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A wish episode 34

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A wish episode 34 by : 10:09 am On April 2, 2022
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🌼A Wish🌼
By Divine Peter

Chapter 34

My brows furrowed together at Dad’s statement. Dad? I’m not really comfortable in calling him Dad cause its still new to me and i just met him yesterday.

“Dont take this the wrong way because this might sound weird, but please what is your name?” I asked uncertainly.

Nothing in his features portrayed any signs of anger or hurt, instead he smiled warmly at me. “Alessandro, Alessandro Victor Ross.”

I nodded. “So that is what the R stands for.”

His eyebrows knitted together. “R?”

“Yes, back at home, my boyfriend and i were trying to look up on some information about my real parents so we searched and found a picture of me with some details that had my name written on it. It only showed Brielle Valentina R.”

He chuckled. “Must have been really confusing.”

I smiled. “Yeah, it was.”

“Is it okay if i call you Alessandro?” I blurted out. “Am still not really comfortable in calling you Dad.”

“I understand.” Alessandro said softly.

“So what happened after i got kidnapped?” I asked, wanting to get back to our previous discussion about the fire outbreak.

Alessandro eyes glimmered with anger. “The impact of the smoke made me go unconscious but luckily, help arrived on time before i could have been seriously injured. I woke up the next day in the hospital, my condition wasn’t really serious. The wood did hit me on the head but there wasn’t anything more than a bruise, but i had a broken arm and it was in a cast for months.”

“I’m sorry you had to go true all that pain.” I apologized.

Alessandro gave a small smile. “There’s nothing for you to be sorry about Brielle. Actually, i really didn’t care about my bruises and broken arm. My main concern was finding you. I was devastated, i searched for you but i still couldn’t find you. It was like you suddenly disappeared from existence. I almost gave up in searching for you but then Madison came along in my life, she encouraged me to never give up on you and was very supportive.”

“Madison?” I questioned. “Your wife who was seated beside you yesterday?”

Alessandro smiled. “Yes, i got married to her a year after you left. We met at a gym. At first we started of at friends but after some months we dated before i then proposed to her.”

“I would love to meet her.” I said, with a smile.

“Madison was surprisingly excited to see you even when our first meet-up didn’t go well.” Alessandro scratched the back of his neck.

“Well i hope to meet her too.” I said, taking a sip out of my coffee. “Since she’s my step-mom, we might as well get along.”

“You’ll love her.” He said, with a small smile. A comfortable silence stretched out between us and i subconsciously leaned against my chair, shutting my eyes for a brief moment.

My eyes shot open when Alessandro chuckled. “What?” I asked, feeling my cheeks heat up in embarrassment.

“That’s what i always do in meetings when am lost for words, lean against the chair and close my eyes.”

“Me too.” I laughed.

“So, Brielle.” Alessandro leaned close to the table, his elbow placed down on his lap as he stared at me with those pair of identical blue orbs. “So far our conversation has gone well, i answered your questions and i think you should also answer mine.”

Where is he going with this?

“Do you by any chance remember what happened after you were kidnapped.”

I tensed up at his words. It never crossed my mind that Alessandro might also be curious about what happened to me. Beneath his casual stare, i could also see worry and concern pooling in his eyes.

No, i cant tell him or else he’ll blame himself for what happened to me.

“I uh, um the man who kidnapped me was uh a really mean man, he locked me up in his basement but luckily, i found a phone in the basement and called the police. So the man got arrested and i was put into foster care. Um so when i turned sixteen i ran away from foster care. That’s when i bumped into Xavier, Damon and Alex. We became friends and they took care of me, bought stuff for me and um we played a lot. So that’s what happened.” I cringed at my choice of words all in the name of a lie. I’ve never been really good at lying. Even little Johnny will know that am lying when he listens to what i just said.

Alessandro stared at me for some seconds, his face blank. He shook his head in amusement and snickered.

I frowned. “What’s so funny?”

“Your mother was always terrible at lying and i can see that you inherited that from her.” His expression suddenly turned serious and stern. “I dont like lies Brielle so tell me the truth, please.”

I glanced down at my lap and sighed, looking back up to face Alessandro. “Is it okay if we talk about it at some place that is a little more pr!v@te.”

Alessandro nodded and stood up, fishing out a few dollars from his pocket and placing it on the table. We both exited the building, walking towards the park with an awkward silence between us.

“I was abused.” I blurted out. “I was abused physically and verbally for nine years.”

Alessandro lips parted in shock, his features clouding with different emotions. Pain, anger, hurt and guilt.

“I dont really remember much. But when i was young, i woke up in the hospital and saw a man, he said he was my Dad and i believed him. At first he was really nice to me, he was a loving and caring man. He then started abusing me when i was only eight. I thought it will stop but it continued and got worse day by day. He would call me names and hit me. He always said i was a mistake and that i deserve to die. I never allowed his words to get in my head, the stars made me believe that one day i will be with people that l will love me and it happened. I have friends i consider as brothers, a best friend and an amazing boyfriend. They showed me love with the short period of time i’ve been with them.” A smile made its way to my face at the thought of the people who showed me love.

Alessandro had a small smile on his face but his expression was clouded with hurt and pain.

“My stepfather abuses got worse day by day.” I continued, causing the smile on Alessandro face to falter. “I was not only abused by him but i also got bullied in school. Xavier, Damon and Alex were the one’s who defended me and after that we became friends. I never told them about my stepdad but they got suspicious when i came to school with a bruised cheek.”

I inhaled and exhaled, wiping my teary eyes with my sleeve. I didn’t flinch or move backwards when Alessandro held my hand as he gently stroked my palm with his thumb, instead i relaxed at the simple gesture of affection.

“Xavier, Damon and Alex were there to help when it got worst. Liam took $1000 from one of his friends just so that his friend, could… Just so that he c-could r-rape me.” I was sobbing uncontrollably when i said the last words. That day was really horrible and i dont think i will ever forget it.

Alessandro released a shaky breath and he took a step closer to me. He slowly wrapped his arms around me and that only made my cries increase. I was not crying because he’s hugging me. Am crying because the hug felt so warm and comforting. I’ve yearned for the hug of my father for so long, that right now it all feels like a dream to me.

I wrapped my arms around his torso, feeling warm and protected in his arms. I felt him klzz the top of my head, letting it linger there for a few seconds. After a minute or two, we both released from the hug.

“But now.” I continued, letting out a shaky breath. “He’s in jail, with his moronic friend that tried to rape me.”

“What is your step-father’s name?” He asked, his eyes showing nothing but anger.

“Liam, Liam Johnson.”

Alessandro closed his eyes and suddenly kicked hard at the tree in front of us. “Liam, i thought that bastard will finally leave me alone but clearly i was wrong about it.”

My eyes widened. “You know him?”

“Liam was my step-brother. He was always jealous of me because my Dad favours me over him. He isn’t even blood related to my Dad, but was still jealous. He always saw me as a competition. Liam was really jealous and angry because your Mum preferred talking to me back then in high school. He flipped when we started dating and tried to occasionally set things up that will end me and your Mum’s relationship, but our love was stronger. Liam later did give up in trying to ruin your Mum and i relationship and i saw it as a sign that maybe he was finally changing for good.”

“When my Dad wanted me to be the next CEO of our company business, i’ve never seen Liam so pissed off. He tried to steal a huge amount of money from the company and got caught. He was suppose to be in jail for some months but we heard news that he escaped. When Liam didn’t show up for long, i was at ease because i thought that he finally gave up and left for a change. But no, he set a fire and almost killed me. Worse part of it all was that he took my child, he kidnapped my precious daughter and abused her.” Tears were already streaming down his cheeks.

“I’m sorry Brielle.” He whispered, wrapping his arms around me. “I wasn’t there to protect you. Please forgive me.”

I pulled back from the hug and stared up at him, wiping the tears off his cheeks. “Dont put the blame on yourself Dad, it wasn’t your fault. Its all in the past and i’ve forgotten about it. Right now am focusing on the future and am really happy that you’re part of it.”

Dad smiled. “Hearing the word ‘Dad’ from you makes it sound so beautiful.”

“Calling you by your first name sounds really weird and you’re my father so, Dad, is more preferable to me.” I said, grinning.

“My little bambina.” He leaned in and klzzed my forehead, wrapping his arms around me.

“Dad?” I called.

“Yes principessa?”

“Do you and Madison have kids?” I asked.

Dad pulled back from the hug and smiled brightly at me. “We have two sons. Our first son, Antonio, is twelve years old. He’s really smart and intelligent, a comic lover and a computer genius. Then our second son, Angelo, just turned six. He’s a little goofball who loves to play around. He will do anything to put a smile on your face. He’s a competitor and loves challenges. Most of his teachers say that he’s really smart for his age.”

“I would love to meet them.” I said, with a genuine smile.

Dad’s hand leveled down to my head and he gently stroked my hair. “I told them about you, they were both shocked at first but gave it a second thought and now they also want to meet their big sister.”

“Really?” I asked excitedly.

“Yes, princess.” Dad said softly. “We can go meet them now if you want.”

“Of course!” I held his hand and started dragging him. “Let’s go!”

I stopped when i realised that i have no idea where he lives, i dont know what his car looks like nor do i know where it is parked.

Turning around to face my Dad, i smiled sheepishly. “I have no idea what your car looks like or where it is.”

Dad lips curled up into a smirk. “Its parked where other cars are parked, at the right corner of the cafe.”

“But i dont know what it looks like.” I whined.

Dad chuckled and ruffled my hair causing me to shoot him.a playful glare. “Just kidding princess, its over there.”

“Well come on.” I managed to drag my Dad towards his car. “i cant wait to meet my step-mom and step-brothers.”


The mansion looked so luxurious and grand. The marble porch almost looks like glass. I had not interest in taking a peek at the compound. The compound is really big but the mansion is eye-catching. I was overwhelmed with how big the mansion is, if i thought Emily mansion is a like a castle, then my Dad own is definitely a castle itself.

Holding Dad’s hand, we walked side by side towards the front door.

“Angelo give me back my comic book.” A voice demanded.

“No!” Another voice exclaimed. “You wont play with me so you dont get to read your comic book.”

“Angelo i swear to God if my comic book is in anyway torn, am never talking to you again!”

“That’s mean.” A voice said quietly. “Mummy! Anty is being a big jerk!”

Dad sighed. “Those boys.” He opened the door, letting me step inside first.

I didn’t have enough time to admire the house cause immediately locked eyes with a tall boy, who was almost my height but i was three inches taller than him. His eyes were identical to mine and he had wavy brown hair.

I glanced down at the other small boy. His eyes were a pair of beautiful Emerald green colour and he had blond hair like mine.

“Daddy!” The little boy, who i guess it Angelo, ran to Dad. Dad picked him up and placed him on his hip.

“Daddy, who is she?” Angelo whispered, not so quietly.

Dad chuckled. “I’ll introduce you and Antonio to her.”

“Welcome home Dad.” Antonio greeted, making his way towards us. His eyes met mine again and he stared at me curiously.

“Hey, son.” Dad ruffled his hair and Antonio shot him a glare.

“Who is she, Dad?” Antonio was really straight-forward.

“Boys, remember i told you guys about my daughter?”

“Yeah, you said you and Mum met her yesterday.” Antonio said, his eyebrows creased together.

“She’s our stepsister and her name is Brielle.” Angelo chimed in.

“Yep, so i want you guys to meet your sister, i mean step-sister, Brielle.”

“Um, hi.” I gave a small wave at the two boys.

“You’re going to be our big sister?” Angelo asked innocently.

I shot him a genuine smile. “Yes, Angelo.”

“You know my name?” He asked, grinning widely.

“Dad told me.”

“I like her, Daddy and am happy that she’s my big sister!” Angelo exclaimed.

“That’s good to know, baby boy.” Dad ruffled Angelo hair, setting him down on the floor.

I turned to Antonio who was awkward scratching the back of his neck. “Hi, am Antonio, nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too, Antonio.” I said, with a smile.

“Well, um Dad told us about you and i hope we get along really well. And am happy that you’re our sister.”

“Uh, is Antonio shy?” I cooed, pinching his cheeks.

Antonio glared at me and swatted my hand away, his cheeks turning crimson red. “I’m not.” He muttered.

“I’ll leave you kids to hang out for a while then i’ll get your Mum, cause she too is also excited to meet Brielle.” Dad said, walking towards a blue marble staircase.

“So what do you two wanna do?” I asked. A tug on my pants made me slightly jump and i glanced down to see Angelo, grinning up at me, his arms stretched up.

“He likes to be picked up.” Antonio muttered beside me, a grim expression on his face.

I shrugged and picked up little Angelo, setting him on my hip. He was pretty light.

“Let’s watch a movie?” I suggested.

“Yes!” They both exclaimed happily.

I chuckled. “Okay, what movie do you guys wanna watch?”

“Let’s watch the flash!” Antonio said excitedly. Wow his mood changes quite fast.

“No i wanna watch SpongeBob.” Angelo complained.

“How about we watch the flash first, then we can SpongeBob.”

“Sounds fair to me.” Antonio said, with a small shrug.

“Its a deal!” Angelo grinned.


“Bye Dad.” I klzzed his cheek.

“See you tomorrow princess.” He said, with a smile. I waved him goodbye till he was out of sight.

“I can see that you had a great time.” I screamed and whirled around to face Ava, who was seated on the front porch, drinking a strawberry smoothie.

“Dont scare me like that.” I puffed out a breath and plodded towards the porch. “And you’re right i had a great time. My Dad and i talked and he took me to his house. I met my step-brothers and step-mom. Antonio and Angelo are really cute and friendly kids. Madison, they’re Mum is really kind and cheerful. She is a fashion designer and i got to see some of her beautiful and latest designs!”

Ava smiled. “I’m glad to see you look so happy, you finally found your family, but what about your Mum? You didn’t mention her.”

The smile on my face instantly vanished. “She’s dead. Tomorrow, Dad promised to take me to where she was buried.”

I brought out the golden locket in my pocket. “He gave me this, Mum wanted me to have the locket when am a teenager.”

Ava smiled softly. “Its beautiful.”

“It is.” I whispered, sitting down beside Ava and staring up at the evening sky. “Dad told me some stuff about my Mum. How she always loves to sing to me when i was still in her stomach.”

“I know that she is proud of you and will always watch over you.” Ava placed a gentle hand on my shoulder.

“Thanks for being my best friend, Ava.” I said, giving her a warm smile.

“Hey, i dont need a thank you. Best friends always comfort each other and talk about things together. You’re not just my best friend Brielle, you’re also my sister.”

I pulled her in for a hug. “And you’re my sister too.”

“Hate to interrupt the lovely moment but Aunt Emily wants all teenagers in the house to head up to the library for a pr!v@te meeting.” Ava and i pulled away and turned to face Alex.

“Help us up.” Ava and i said simultaneously.

Alex sighed and used both his hands to pull me and Ava up.

“Ouch, you’re really strong.” I rubbed my wrist and dusted my backside.

“He’s been working out a lot.” Ava said smugly.

“Any pretty girl you’re trying to impress?” I asked, wiggling by brows at Alex.

“Shut up you two.” He groaned.

“We’re only complimenting you.” Ava said to Alex, with a large grin plastered on her face. “Since you’ve been working out, give me a piggy back ride!”

Alex let out an ‘oof’ when Ava suddenly jumped on his back.

He sighed and adjusted her on his back before walking towards the library, me and Ava teasing him about his workouts.

By Divine Peter.

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