Advantage episode 6

Advantage Episode 6
The Muslims’ call to prayer woke me up the
next morning. I noticed I was alone on my
bed, which wasn’t the case last night. I
guessed she must have woken up earlier to
check on the kids. I wholly forgot they
existed last night.
I looked around for my phone. It was in the
parlour. I picked it up and saw some missed
calls. One from Biodun, my neighbour, and
the other was an unknown number. Biodun
didn’t come home last night as usual. He
enjoyed clubbing every Friday night with
some of his friends. I had little credit on my
phone. As a result, I decided to call him at
Nureni’s shop on my way to work, but the
other unknown number—I doubted it.
I checked on Ayo before leaving for work. I
was glad Udenme was not in the parlour
when i did.
I stopped at Nureni’s shop on my way to
work to make the call. I met two women,
one was using the phone while the other
was waiting. I had to wait for my turn. The
conversation of the woman before me was
quite amusing. I was listening in on her
conversation. Her voice didn’t make it seem
she wanted to keep her discussion private.
She was raising some ‘Yoruba made’ curses
on the phone to someone who was not hard
to guess was her husband.
Few minutes later, I was with the phone. I
dialled Biodun’s number. He wanted me to
deliver a message to his sister last night.
The conversation didn’t take up to 23
seconds as I speedily checked the running
time on the phone’s screen. We had to talk
about other things till the call duration was
00:59. I ended the call.
Nureni took the phone to confirm the
duration used before I dialled the unknown
number that called me last night. ‘’Hello,’’ I
greeted. ‘’Hello’’ a calm lady-like voice
‘’I missed a call of this number on my
phone last night.’’’
‘’And you’re?’’ she asked
curiously. ‘’Galacious,’’ I answered.
‘’Oh! Galacious. So Ronaldo went to bed
very early last night?’’
I got the joke in her question, but I was just
so anxious to know the female Gbenga
Adeyinka making it.
‘’Please who am I speaking with?’’, I asked
softly. ‘’Princess’’, she responded.
Well, I only knew one princess at that time.
The stunning creature that was hit by the
ball last Sunday. She also turned out to be
Mrs Williams’ daughter. The one that has
been in my dreams for a while now. I tried
getting her number from Chinenye with the
excuse of apologizing for the field incident.
The excuse seemed lame to Chinenye that
she refused to let out her number. The one
in which her missed call would have been
the last thing I would have expected to see
on my Nokia 6080.
Me: Princess, from where?
Princess: From National stadium
Me: Excuse me?
Princess: is that how fast you forget the
lady you hit with your Sunday Oliseh’s shot
last Sunday?
Me: My bad. Is this Chinenye ‘s friend?
Princess: Kinda
Me: Really? I don’t remember giving you……
She interrupted.
Princess: Now stop pretending like you
haven’t been trying to get my number.
Me: Well that’s true. So I could apologize
properly for the National Stadium’s
We both chuckled
Princess: Apology accepted
Me: Thanks
Princess: Is that all your needed my number
Me: Yes. Is there any other reason?
Princess: Hmmm, don’t worry. Shouldn’t
you be at work?
She switched the subject.
Me: Yea. I’m on my way
Princess: Ok then. Don’t let me delay you
Me: Well, It will be worth it
She chuckled
Princess: Thanks for calling
Me: Yeah. You’re welcome
I glanced at Nureni’s face as I pressed the
red button on the phone, but I was
surprised to meet it smiling. I was
wondering If it was my conversation that
put the smile on his grace until I checked
the last call duration. Then it hit me——-5
To be continued

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