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Advantage episode 4

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Advantage episode 4 by : 2:52 pm On June 2, 2020
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Episode 4
I knocked Mrs Williams’ gate and a man,
which obviously was the security man,
‘’Good evening Sir’’ I greeted with a little
bow. ‘’Evening my son’’ He responded.
‘’Madam asked me to come’’, I quickly
explained myself. ‘’Ok, wait here. I’ll be
right back’’ He said and shut the gate.
Few minutes later he was back.
‘’oya come’’ he instructed and led me In.
The second I got in the Air-conditioned
nearly blew me off my feet. The parlour was
massive with large paintings on the wall.
There was a picture of Mrs Williams, a man,
which I assumed was Chief Williams, and
their children (two females and a male).
One of the ladies in the picture looked
familiar. I could swear I’ve seen that face
before. Wait a minute! It was Princess. I
could not believe my eyes. I wouldn’t need
Chinenye to get to her after all. I thought.
‘’That’s my family picture’’ a voice
whispered from behind. I turned around and
it was Mrs. Williams.
‘’I thought as much. Good evening Ma.’’
I greeted with a little bow. ‘’Evening my
dear’’, she responded. ‘’That’s me, my
husband……your boss’’ she narrated
pointing at the picture frame and smiled
after the last word. I nodded and smiled
She continued, ‘’right here is our son, Kola.
Here Is Tola and the princess of the house,
‘’Wow! It’s not just the house that’s
beautiful, the people living in it are as well’’
‘’Thank you, dear’’
‘’Please have your seat’’. She offered and
sat on one the sofas. I gladly accepted the
offer and sat on the opposite one. She
called out a name and a lady came to the
Looking at my direction Mrs Williams said
‘’She’s here to get you whatever you want’’.
Whatever? I’ve never been that lucky.
‘’water will do’’ I ordered. The lady left to
get the water.
‘’How is mummy? I asked referring to her
mum—–Princess’ Grandma. ‘Mummy is
fine. She went out with Princess. They
should be back very soon’’
The lady brought Eva table water with a
glass cup in a tray. She placed it on a
table. Just in front of me.
‘’Thank you’’ I said to her. ‘’you can go
back to your room. I will call you if I need
you’’. ‘‘Okay, ma’’ she responded to Mrs.
Williams and left the parlour.
‘So Galacious, since when have you been
working at the factory?’’
‘’After my WAEC, ma. Trying to gather some
funds to ease the bill off my mum when I
get admitted.’’
‘’That’s so thoughtful of you. How much do
you think you can gather from your
earnings at the steel company, and how
long will it take to gather enough for your
years In school?’’
A car horned and we could hear the sound
of gate opening.
‘’Actually ma, I don’t really know how much
that will be enough through my years in
school, but I believe what I will gather
within these few months at the factory
should suffice for my first
semester….covering the school fees,
accommodation and feeding. I can also
work at the end of each semester.’’ I
”Nice! You have really planned it all out.
Well, do you know why am asking these
‘’Not really ma’’
‘’Hello everyone!’’ Grandma greeted
cheerfully, standing at the door way. ‘’Hello
mummy’’ ’’You’re welcome ma’’,
myself and Mrs Williams responded
‘’Where is my …..’’ Mrs Williams was about
to ask a question but couldn’t complete the
sentence before she was interrupted.
‘’Right here mum’’, Princess walked into the
room, sat on the cushion beside her
mum and side hugged her. ‘How was it?’’
Mrs. Williams asked her daughter. ‘’ superb
mum’’ she responded
cheerfully.’’ ‘’Good. You will gist me later
when I’m through with my guest’’.
Princess nodded and stood to her
feet. ‘‘Hello’’ Princess waved at me as
she made her way out of parlour. ‘‘Hi,’’
I responded with a smile. ‘’Galacious, this is
my daughter Princess you saw in the
picture.’’ Mrs. Williams Introduced. I
Grandma and Princess left us.
Mrs Williams explained how she was willing
to support me through my school. She
advised me to stop the factory work and
also request to meet my mom for further
discussions. I agreed. Who wouldn’t?
It wasn’t the academic discussion that was
on my mind that moment, I could not just
get Mrs Williams’ daughter out of my head.
Did Princess even recognize me? I asked
Her mom must have noticed I was lost in
thought when she asked ‘’Galacious, are
you still here?’’ while I was sitting opposite
her. ‘Yes ma.’’
‘’Call me tomorrow. Let me know what she
thinks.’’ ‘’Thank you, ma.’’
‘’Okay dear. Good night’’ Mrs Williams
ended the discussion and headed for the
I was about to turn and take my leave when
I heard Grandma’s voice. ‘My son, I heard
you’re leaving without eating?’ ‘I’m sorry
ma, maybe next time. I’m running late’’
‘’Okay, dear. Please extend my greetings to
your mum.’’ ‘‘I will ma.’’

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