, YES’’.
She stood completely still with a devastated
look on her face. I didn’t feel the slightest
bit of remorse. Suddenly her eyes flashed in
anger and she made motion to slap my
face, but as if I could read her mind, I
caught her hand before she could strike me.
Deliberately, I lowered it to her side. We
stared at each other in heated silence for a
while before she left my presence.
I knew how my words would have hurt her,
but I had to do it anyway to avoid any
complications with Princess. I needed to
protect my relationship with her.

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