Advantage episode 3

Episode 3
My supervisor asked me to give a receipt to
a secretary in the admin office. I got to the
admin office but the secretary’s seat was
empty. I waited for few minutes before she
came. I handed over the receipt to her
stating who sent me. She appreciated it.
I opened the exit/entry door to the admin
office when I met a familiar face about to
enter the office.
Me: Good morning ma
Woman: Good morning, my dear.
The look on her face showed she was trying
to remember where she might have seen
me. Well, I didn’t let her think too long
before helping out.
Me: I helped mummy locating….
Woman: Yes! Galacious, right?
She Interrupted.
Me: Yes ma
Woman: What a name! I’m Mrs. Williams.
What are you doing here?
Me: I work here, ma
Mrs. Williams: Oh! Really?
Me: Yes ma
Mrs. Williams: Ok. Hmm, when do you
Me: 5 ma.
Mrs. Williams: Good. Why don’t you stop by
tomorrow after work at my house? We need
to talk.
Me: Hope no problem ma?
Mrs. Williams: At all, dear. Grandma would
be glad to see you, and I also have things
to discuss with you.
Me: Ok ma.
Mrs. Williams: Take care and be careful.
Me: Ok ma thank you ma.
I wondered why Mrs Williams would want to
see me at her house. Probably to have a
drink as an appreciation for the assistance I
rendered to her mother. I wasn’t expecting a
reward for what I did. Albeit I have been
curious on how the inside of the Mrs
Williams house would look like. I had to
wait till Tuesday evening to figure that out.
It was past six in the evening later that
day. I was in the parlour watching TV. Mom
went for a church program with my Ayo. I
heard a knock on the door.
Me: who’s there?
Voice: Udenme
Udenme? What could she be looking for?
Ayo is not at home. I thought.
I barely opened the door. My right hand
was on the door and the other on the wall.
Me: hi
Udenme: hello
Me: Ayo is not in
Udenme: I know.
Me: oh ok.
Udenme: won’t you ask me to come in?
Me: oh sorry. Please come in…… and have a
I opened the door a bit wider and held the
door while she walked in and took her seat.
Me: what should I offer you?
Udenme: Really? Somebody is becoming
Me: Well, don’t blame me. Almost all our
visitors are mom’s. I don’t really have
friends that visit.
Udenme: not even your girlfriend?
Me: Na na. Don’t have one.
Udenme: Really?
Me: yeah
Udenme: well, then I will like fufu with afang
okazi vegetable soup with……
Me: huh?
Udenme: yea. I’m not done yet.
Me: I’m sorry we don’t have that.
Udenme: I know you won’t, but since you
asked what you can offer Instead of telling
me what you have and I’ll choose which
one I prefer.
Me: ok ma. We have….
Udenme: don’t bother.
Me: you sure?
Udenme: of course I’m sure. I live next door,
if I need something I can get In the house.
Me: alright then.
I sat down. There was silence for awhile
before she continued the conversation.
Udenme: You know I haven’t spent a week
yet and I’m already missing Calabar
Me: Well that’s Inevitable, where you have
been for…..
Udenme: Since I was born.
Me: You can imagine. I’m sure Grace and
my sister have been keeping you company
Udenme: Yea. You know isn’t It awkward
how close your mom and my sister are.
I chuckled
Me: my mom is very tolerant. I took after
She chuckled.
Udenme: It goes both ways.
I heard mom’s voice. She was exchanging
pleasantries with one of neighbours.
Udenme: Isn’t that your mom?
Me: Yea. She’s early tonight.
Udenme: Ok. Lemme take my leave then.
Me: c’mon she’s not going to complain
Udenme: don’t be so sure, she might not in
my presence. You know I’m not my 12 years
old sister.
Me: hmmm
Udenme: Na so. Thanks for the company.
Me: Anytime
Udenme: So I can check in around 1 am?
We both chuckled.
Me: Well, I’m cool with that.
Udenme: I hear. Later.
Me: Ok then.
I helped with the door, while she stepped
out. Several thoughts filled my mind. Is she
hitting on me? Or perhaps she just felt like
talking to someone? Whatever it was, time
would tell.
To be continued

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