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A wish episode 9

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A wish episode 9 by : 6:23 pm On March 19, 2022
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🌼A Wish🌼
Written by Divine Peter

Chapter 9

“What?” Was all that I could utter. Xavier jaw tightened as he released a breath, his grey eyes darkened dangerously as he tried to remain calm. Honestly I cant believe what Xavier just told me about his father being abusive, his actually biological father abused Xavier, Damon and Alex? No, I cant possibly imagine someone trying to beat up Xavier and Damon unless its…

“Alex.” I said slowly, looking up at Xavier as I tried to think of how it was Alex being abused by his father. I remembered when I first asked them about their real parent and how Alex looked so scared, I actually thought it was a sad matter.

“Did your dad hit him?” I questioned Xavier when I saw him staring at me blankly.

Xavier jaw clenched again as he slowly nodded vigorously. “Yes he did.”

“Look Brielle.” Xavier added. “I cant tell you everything that happened cause its not really my story to tell.” I understood what Xavier meant, their father feels like a tough subject to Xavier but I couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed for making it seem as if I was desperate for an explanation.

I was about to stand up and leave when Xavier said. “But I can briefly tell you about what happened.”

“My parents were like the most perfect couples i’ve ever when I was still so young, they were both lovely and kindhearted. The best parents any child could ask for. I was a little jealous when mum gave birth to Damon cause he was getting most of their attention but I soon got over it and accepted him as my little brother. Then Alex came along and I felt the responsibility to protect and always be there for both my brothers since I was the oldest. My parents loved the three of us, fed us and spoiled us with expensive toys. Alex, Damon and I were both playing in the living room when our dad received a call, his phone fell of his hand and shattered, tears streaming down his eyes. My mum was in a car accident and she died on the spot. It was so painful Brielle, I cried and cried till I got tired, Damon and Alex cried when they learned that mum was never going to return home. When I saw my mum in the hospital gown, her face ghostly pale and her closed eyes, I cried again. I was only eight but I knew she was not going to come back again, she was not going to klzz my forehead and tuck me in when I sleep, she was not going to see me grow up.” Xavier voice cracked, tears sprang in his eyes and he blinked them back.

I wrapped my arms around Xavier, gently patting his back. Xavier pulled back from the hug and wiped his red eyes, giving me a small smile. Xavier tried to talk but I stopped him, knowing that its hard for him to continue talking since its a touchy subject for him.

“I know this is painful for you to talk about so please don’t bother to tell me about the rest.”

Xavier took my hand in his, giving it a gentle squeeze. I felt myself blush when gently caressed my f!ng£rs before speaking up. “No Brielle i’ve kept this in for so long, I really want to let it out.”

“Okay Xavier.” I smiled. He removed his hand from mine and placed it on his lap, making me frown a little cause I missed the warmth and tingles I felt when he gently held my f!ng£rs.

He breathed in and out before speaking up. “After our mum died, our dad became cold and distant. I had to stay strong for Damon and Alex cause they both needed someone that would show positive things in their life. And Alex.” Xavier stopped talking, his eyes filled with different emotions.

“What about Alex?” I questioned.

Xavier smiled. “Alex was really sad at first but he begun to get over it. He was the angel of the family, kind, humble and cheesy. He always sees good in everything and everyone, and he believe no matter how wicked a person is the person still has a soft spot in their heart. f√¢k Brielle! Alex was too kind for this cruel world that we live in. I’m the worst brother ever Brielle!”

I shook my head, trying to hug him but he moved away. I felt a little hurt when he did that but I masked it up with a soft smile, trying to reassure him. “You’re not a horrible brother Xavier, don’t say that.”

“No Brielle! I should have noticed, his sudden distance and quietness, the way he flinches whenever Damon and I touch him. Dad was slowly breaking him, for some reason he hated Alex and always abused him behind closed doors but I was too oblivious to notice why the cheerful brother I had was suddenly like a lost soul, always quiet and looking empty. Alex always had Bruises on him and I thought he was being bullied, so I confronted him, all he did was give me a cold shoulder so I got mad and yelled at him, I called him a selfish brat. Throughout my yelling out of frustration, he kept quiet and just walked to his room. I apologized to Alex the next day cause I hate having an arguement with him. I was so ignoramus that I could’nt see Alex was scared, scared of our dad. I should have noticed that anytime our dad travels Alex is happy and cheerful but when he comes home from a meeting or business trip Alex has a frightened expression on his face.” Xavier paused and breathed in, turning to face me. “I was jealous Brielle, jealous of Alex.”

I eyebrows creased together at Xavier words, I couldn’t help and asked. “Why?”

“He looks so much like our mum, his personality, kindness and he’s so gentle. Whenever I look at him its like am looking at mum. I was jealous that he was so much like mum, and jealous that he always goes to Damon whenever he has a problem, Alex never comes to me. And my dad, he became wasted and brings women to the house every night. I caught one of the women he always brings slapping Damon repeatedly because he refused to give her a massage. I got angry and pushed her before taking Damon to my room, he was only eleven then.” Xavier stayed silent and then he sighed, leaning foward and resting his elbow on the edge of the couch. I knew he was too sad to talk so I got up from the couch, dusting the front of my shirt when I saw little dirts on it.

Xavier narrowed his eyes at me. “Where are you going? Am not done talking.”

“Xavier.” I placed my hand on his broad shoulder, surprisinly he didn’t move away this time. “Its really obvoius that you don’t want to talk about this so please don’t stress yourself out.”

“Okay.” He grumbled.

I grinned. “Now there’s the Xavier I know.”

Xavier rolled his eyes but I could see a ghost smile tug on his lips. I laughed and held Xavier hand, dragging him outside while I ignored his whines. We went outside and headed towards the garage, before Xavier opened his car as we both picked up the thirty-six shopping bags filled with clothes and accessories from the mall. Xavier could only carry ten in each hands while I carried six in each hands. We took them to my room and placed it in my walk-in closet, before Xavier ran back outside to bring in the remaining four bags.

“What kind of girl buys thirty-six shopping bags in the mall?” Xavier exclaimed, slumping down on my bed next to me as he massaged his arms.

“The shopping kind?”

“I won’t ever make a mistake of taking you to the mall.” Xavier grumbled.

“Let’s play twenty questions.” I suggested, crossing my legs. Xavier sighed and turned to face me with his famous blank expression. He didn’t answer me so I took it as a yes.

“Okay so favourite food?” I asked.

“Chocolate.” He said bluntly.

“Chocolate is not even a food!” I exclaimed.

“So.” Xavier scoffed. “I like chocolate.”

“Fine.” I groaned. “Mine is pasta.” We both continued to ask each other question, sadly there was no jokes involved. I learned that Xavier loves to watch horror movies, his favourite sport is hockey and he plans on studying Engineering Science in college after he graduates.

I was already getting tired but stiffled it in cause I am really enjoying spending time with Xavier. It was too late when my loud yawn gave me away.

Xavier stopped talking and smiled at me. “Are you feeling tired?”

“No.” I yawned.

“Go to sleep Brielle.” Xavier ordered while standing up.

“Okay.” I lay down on my bed and snuggled into my comfortable soft pillow before I shut my eyes, feeling Xavier pull the comforter over me and placed a soft klzz on my forehead.

I swear I heard him mutter. “You’re so beautiful.” In my ear.


Well this is really awkward, when I woke up I found out from Damon that Alex and Xavier have still not spoken to each other. It was obvious that Xavier still feels really guilty about slapping Alex and tried to apologize him, but Alex was avoiding Xavier at all cost.

I could tell that Xavier is getting frustrated that Alex won’t talk to him and the latter is really good at bottling all his emotions by keeping quiet and staring into space.

I internally sighed, wishing all this awkward tension will be gone. Right now we were all currently seated in the massive dining room, quietly munching on our food, well I cant say the same for Damon. I could see Xavier bitting the inside of his cheek as he gripped his fork so tight his knuckles turned white, Damon was happily eating the food I made while scrolling through his phone but I know he could feel the tension among us no matter how childish he is. Alex was silently eating his food with his head down as he stared at his plate, avoiding anyone’s gaze. I could see Xavier from my peripheral vision sneaking glances at Alex.

“So…” I started, trying to dilute the tension. “Do any of you want to do something fun?”

Damon immediately placed his phone on the table, his eyes lighting-up. “Yes let’s go to the amusement park! That will be so much fun, we can ride the ferris wheel! Ooh we can play games at the funfair! We can order ice creams and chocolate! Ooh we can-”

“Damon!” Me, Xavier and Alex simultaneously said.

“Meanies.” Damon pouted making Alex chuckle. I smiled when Damon said something silly that made us all laugh. At least the tension was reduced cause it was really killing me with all the quietness.

When we were all done eating me and Xavier packed up the plates and I started washing them in the sink. Xavier said it will be faster for me if I just use the dishwasher but I don’t really know how to tell him i’ve never used a dishwasher before, so right now am using my hands to wash the plates while Xavier just stood casually beside the fridge. I could feel his eyes on me when I started humming ‘perfect’ by Ed sheeran.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, placing the last plate on the plate rack, before turning to face Xavier.

“Can you please talk to him?” He pleads.

“Who?” I questioned, feeling a bit confused.


“Oh…” I drawled out. “I don’t think Alex will like it if I apologize on your behalf.”

Xavier face palmed. “No, am not asking you to apologize to him, just talk to him instead.” He sighed. I dried my hands with a kitchen towel and walked towards Xavier, wrapping my arms around him, he stiffened at first but slowly hugged me back.

I pulled back from the warm embrace and peeked up at Xavier. “Don’t beat yourself up because if it, I promise to talk to Alex.”

“Thank you Brielle.” Xavier gave me one last lingering look before leaving.

I rubbed my palms together and jogged up to Alex room. Without knocking, I slammed the door open causing Alex to jump in fright, and let out strings of curses when he saw that it was only me.

“Please Brielle try knocking next time.” Alex said in a stern tone.

“Sorry.” I laughed, sitting down on his bed as I made myself comfortable by hugging one of his soft pillows. Alex sighed and sat down beside me.

“So why are you here?” Alex eventually asked.

“To talk to you.” I responded. “Alex what you said to Xavier was very uncalled for.”

Alex sighed. “I know, its really embarrassing that I acted like a 6 yr old brat throwing tantrums that’s why am too much of a chicken to talk to Xavier.”

“You told Xavier that you hate him, do you?”

“Hell no! I-i just said it out of anger, I can never hate Xavier and Damon, they both mean a lot to me and I don’t think I’ll be sane if they’re not with me.”

“I don’t hate Xavier its just that he worries too much and always trys to make sure me and Damon are okay. If Damon and I goes to a party and we’re late pass our bedtime Xavier get’s mad and ground the both of us. I’m not allowed to go to parties anymore, I have to ask Xavier first before I can take a walk outside, I have a curfew, I should always get good grades and never skip a class! Its really frustrating that Xavier acts like a parent! I just want my brother back.” Alex added softly.

“Alex.” I placed my hand on his shoulder. “Xavier is just acting like that cause he feels you and Damon are his responsibility and you need to be taken care of after what your father did to-”

I quickly smacked my hand over my mouth, remembering that Alex might get angry because Xavier told me about their cruel and wicked father. I slowly brought my eyes up to see Alex staring at me blankly.

“Um-i- um i-i.” I stuttered.

“Xavier told you right?” Alex asked me with the same blank expression on his face.

“Y-yes, but not everthing, I still don’t know what your father did to you.”

“Do you want me to tell you the rest?” Alex asked out of the blue.

“If you want to.” I muttered, nervously chewing on the bottom of my lip.

Alex smiled. “I want to.”


“Yep.” He said popping the p.

“You just have to tell me what Xavier told you.” Alex said and I started explaining all what Xavier said to me, how their mother died and how his father became cold and distant before he started abusing Alex.

“Its true.” Alex voice cracked a little. “I loved him and looked up to him I just don’t know why he did all that to me, he always told me am worthless and pathetic. I became depressed when he told me that he wish I would just die, that he loves Damon and Xavier and hates me. He started hitting me and threatened to kill me if I ever tell anyone about what he does to me, I became his everyday punching bag. I can never forget about the day it all happened.


“Give it back Damon!” Alex yelled, trying to run after his brother. The nine year old just laughed and ran around the living room with the little eight year old boy chasing him around. While running so fast, Alex didn’t noticed a book on the tiled floor so he tripped over it and fell down, hitting his knee on the cold tiled floor.

“It hurts.” Alex whimpered, holding his knee which had a little bruise in it. Damon stopped running on hearing his little brother cry. He ran towards Alex and squatted down to his height.

“I’m sorry Alex I was just playing.” Damon said softly. “Here take your teddy.” Alex sniffled and took his teddy from Damon hands, clutching it close to his chest.

“Were does it hurts?” Damon asked worriedly. Alex pointed at his left knee, sniffling quietly.

“Ssh.” Damon cooed. “It will be alright.” He gently picked up his little brother and carried him to upstairs. Alex just buried his face in Damon shoulder, lightly sniffling. Damon opened the door to his older brother room and walked in, seeing him reading a book.

Hearing his door opening and closing, Xavier looked up from his book and turned to face where Damon stood, seeing him holding a sniffling Alex in his arms. He spranged from the bed and rushed to Damon, taking Alex from him while glaring at Damon who looked down, feeling guilty.

“What happened to him?” Xavier growled, cradeling Alex like a baby. He cant help himself and be overprotective of Alex since he’s the youngest among the trio. For a ten year old he’s quite mature.

Alex looked up at his big brother and tugged on his shirt, making Xavier to look down. “Don’t me mad at Dami, Xavi, he just wanted to play with me so I fell down and bruised my knee.” Xavier smiled and gently sat Alex on his bed, turning to face Damon who was already crying cause he felt guilty. Xavier sighed softly and pulled Damon in arms, hugging his brother tight.

“Sorry for yelling at you Damon.” Xavier apologized. “I didn’t mean to get mad.”

“I forgive you Xav.” Damon sniffled.

“Group hug!” Alex yelled. Xavier chuckled and pulled Alex in the hug. The three stopped hugging when they heard the front door opening from downstairs in the living room. Xavier ran to the living room to see who it was and his face lit up as he yelled. “Dad!” The older man chuckled and picked Xavier up, klzzing his forehead as he playfully ruffled Xavier hair making the latter pout. He placed Xavier down just as Damon and Alex came running down the stairs. Damon threw himself at his father and hugged him tightly while his dad smile softly at Damon before klzzing his forehead.

“I missed you dad!” Damon beamed. Their dad felt little a little tug in his pants and looked down to see his youngest grinning up at him. Instead of picking Alex up he just forced a smile and gently placed Damon down.

He squatted down to Xavier height. “Xavier why don’t you and Damon take this bag to the kitchen and set what’s inside in the dining room.” He handed Xavier the white leather and Xavier eyes lit up when he saw chocolates, sweets, cookies and ice cream in the bag.

“Of course dad!” Xavier held Damon hand and ran with him towards the kitchen.

“Daddy!” Alex yelled excitedly, hugging his father only to receive a harsh shove.

“Get off me you little shit!” His dad spat.

Alex bottom lip quivered. “Are’nt you happy to see me daddy?”

“Why will I be happy to see a disgusting bastard.” His father said with venom dripping in his tone. His father, Mason, held Alex arm in a death grip, not caring if his son was getting hurt. Alex couldn’t help but cry cause his arm was throbbing.

With one last glare towrds Alex, Mason moved away from him and went to the kitchen, leaving Alex on the floor who was quietly sobbing.

Alex joined afterwards and sat down, quietly nibbling on his chocolate bar. Xavier then noticed his brother quietness, he furrowed his brows together as he stared at Alex with a worried look cause Alex was the type to say silly jokes whenever they sat down together.

Xavier nudged Alex in the hip, making the eight year old stare at his big brother. “What’s wrong lil bro?”

“Nothing.” Alex mumbled, looking down. Xavier knew Alex was lying so he decided to let it slide.

While looking at the three boys, an idea struck in Mason head that made him smirk devillishly.

“Xavier.” Mason called.

“Yes dad?”

“Would you and Damon like to go visit aunt Emily and spend a week in new York?”

“Yes daddy!” Damon squealed, pumping his fist in the air.

“I would love to but what about Alex?” Xavier asked, when his baby brother was not mentioned.

Mason smirked. “Don’t worry Xavier me and Alex will go on a trip to paris and have lots of fun.”

Alex eyes lit up. “Really?”

“Yes sweetie.” Mason smiled, a fake smile.

“Okay daddy!” Alex exclaimed, he was happy cause paris has always been his favourite place to go to. He forgot about his little encounter with his dad, cause all he could think about was that he was going to paris with his dad.

Oh, if only little innocent Alex knew what his dad has in store for him.

Written by Divine Peter.

A/n The flashback will continue in the next chapter.

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