Accidentally love episode 1

🍭🍭 Accidentally In Love 🍭🍭
πŸ“πŸ“[She’s Not A Prostitute]πŸ“πŸ“
πŸ’„πŸ’„Written By: Dammie Crown πŸ–‹οΈπŸ–‹οΈ
Mirabel, a cool, easy going and a beautiful girl. She lives with her step dad and his daughter, Dammie.
Her mother died during childbirth. Her step younger sister is really Mirabel’s opposite as she’s not a serious type.
Mirabel lives with them till she graduated from University and suddenly after she graduated, her step dad who saw her through school became sick of unknown illness.
She needs a job but her petty job isn’t paying. She couldn’t afford to pay for the surgery bills. And she didn’t want to lose her step dad who she loves and who In turn care for her dearly.
She met with a friend of hers to lend her the surgery money but the only option her friend gave her in order to see such amount of money in a day is to become a prostitute for just a night….
And Mirabel is a decent girl, will she do that to save her step dad?
Emmanuel, a successful young man. He’s married to a devil. Yes his wife is a devil all because of jealousy ’cause Emmanuel is really a handsome man.
Fustrated by his wife, Rose, he went to a club one night and met a lady desperately in need of money and willing to offer her body in return, just for her to get the money.
Then boom! He laid with her,the lady.
Now, what will be his wife,Rose reaction to what Emmanuel did?
As for Mirabel…
“Should Mirabel become a prostitute for just a night because of her step dad in return of his good deeds towards her?”
“Should Mirabel let him die and not go into indecent act because of him (her step dad) despite being the most caring father anyone could wish to have?”
πŸ’„πŸ’„ Accidentally In Love πŸ’„πŸ’„
🍭🍭[She’s Not A Prostitute]🍭🍭
πŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ Episode 1πŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ
🎻🎻Written By: Dammie Crown 🎻🎻
Mirabel is the only daughter her mother gave birth to, to her father before he also died.
Burdened with feeding and shelter, her mother have to remarry. He married a man that also has a daughter.
She’s a gentle,cool and easy going girl. But her step dad’s daughter is exactly her opposite. She’s too harsh and the likes.She’s named Dammie.
Her mother got pregnant for her step dad years later. But she died during childbirth.
It’s really painful but she had to bear it and move on. Her step dad was so much hurt but he’s not God,he can’t raise the dead.
She attended the same school as her step younger sister, Dammie.
She graduated from the University years after her mother died. Now, she’s hurting for job, but couldn’t find one.
So, she started working in a nearby club and also a cleaner in a very prestigious school.
She works from 6am to 3pm in the school and also from 5pm to 10pm in the club.
Mirabel works in the club but has never for once think about indulging in any indecent act.
She works tiredlessly everyday. Her younger sister is still in school. Mirabel still pay some of her fees but she’s never for once be a grateful person.
Mirabel,seeing this has never stopped doing her good deeds towards her. Her step father is always amazed by how Mirabel is able to cope with Dammie’s behaviors.
Mirabel has been noticing a particular man for like months. He just suddenly showed up and became their regular customer in the club.
He always drink himself to stupor before he leave.
“Thank God he has a driver. He would have been driving recklessly on the road.” Mirabel murmured one night as she served him his regular drink.
“Thank you.” He managed to say to her.
Dammie nodded and went back to her seat to attend to others.
“But…wealth is smelling all over him. He even has a ring on his finger. Why will a wealthy man be drinking this much? When there is no financial issue for him. Me that have financial situation is not even drinking. Well….” Her thought was cut short by a guy.
“Wetin dey do you today now? I’ve been here asking you to bring me my beer and you’re not answering. Is everything alright?” He asked.
“Ohh… sorry. I’m sorry. I was lost in thought.” She said and started to attend to him.
The guy looked at her lustfully and licked her lips.
“See all this you have and you’re keeping to yourself, let me touch it for you. Let me enter you from behind, you will love it and forget your name. See all this busty….” He said but Mirabel shut him up
“Hey! Mr Man. You’re here to buy beer not me. So please with respect, stop checking me out and take your beer. Leave here!” She said almost yelling but tries to keep cool.
“I pray God should not let you rust. See her!” He said and moved away.
“Rust when you be iron. Silly guy.” Mirabel said eyeing him.
“Don’t mind him…. that’s guys for you. But women too are the most dangerous.” The man drinking on a bar stool beside her said.
Dammie gave it a thought.
“Women are the most dangerous? Can it be that this man’s wife…?” She couldn’t finish her thought when her friend, Veronica entered.
Veronica is a well known prostitute. She’s been a prostitute since her school days.
Mirabel and Veronica lives together while in school. Mirabel has given her all sorts of advices to change her indecent ways but all fell on deaf ears.
“I’m an orphan. No family wanna take care of me. Thank God I’m the only one my parents give birth to before they kicked the bucket, we’d have been begging before we eat. I have to hustle to at least be educated.
You know you have a step dad that loves and always take care of you. I have no one. This is the only job that can take care of my school expenses, feeding and shelter me. No other jobs could when I’m not a graduate yet.” Veronica will always say to Mirabel every time she tries to advice her friend.
Despite been a prostitute, Veronica is a well behaved lady. She never hurt anyone. Veronica always help Mirabel when necessary. She buys her gifts and such.
They’re a very good friends to themselves except for the fact that one is decent while the other isn’t.
Mirabel being Veronica friend and knows all her indecent ways has never followed her steps. She’s always decent and do decent things. And Mirabel has never taken the advantage of her friend being a prostitute to abuse or insult her. Instead,she advise her.
Veronica graduated and couldn’t find a job, so she continued her prostitute work. She don’t want to be a cleaner or a club attender like Mirabel.
“Hi Veronica.” Mirabel greeted with smile.
“Girlfriend. Hello.” She greeted back happily.
“Why are you here today?” Mirabel asked.
“One of my customer is here. I gat to go now. See you!” Veronica said with a wink and leave while Mirabel laughed wondering when her friend will change.
Emmanuel, a very handsome and successful man with satisfactory behaviors was married to a devil.
Her wife, Rose is always fighting and quarreling with him all because he is too handsome.
“My husband is too handsome. He’s wealthy and popular. His behaviors are all good. I’m scared those girls with tiny legs won’t snatch him from me. I will even love to be following him to work and everywhere he goes.” Rose told her friend, Esther one day.
“My friend. You should be grateful. Your husband I know is faithful to you. Don’t stress yourself and don’t make things hard for him. He’s a faithful husband to you even heaven knows.” Esther advised.
“You can’t understand. I know what I’m saying.” Rose will always say not falling for her friend words.
Emmanuel returned home one night tired.
“Hey love! I’m back.” He greeted his wife.
She hissed.
“What happened to you? Is anything wrong?” He asked care written in his voice.
“Why won’t something be wrong. Where are you coming from?” She asked.
“From the office of course! This is just some minutes to six. And I came home quickly because of you. Hope you’ve eaten?” He asked.
“Cut that trap! Emmanuel, you? You are coming from the office or you’re coming from your concubines? Your secrets are out. They are not safe. You this silly good for nothing husband. I hate you. ” She shouted.
Emmanuel exhaled deeply and sat down on a couch.
“This is what I’ve been facing for years now. I can’t talk with my wife anymore. We don’t mate anymore. She doesn’t cook for me anymore. She keeps the house unkempt. That was why I employed a maid to cook and keep the house clean. I returned home everyday by 6pm. But this is becoming too much for me to bear that whenever I returned home and all isn’t right, I will retired to a club. Drinking isn’t my thing, she knows that. Fornicating isn’t my thing,she knows that. Why on Earth is she now troubling me, always? God!” Emmanuel thought, took his car keys and went out.
His wife started shouting on him and raising curses on him.
He got out, threw the key at his driver and off they went as the gate man opened the gate.
As she keeps cursing and shouting, her maid came in.
“Madam, please be calm. You can get high blood pressure. Oga is a cool headed man. He can’t cheat on you.” The maid said calmly on her knee .
“Are you done?” Rose asked as she landed a thunderous slap across the maid’s cheek.
The maid eyes is suddenly seeing darkness as she rolled on the floor crying and begging as Rose beat the hell out of her and raining curses on her as well.
After some weeks…🎸🎸🎸
Mirabel’s step dad became sick. It came as a malaria and Mirabel bought drugs from the chemist nearby their house.
Then it grew worse day by day. This scared Mirabel. She wasn’t thinking of losing her step dad this soon. She hasn’t take care of him very well. She needs a well paying job to take care of him very well.
Although the little she earn from her work, she cater for him but to her, it’s not enough.
Within a blink of an eye…. Mirabel’s step dad was rushed to the hospital.
After series of experiments and examinations on his body, the doctor told Mirabel that the only solution to save her step dad’s life is to perform a surgery on him.
Mirabel,on hearing that bursted into tears as the thought of where to look for the money flooded her head.
“Doctor…. isn’t there any other way to save him? Surgery costs millions of naira….I can’t afford it.” Mirabel voiced out amidst tears.
“I’m sorry miss. That’s the only way. Look for 3million naira as soon as possible to save him because his case is critical and failure to perform the surgery on time can leads to his death.” The doctor said and walk away to attend to other patients.
Mirabel cried painfully not knowing what to do.
She got home,called Dammie to inform her of what’s going on.
πŸ“±Hello Dammie. Daddy is critically ill. The doctor said they will carry out a surgery on him and it costs 3million.πŸ“±
Mirabel said and started crying again.
πŸ“±What? My dad? OMG!! What caused it?πŸ“± Dammie asked.
πŸ“±I don’t know. I can’t even explain. It’s just a malaria and it grew worse.πŸ“± Mirabel explained.
πŸ“±So, your mum wants to kill my dad like she killed yours, right? She told you to kill him for me when my graduation is right at the corner. πŸ“± Dammie said angrily.
πŸ“± Dammie….I…πŸ“±
πŸ“±Shut up. Nothing must happen to my dad. He must not die, I’m telling you. Look for that 3million wherever you’ll see it ’cause my 5naira won’t touch your hand. Once again… my dad must not die..πŸ“± Dammie said and end the call.
Mirabel’s whole body system suddenly became hot. She shed tears as she prayed to the Most High to send her helper. And to spare her step dad’s life.
She prayed like all her life depends on it.
She continued praying as she thinks of how to get the money.

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