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A wish episode 33

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A wish episode 33 by : 5:11 pm On April 1, 2022
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🌼A Wish🌼
Written by Divine Peter

Chapter 33

‘My Bambina?’

I opened my mouth to say something, but no words came out. All i could do was stare up at the man.

His eyes were soft and glassy. I took a side-glance at the woman, to see her face had a mixture of confusion and shock.

“W-who a-are you?” The words escaped my lips as i continue to stare at him.

“Brielle, i really cant believe its you, my Brielle.” The man breathed out, his eyes brimming with tears.

“Tell me who you are?” I demanded, my voice etched with frustration.

“I’m your father, bambina.”


It was hard to focus on the man as i tried to process what he just said. Father? My father?

I couldn’t excogitate the words i wanted to say that very moment, they were all jumbled up in my head.

A hand suddenly grip my shoulder and i was already aware that it was Xavier, cause he wears the familiar cologne that i always love to inhale and that gives me a glimpse of reassurance when am with him.

Even without taking a peek at Xavier, i knew he was shocked.

“What the hell are you talking about?” I heard Xavier demand in an aggressive tone. “You cant just come here and start saying lies, so shut the f√¢k up!”

Normally, i would reprimand Xavier when he talk to an elderly with no respect, but now i was too appalled to even say anything.

“I’m saying the truth.” The man, who claims himself as my father, said, in the same tone Xavier used. “Brielle is my daughter.”

“No.” I whispered, causing everyone attention to turn to me. “No, no, no. You cant be my father.”

The man shook his head, a sad smile across his face. “Please believe me, bambina.”

“Shut up!” I yelled out, gripping my hair in frustration. “I dont have a dad, you’re not my dad!” Even if i shout that he is not my dad a thousand times, i know deep down that he’s really my dad.

“Brielle.” I turned my attention to the woman beside him.

“What?” I laughed bitterly. “You want to tell me that you’re my mum too?”

The lady shook her head. “No Brielle, am not your mum but please believe your father, he’s telling the truth. He really is your father.”

Her words kept on repeating over and over again in my head. My father? My Dad?

No, no, no, no! Its not possible! It cant be. My father? Where was he when i was being abused? Did he throw me in foster care? Did he saw me as a mistake.

“Baby, please look at me.” Xavier soft voice brought me back to reality but this time around it didn’t do anything to reassure me.

My heart beat quickened and my chest felt heavy. Tears brimming my eyes, i looked around the room and i felt like it was closing in on me.

The mistake i made was taking one look at my so called father cause different emotions hit me. I couldn’t stand being in the same room with him so i ran. I ran outside the heavy down pouring rain, ignoring the calls for me to stop.

Never in my life did i thought i could run so fast. One thing i didn’t really like doing was running but now it felt so good. Water clung to my shirt and pants but i didn’t care, i kept on running, with no single idea of where am headed to.

I let out a painful yelp when i slipped on a muddy path which sent me falling hard on the ground. I scraped my exposed ankle on a stone. The blood oozing out of it was not my bother, instead i was thinking about what just happened.

Nine years of my childhood, i was abused. Physically and verbally. Where was my dad when all this happened. Was he actually enjoying his luxurious life? Did he made any attempt to search for me? And who was the woman beside him?

Sure, she is beautiful but she doesn’t looks like me in any way, unlike my dad who actually is a carbon copy of me. So now, where is my mum?

The unanswered questions that all jumbled in my head caused me to release a heavy sob.

I cant believe my real father just showed up out of the blue. Why now? Why couldn’t it be next year or next two years?

With shaky hands, i pulled my knees up to my chest and cried. The knots in my stomach tightned and there was a burning pain in my chest as i pressed one of my hand down to the wet grass. I tried to gasp for air bit my attempts were futile.

“Brielle!” I heard a strangled and relieved voice yell out.

“Baby its me.” Someone dropped down beside me and gripped my shoulders, forcing me to face the worried and concerned face of my boyfriend.

“X-xavier i-i-i c-cant b-breathe.”

“Brielle, ssh, calm down.” Xavier voice was soft but i could still sense a bit of panic etched to it. “Count 1-5 with me Brielle.”

“I, 2, 3, 4, 5.” While Xavier counted the numbers out loud, i counted them in my mind and i could slowly see myself breathing normally.

“Please dont ever scare me like that, princess.” I was engulfed in strong arms.

“I’m sorry.” I melted into Xavier’s arms, not wanting him to ever let go.

“You have nothing to apologize for, Brielle.” Xavier assured me, pulling back from the hug and holding both my cheeks in his hands. “You only reacted that way out of shock.”

I sniffed, tears streaming down my cheeks.

Xavier thumbs wiped my tears clean, though drops of rain were still falling on the both of us.

“C’mon, you’re freezing.” Xavier mumbled, taking off his jacket and wrapping it around me.

“Y-you’ll be cold too if you dont keep the jacket on.” I stuttered out, feeling my body tremble from the freezing cold.

“I’m more concerned about you, Brielle.” Xavier said, brushing strands of wet hair from my eyes. “Please dont fight me on this one.”

His eyes flickered down to my ankle. “How did you hurt yourself?”

“I fell down from a muddy grass.”

Xavier applied pressure to my ankle causing me to wince. “Its bruised and a bit sprained, but i’ll treat it for you once we get home.”

Xavier got up and held his hand out. Holding tightly onto his hand, i managed to get up. Xavier gently scooped me up in his arms and walked to the mansion.

When we entered, i saw that Emily, Ava, Damon, Jordan and Alex were all in the living room, including my dad and the lady who i now guess is his wife. Damon was pacing the living room, with Ava trying to calm him down. Jordan looked a little lost and confused. Alex was calmly standing beside Emily, but i did see him shoot a muderous glare at my dad.

I hid my face in Xavier chest when all the attention was snapped towards me and Xavier. I heard rushing feets hurry our way and i tried to pull out a fake-sleep act but considering the fact that my body is shivering from cold, its going to be hard to fool them.

“Brielle.” Jordan voice was soft.

“Is she alright?” No bestie, i just decided to go play in the rain cause i thought it will be fun.

“Why is she so stiff?” Because am a statue, Damon.

“She’s shivering guys and there is a bruise on her ankle, so clearly she isn’t alright.” Alex said, his tone sounded relieved and happy but i coukd also tell that he’s really worried about me.

“Ava please come with me to the room and bring a first aid kit with you.” I heard Xavier tell Ava.

“Please let me see her.” A voice pleads desperately and i recognized the voice as that of my dad.

“Cant you see she’s shivering? So get the hell out of here.” Damon voice is hard and firm.

“With all due respect.” Emily started. “I think it high time the two of you both leave.”

My Dad sighed and held his wife hand, walking towards the front door, but not before turning to Xavier. “I’ll be here tomorriw, to speak with my daughter.”

The stomping of feet and clattering of heels signaled that they were both gone.


Xavier gave my ankle a good massaging and cleaned the bruise. He prepared a hot bath for me inside the bathtub and gently set me inside, with my clothes on.

Xavier sat down on a stool and stroked my hair. “Your hair is a bit dampy, can i wash it for you?”

Staring down at my leggings, i just nodded.

The cool feeling of Xavier hands gently rubing my hair causes me to instantly feel relaxed.

Xavier finished washing my hair and went inside the room.

He returned with my towel and leaned to to plant a soft klzz on the crown of my head, before turning to walk out of the bathroom.

I managed to clean my body up, ignoring the terrible ache in my stomach. I took off my previous wet clothes and poured water all over myself one last time, before stepping outside.

I changed into my pajamas and sat down on the bed, staring at the window blankly. A soft sigh escaped my lips when my mind drifted to my father and his wife. I cant let his presense affect me this much. I wonder where my mum is. Are my Mum and Dad both divorced? Does she has another family that she loves and will want nothing to do with me?

I groaned at the throbbing pain in my head and rested it on a pillow. The door opened and closed, someone making making his way towards me.

“Brielle.” Xavier called softly, his hand rubbing circles on my shoulder. “Ava made dinner, come eat.”

“I’m not hungry.” I muttered into the pillow.

I heard Xavier sigh. “Please dont be like that princess, ice cream was the last thing you ate today and its not really healthy.”

I withdrew my face from the pillow and touched my forehead. “I really dont want to eat anything, Xavier, my head has a terrible ache.”

Xavier hands moved up to stroke my hair. “You need to stop overthinking and worrying, that’s mainly the cause of your headaches.”

I smiled. “I’ll try and not overthink or worry again.”

“But you still need to eat.” Xavier pointed out.

“Do i really have to?” I asked childishly. “Like i said, am not hungry.”

“I wont hesitate to carry you there myself, Brielle.” Xavier tone indicates that he’s not joking.

“Fine.” Xavier got up and held his hand out to me. I took it and slipped my feet in my slippers, walking fast to catch up with Xavier.

We went downstairs to the dining room and eveyone was seated there. I offered a small smile to everyone and that caused their facial expression to immediately cloud in relief. We all ate in silence, all that could be heard was our clattering of forks, spoons and knives. Only Johnny and Joshua were the only one’s talking freely to each other, not aware if the tension in the room.

“Brielle.” Emily called softly and carefully, scrutinizing my move with her eyes. “Are you okay?”

It was a simple question, yet it was enough for many thoughts to fog my mind. Am i okay? I just found out that i have a dad who i havent seen for more than nine years. I found out that my father is apparently italian, which means am also italian. The thought of my Dad abandoning me when i was so little was enough to make me feel like am worthless.

“No.” I whispered. “I’m not okay.”


“Are you sure you can talk to him alone?” Xavier asked, his eyes doing a double-take around the room.

“Yes, if i feel uncomfortable with him, I will call you.” I squeezed his hand, trying to assure him that i’ll be fine.

“Okay, princess.” Xavier leaned in to klzz me. “If you say so.”

“Where is he?” I looked around. “He said he’ll meet us here at exactly 10:00 am.”

“Speak of the devil and he shows up.” I heard Xavier mutter.

My Dad casually walked inside the cafe. I could tell he is popular because of the gasps that came from people as they stared at my Dad in awe. I could even see some middle aged woman flashing him flirty winks.

The sight made me internally gag.

He just ignored them and looked around the room till he spotted me and Xavier. He looks different than before, yesterday he was wearing a suit but now, he had on a simple blue button up shirt and black jean with a pair of white converse. His hair was gelled to the back.

With a smile spread across his face,he strode over to the table. Xavier acknowledged him with a stiff nod and my Dad returned the gesture. Xavier klzzed my forehead and gave my Dad one last glare before walking out of the cafe.

“Um, hi.” I inwardly cringed at how my voice sounded so squeaky.
“Hello, bambina.” My Dad flashed me a genuine smile.

“So, um you’re my Dad.” I said, shifting on my seat in an awkward manner.

“Yes, i mean look at us.” Dad gestured to his face. “Dont we look alike?”

I laughed. “Yes we do.”

It was quite for some seconds and broke it by calling the waiter and ordering for one mocha. When i asked my Dad what he would like, he said he loves drinking mocha coffee too, so i ordered it for the both of us.

“How old are you?” Dad asked, taking a sip out of his coffee.


He nodded but i didn’t miss the sad expression that clouded his face before he quickly masked it up.

“What about my mum?” I blurted out without thinking.

Dad face instantly morphed into sadness. “She’s dead, she died while giving birth to you.”

“Dead?” I choked out, biting my lip to hold in the sob that threatned to escape my mouth.

“I’m sorry for telling you this, Brielle.” Dad mumbles colourful words. “I shouldn’t have been so blunt with it.”

“No.” I cut in. “You weren’t being blunt and am thankful that you told me the truth instead of lying to me like some other parents usually do. I just wish, i had met her.”

“How was she like? You know, Mum?”

Dad smiled. “She was my first love. She’s humble, sassy, smart, intelligent, confident. Your mother was an amazing woman. When you were still in her stomach, she would sing songs to you. And she always tells you how much she loves you. She loves playing the acoustic guiter whike she sings. When she was on her death bed, she made me promise to always take care of you and for me to not give up on loving again.”

Dad let out a shaky breath. “I’m sorry Brielle, i broke that promise. I was suppose to care for you, love you and always protect you but you got kidnapped and taken away from me.”

I got kidnapped? Could this mean that Liam kidnapped me when i was still very young?

“How was i kidnapped?”

Dad stares at me in confusion. “You dont remember?”

I shook my head. “No, i seriously dont remember. How on earth do you expect me to remember how my life was when i was just two?”

“You were four Brielle.”

I slumped against my chair. “Then why cant i remember? Why didn’t i have a single glimspe of memory when i saw you?”

Dad shook his head and sighed. “Each time i look at you, my mind drifts off to that dreadful night.”

“A hotel where i lodged in with you.” Dad continues. “It caught fire, the fire was everywhere but all i could think about that moment was you. You were crying so hard, Brielle, and you shouted my name, you yelled for help. I managed to pass through smokes and burning woods just to get to you but a heavy wood fell on me, mostly hitting my head. The last thing i saw before i blacked out was you being dragged away by someone.”

By Divine Peter.

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