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A wish episode 19 by : 3:31 am On March 25, 2022
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🌼A Wish🌼
Written by Divine Peter
Chapter 19

Ava pov

“Hey Gerrard, can you please explain this words to me?” I asked politely. Gerrard is one of the most smartest boy i know, even smarter than Alex. We’ve been assigned to do a project together in chemistry class. At first he was really shy and didn’t talk much but after three days he warmed up to me.

“Sure thing Ava.” He pushed his glasses up and i leaned closer to his desk, listening attentively as he explained most of the words that always manage to confuse me in chemistry.

“Wow, thanks Gerrard, am so grateful.”

“You’re welcome Ava.” Gerrard nervously scratched the back of his neck and leaned closer to me.

“Um Ava?”

“What’s up?”

He leaned back into his seat and cleared his throat a little, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. “I dont know if you know him but there’s this guy who has been standing beside the doorway for a while now, and he’s been giving me death glares.”

I furrowed my brows in confusion and glanced at the doorframe to see it was Damon, his jaw was tightly clenched, eyes dark as he glared at Gerrard. If looks could kill, Gerrard will be six feet buried under. I stared at Damon, bewildered when he made his way over to the row where me and Gerrard are both seated on. Damon didn’t even spare me a glance when he stood in front of us, he just fixed a hard glare at Gerrard who squirmed uncomfortably in his seat under the intense glare of Damon.

“Uh, hi?” Gerrard squeaked, already feeling intimidated by Damon.

“Get up.” Damon ordered in a cold tone. What the hell? Damon isn’t the type to give someone a cold stare. He loves making people happy.

“What?” Gerrard asked, his eyebrows creased in confusion.

Damon rolled his eyes and brought his face down to Gerrard who visibly shrink in his seat. “Did i f√¢king stutter?”

“N-no.” Gerrard shook his head frantically and quickly stood up, packing up his books. “I’ll s-see you later Ava, bye!” He scrambled away before i had the chance to say anything or try to stop him from leaving.

Damon casually slid in the empty seat where Gerrard had sat down at faced me with a beautiful smile that perfected his handsome face.

‘Snap out of it Ava, you’re suppose to be angry at Damon’

“What is wrong with you?” Damon seems shocked by by statement but he kept a calm expression on his face.

“I just wanted to sit down beside you.”

“Class ended five minutes ago Damon, me and Gerrard were about leaving until you came here!” I exclaimed.

Damon eyes darkened. “I dont think you should be alone with that guy in a classroom.”

“His name is Gerrard and he was just helping me out with an explanation.”

“I noticed that you’ve been hanging out with him lately, what do you see in him? He’s just a stupid nerd!”

I gaped at him, stunned by his words. “Are you kidding me Damon! Gerrard is not stupid! I dont know why you’re acting like this but you need to cool down.” I stood up and gathered my books in my hand. Damon quickly got up and blocked my way when i tried to walk pass him. I rolled my eyes and tried to move over to the other side but Damon hand on my right wrist prevented me from doing so.

“Where do you think you’re going? We’re not done talking.”

“Away from you and i dont want to talk to you.” I tried to yank my wrist from his tight grip but he only tightened his grasp on my wrist making me wince.

“You spent a whole period talking with that Gabriel guy and cant even stay with me for five minutes.” His grip was getting tighter with each word and i could already feel my wrist throbbing.

“Let go off me Damon, it hurts.”

“What do you see in him? Is he really that handsome?”

“Damon!” I bit hard on my bottom lip, my voice coming out as a whimper. “You’re hurting me.” His dark eyes softened and immediately widen when he saw my wrist.

“I’m sorry Ava.” He apologized. “I dont know what came over me, i will never intetionally hurt you.” His eyes looked genuinely guilty and sorry but i didn’t stand around to listen to him. I walked out of the classroom and headed to my locker. I opened the locker and shoved all my books inside before slamming it shut. I turned around and sighed exasperatedly when i saw the f√¢king idiot who stood three feet away from me.

Zayn f√¢king parker.

“What do you want Zayn?” I asked drily, leaning against the lockers.

“You know what i want.” He took a step close to me. “I want you.”

“No, thank you Zayn.” I placed my hands on his chest, trying to maintain some distance between the both of us. “But am not interested in dating or going out with a player who publicly made out with a bitch today.”

He smirked. “Oh, Bella? Girl got some taste in her.”

“Yeay, yeah, now get out of my way Zayn, i need to go.” I tried to push him away but the idiot was fast enough to grab both my arms and pin me to the lockers.

“You’re so gorgeous.” The dark lust in his eyes made me wrinkle my nose in disgust and turn my head to the side when he tried to klzz me. I kneed him in his family jewels making his hold on my arms loosen as he groaned, clutching his family jewels. Giving him one last kick, i sauntered away from the hall and headed down to the cafeteria. The line was empty so i ordered two hamburgers and a bottled sprite from the lunch lady. Thanking the lunch lady, i made my way over to the table where i usually sit, with Brielle, Xavier, Alex and Damon. Speaking of Damon, i dont know why i cant bring myself to dislike him even after what he did to me today. But am still confused about his whole outburst. Why was he so angry? Does he has some sort of rivalry with Gerrard? Or does he just hates Gerrard guts. Well, whatsoever it is, Damon shouldn’t have picked on Gerrard like that cause he’s like a brother to me and i will personally deal with anyone who makes the mistake of trying to bully Gerrard. With Damon’s behaviour today, i would have assumed that he was jealous? Nah, Damon and jealousy dont go well together.

“Ugh! I will love nothing more than to slam her face in a plate of food.” Brielle growled, glaring daggers at Bella who was seated on Zayn’s lap. His eyes locked with mine and he winked. Like seriously? He really just winked at me. It seems like the kick i gave him was not enough maybe next time i will give him a broken nose. I averted my gaze and picked up my burger, munching on it as i tried to ignore a certain brown eyed boy who was boring holes on my head.

“Just ignore her princess.” Xavier encircled his arms around Brielle shoulder. “She’s not worth your time.” Brielle smiled at Xavier and klzzed him.

“Some of us are trying to eat here.” Alex grumbled making both Brielle and Xavier laugh. I stole a quick glance at Damon to see he was clenching his fork really tight, that his knuckles turned pale white. His eyes held remorse and guilt, and i instantly felt a bad because i know that Damon is sensitive and here i am ignoring him like a plague.

“So.” Brielle started. “Exams are coming up next week.”

“And this concerns us, how?” Alex asked, clearly uninterested in whatwver Brielle is trying to say.

“We’re going to be graduating after exams!” Brielle exclaimed. “Aren’t you guys happy?”

Alex and i both simultaneously snorted. We glanced at eachother and laughed.

“Look Brielle, even though all of us are graduating, me, you and Ava are still going to be stuck in highschool while Xavier and Damon will be of to college.

Brielle gasped. “its true!” She turned to Xavier. “Um Xavier, which college are you going to apply for?”

“I still haven’t thought about it.” He responded nonchalantly. I noticed Brielle expression instantly relaxed and she leaned closer to Xavier who protectively wrapped his arms around her. I cant believe am saying this, but sometimes i feel a little jealous of Brielle and Xavier relationship. I dont like Xavier in more than a friendly way, but i do wish a boy will look at me the way Xavier looks at Brielle. With nothing but love and admiration. Brielle and Xavier love eachother even though they are not ready to say or admit it. They are still in the ‘I like you’ phase. But i know that vey soon, they will say it to eachother. Xavier really cares about Brielle and will do anything just to make her happy.

I glanced at Damon to see that he was already staring at me and i quickly looked away, feeling my cheeks heat up. Is a good thing am black, if not my flaming cheeks would have been really visible. My eyes glanced around our table. Brielle and Xavier are both engaged in a conversation, Alex is scrolling through his phone while eating and Damon is burning holes on ny face while i choose to ignore him even when its so damn hard!

Ugh! Damon. Why does he has to be so perfect? He’s not like him, Damon never made me feel insecure like he did. Damon isn’t the type to get rough even though he acted a little bit scary today but he is still so cute. Gosh, why cant i just get him out of my head? The way he laughs and smiles, his charming voice that can make a girl swoon over the edge, his beautiful light brown eyes that always seems to have a mischievous glint in them.

Damon Hill what on earth are doing to my poor little heart?


“What are you doing Gerrard?” I asked in amusement. Gerrard and i are both currently inside an empty classroom, working on our project but i noticed that he keeps on glancing at the door and windows every minute.

“I’m just being cautious and vigilant incase your boyfriend decides to show up.” He responded. This boy is really something else. Where on earth did he get the idea that i have a boyfriend?

I rolled my eyes. “I dont have a boyfriend Gerrard and i have no idea who you’re referring to as my boyfriend.”

“I’m talking about that tall boy who scared me earlier today.”

I choked, even though am not eating or drinking anything. Hitting my chest repeatedly, i snatched the water bottle from Gerrard outstretched hand, gulping it in. “Damon is not my boyfriend.”

“But then why was he acting like that earlier in the classroom?” Gerrard exclaimed.

I creased my brows together. “Like what?”

Gerrard scratched his chin. “I dont know, the way he approached me, he seemed a little possessive of you.”

I laughed, slamming my hand on the desk. “Damon and i are just friends, Gerrard.”

He smirked and leaned forward, his green eyes searching mine. “But do you think of him as just a friend?” His eyes held mine in a such stare that it was almost like he was trying to look deep into my soul.

“Yes, no! I don’t know, um.” I blubbered.

Gerrard smiled and leaned back into his seat. “You like him.”

“Yes.” I slunped in my chair, letting out a defeated sigh. “I dont think Damon like me like that.”

Gerrard pushed up his glasses. “For Damon’s behaviour earlier today, on a scale of one to ten i think Damon like you more than a ten.” Just then, the bell blared in a loud ringing sound, signalling its time for the next class.

Gerrard sighed and packed up his books, giving me a once over look. “I’ll see you later Ava.”

“You too.”

“Oh and Ava.” I looked up to see he had a stern expression on his face. “Make sure you and Damon have a serious talk with eachother.” He walked out of the classroom after saying that.

I remained seated on the chair, contemplating about what Gerrard told me. Do Damon really like me back? Or was he just being protective of me as a friend. Its possible that he might have thought Gerrard and i are dating, and was just trying to look out for me. As a matter of fact, why did Damon looked so jealous when he saw me and Gerrard talking?

Sighing, i packed up my books and walked out of the classroom. I got to my locker and set my books inside. I decided to head over to the music room since i have a free period now.

Secretly, i love playing the piano. When i play, its like am in a world of my own. My f!ng£rs just move own their own while i listen to the tune and melody that vocalise from the piano.

I opened the door to the music room and carefully stepped inside, closing it gently behind me. I made my way over to where the grand piano is, pulling out a chair and sitting down on it. I placed my f!ng£rs on the white and black keys and began playing my favourite tune, Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven. I closed my eyes, letting my f!ng£rs move freely as i played till i finally ended the tune with the black keys.

Loud clapping made me jolt up and snap my eyes open as i twisted around to see it was Damon in his all handsome glory, standing beside the door with a soft expression on his face.

“That was beautiful.” He walked towards me, still clapping. “You really made my day with that lovely serenade.”

I stood up and pushed the chair back in. “Thank you.” I flashed him a fake smile and attempted to walk pass him but he gently held my hand.

“Please Ava.” His eyes looked tired and desperate. “Can we please talk?”

“Okay.” I said quietly. He let go off my hand and folded his own hands together.

“I’m sorry about how i acted today, i just loosed it when i saw you and Gerrard talking so freely.

I stared up at him, my face blank. “So are you trying to say that i should not be friends with Gerrard.”

“No!” Damon quickly said. “I dont mean it like that, its just that i got jealous when i saw you and Gerrard together.”

“Why?” I whispered, feeling my heart pound against my ribcage. Does that means Damon likes me back? Cause i cant possibly see a reason why he was jealous of Gerrard.

“Look Ava.” Damon stepped closer to me, taking my hand in his. “I got jealous because i like you Ava, i’ve liked you for a while now and didn’t tell you because i dont want to ruin our frienship.” I was stunned. Damon likes me, the boy who could get many girls falling at his feet with just a wink, told me that he likes me.

“Do you feel the same way for me Ava?” Damon hand went up to my right cheek and he gently carassed it.

“I do but-” he placed his f!ng£r on my lips.

“That’s all i needed to know.” I didn’t had the chance to respond or even blink because Damon captured my lips in his. It was soft and gentle like as if he was trying to savour this moment. A soft sound escaped my lips when Damon deepened the klzz. I’ve never been klzzed like this before, it wasn’t a klzz that made me feel uncomforable like i always did whenver he klzzes me. This klzz was different from his, it was gentle. It felt so right with Damon.

We both pulled away, panting softly. Damon wrapped his arms around me and i hugged him back, inhaling his cologne. My mind drifed off to him and i slowly let my hands slide from Damon, taking a step backward. Damon eyes flashed with hurt and confusion and i looked away cause i couldn’t bear to see it in his eyes.

“We cant be together Damon.” I told him, trying to keep my voice from cracking. “I’m not good enough for you.”

I glanced at his face to see it had a mix of hurt and anger in his eyes. “Why? You have feelings for me, so what’s holding you back?”

“Its nothing.” I tried to avoud his intense stare.

“Tell me.” He pressed, stepping closer to me. The motion made me move backwards till my back colided with the hard wall.

“Stop saying that Damon, like i told you, its nothing!” I was getting frustrated with his persistent manner.

“Please.” His eyes were begging me to tell him what’s wrong and they looked desperate.

“I just dont want to get hurt again.” I whispered.

Damon furrowed his brows. “What do you mean by get hurt again?”

“I cant talk about it here, meet me at the park?”

He smiled and klzzed my forehead. “I’ll be there.”


I nervously chewed on my bottom lip, fiddling with my f!ng£rs as i stared down at my lap. Currently, Damon and i are both seated on a bench, under a shade tree. He arrived here at the park ten minutes earlier and here i am, still feeling anxious to tell Damon everthing.

Inhaling and exhaling heavily, my lips quivering as i decided to just speak up. “I was fifteen when i met my first boyfriend, Nathan. We met at a mall and exchanged numbers after talking for a while. He and his parents had just moved into the city and he was really excited when his parents told him he was going to be attending the same school i go to. He became my close friend and will always hang out with me in school and at home. I then started crushing on Nathan weeks later, but kept it to myself. I was happy and shocked when Nathan had approached me and confessed his feeling for me. He took me on a date to one of the most fanciest restaurant in the city since his parents were wealthy. We went on two more dates, before Nathan publicly asked me to be his girlfriend. At first he was a kind, loving and caring boyfriend but after some days, his personality started changing. He hated seeing me talk to other males and will always judge my dressing. He became really possessive and controlling to the point that i was scared of him. He would talk and refer to me like as if i was an object that belongs to only him. I got sick of it and yelled at him and do you know what Nathan did? He slapped me, He f√¢king slapped me Damon!” Tears were already streaming down my cheeks.

“Ssh, its okay.” Damon pulled me in his arms. I sniffled and held onto his shirt tightly.

As Damon gently stroked my hair, i continued talking. “After Nathan slapped me, he started apologizing frantically, saying that he was sorry and didn’t mean to hit me. I was stupid to give him another chance because i thought that he was going to change but no, he only got worse. Nathan had aggressively beaten up a guy only because the guy talked to me. He will always follow me whereever i go and wouldn’t let me talk to my male friends. Sometimes he would yell at me and call me names if i refuse what he orders me to do. One day, i left Nathan alone in my room with Abbey cause i wanted to get a glass of water from the fridge. As i got close to my room door, i saw a big red hand print on Abbey face and she was on the floor, crying. He slapped her, he had the guts to lay his filthy hand on my sister. He f√¢king slapped a six year old!

When i demanded to know what happened, his words shocked me to the core.

‘Your little bitch of a sister said she hates me and will like it if you had another boyfriend instead of me’

That was the last straw for Nathan, i broke up with him and he got really angry and grabbed me, yelling. ‘You cant break up with me, you’re mine and you belong to only me’ i told him i wasn’t his and that made him only get angrier. He punched and kicked me repeatedly and also tried to force himself on me but Abbey was fast enough to run and get help from the neighbours. They pulled him away from me before he could do anything. Nathan spent a year in juvenile before he and his parents relicated to another country. His parents paid my hospital bills and apologized to me and my parents for their lunatic son’s behaviour.” I sniffled, rubbing my nose.

“That’s why i said we cant be together Damon, cause am scared of getting hurt again.”

“Look Ava.” Damon pulled me away from his embrace but still held my shoulder in a firm and gentle grip. “I will never ever hurt you or lay my hands on you. I’ll treat you right and make sure you feel comfortable and safe around me. You’re the first girl who has ever caught my attention and i dont think i can give up on you. Please trust me.” I pursed my lips together when i felt my eyes sting with tears.

Damon wiped my tears away with his thumb. “Please dont cry, i hate it when you cry.” He hugged me, engulfing me in his long and musly hand.

“Damon.” I called, my voice coming out muffled since am pressed against his chest.


I pulled back and smiled genuinely at him. “I like you too but can we please start out slow?”

He klzzed the top of my head, interlacing his f!ng£rs with mine. “Anything for you.”

“Thank you.” I whispered. Damon leaned in and pressed his lips on mine, gently holding my cheek.

“I should be the one saying thank you Ava.” Damon crossed his legs and smiled at me. “Cause you accepted me.”

“You’re welcome.” i said shyly.

“So the tough and sassy Ava can be shy.” Damon said smugly.

“Hey.” I playfully punched his shoulder. “I’m not shy and who also knew that the childish Damon can act all serious.”

Damon gasped dramatically, feigning a hurt expression. “Oh Ava, you wound me right here.” He pointed at his heart.

“Well s√¢k it up lover boy.”

“Oh i will.” I squealed when Damon lunged at me, tickling my sides. I laughed, my eyes glistening with happy tears.

“Now i know the trick to use so you’ll always laugh.” Damon proudly said.

“You’re really a child Damon Hill.” I teased.

“Why thank you Ava Turner.” He stood up and held his hand out.

“Will milady be a graceful queen and escort me to thy royal ice cream cart?” I took his hand and stood up, a smile on my face.

“Why, i will be honoured to milord.”

Damon burst out laughing. “Your british accent is so fake.”

I dramatically gasped. “You take that back right now.”

“Hm let me think about it.” Damon placed his f!ng£r under his chin, pretending to be in deep thought before he then grinned at me. “Nope!”

I smirked. “Well,let’s go get our ice cream then.” When Damon turned around, i used all my strenght and pushed him making the latter faceplant into the grass. The action was so funny that i couldn’t contain my laughter. Damon slowly got up and face me with a playfull dark glint in his eyes.

“You better run Ava.” I nodded and ran to the other side of the park but Damon being the fastest runner i know, caught me a little too fast. We both fell on the grass with a loud thud, laughing like idiots.

A random man who was passing by, stared at us and shook his head in amusement. “Teenagers these days.” He muttered, walking away. Damon and i bursts into fits of laughter before we got up, dusting our clothes. Damon held my hand as we both walk down to the ice cream cart and he ordered both our ice cream before we walked back to the bench.

“Hey, Damon.”

He licked his ice cream, wincing at the cold temperature. “Yes?”

“I had fun today.” I smiled.

Damon smiled back and held my hand “Me too.”

By Divine Peter.

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