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A wish episode 8

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A wish episode 8 by : 2:53 pm On March 19, 2022
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🌼A Wish🌼
Written by: Divine Peter

Chapter 8

Its been a week since I started living with Xavier, Damon and Alex and to tell you the truth its amazing, I was no longer bullied in school, whenever students see me they scramble away and even Zayn stopped pestering me, but he still gives me death glares when he sees me in the class or hallway. At home, yes at home. Am now comfortable in staying with the boys, but I made sure to set some rules down. I cant have one of them walking in on me dressing up.

Yesterday, I had to go to the court with Xavier, Damon and Alex to testify against Liam. I was nervous but Xavier had put a comforting hand on my shoulder, telling me everything was going to be alright.

When I saw Liam and Richard in the court, I had cowered away, even from afar Liam can still make me feel like a prey with just a single glare. I felt so uncomfortable with all the people seated in the court, especially when the judge asked me to state my complaint. With a shaky breath, I had said everything Liam did to me, not leaving a single detail out. It was hard but I remained calm and composed.

I had to lift my shirt up to my stomach level, where there was a big red mark from a burning knife Liam once pressed on my lower back. Everyone in the court gasped when they had seen it, even the judge stared at me with pity before fixing a glare full of hatred on Liam. Liam then got 20 yrs in prison while Richard got 4 yrs. Xavier was angry, he wanted Richard own to be a little longer but the judge said since it was attempted rape, so he’s not going to stay long in jail.

Right now I was currently seated in Xavier’s car with Damon and Alex. I glanced at my watch and saw that it was already 7:30. Damon and Alex woke me up at exactly 7:00 clock! I was so annoyed with them cause its saturday which means I can get enough sleep, but no, Damon just begged me to get dressed. We didn’t inform Xavier, and he was still asleep. I just hope his reaction won’t be bad.

“Are you sure Xavier isn’t going to get mad that we left without informing him and took his car?” I question Damon who had both his hands on the steering wheel while humming a pop song.

“Well… As long as we don’t damage his car, and don’t worry he won’t be that mad we left the house.” Damon voice has a hint of nervousness in it. “But we’ll be fine.” I eye him for a while then decided to drop the topic, relaxing my back against the car seat as I released a breath I didn’t even know I was holding.

I frown slightly when Damon pulled over at a parking lot, a lot of cars where parked in the place and I glanced at the front to see that we in one of the most expensive malls in the city. I’ve seen the place in the news paper but not in person! The building was really huge, it can probably contain thousands of people. Even from the mere sight of the place, one will know that what they sell inside can pay a person’s house rent. I was so fascinated by the view of the mall that I didn’t notice when Damon and Alex came out of the car, and Alex trying to get my attention by constantly snapping his f!ng£rs in front of my face.

“Oh for God sake Brielle!” Damon said in a frustrated tone.

I blinked my eyes, looking up at Damon without a confused expression on my face. “Huh?”

Alex chuckled. “You zone out a lot.”

“Sorry.” I apologized sheepishly. Damon nodded and I got out of the car, following Alex and Damon, wondering why we are going towards the direction of this expensive mall.

“Um Damon.” I called, when we reached the entry of the building.


“Why are we here?”

“Um…” Alex scratched the back of his neck, looking down for a moment before raising his head to meet my eyes. Unlike Damon and Xavier, Alex and I are exactly the Same height so I don’t have to crane my neck up to meet his eyes. I sometimes wonder how he doesn’t feel intimidated while standing close to his brother.

“No offence Brielle but you need clothes.” His tone wasn’t blunt or harsh, just soft like how he always speaks.

“What?” My mouth was opened, trying to process what he just said. Why do I need clothes? My clothes are enough for me so I don’t see why I have to get more clothes.

“Brielle.” Damon said softly, not his usual playful or cocky voice. He placed his hand on my shoulder. “Did Liam ever gave you money to buy clothes for yourself.”

I shook my head, looking down. “Liam stopped buying me clothes when I turned 11 so I had to work on summer jobs just to get clothes my size. The pay wasn’t much but I still manage to get some from cheap malls. Look Damon I appreciate all that you guys have done for me, the care and concern but I cant accept the fact that you guys want to get me new clothes in one of the most expensive malls in the city. Living, eating and sleeping in your mansion already looks too much and now you want to buy me clothes. No Damon it will just look like am a golddigger.”

“Look at me Brielle.” When I don’t respond, Damon sighs softly and placed his index f!ng£r under my chin, slowly lifting it up to meet his warm caring gaze.

“Don’t ever think of yourself as a golddigger, you are far from that and we care about you so please don’t look at it like we’re spoiling you. Scratch that! You deserve to be spoiled and have fun cause of all you’ve been through in the past.” I didn’t even notice I was crying until Damon used his thumb to wipe my tears.

“Don’t ever think like that again. Okay?” I nodded, feeling my lips tug up in a ghost smile. I felt another hand on my shoulder, I looked straight at Alex to see him smiling at me as he gave my shoulder a gentle squeeze.

We then walked inside the mall and wow! I’ve never been to a mall like this before. I could see all the beautiful dresses, accessories and jewelries from where I stood. I suddenly felt timid because of what I was wearing, everything in the store looks so expensive and even the people. The guard who had let us in kept on sneaking glances at my direction, staring at me with disgust. Probably because he thought I was a beggar.

But when Damon and Alex stood behind me his face immediately went pale as he greeted them with respect while stuttering. It didn’t help when Damon glared at him and the poor guard looked like he was going to pass out.

Alex later went outside, saying he forgot his phone in the car while Damon had to go use the restroom. I walked over to the Lady behind the desk, thinking that maybe she would be kind enough to help me select some female outfits but boy was I wrong.

“Um excuse please.” I said politely, tapping my f!ng£r gently on the desk.

She looked at me, titling her head to the side as she examined my face. Her eyes travelled down my body as her face scrunched up in disgust. “How did you get in here?” Her voice was thick with distaste.

“Huh?” I asked in confusion. What does she mean by how did you get in here?

“This is no place for beggars, go and look for food in the trash can cause you won’t get anything from me.” I was taken aback by her words, yet I couldn’t even defend myself. Even though she’s only a worker here, I still felt so small under her hateful burning gaze. I don’t really blame her for looking at me like that, even a blind person can not compare the both of us. She was looking really gorgeous in her purple a-line dress, her silver heels looks so expensive while her hair was styled to perfection. I was just dressed in a plain blue sweater and black leggings. My white sneakers looking old.

“I’m here with two of my male friends and am not a beggar.” I spoke quietly, still feeling a little bit hurt by her choice of words.

“Oh really?” She said in a mocking tone, her voice was loud enough to attract some people. “You’re here with two boys? So that means they are rich and you’re going to sleep with them just so that they can buy things for you. What a whore.” I felt my eyes cloud with tears, not only because of her words but because I could hear people silently whispering amongst each other, some were laughing.

“What’s going on here?” A deep voice demanded right behind causing me to jump up in fright. I turned around to see Damon who gave me a soft smile as he wrapped a comforting arm around my shoulder. He then faced the lady who already looked pale as she stared at Damon with wide eyes when he fixed a scary glare on his face. The people who were laughing all all scrambled away when they saw Damon.

The lady looked nervous, sweat dripping down from her forehead. “J-just this b-beggar who got in s-sir.” She addressed him politely. Alex then walked in, raising a brow at Damon who was visibly fuming with rage. Alex then turned to me with a questioning look but I ignored him and gently rubbed Damon’s arm, trying to calm him down. If the lady was a man she would have received a lot of punches from Damon.

“Who did you just call a beggar?” Damon asked darkly, his glare was enough to make anyone pass out from fright.

“Her sir.” She pointed her perfectly painted f!ng£r at me.

“You know what, I won’t say or do anything I might regret.” Damon stated in a dark tone. “But just know I’ll have a talk with your manager about people like you.” Her eyes widened as she begged frantically.

“No, please sir!” Damon just rolled his eyes and grabbed me and Alex hand, pulling us to the female section.

“Am still a bit lost here.” Alex chuckled nervously, trying to ease the tension among us.

“Brielle tell us what she said to you.” His tone was stern and firm. I gulped and told the both of them everything the lady had said to me, not leaving a single detail out. When I was done talking, Damon was fuming and Alex looks shocked and angry.

“Don’t worry guys am fine.” I told them, cause I could see it in Damon’s eyes that he blamed himself for leaving me alone while Alex might be feeling guilty cause he left me to go get his phone.

I pouted and childishly tugged on their sleeve, giving them my best puppy dog eyes. It worked cause they both smiled and pulled me in for a warm and safe embrace.

I looked at the expensive tops, blouses, jeans and dresses that were set in an orderly manner. I felt a little insecure about some of the clothes, and put it back down when I saw the price. Damon and Alex on the other hand kept on picking the clothes I put back without bothering to look at their price.

I tried to argue but they both wouldn’t budge so I just helped myself with some of the jeans and leggings that caught my eyes. Alex also helped me in picking hoodies and sweaters. My hoodies were plain and simple, I’d never imagine myself to be getting expensive things.

After getting a lots of clothes from the mall Damon paid for them and we left the building, going over to the parking lot. Holding six shopping bags in each hands seemed fun to me, but not for Alex and Damon who kept on grumbling about never going shopping again with me. Haha, I really stressed them out and it was fun.

“Oh shit!” Damon cursed as we all got inside the car. “Uh guys I think you should both check your phones.” He sounded nervous.

Confused, me and Alex both pulled out our phones. My eyes immediately widened when I saw the text and missed calls from Xavier. 40 missed call and 25 text messages?!

“Um guys.” I said. “An angry Xavier isn’t that bad, right?” They both simultaneously shook their heads and I gulped.

‘We are in so much trouble’


“Why can’t you guys just go to your own rooms?” I whisper-yelled at Damon and Alex.

“Ssh.” Damon whispered back. “If you don’t shut up he’s going to hear us!”

“Stop yelling.” Alex whispered harshly to the both of us.

When we got home, Damon managed to park Xavier’s car in the garage without making any noise, he suggested that we should hide until Xavier cools down for a bit cause we don’t know how mad he is at the three of us. The shopping bags were still in the car, as much as I want to take them to my room and try them all out, I cant cause it will slow us down.

“Because yours is clo-”

“Where have you three been?” An angry vouce asks making Alex, Damon and I let out a high-pitched shriek. We whipped our head around to see Xavier staring at us with an angry expression. His lips were pressed in a thin line, arms crossed over his chest as he gave us a deadpanned look.

“Living room. Now.” Xavier ordered, before any of us could say anything he stomped downstairs. I gulped and slowly trailed behind Damon and Alex as they went down to the living room.

“Wonderful weather we’re having today.” Damon blurted out as we were all seated on the couch. Xavier sat opposite us with a deep frown on his face.

“Dude, seriously.” Alex said, staring at Damon as if he is the most crazy person on the planet

“It just slipped.” Damon pouted, turning to face Xavier only to flinch when he saw that his brother was glaring straight at him.

“Hey big bro what’s up?” Damon asked nervously. Xavier only narrowed his eyes at Damon. “What’s up?” He laughed. “You’re seriously asking me that!”

“Geez sorry what crawled up pants today.” Damon muttered but sadly Xavier heard that.

“Damon Alessandro Hill i’ve had enough of your childishness, now hand me your phone.” Xavier said firmly.

Damon gaped at him. “You cant do that!”

“I believe I can, aunt Emily put me in charge of you and Alex while she’s in colorado and besides you’re seventeen so you don’t have a say in this.” Damon grumbled in response, reluctantly handing Xavier his phone.

“Do I really have to give you my phone?” I whined.

“Yes. Phone. Now.” He ordered. I dramatically huffed and gave him my phone, to which he smiled at. He then turned to Alex who still hasn’t given Xavier his phone, which I could tell took him by surprise but he masked it up with his usual blank stare.

“Alex, your phone.” Xavier ordered in a firm tone. Alex didn’t hand Xavier his phone, still looking down at his lap.

“No.” Alex said out of the blue. Me and Damon gawked at him, did he really just say no to Xavier. Its not like any of us cant say no to Xavier, but Alex has always been the good and quiet boy so am very intruiged as to why he said no.

Xavier cocked a brow. “Did you just say no?” He stood up now, looking down at his younger brother who still refuse to utter a word.

I was more surprised when Alex got up from the couch and stared at Xavier, looking up at him. You heard me damn right I said no.” Xavier looked stunned and so did Damon.

Xavier narrowed his eyes at Alex. “You need to stop acting like this right now Alexander.” His voice held a warning tone.

“I need to stop?” Alex said drily. “No! You need to stop! I know that you’re not angry that we went out without telling you. You’re just worried that something might have happened to us and nothing happened. Am sick of you treating me and Damon like we’re a bunch of five yr olds, stop this protective brother act of yours and take a break! I hate the fact that you always worry about Damon and I constantly!”

“Of course I will worry about you two, you’re my brothers!” Xavier yelled back. I quickly took the phones from his hand cause he looked like he was ready to throw it across the room out of anger.

“Um guys calm down.” Damon stuttered, trying to get his brothers attention.

“No Damon!” Alex yelled. “He needs to stop treating us like we’re children, you yourself knows that.”

“Stop acting like a a childish brat Alex.” Xavier growled. “Give me your phone. Now.”

“You’re just like him!” Alex screamed in anger.


I stared at Xavier with wide eyes as he looked down at Alex with guilt written on his face. Xavier looked down at the hand he used to slap Alex. “Alex am sorry I didn’t mean to.” His voice cracked.

“I hate you!” Alex yelled, tears streaming down from his eyes as he ran upstairs.

“Damon please can you t-” Xavier started but Damon cut him off by giving Xavier a hug.

“I’ll talk to him.” Damon said softly, pulling back from the hug. I watched as Damon gave Xavier one last hug before walking upstairs, towards Alex room.

Xavier closed his eyes and released a breath. I took his hand in mine, gently squeezing it. He opened his eyes and turned to face me. I smiled and led Xavier to the couch, as we both sat down with me still holding onto his hand. I ignored the tingles I felt when he used his thumb to trace circles at the back of my palm.

“I failed to keep my anger in check and I hit my baby brother because of it.” He spoke quietly.

“I know you didn’t mean to hit Alex, please don’t feel guilty.” We just stayed in silence for a while, holding hands before I decided to break the silence with a question that has been bugging me.



“Alex cant just get mad at you for worrying about him and Damon. Did something happened before?”

“Yes.” He breathed in carefully, turning his head to look at me. “My father was abusive.”


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