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A wish episode 21

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A wish episode 21 by : 2:43 pm On March 26, 2022
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🌼A Wish🌼
Written by Divine Peter

Chapter 21

“Brielle you’ll be in charge of distracting him.” Ava stated, jotting out some of the plans in her notebook.

“But why me? Why cant Damon do it?” I grizzled.

“Hey!” Damon exclaimed. “Your work isnt that much and besides i want to spend some time with my girlfriend.” He hands went around Ava shoulder and he placed a klzz on her lips making Ava blush.

“Xavier can you please be the one to distract Alex while i bake the cake?” I asked, trying to give him my best puppy dog eyes.

“Sorry princess but that eyes wont work on me.” He leaned forward and pecked my cheek. “No offence but your baking skills aren’t that good.

I gasped. “Offence taken. My cakes are wonderful, tell him Ava!”

Ava scratched the back of her neck. “Well bestie, am telling you this because i love you and i dont want to discourage you, but its true, your cakes are horrible.” She blurted out.

“That’s not true!” I whined.

“Sorry Bri but its true.” Damon Concluded.

“Just tell me what i’ll be doing.” I grumbled, still annoyed at the three of them cause they said my baking skills are horrible.

“Dont be like that princess.” Xavier placed a soft klzz on my lips. “If it makes you feel better, your cooking is great.”

“Wow Xavier thank you, that mskes me feel so special.” I said sarcastically.

He grinned. “You’re welcome.”

“I was being sarcastic.”

“I know.” I just rolled my eyes and turned to face Ava who’s eyes were suddenly wide when she saw something behind me, or rather someone behind me.

“What are you two doing.” I asked in confusion when i saw that Damon and Ava were practically stuffing all the decorations and banners in the boxes before they quickly hid it behind them.

“Alex!” She whisper-yelled. Xavier eyes went wide and he mumbled curses under his breath. I reached out and grabbed the decoration i bought and hid it behind me. Ava, Damon, Xavier and i promptly glued ourselves together.

Alex casually walked inside the living room and stopped, staring at us with narrowed blue eyes. I dont really blame him though, it must be weird when you see four people glued together with their hands behind their back as they all had creepy smiles on their faces.

“What are you guys doing.” He asked, his eyebrows furrowed.

“Nothing.” I quickly responded. “We’re just chilling out.”

“Yeah.” Ava nodded her head vigourously. “Just chilling out and thinking.”

“About what?” Alex asked suspiciously. Ugh! Why does he have to be so smart?

“You know.” Damon said, a weird smile on his face. “About life, how things will be in the future and stuff.”

“Alright.” Alex said, nodding. “But can you please explain why you guys cant space out your bodies a little.

“We just like thinking about life together.” Xavier said cooly.

Alex furrowed his brows and then he shrugged, turning to walk towards the kicthen. “Weirdos.” He muttered.

The four of us quickly entangled from our glued form, holding onto the stuff we bought for Alex birthday which is today. We’re planning a surprise for him today but not a party cause Xavier said that Alex hates crowds. Alex tried to give us hints that today is his birthday but we just pretended to be clueless and act like today is any other tuesday.

“That was close.” Ava said, wiping off a sweat on her forehead. “He almost caught in on us but we still managed to get off the hook so he wont suspect a thing.”

“Okay guys.” Damon started out in a serious tone. “We need to start working on the house now, Brielle find a way to get Alex out of the house for atleast three hours while Xavier will work on the cake and desserts then me and Ava will hang up the banners and decorations, and also prepare the activites.”

“Fine.” I quickly klzzed Xavier on the lips before making my way over to the kitchen but Alex was not in here. My eyes landed on the slightly opened backdoor and i walked towards it, opening it and stepping outside to see Alex, in his hand was a small white dove. He smiled down at the dove and gently stroked its belly with his f!ng£r.

“Go on, fly away away now little dove.” He held the dove up and it flew up in the sky.

“I didn’t know you were a bird fancier.” Alex jolts up at my sudden vouce and snapped his head to where i was standing.

He relaxed and smiled, his eyes on flying birds and doves that all gathered on the tree. “They’re wonderful.”

“I always see them as free animals that can get away from this cruel world we live in.” His eyes darkened slightly as he said the last part.

I nodded. “That’s true, hey why dont we take this conversation to the park.”

“Okay.” We both walked to the front side of the mansion and stopped in front of the gate. Alex opened the gate and we walked out, moving towards the park.

“Why do you see birds as free animals?” I asked Alex as we stopped walking, right under an apple tree.

Alex gazed at a couple of children playing on the swings and then faced me.

“Cause they can escape.” He drummed his f!ng£rs on the tree. “Escape from the captivity of this wicked world we live in. If a bird is in trouble all it has to do is just fly and all will be alright for it.”

“Do you like all birds?” I asked.

Alex smiled. “I do but there’s one bird that i admire the most.”

“And what bird is that?”

Alex sighed, his eyes sparkling with admiration as he said. “The Eagle, i love that its the strongest of all birds and it can fly really high up in the sky, it has a very good sight.”

“I wish i can be strong.” That line kind of got me appalled.

“But Alex.” I said softly. “You are strong, stronger than you can ever imagine.”

Alex laughed bitterly, unshed tears glistening in his eyes. “I may be physically strong, but mentally am not.”

I frowned. “Stop saying that Alex, you’re stronger than you can ever imagine.” Alex just stared at me blankly and stepped up close. I flinched when he punched the tree behind me.

“Dont you get it Brielle!” He was breathing heavily, jaw tightly clenched, blue eyes storming with rage. “I’m broken.” He whispered out the last part.

Y-you’re not broken Alex.” I took a bold step towards him even when i was scared. “You’re just like me, we had a rough past but we survived.”

Alex chuckled and wiped off his teary eyes. “I wish am like you Brielle, you’re younger than me yet you are so mature and have a lot of hope in life, but i dont. I just want to be alone and not involve myself in anything, i’ve lost all hope left in me.”

“Dont say that Alex.” I held his arm. “There is still hope left in you, you have people around you who loves you and will do anything to help and guide you. I love you, Xavier loves you, Damon loves you and am sure that Ava loves you too. One day you will meet a girl who you will love with all your heart and she will also love you back.”

Alex plucked a dried leaf from the tree, tracing it with his f!ng£rs. “Who will love a broken, useless, pathetic and ugly b-” i couldn’t listen to him say those horrible things about himself so i did the best thing i could think of. I stepped closer to him and slapped him hard across the face. Alex lips parted in shock, jaw hung open. He brought his hand up to his cheek and stared at me in shock.

“Stop it Alex!” I yelled. “Stop saying those awful things about yourself. Just stop it! I love you, Xavier loves you, Damon loves you and so does Ava! We all care about you so stop acting selfish and stop thinking that you are all alone. Look at me.” I pointed at myself.

“I never gave up cause i believed that one day, i will find happiness. And guess what? I did. I found love with you, Xavier, Damon and Ava. You all care about me and love me. I got an amazing boyfriend, two wonderful brothers and a loving best friend. I don’t know if i have parents or not but am not worried about that cause i already have my happy place and its with you guys.”

“So please dont talk bad about yourself Alex.” I whispered, tears streaming down my cheeks.

I felt warm hands wrapped around me and i instantly hugged him back, not because i need it, not because he needs it, but because we both needed it. The tears refused to stop falling and i didn’t bother to wipe it off.

“I’m sorry Brielle.” Alex hands gently stroked my hair, his voice cracking. “I’m sorry.”

“I forgot that i have people in my life who truly cares about me and they will never hurt me. I love you and the others too.” He placed a klzz on the crown of my head and pulled back from the hug.

I smiled and used my sleeve to wipe my eyes, looking up at Alex. “I know a place where you can let out all your anger and emotions.”

Alex eyebrows creased together. “Where?” He asked curiously.

“Just follow me.” He shrugged and we both walked down to the direction of the building, me leading Alex while he just trails behind me.

Alex eyes were wide, jaw hung open as he gawked up at the building in awe.

“Um this is where i was, the day you got angry and yelled at me for coming home late.” I nervously scratched my hair.

“How on earth did you manage to get up there?!” Alex exclaimed, his hands gesturing up to the building.

“A ladder.” I grabbed his hand and dragged him to where the ladder was. I crouch down and adjusted the straps of my converse then hopped on the first step of the ladder, craning my neck down to look at Alex who was staring at me like i was crazy.

“Aren’t you coming?” I asked.

“This is a death sentence Brielle!” Alex proclaimed. “There is no way i’ll climb up.”

I smirked. “I had no idea that you were such a chicken.”

Alex glared at me. “I am not!”

“Well then prove it.” I didn’t wait for his response and started to climb up.

“Oh i’ll show you that am not a chicken.” I heard Alex mutter under his breath before he mounted up on the ladder. We both continued climbing till we reached on top of the roof. Alex eyes were wide as he took in the view of the city from up here.

“Its.” He whispered, still awestruck by the view. “Its beautiful up here.”

“The roof isnt beautiful Alex, it had dirts and dust on it.”

Alex rolled his eyes, a small smile playing on his lips. “I’m talking about the view of the city from up here Brielle.”

“I know.” I grinned, showing off my white teeth.

Alex looked down and sighed, bringing his head back up to stare at me. “I have so many anger and frustration i want to let out.”

“Then do it, let out all the pain and anger in you Alex, its time to let go.” His eyes darkened and they were swirling with so much hatred and anger. Alex turned around at looked down, his fist balling up, jaw tightly clenched.

“I hate you Mason!” He yelled. “I f√¢king hate you and i hope you rot in jail for the rest of your pathetic life. You broke me! But guess what?! I’m no longer broken because i have four important and loving people in my life! I have my brothers and sisters with me! You cant control my head anymore and i will not let you ruin my chances of having a better life! You hear that Mason?! f√¢k you!” Alex fell down on his knees. I walked towards him and crouched down, wrapping my arms around his torso. My heart clenched when i heard his painful sobs.

‘Mason whereever you are, i hope you dont have peace’

Alex pulled back from the hug and wiped his eyes with his sleeve, getting up and pulling my on my feet also.

Alex smiled, not a fake smile, not a small smile, but a real and genuine smile. “Let’s go home.” He whispered.


When we got home, i quickly moved behind Alex so he’ll be the one to open the front door.

“Why is eveywhere so dark?” Alex questioned, confusion etched in his tone. “Brielle?” Unknown to Alex, we we entered inside the house, i sneakily made my way to the back, where Xavier, Damon and Ava all stood.

“Suprise!” We yelled out when Alex switched on the light bulb making the latter jump up in fright. He glanced around the room and fixed his eyes on us, a big smile plastered on his face.

“Happy birthday Alex!” I ran to him and tackled him in a big bear hug.

“You guys remembered.” Alex said, hugging me back.

“Of course we did.” Ava came up next and higged him. “Happy birthday Alex, you’re now seventeen!” She squealed.

“Yep.” He smirked. “I’m older than you.”

Ava tsked. “Only with a day dumbo.” She playfully flicked his nose.

“I cant believe this!” Damon cried. “My little brother isn’t so little again.” He hugged Alex so tight, the latter started to wheeze.

“You’re killing me bro.” Alex breathed out.

“Oh sorry.” Damon apologized sheepishly.

Xavier came up forward and shoved Damon to the side. “Happy birthday little bro.” He pulled Alex in for a brotherly hug.

Alex smiled. “Thank you, all of you.”

“Now make a wish!” Ava brought in a big vanilla with blue butter cream frosting three layer cake close to Alex. What i would do just to get a bite out of that cake.

Alex closed his eyes for a moment then opened them and he blew the fire off the candle.

“Its kinda risky and hard to set seventeen candles on a cake so we only used one.” Xavier explained.

“No worries.” Alex grinned, his eyes glancing around the living room. “I cant believe you guys did all this for me.”

“Technically it was mostly me and Ava that hung all the decoration and banners, Damon kept on trying to steal picks from the dessert and cakes.” Xavier shot a glare at Damon who pouted.

“And your job was to distract me, right?” Alex asked me.

I nodded. “Yep, but it actually turned out more than just a distraction.” Alex just smiled at me in response.

“Okay guys!” Ava exclaimed. “Now that we have wished the birthday boy, let’s start eating cause i am really famished.” She ran into the dining room.

“Right back at you babe.” Damon followed suit.

I heard a loud smack, followed by a yelp. “Damon if you dare touch my churros, i’ll cut your hands off.” Ava threatned menacingly. One thing about Ava is that she hates sharing her churros.

“Just one babe.” Damon begged.

“No!” Xavier and Alex chuckled at that and i just sighed, shaking my head.

“Let’s go to the dining room before Damon does something stupid that will make Ava mad.” I heard a loud smack after i said that.

“Like right now.” We walked inside the dining room and saw Ava glaring at Damon.

“You’re a mean girlfriend.” Damon whined. Ava simply smirked and stuck her tongue out at him.

Damon rolled his eyes. “Real mature Ava.”

“Oh look who’s talking.” Ava sassed.

I intervened. “Okay that’s enough you two, we still haven’t given Alex a fun time.

“Please dont tell me you guys also set up fun stuff for me?” Alex questioned. “I thought we were just going to eat then go to bed after that.”

“Sorry little bro.” Xavier grabbed Alex in a headlock and playfully ruffled his hair. “But we set up a whole lot of activities for you.”

“This is going to be a long evening.” Akex groaned.

“It sure is.” I chimed in.


“Can we go home now?” Alex asked tiredly. We had played lots of video games with Alex and watched an action movie. We had completely drained Alex with our playing of video games, dance competiton, board games and watching movies. Like as if that wasn’t enough, Damon told us that he still has one more surprise for Alex before we all give him his gifts. Damon drove all of us to the carnival and just blurted out that he paid for all the rides in the carnival. It was really fun but also tiring at the same time cause the rides were many.

Ava and Damon didn’t seem to mind, they were both having a blast on the rollercoaters while me, Xavier and Alex were all exhausted.

“One more ride, please?” Ava begged.

“No.” Xavier said, rubbing his forehead. “If i get on another ride, i’m going to pass out.”

“Fine.” Ava slumpled her shoulder in defeat.

“Xavier just one more, please.” Damon pleaded.

“I said no Damon.” Xavier stated in a stern tone. Damon just huffed in response and stormed towards the car. Ava shook her head and sighed before she trailed behind Damon.

“I’m really tired.” Alex yawned.

“Dont fall asleep yet.” I said, shaking his shoulder. “You still haven’t seen your presents from us.”

“Okay.” He drawked out tiredly. We joined Ava and Damon in the car all all brought out our gifts to Alex. I got Alex a polo shirt that is written ‘My favourite brother in the whole world’ and he smiled and then hugged me. Xavier got Alex the new anime video game that he has been dying to get his hands on. Ava got Alex a book that contain hundreds of piano musical songs and finally Damon got Alex two coupons to starbucks and a bluetooth headset.

“Thanks guys.” Alex said, a genuine smile on his face.

“That’s not all.” I said excitedly, bringing out the medium size frame from a box.

“This last gift is from all of us.” I gave Alex the frame and he held it in his hand, staring down at it with a soft expression.

“This is really wonderful guys.” He whispered, still gazing at the photoframe which had all of us in it. It was the day we all took a photo at the carnival. Written on top of the frame is ‘Family forever’

“Thank you so much.” He pulled each and everyone of us in a hug till it became a group hug.

“I love you guys.” Alex said, his voice sounding like he was going to cry.

“We love you too.” Xavier, Damon, Ava and i replied simultaneously.

After we pulled back from our emotional group hug, Damon started the ignition and drove out of the carnival. Our conversation in the car was filled with laughters, knock knock jokes and a crazy pick-up lines competion between Xavier and Damon. We dropped Ava at her place before driving back home. Damon and Alex ran up to their rooms when we got home.

As me and Xavier walked upstairs, he wrapped his arms around my waist and klzzed me. “You’re a little clingy.” I teased.

He nuzzled his face in my neck and placed a klzz on my shoulder. “I missed you, I didn’t spend enough time with my girlfriend.”

I smiled and encircled my arms around his torso, burying the side of my face against his chest. “I missed you too.” I said softly. We just stayed like that before we later pulled away and said our goodnight to each other, going inside our various rooms.

I entered my room and changed into my pajamas before getting on the bed. I tossed and stirred but still couldn’t get any sleep and its been thirty minutes since i had lay down in my bed.

Putting on my slippers, i made my way over to Xavier’s room and opened the door to see him already on his bed, his arm covering his forehead.

Xavier sat up and stared at me, smiling. “Couldn’t sleep?”

I shyly nodded and he chuckled, motioning for me to get on the bed. I took off my slippers and mounted on the bed, lying down close to Xavier. I rested my head on his chest, listening to his steady heartbeats.

I could feel my eyes getting heavy as Xavier massaged my scalp. “Goodnight princess.” He klzzed my forehead.

“Night Xavier.”

By Divine Peter.

A/n: Next chapter will be in Ava’s pov.

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