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A wish episode 4

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A wish episode 4 by : 5:11 pm On March 17, 2022
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🌼A Wish🌼
Written by Divine Peter

Chapter 4

“What the fudge?!”

Damon snickered. “Fudge?”

I glared at him. “I don’t like swearing.”

I turned to face Xavier who was already looking at me with his usual blank expression. “Why did you do that?” I asked him.

“Do what?”

“Defend me!” I exclaimed angrily.

“Aren’t you suppose to say thank you.” Alex chirped. I forget that he’s here, considering the fact that he’s been really quiet.

I scowled at him. “He just made it worse!”

“What do you mean by that?” Xavier demanded. “Don’t tell me you were going to let that asshole order your around, I helped you, the least you can say is thank you.”

I shook my head, backing away from them. “No! Don’t you get it? Because of what you did my bullying is only going to get worse. Zayn is going to be breathing down my neck every 24/7 in school.” They all stared at me, speechless. Alex and Damon jaw hung open, eyes wide. While Xavier still had his usual blank look on but I did see a flash of pity flicker in his eyes.

Giving them one last glare, I stormed pass them and went to my favourite place in the school building, the roof. When I got there I sat down, pulling my knees close to my chest. while looking up at the sky. I know what I said to Xavier was terrible and I sounded ungrateful, but I cant help in getting angry at him. My previous friends who tried to defend me got bullied by Zayn friends and it only made Zayn bully me more. The people who I had called my friends abandoned me the next day and soon joined my tormentors.

Last summer Zayn got suspended because I reported him to the vice principal when he cheated off my test script. I was in for it when he came back, he made all his friends to punch and kick me. That day I got a broken nose.

I groaned when the bell rang, indicating that lunch was over. I quickly stood up and dusted my backside before heading towards my locker. I got my books and went to the next class.


The class is already filled up.


the only available seat is between Damon and Xavier. I thought they’re both seniors, why are they here in economic’s class? Oh, we usually have some classes with seniors.

I hesitantly walked over to the back row and sat down between Damon and Xavier, trying not to glance at either of them.

“You might wanna fix that scowl on your face.” Damon whispered in my ear, his warm breath tickling my cheek.

“Leave. Me. Alone.” I gritted out.

“Am not holding you cupcake.” He smirked.

I rolled my eyes and turned to face Xavier. “Is he always like this?”

Xavier shrugged. “Sort of.” His face suddenly changed into that of a serious expression as he pinned me with his gaze, I really want to look away and avoid his beautiful grey eyes, but out of pure intimidation I cant.

“Are you being bullied?” He asked, I could see the way his perfect jaw was clenched as he gave me a look that says ‘don’t you dare lie to me’

I gulped, not expecting that question from him. “What makes you think that am being bullied.”

Damon snorted. “Oh cupcake its pretty obvious.” I decided to just ignore the cupcake thing cause I knew Damon wasn’t going to stop calling me that.

“Like the way you allowed that moron order you around.” Xavier pointed out.

“Plus, you seemed so scared of us when you bumped into Xavier.” Damon stated.

“It doesn’t matter, you’ll just turn up like them.” I muttered.

“No matter how a girl annoy the crap out of me, I can never lay my hand on her.” Xavier said, staring at my eyes. I blushed and looked down, feeling butterflies flutter in the pit of my stomach. The awkward silence was tuned down as we focused on the oblivious teacher who was teaching the class about Elasticity of Demand and supply.

As the class ended, Xavier was the first to get up and pack his books, he whispered something to Damon before leaving. I decided to walk with Damon to my next class cause I was scared that Zayn will corner me somewhere in the hall or janitor closet. Noah, one of Zayn friends sighted me and he immediately glared. Damon noticed my stiff form and glanced at where Noah was.

“What?” Damon spat.

Noah shook his head, smirking. “Just wanted to let the bitch know that Zayn is out to get her.” He walked out of the class before Damon could say anything.

“Unbelievable.” Damon muttered, pinching the bridge of his nose.”

“Meet me, Xavier and Alex in the school backyard after the bell rings for closing.” With that, Damon walked out of the class, leaving me confused.


“Let me down this instant, this is kidnapping!” I exclaimed, trying to wiggle myself free from Xavier tight grip.

“Stay still.” Xavier grumbled, a hint of annoyance in his tone, but I don’t care. Doesn’t he knows its rude to throw someone over your shoulder.

“We just want to talk.” Alex said softly.

“No shit sherlock!”

“So the good girl curses.” Damon said, I could practically imagine the smug smirk on his lips. I groaned out loud and gave up, letting the trio take me away.


my last chat with Damon earlier in school today, about me meeting him, Xavier and Alex in the school backyard after closing. When school ended I reluctantly went to the school backyard and I saw them. At first I was scared, thinking they called me over there to beat me up. But the looks on their faces made me relax. I thought it was just to have a conversation but Damon said I should go with them to the park. I immediately refused. Alex and Damon pleaded but I refused to give in.

However Xavier patient with me finally reached its limits. The next thing I knew is him throwing me over his shoulder like I weighed nothing. That’s how I got angry and demanded to be put down.

As Xavier finally set me down, I stumbled a little due to the fact that I was upside down for ten minutes. Xavier steadied me, his hands on my shoulder.

Muttering a small ‘thank you’ I faced the trio, my arms crossed over my chest as I glared at them, waiting for someone to explain to me what the fudge is going on.

Xavier was the first to speak up, clearing his throat. “We um… wanted to talk to you.”

I shot him a blank look. “I know, that’s why am waiting for you guys to explain to me what the fudge is going on!”

“We have a deal to make with you.” Damon stated.

I furrowed my brows, feeling slightly confused. “Huh?”

“We’ve noticed that from your recent actions today, you get bullied everyday. Right?” Xavier asked and I nodded my head. “The deal is that you’ll become our friend and stick with us, and we’ll make sure you’re not hurt in anyway. If you don’t trust us after two weeks, we’ll be out of your hair and won’t bother you but that doesn’t mean we’ll abandon and let you get hurt.” I listened as Xavier explained, before coming to a conclusion.

“But why?”

“What?” Damon asked in confusion.

I released a breath, looking down at my hand. “Why would you want to be friends with someone like me? Why not any other girl in school?”

“You’re the only girl in school who didn’t look at us like we’re some piece of meat. You’re kind and humble.” Alex said, flashing me a genuine smile. I smiled back at him.

“And you looked lonely.” Damon blurted out, wincing as Alex slapped him behind the head.

I gawked at Damon, slightly offended by his statement. “I’m not lonely!”

Xavier snorted. “Almost all the school hates your guts and you don’t have friends.” I pursed my lips, tugging at the hem of my hoodie.

“Fine.” I mumbled.

“What?” Alex asked, not sure if he heard me right.

“I said fine! I’ll be your friend.” Alex and Damon both had excited smiles on their faces, except for Xavier who is very good at masking up his emotions with a blank expression.

“There will be rules.” Xavier stated bluntly.

“Rules?” I asked confused. Xavier nodded and handed me a paper. The handwritting was really neat. I sat down on a bench beside the tree that shaded the four of us, and began reading the rules out loud.

“1. We tell each other everything. If Brielle has a problem that’s bothering her she has to come to us.

2. No one is to make Brielle feel sad, scared or uncomfortable.

3. One of us should always be with Brielle wherever she goes in school, except the girls restroom.

4. Brielle is not allowed to sit alone when its lunch time.

5. Refrain from making Brielle feel insecure.

6. Brielle should not feel timid when she’s on her lady days.

7. Brielle should’nt refuse anything given to her from us.

8. No secrets should be hidden if its serious.”

“I’m not telling you guys when am on my period.” I blurted out, feeling my face heat up in embarrassment as I read the sixth rule again. Damon face immediately reddened as he cursed under his breath.

“Well….” Alex said, his face heating up. “We need to know just in case you’re having mood swings.”

“So we can get you chocolates and stuffs…” Xavier trailed off, scratching the back of his neck. Its a little funny and cute seeing him flustered.

‘Get a hold of yourself Brielle’

“No!” I exclaimed. “Can we just drop it.” They nodded simultaneously, letting out a relieved sigh.

I got up and handed the paper back to Xavier. “Who wrote these rules anyway?”


I snorted. “I’m not surprised.”

Damon immediately frowned. “What does that mean?”

Alex placed a hand on Damon shoulder. “No offence bro, but those rules are not well written.”

“What?” Damon exclaimed. “Don’t blame me I just scribbled it out in class.”

“Its a shitty writing.” Xavier said bluntly. Damon gasped, as he faked a sniff.

“But you did great though.” I commented, giving Damon a soft smile. His eyes lit up like a kid who was given a chocolate bar.

He childishly stuck his tongue out at Xavier who rolled his eyes, muttering someting about ‘immaturity’ under his breath. I chuckled and glanced up at sky. My eyes widened when I saw what time it is.


“Fudge, fudge, fudge!”

“What’s wrong?” Alex asked, his tone lacing with concern. Even Damon and Xavier stared at me with worried expressions.

“I-i g-gotta go.” I quickly picked up my bag and ran, ignoring their calls.

By the time I arrived home my palms were sweaty when I saw Liam’s car parked in the garage. I gulped, walking towards the front door. The door creaked a little when I opened it. Inside was quiet, too quiet. Just as I turned, am met with a fist. The force of the hit sent me stumbling backwards, losing my balance. I screamed in pain, tears bluring my vision as I held my throbbing cheek. I looked up to see Liam hovering over me, his eyes bloodshot red.

“You’re late.” He said with a dark glint in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, I lost track of time.” I whimpered, cowering away but he held my arm in a death grip as he glared dangerously at me.

“When am done dealing with you, you’ll remember to come home right on time.” Liam punched me in the stomach. I gasped, trying to hit him but he was five times stronger than me.

After Liam got tired of punching me, he straightned himself up and walked out if the living room. I dragged my body to my room and grabbed the first aid kit. I swallowed some painkillers and cleaned up my bruises before I got up and went to the kitchen, to cook dinner. Liam deprived me of food and I had no problem with it.

My homework wasn’t that much, so I didn’t have a problem in working on all of them. As I lay on my bed to sleep, my last thought was.

‘How am I going to explain the bruise on my cheek and arm to Xavier, Damon and Alex.’


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