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A wish episode 29

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A wish episode 29 by : 12:56 pm On March 30, 2022
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🌼A Wish🌼
Written by Divine Peter

Chapter 29

“Y-you, um want to talk to me. About what?” I asked after the five minutes of unbearable silence was killing me.

Xavier inhaled a shaky breath and released it, his grey eyes finally meeting mine. “I’m sorry for how i behaved yesterday.”

“You shouldn’t be saying sorry to me!” I exclaimed, shocked that he told me sorry. “I was the one who hurt you, so why are you saying you’re sorry?”

Xavier leaned closer over the table and took my hand in his, gently squeezing it. “Because i know that you’re in a hard debating situation. You’ve been hurt countless times and it made you to be self-conscious about trust.”

I shook my head and withdrew my hand from his, pursing my lips. “I do trust you Xav, but i dont trust some college girls.”

“Hey, look at me.” I met his softened expression, feeling my heart swirl with warmth when he placed a soft klzz on my forehead. “No other girl will ever stop me from looking at you, i love you and that’s all that matters.”

No word came out of my mouth, even when i tried to speak. Xavier stood up from the chair and pulled my stiff form up with him, wrapping his arms around me.

A tear slipped down from my eyes and soon, i was sobbing hysterically. My cries came out muffled since i was pressed against my boyfriend chest.

Xavier rubbed my back, his deep voice murmuring soothing words in my ear. “I’m sorry Xavier. I’m really sorry!”

“Its okay Brielle.” Xavier consoled. “You dont have to apologize.”

I pulled back from the hug, rubbing my nose and sniffing. “No. I had hurt you with my words and yelled at you.”

“I promise Brielle, i’m not mad at you anymore and i had forgiven you right after our argument so please dont beat yourself on about it.”

“You’re too kind and patient with me.” I mumbled. “You dont deserve an annoying and bratty girlfriend like me.”

“Brielle.” Xavier sighed, pulling me closer to him and holding my shoulders in a firm grip. “You’re not annoying and bratty, stop saying that about yourself.”

“I’m sorry.” I apologized in a quiet tone. “I guess i still feel guilty about our argument, yesterday. I was worried Xavier, the thought of you hating me or breaking up with me was too painful to imagine.”

“You’re not getting rid of me so easily, princess.” Xavier klzzed my forehead. “Cause i wont ever leave you.”

My cheeks instantly turned crimson red. “You really have ways with words.”

Xavier lips curled up to the side. “Really? Then i should always get a gift whenever i compliment you or tell you sweet pick up lines so wh-”

“Pick up lines are Damon’s specialty.” I interrupted.

Xavier pecked the corner of my mouth. “Don’t interrupt me Brielle.”

“Well i am truly sorry prince charming.” I said sarcastically.

“Dont sass with me.” Xavier held my eyes in a stern gaze. “So as i was saying before my lovely girlfriend interrupted me. Since i always compliment you, i should get a gift. So how about we seal this beautiful moment with a klzz?”

Blushing, i craned my neck up and placed a quick klzz on his cheek.

Xavier frowned. “That’s it? You just gave me a peck.”

I inwardly rolled my eyes and leaned in to klzz Xavier, but it seems like he keeps on getting tall. Standing on my tippy toes, i wrapped my arms around Xavier neck and placed my lips on his. We both pulled away after some seconds and Xavier rested his forehead on mine.

“Now that was a real klzz.”

“It has only been few hours since we last talked and yet i really missed you.”

I expected Xavier to give me one of his light smiles that always brightens up my day but instead, sadness flashed in his eyes.

Concerned, i touched his cheek and gently caressed it with my thumb. “What’s wrong Xavier?”

“Let’s go somewhere more pr!v@te.” Xavier held my hand and led me to a grassy field. We walked to a park and stopped in front of a playground.

Xavier stared at one of the swings before looking at me. “Do you want to get on one of the swings?”

I shook my head and leaned my shoulder against the metal iron of the swing. “No thanks, am fine with standing. You want to talk to me about something?”

Xavier sighed and stepped closer to me, taking my hand in his. “I love you Brielle and i really wish i can stay with you.”

My eyebrows knitted together in confusion. “I dont understand, Xavier. What are you talking about?”

“Tell me Brielle.” Xavier eyes held mine in such an intense stare, i tried to look away but he held my chin. “You were so down because of our fight and you missed me, so tell me Brielle. How will you feel knowing that am four hours away in another state.”

My mood dampened. I understand what Xavier trying to tell me. I’ve gotten so close to him that am not sure how i will handle it if he goes to New york. Cmon Brielle, you can do this. Xavier still has two weeks to spend with you before he goes to college so you should be grateful that he’s right here with you.

Giving Xavier a genuine smile, i removed his hand that was gripping my chin and squeezed it. “I’ll manage.” Those two words were enough for Xavier to feel relieved, and his stiff shoulders instantly relaxed as a beautiful smile played on his lips.

“You’re not mad, are you?” Xavier asked hesitantly.

“No.” I said with a genuine smile on my face. “I’m not.”

“You’re so unique.” Xavier engulfed me in his arms and i was filled in with the scent of his manly cologne, only that it was different. I wrinkled my nose and gently pushed him away.

“Did you change your cologne? Because this scent is really different from the one you usually put on.”

“My own got finished so i borrowed one of Alex.” He explained.

“But i prefer the one you usually use.” I whined.

Xavier chuckled and klzzed my eyebrow. “I will buy you a whole set of perfume it if you want.”

“That’s really nice of you but i already have my own perfume.”

“Dont you want something of mine to have when i leave for college?” Xavier asked, feigning a hurt expression.

“Of course i do!” I exclaimed. “That’s such a smart idea Xavier, get me five of the cologne cause i wouldn’t mind spraying them to school!”

“People are going to think you’re weird if you spray too much of it.”

“Well guess what, i dont care.” I flipped my hair to the side dramatically.

Xavier chuckled and looked up at the sky. “We should go meet the others cause its starting to get late and i dont want to receive a lecture from Aunt Emily.” His eyes flickered down to his silver watch. “How on earth is it already 4pm.”

“Time works in a weird way.” I responded nonchalantly.

Xavier rolled his eyes. “Yeah it does. Lets go Bri.”

“Piggy back ride?” I asked, grinning up at Xavier.

“Sure.” He smiled and crouched down. I mounted on his back, encircling my arms around his chest. Xavier supported me by holding my thighs so i wont fall down. He walked back to the beach with me on his back. Damon, Ava and Alex were already at the parking lot so Xavier had to walk a long way over to the parking lot, still giving me a piggy back ride.

I got down from Xavier’s back and watch him as he stretched his arms. “Are your arms hurt? Do you need me to massage them?” I asked, concerned.

Xavier gave me a reassuring smile. “Just a bit sore from being in one position for so long. Seriously, you dont even weigh a lot yet you eat like me.”

“Guess am one of those girls who eats a lot but will still end up having a small weight.” I stated proudly.

“Dont get all bo-” Xavier started but got interrupted by Damon.

“If you two dont get inside, i’ll take over the wheel and leave you two here.” He threatened in a ‘i’m not joking this time around’ tone.

“Sorry Mr Grumpy P@nts.” Xavier muttered, opening the car door and entering inside the driver’s seat. I got inside the passenger seat and buckled in my seatbelt.

“Wait, have you two already made up?” Ava asked excitedly. I nodded, feeling my lips tug up into a soft smile.

She squealed and hugged me. “I’m so happy that you two made up cause i was getting tired of all the frowning and glares.”

“I didn’t know you two were fighting.” Damon stared at me and Xavier curiously.

“I knew.” Alex said bluntly.

“When?” Damon asked.

“Today, i noticed that they were avoiding each other and Xavier’s mood was down.”

“How did i not notice all this?” Damon asked himself, placing his f!ng£rs under his chin as he pretends to think deeply.

“Duh, because you’re stupid.” Xavier responded dryly.

Damon glared daggers at him. “Guys, am one second from pouring soda on Xavier.”

“Dont even think about doing that little brother.” Xavier gave Damon a stern glare through the review mirror causing the latter to glare at him before sinking in his seat.

“Why do you have to be so intimidating?” Damon muttered.

“Its in my blood baby brother.” Xavier responded casually.

“I’m not a baby.” Damon huffed. “Alex is.”

“Shut it Damon.”


“How do you girls like colorado so far?” Emily asked, handing out two cups of cold pineapple juice to me and Ava.

“I love it!” Ava exclaimed, a large grin on her face. “I met a couple of people and one of them invited me to his party.”

“Hey, hey, hey.” Damon cut in. “Why was i not informed about this?”

Ava shrugged. “You didn’t ask.”

“Why wasn’t i invited to this so called party?” Damon asked, his bottom lip jutting out into a pout.

“You were.” Ava finished all her juice in one gulp, cringing at the cold temperature. “I forgot to notify you about it.”

“Yes.” Damon fist bumped the air. “So when is the party?”

“Tommorow. Xavier, Brielle and Alex are also invited. I told the party host about them and he said i can bring my friends if i want to.”

Alex who has been watching a movie in his laptop, paused it and turned to face Ava. “I’ll have to pass because tommorow, am taking Johnny to his friend’s house, they are having a playdate.”

Ava nodded and turned to me. “What about you Brielle? Are you going to the party?”

“No, i’ll just stay in the movie room, watching Netflix and eating oreos.” Before she could say anything, i got up and walked up to my room. Well, the room where i stay as a guest.

I know it was pretty rude of me to just leave like that, but am feeling tired and drowsy. Not bothering to change, i climbed onto the bed. My eyes moved upwards to the wall clock and it is already 6:30pm.

Yawning, i shifted comfortably on my bed and shut my eyes, embracing the black abyss.


Day three. I’ve not really had enough fun in colorado but the mansion is really intriguing and it has a lot of games in the game room. The theatre room is really big, even hundreds of people can fit inside. Ava kind of got mad at me for the way i blew her off yesterday, but i apologized to her and now we’re good. Emily and i got to hang out for a long time. Even in her mid thirties, she still looks twenty three and is really fun to be with. Damon took Ava out on a date, after that, they’ll both head over to the party. Alex had already taken Johnny on his playdate. Xavier is seated on a chair, scrolling through his phone while am lying down on his huge soft king-sized bed, just staring up at the white coloured ceiling.

“Brielle, who is that boy you were talking to yesterday?” Xavier shifted and on his chair and turned a little so that he was facing me.

“Jordan, super nice boy.” I responded, swinging my leg over to the side and sitting up straight.

“Right.” Xavier scoffed. I flashed him one of my sinister smirked, standing up to walk towards him.

“You don’t have to be jealous, Xavier. I only have eyes for you.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned down to place a quick klzz on his cheek. Before Xavier could respond, i heard an excited squeal coming from the living room causing me to furrow my brows together in confusion.

“Um, is that Emily?” I asked uncertainly, knowing that Emily doesn’t have a manly squeal.

Xavier shook his head. “No, lets go see who it is.” He got up and held my hand as we walked downstairs to the living room. Emily was backing me and she was hugging someone.

When Emily and the mystery person broke apart, i was actually surprised to see that it was Jordan.

“Jordan?” I called, doing a double check to be sure that its him. I dazed about the fact that he is here.

He glanced at me over Emily shoulder, his eyes widening into saucers. But soon, a large grin graced his lips before he launched himself at me.

“Eek! I cant believe its you!” He squealed excitedly. “What are you doing here? Why are you here? Do you live here? Are you related to Auntie?”

“Okay, that’s enough Jordan.” Emily said, laughing. “How do you two know each other?”

“We met at the beach yesterday, he acts like a child.” I explained.

“Well, that is true.” Emily agrees, chuckling softly.

“Hey.” Jordan whined. “I’m seventeen and i find it insulting to be called a child.”

“Am i missing something here?” I was startled by Xavier voice and i completely forgot that he’s behind me. Jordan eyes widened as he stared up at Xavier who was glaring daggers at him.

“H-hi.” Jordan squeaked, taking a step backwards and rubbing his arms as he visibly shrink under Xavier’s stare. Jordan and i were the same height so Xavier being taller than him is like a pure intimidation to him.

Xavier didn’t respond and just continued glaring daggers at Jordan who looked pale. I nudged Xavier in the rib, a little too hard because he winced and turned his glare to me.

Glaring back at him, i mouthed. “Be nice.” Xavier only rolled his eyes in response and continue to glare at the poor boy who looked like a lost lamb.

I shot Emily a pleading look, hoping she can end the awkward tension. Thankfully, she understood me.

Emily plastered a smile on her face and turned to Xavier. “Xavier, meet Jordan. Jordan, meet my nephew Xavier, he also has two younger brothers who are your age.” She introduced.

“H-hi, its nice to meet you.” Jordan stuttered, nervously stretching his arms out for a handshake. Xavier eyes stared down at Jordan outstretched hand before he looked back at him. He seemed to be having a debate on whether to accept a handshake from Jordan, but one scary glare from Emily was enough to make him budge.

Sighing, Xavier took Jordan’s hand in a firm but not so gentle grip. “Its nice to meet you too Jordan.” When Xavier let go off Jordan’s hand, the latter winced and rubbed his f!ng£rs.

“So.” I started. “How do you know Jordan, Emily?” Immediately i asked that question, Jordan tensed up as the muscles on his shoulders became stiff.

Sadness clouded Emily’s eyes. “His mum and i were very good friends.”

I nodded in understanding and sent her a gentle smile. Emily smiled back before she cleared her throat.

“You three should get to know each other while i’ll be in my room if you need me.” Emily said as she leaned down and picked up her bag. “I already informed one of the maids to bring some snacks for you three incase you’re hungry.

“Thanks Emily.” I said and she nodded before walking towards the stairs.

“Would you like a quick tour around the mansion?” I blurted out to Jordan.

He chuckled and shook his head. “I’ve been visiting here for almost a year Brielle, so i should be the one giving you a tour.”

“Hey.” I protest. “I know every room, stores and other places in this mansion.”

“Says the girl who spent twenty minutes trying to search for my room.” Xavier stated, his lips curling up to the side.

“I was confused.” I defended. Xavier and Jordan both snickered at that.

“So um, i still dont know a lot about you.” Jordan said, smiling.

“Her name is Brielle. She has a boyfriend, two brothers and a female best friend.” Xavier said coldly. “That is all you should know about her.”

“Okay, i get it.” Jordan said quietly. “So i’ll be in the game room.” He gave me a forced smile and walked out of the living room before i could stop him or utter a word.

Plastering one of my most threatening glare on, i turned to face Xavier. “What was all that?”

“I dont understand.” Xavier said, feigning confusion.

“No. Seriously Xavier, that wasn’t very nice.” I remonstrate. “Jordan is only trying to be nice, you didn’t have to blow him off like that.”

“He said he wants to know more about you.” Xavier clenched his jaw. “Isn’t your name and age enough for him, so what else does he wants to know?”

“I’m hundred percent sure he meant it in a friendly way, Xavier.” I said firmly. “He cant even talk to me properly because he’s scared of you.”

“He should be.” Xavier grunted and i rolled my eyes.

“You really shouldn’t be so cold to Jordan, Xav.” I reached my hand out to flick his forehead.

“He’s like another version of Damon, just less childish and besides, Emily has known him for such a long time which indicates that he’s good.”

“Why are you telling me all this?” Xavier asked with raised eyebrows.

I smiled. “Because i want you to give it a shot, Jordan will be the perfect best friend for you.”

“I already have male friends and i dont need a best friend.” Xavier deadpanned.

“You and i both know that you hardly talk to the males at school so why not try Jordan out. You might like him.” I suggested.

“Fine.” Xavier grumbled, taking my hand in his. “But you’re coming with me.”

“Sure.” We walked to the game room and saw Jordan playing a car racing game, an excited expression on his face.

“Hey Jordan.” I greeted as i made my way to sit down on a chair close to him.

He paused the game and turned to stare at me and Xavier, awkwardly scratching his neck. “Um, hope you guys dont mind me playing games?”

“Play whatever game you want.” Xavier said, a small smile playing on his lips. “I’ll also play with you, i love racing games.”

Stunned, Jordan could on swallow and mumble. “Okay.”

Xavier sat down beside Jordan and grabbed a gamepad. I sat down and watch the two play, Jordan constantly whining whenever Xavier beats him with points.

“I dont understand how you’re so good at this.” Jordan huffed.

Xavier smirked. “No one can beat me in racing games that why they’re my favourite. Although, i will say that you’re the best among all the people i’ve played with.”

“That really makes me feel so much better.” Jordan said sarcastically.

Xavier laughed and went quiet after some seconds. “Jordan, i want to apologize. It was bad of me to treat you so unfairly, i’m sorry.”

Jordan smiled. “You’re forgiven bro, no hard feelings.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, am sure.” Xavier smiled at Jordan response and fist bumped him, making the latter face light up.

After the three of us hanged out for some hours, Xavier got a call from Alex. Apparently, Damon is drunk and Ava cant carry him to the car so she needs help. Alex has to stay with Johnny and he doesn’t want Johnny beside alcohol and drunk teenagers, that’s why he he called Xavier.

Xavier used google map to find the location of where the party was being held. The house was a nice duplex and it was spacious enough to contain more than fifty people. Xavier didn’t want me to go inside a house filled with drunk teenagers so he made me stay beside the car with Jordan.

“Look away Brielle.” Jordan covered my eyes. “I dont think you want to see what i just saw two people doing.”

I slapped his hand away. “No need to close my eyes Jordan, but thanks for warning me though.”

“You’re welcome.” He grinned. “So how are you brothers and best friend?”

“Alex and Damon aren’t really my blood related brothers, i just think of them as my brothers.” I explained.

Jordan nodded. “Are they nice? Do you think they’ll like me?” His tone had a hint of worry laced in it.

“They are the nicest people i know.” I tell him unwaveringly. “So they are going to like you, you have nothing to worry about.” He smiled at me in response and leaned against the car, that was when we both heard stomps and grunts. I looked over to the side and saw Xavier and Ava, walking side by side, with Damon thrown over Xavier shoulder.

“I thought he said he isn’t going to drink alcohol again, so how did all this happened?” I asked Ava, motioning to a tipsy Damon.

“His juice was spiked and i he had already had five of the juice before i noticed that he was getting drunk. I only had one drink though, that’s why am not drunk.” Ava glanced at Jordan.

“And who is this cute blonde?”

“Jordan, the boy i told you about, the one i met at the beach.”

“Well Jordan, i’m Ava. Brielle’s best friend. Nice to meet you, and am sorry we had to meet under weird circumstances.”

“Its alright.” Jordan said, a small smile on his face. “And its nice to meet you too Ava.”

“Can we please skip the introduction?” Xavier grunted. “Cause if i stand here any much longer with someone who weighs more than hundred pounds over my shoulder, its going to snap.”

“I’m sure he doesn’t weigh that much.” Jordan said, staring at a sleeping Damon.

“You wanna carry him yourself?”

Jordan laughed. “No thanks, am good.”

By Divine Peter.

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