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A wish episode 5

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A wish episode 5 by : 6:58 am On March 18, 2022
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🌼A Wish🌼
Written by Divine Peter

Chapter 5

The annoying blaring sound from my alarm clock woke me up at exactly 5:30, I turned the alarm off and sat up, yawning. I got up from the bed and waltzed my way over to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and took my bath, wrapping a towel around my chest and hair.

After drying my hair I walked over to my wardrobe, searching for what to put on today. When I saw my reflection in the mirror, I could still see a red mark on my cheek from the punch Liam gave me. I decided to go with a black long sleeve turtle neck, blue jeans and a pair of white converse.

I grabbed my backpack and headed downstairs to the kitchen, to make pancakes and hot chocolate for breakfast. My eyes flickered to the stairs, seeing Liam making his way over to the kitchen. He had bags under his eyes, his hair was a mess. Without noticing me, Liam casually made his way to the fridge and grabbed a bottled water.

“Good morning sir.” He replied with a gruff ‘Morning’

“Um sir c-c-can i-i… Um-”

“Spit it out bitch!” Liam glared at me.

“A boy in my class was paired with me to do a project, can I go over to his place after we close from school?” I blurted out.

Liam narrowed his eyes at me and walked up to me, his 6’2 towering over my 5’9 height. I gulped and looked down but he harshly gripped my chin, forcing me to look up at him. He seems to be searching for any signs if am lying to him. He finally let go off my chin and I internally released a breath.

“You can.” Liam grumbled.

“Thank you sir.” I quickly walked out of the kitchen and headed to the door in the living room. I opened the door, closing it gently bebind me. I held my backpack tight as I walked to school. When I arived in school, I kept my head down and walked up to my locker.

Placing my backpack in my locker, I closed it and was about to head up to the roof when a voice stopped me. “Brielle? Oh, hey Brielle!”

Fudge! Its Damon!

Without looking back, I sprinted down the hallway, trying to avoid being seen by Damon. I could hear him running after me and calling my name.

“Brielle! Hold up!” I heard Alex yell. Oh god now its Alex? When I could hear their approaching footsteps close by I increased my pace. I opened the door to a random classroom and ran inside, leaning against the wall. I heaved a sigh of relief, thinking I was free.

“Why are you avoiding us?” A voice suddenly said out of no where. I shrieked, whipping my head so fast to where the voice came from. Xavier was standing few feets away from me, his arms crossed and his face was blank as usual. I quickly looked down, remembering the bruise on my cheek.

“Am not avoiding you.” I replied, still kerping my head down while fiddling with my f!ng£rs. Xavier let out a frustrated sigh and was about to say something when the back door flung open. I raised my head a little and saw that it was just Alex and Damon.

“Oh you found her! I don’t why she was running! She’s not suppose to be scared of us anymore, when she saw me she started running an-” Xavier slapped his hand over Damon’s mouth.

“Your rambling is really annoying.” Damon must have licked Xavier’s hand cause he immediately removed his hand, his face scrunching up in disgust.

“f√¢king pig.” Xavier muttered. Damon just smirked at him. As they snapped their heads to my direction I quickly looked down, playing with the hem of my top.

“Brielle why are you looking down?” Alex soft voice asked. Oh fudge! Am doomed!

“Brielle.” Damon called, his voice tone sounding serious. “Look at us.”

“I-i um…” Gosh am speechless. I slowly walked backwards, trying to run but went stiff when I felt a presence in front of me. The presence has such a cold and intimidating aura.

“Brielle, look at me.” Xavier demanded, his turning voice deeper. When I didn’t respond Xavier gripped my chin in his f!ng£rs and slowly raised my head up. He pushed my hair to the side of my face, revealing the red mark on my cheek. Alex gasped a little, his eyes flickering with different emotions. The look on Damon face nearly made me shrink back in fear. His fist were balled up, jaw clenched, his light brown eyes darkened dangerously. He looked ready to kill. If this is Damon’s reaction then how will Xavier react? I slowly brought my eyes to Xavier, who still held my chin. His grey eyes looks stormy, full of anger and rage, veins were popping out in his arms, his perfect jaw was clenched. The look in his eyes made me want to run away from him but I knew his anger wasn’t directed at me.

I turned to face the side when he brought his eyes down to look at me, but he gripped my jaw.

“Brielle.” I flinched at the tone of his voice. “Who did this?”

“Um n-no one.” I stuttered, looking down at my hands only for Xavier to hold my chin again, forcing me to look at him.

“No one?” Damon scoffed. “Stop lying to us Brielle, just tell the damn truth!”

“Just tell us Brielle, who did this to you?” Alex soft voice had authority and sterness in them. I shrinked under their intense stares. Just when I was about to speak up, the bell rang.

Thank God! Saved by the bell.

Seeing that Xavier was distracted, I quickly opened the door and ran towards my locker, grabbing my books before heading to class. The class was filled up and as usual I got glares from most of the students. I slid into the back row and sat down. Alex was the next to walk in class, taking a seat beside me. I brought out a book and pretended to read it when I felt his eyes on the side of my face. A hand snatched the book am reading from my hands, I turned to glare at the person only to see that it was Alex, who held it while glaring at me.

I sighed, rubbing my forehead. “What is it this time?”

“You have’nt told me or the guys what happened to your face.” He deadpanned.

“I ran into a wall.” I blurted out.

Alex eyebrows creased in a confused manner. “Am not stupid Brielle, if you ran into a wall am suppose to see the bruise on your nose not your cheek.” Before I could reply the teacher walked in. I used that as an opportunity to snatch my book back from Alex.

Alex leaned forward and whispered in my ear. “Just know that you cant lie to Xavier, he’ll force the truth out of you.” He had a satisfied smirk on his face when he heard me gulp.

When the bell later rang for lunch after third period, I got up and walked out of class. Most students that passed didn’t glare, push or trip me. I sighted Damon walking towards me with a smug smirk, playing at the edge of his lips.

“Let’s walk to the cafeteria together Brielle!” Damon wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pulling me close to him as he playfully ruffled my hair. What happened to the scary Damon from early this morning?

I noticed that most students scrambled away when they saw Damon with me.

Furrowing my brows, I faced Damon with a questionong stare. “What did you do?”

“Nothing, I just had a little chat with some of the students in school.”

“Okay…” I drawled out, not believing him.

“Great!” Damon exclaimed. “Let’s head over to the cafeteria, ladies first.” He bowed dramatically, gesturing his hands towards the cafeteria. I rolled my eyes and walked pass Damon, with him trailing behind me. When we got to the cafeteria, I spotted Xavier and Alex already seated at my usual table. Well its our table now. Me and Damon got our lunch and walked down towards the table. My eyes drifted to where Zayn and his friends sat, he was glaring straight at me. What made me gasp was the bandage on his knuckles, his nose was badly bruised. It wasn’t hard to figure out that it was Damon who punched Zayn, considering the fact that Zayn is seething with rage while glaring at Damon.

I sat down and started munching on my food, when I felt eyes on me. I looked up to see Alex, Xavier and Damon giving me angry glares. I thought Damon was happy before? I gulped and looked down at my food, ignoring their stares.

“Brielle.” Alex called and I faced him.


“Got something to tell us?”

“Yes, I know you punched Zayn, Damon but I swear he wasn’t the one who punched me a-” I clasped my mouth shut, realising that I just told them I got punched.

“And what?” Damon asked in a dark tone.

“N-nothing.” I squeaked.

“Brielle.” Xavier said in a warning tone, giving me one of his cold intimidating stares. “Who punched you?”

“M-m-my u-um.” Oh my gosh why am I stuttering like this? Xavier is really good at making you feel so small with only a stare.

“Don’t you trust us?” Alex asked, catching me offguard. Do I trust them? I only met them yesterday yet i feel like i’ve known them for years. I feel safe with them, mostly Xavier. Oh my gosh Brielle you did not just say that.

I sighed, not believing I was about to do this. “I cant say I trust you guys yet, but I promise to tell you everything. Not in school though.”

Xavier nodded. “Where do you want us to talk about it?” He asked, his cold stare softening.

“Alex and I have a project to do, so maybe your place?” Xavier nodded again and I let out a breath I didn’t even know I was holding. The three soon forgot about the whole punch thing and we all made small talks. Damon keeps on cracking funny jokes that made me laugh so hard, my cheeks were hurting. I was more surprised to see Xavier laugh. For the first time in years I actually felt happy and safe with the people who I can call my friends.


“Are you going to get in or what?” Damon asked staring at me with an amused expression. I didn’t listen to him though, I just stood there gaping at the most beautiful and coolest car i’ve ever seen. When the boys offered me a ride after school closed, I didn’t expect to see a black audi sports car. It looks so cool and expensive.

“We don’t have all day Brielle.” Xavier said drily. “Get in.” He sat in the front seat behind the wheels while Damon took shotgun. I sat at the back with Alex, staring through the tinted windows.

When we finally arrived at the boys place, I didnt expect to see a house five times bigger than mine.

A fudging mansion!

I got out of the car when Xavier parked in their enormous garage. I saw two other sports cars there.

“Welcome to our humble abode.” Damon said sarcastically.

“Humble abode? Its a fudging mansion!” I exclaimed. Xavier chuckled and Alex just smiled. If I thought outside the mansion was so beautiful, then inside is enormously perfect. A huge golden chandelier hung gloriously in the middle of the living room.

I faced the trio. “You guys live here?”

“Yep.” Alex said poppoing the p.

“Why do you three stay alone? Where are your parents?” I asked curiously, and immediately regretted it. Alex had a sad and scared look on his face, Xavier grey eyes darkened and Damon fist were balled up.

“I’m so s-sorry guys! I didn’t mean to ask that! Please don’t hit me.” I rambled, backing away from them.


“I should have known its personal but my big mouth won’t shut up! I’m sorry!”


“You guys have been so nice to me and here I am acting like a bitch, you’re the only true friends I have and i know you guys hate me now just because I couldn’t ke-”

“Brielle!” Xavier voice boomed. I stopped rambling and stared at him with wide eyes as he carefully approached me. “We don’t hate you and will never ever hurt you. Understood?” I nodded, releasing a breath.

“So are you going to talk to us now?” Alex asked sheepishly.

“Yeah.” I smiled. They led me to a couch in the living room and I awkwardly sat down. The couch looks so expensive and soft, I was afraid that any slightest mistake will ruin it.

Taking a deep breath, I inhaled and exhaled two times before speaking up.

“My step-father abuses me.”

“What?” The three said simutaneously.

“My step-father.” I said, taking a deep breath. “He abuses me.”

“He punched me yesterday cause I was late.” Silence, they were all silent as they stared at me.

“Can you.” Xavier started, his hands were gripping the golden edge of the couch so tight, his knuckles turned white. “Can you please tell us everything, from how it all happened?” He was trying to control himself same goes for Damon and Alex.


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