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A wish episode 17

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A wish episode 17 by : 9:15 am On March 23, 2022
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🌼A Wish🌼
Written by Divine Peter

Chapter 17

The first thing that was on my mind when Xavier first told me about his ex girlfriend, i thought that she was a very manipulative and snobby girl cause she had broken Xavier’s heart even though he loved her so much, that he could to anything just to make her happy. Sincerely when Xavier talked about her, i was jealous of Bella, Xavier’s ex girlfriend, though i had not met her, i was already jealous cause she had been in Xavier’s life before i met him. Even when Xavier spoke about her, i could still see it in his eyes that he was hurt, angry and dissapointed at Bella.

I had imagined her to be a short, long blond hair and striking green eyed girl. What i didn’t expect is to see a tall brunette who was almost the same height as Xavier standing in front of me. She looks like a model who walks in confidence and stand out among other girls. Her beautiful striking blue eyes seems to shine but they still held a lot of mischeif and devilry.

Bella ran the tip of her shades on her bottom lip, looking at Xavier with a smug smirk hovering at the edge of her lips. “Its so good to see you again Micheal.” She twirled Xavier car keys around her index f!ng£r.

Xavier clenched his jaw and snatched the keys from her perfectly painted pink nails. “Dont call me Micheal.” If Xavier was to use that type of tone on a little boy, am sure he was going to pass out.

Bella smirk only widened. “I thought you love it when i call you Micheal.” She bit her bottom lip, batting her eyelashes.

“Dont call me Micheal, Bella.” Xavier spat, his tone dripping with venom. “What the hell are you doing here?”

Bella ran her tongue on her bottom lip. “I’m staying here with my aunt cause my dad is on a business trip and wont be back for a while, but am still glad i bumped into you, now we can start all over. I must say you got more handsome.” Seriously? Could this Bella get anymore flirty? Cant she see that a girl is beside Xavier?

Xavier smirked. “I’m not interested in you, as you can see.” He wrapped his arms around my shoulder and klzzed my forehead. “This beautiful girl right here has already caught my eyes.”

Bella eyes trailed over me, her features changing to that of distaste. But her lips suddenly curled up and she faced Xavier. “Wow Xavier i never knew you prefer girls way younger than you, isn’t she like thirteen?” My eyes widen and i gaped at her. Thirteen?! Seriously? There’s no way i look like a thirteen year old!

I glared at her. “Excuse me lady but am not thirteen.”

Bella smirked and reached her hand out, patting my head like as if i was a dog. “Look little girl aren’t you worried about what your parents will say if they see you hanging with a boy who is five years older than you. Such a shame that they’ll think you’re a disgrace to them cause they gave birth to a slut.” Her words shocked me to the core and i did something i’d never thought or imagined myself to do. I slapped her hard across the face.

Xavier mouth hung open in shock and his widened eyes stared at me, well more like gawked at me. Bella face was priceless but her shocked face quickly changed to that of anger. “You bitch!” She tried to hit me but Xavier held her wrist in a death grip, that she winced in pain and glared at him.

“Dont you dare lay your filthy hands on my girlfriend Bella.” His grip on her wrist tightened. “Or else i’ll do something i’ll regret.” Even though Bella still had a scowl in her face as she tried to put on a tough facade, a flash of fear flickered in her eyes. Xavier let go of her wrist and rubbed my shoulder in a reassuring way.

“No need to be so rough Xavier.” Bella rubbed her sore wrist. “I was just joking, obviously she’s not thirteen.”

“Xavier can we please go now?” I held his arm. I dont think i can stay here any longer cause Bella presence made me sick.

He gently squeezed my hand and nodded, turning to face Bella with a hard glare. “Wanna know something Bella?”

Bella smirked and bit her bottom lip seductively. “What Xavier?”

“You disgust me.” With that Xavier opened the car and i walked around before sliding inside the passenger seat. The look of shock and anger on Bella face nearly had me laughing cause she looked so dumbfounded.

As Xavier drove, i noticed that car was completely silent. Each second that pass Xavier keeps on clenching and unclenching his jaw, his knucles were white due to the fact that his grip on the steering wheel was tight.

“Xavier.” I touched his hand. “Are you okay?”

Xavier plastered a smile on his lips that looks forced. “Of course i am Brielle, why wouldn’t i be?”

“You dont have to let her take a toll on you Xavier.” I said softly, rubbing circles on his palm. Xavier clenched his jaw and his grip on the steering wheel got tighter to the point that Xavier could snap it if he was really angry than this. I’ve seen Xavier’s anger before but its still enough to make me slightly frightened by him even when i know that he cant hurt me.

“I hate her Brielle, i hate her so much! My life was going perfect without her and now she thinks she can just come waltzling in here and act like were old friends.” Xavier had now slammed his foot on the brakes and punched the steering wheel, his breathing heavy and dark eyes glazed with anger.

“Xavier calm down.” I said, trying to make my words soft so that he wont act rash.

“Dont tell me to calm down Brielle!” He snapped causing me to flinch. Xavier eyes instantly flood with guilt and he tried to hold my hand but i quickly brought it back in my lap, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. “Brielle, i’m sorry.” I just nodded and pursed my lips.

I don’t know why am acting like, maybe its because am scared that Xavier will forget about me and might still have feelings for Bella. I really like Xavier and dont think i can handle it if he and Bella get back together.

“Brielle!” I glanced up to see Xavier glaring down at me. Oh, did i subconsiously say that out loud?

Xavier rolled his eyes. “Yeah you did. I dont have feelings for Bella, its you Brielle and no other women on earth can change the way i feel about you.” I blushed at his words and shyly nodded before i craned my neck up a little to peck his cheek. I dont think Xavier seemed satisfied with that cause his hand held my cheek as he placed his lips on mine and deepened the klzz. We both pulled apart, feeling breathless.

“I’m sorry about how i ruined your first date with me.” Xavier apologized, his tone sounding guilty. “It was suppose to be perfect but my ex just had to show up and ruin things for us.”

“Hey.” I squeezed his big and warm hands. “It was the best date i could ever ask for and i love all the things you did for me.”

Xavier smiled and gently stroked my hand. “I still have one more surprise if you’re up to it.”


“Yep.” Xavier said, klzzing my knuckles. “Its a special place i usually go to when i feel sad.”

“Well i’ll love to see this special place.” He placed his lips on my forehead and started the car before driving off in the main road. The ride to Xavier’s special place was a thirty minutes drive and when he pulled over under a tree, i stepped down from the car just as Xavier grabbed the blanket we used in our date, before getting down and closing the door. He held my hand as we both walked into the woods.

“Xavier.” I tried not to be scared but my voice betrayed me.

“Ssh.” Xavier whispered, drawing circles on my palm. “You dont have to be scared, am right here Brielle and believe me when i say that nothing dangerous lurks around this place.”

“Pfft am not scared.” I scoffed.

Xavier smirked and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. “Says the girl who was holding my hand in an iron grip.”

I slumped my shoulder. “Fine you got me there but you cant blame me for not being frightened, this place is creepy.” Xavier chuckled and tighened his grip in me. We both continue walking untill Xavier stopped making me slam in his hard back. I rubbed my nose and stepped beside him to see a small wooden door covered in leaves. Xavier pushed the door open and stepped inside, taking my hand in his as he pulled me closer inside.

A lake which had a crystal and clear water was flowing freely down to the other side. The pine trees and cliff were enourmous, it makes nature look so beautiful. The grasses had butterflies swarming around. What caught my attention was the beautiful big house beside the lake.

“Its a lake house, only me, Damon and Alex knows about this place cause Aunt Emily built it for us as a playhouse.” Xavier said as we walked closer to the lake and he spread the blanket on the grass before we both comfortably sat down. Xavier wrapped his arm around my shoulder and threw a small pebble in the lake.

“Your aunt is really nice.” I told him, taking his other hand in mine and gently stroked his long and slender f!ng£rs.

Xavier tucked a loose strand of my hair behind, a soft smile gracing his lips. “She is but this place is more than a playground to me. Listening to the bird chirps and the soft sound of the lake is what makes me happy when am sad.”

I sighed, my eyes fixed on the lake. “When am usually sad or angry i love gazing up at the sky cause it always reminds me that even though i was stuck with Liam, one day i’ll find happiness and love.” I turned to face Xavier, smiling at him.

“And my wish came true, i found happiness and love with you and your brothers. You didn’t look at me as a broken girl, you looked at me with love and admiration cause i was strong enough to not let my emotions take a toll on me.”

“That’s why i like you Brielle, even with all the harsh experiences that you went through, you never gave up and remained strong. You believed that a day will come when you’ll be free and find happiness. You didn’t allow Liam and other people get in your head. You are strong, courageous and beautiful. Your kind and humble self always thinks about others cause you care. I guess that’s what attracted me to you.” I smiled at his words and wrapped my arms around his waist, burying my face in his shoulder as i inhaled his fresh colongne.

“Thank you Xavier, for always believing in me and protecting me.”

Xavier arms tightened around me, planting a klzz on my forehead. “You dont need to thank me Brielle cause like i always say, i’ll protect you cause you are very important in my life.”

“Xavier.” I loosened my arms around him and stared up at his handsome face. “When Bella tried to flirt with you, you told her i was your girlfriend. Do you mean it?”

“Of course.” He smiled, playing with my f!ng£rs. “Brielle Valentina uh R.” I chuckled at that. “Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes!” I squealed, wrapping my arms around him and Xavier lips met mine, his hand finding their way around my torso, pulling me closer. When we pulled back, Xavier lay down on the blanket while my head rested on his chest, his arms protectively wrapped around me as we both gazed up at the sky. It was more beautiful and glamarous when the white stars appeared, shining brightly in the dark blue sky. I cant imagine anything better in my life. I have a lovely boyfriend, two brothers whom i love dearly, and a bestfriend i wouldn’t trade for a million dollers. Right now my life seems perfect but i couldn’t get the nagging feeling off my head, that things wont always how i want or imagine it to be. I dont care about all that cause being in Xavier’s arms is my safe place.


“What the f√¢k does she wants?!” I groaned, stuffing my face in the pillow, trying to block out the loud voices coming from downstairs.

“I dont know okay! Do you think i had any idea that she is staying in this city!” Another voice yelled back.

“Ugh! You guys are giving me a headache!” Another voice whines. I already knew it was the boys that were causing the noises but that doesn’t mean i’m not pissed at them.

“Shut up Alex.” The voice which i can tell belongs to Damon snaps. “No one called you hear, now go back to your room.”

“Leave me alone Damon!” Alex yelled back. “You’re not the boss of me.”

“Wanna say that again little brother?” Damon’s tone was dark and scary.

“Enough!” Now this time, it was my boyfriend voice. “Damon apologize to Alex, after that Alex will go to his room.”

“Hell no!” Damon said. I sighed and got up from my bed, putting on my slippers before heading downstairs to see all three brothers in the living room. Xavier looks tired and angry, Damon looks pissed off while Alex just had a blank look on his face.

“Is there a good reason why you guys are yelling at eachother when its.” I glanced at the wall clock then look back at them. “Twelve in the mid-night.”

“Yes.” Damon spat, glaring at Xavier. “At dinner, Alex and i were happy for you and Xavier when you told us that you two are dating but this guy right here.” He pointed his index f!ng£r at Xavier.

“Thought it was good idea to blurt out how his ex bimbo of a bitch girlfriend showed up out of the blue and almost ruined your date.”

Alex sighed. “I dont know why you’re mad but to tell you the truth am not mad at Xavier for not telling us about Bella earlier today cause he may have forgotthen about it.”

Both Damon and Xavier gaped at Alex, their jaw hung open. “How are you the youngest?” Damon asked, recovering from his shocked reaction. Alex just shrugged his shoulders in response and plopped down on the couch.

“Imma gonna murder that bitch if she trys any funny business.” Damon cracked his knuckles, a dark glint in his eyes instead of the usual cheesy and pouty boy. This boy really has different character. Sometimes he can act all cute and adorable like a little kid but if he’s angry, its a whole big issue cause he’s scary and intimidating.

“You’re not going to murder her Damon.” Xavier said and walked up to me, klzzing my forehead. “Sorry we woke you up babe.”

“Its okay.” I smiled up at him. Damon just grunts and walked pass me and Xavier, stomping upstairs with his big legs.

“I’m going up to bed.” Alex stood up and slowly made his way to the stairs. “Night Bri. Night Xavier.” We said good night to him and i turned to face Xavier who was already staring at me with raised eyebrows. “Well? What are you waiting for Brielle? You should also go to bed.” He crossed his arms over his chest, giving me a stern gaze to which i ignored.

“But am hungry.” I whined, jutting my bottom lip out. Xavier leaned forward and peck my lips before standing straight. “Dont pout it makes me want to klzz you.” I blushed at his straight-forward words. How can a boy make you so flustered and shy?

Xavier smirked. “Your cheeks are red, i like the effect i have on you.” He playfully poked my side causing me to jerk away from him, giggling.

“You know.” Xavier features had smugness all over them. “I haven’t tickled you before.” My eyes widened and i tried to make a run for it but Xavier was fast enough to grab me and hoist me up over his shoulder before he placed me on the couch and started tickling me. I erupted into fits of giggles and laughter.

“Xavier s-stop!” I squealed but he only tickled me more making my laughter increase.

“If you dont stop, i w-wont klzz you for a month!” Xavier stopped tickling me and frowned, narrowing his eyes at me. “You wouldn’t do that.”

I smirked. “Of course i can.” Xavier surprised me by lifting the edge of his lip into a smug smirk, inching closer to my face. “But you wont be able to resist me.”

I gulped. “I can resist you.”

“Really?” He inched closer, his eyes flickering from my eyes to lips. Before i could say anything, his lips were on mine and i instantly melted into the klzz as my hands went around his shoulder. Xavier deepened the klzz and pulled back, a smug smirk plastered on his lips. “I thought you said you could resist me, guess i was wrong.”

“Well its not my fault that you’re too handsome.” I mumbled, crossing my arms over chest. Xavier chuckled and got down from the couch, taking my hand and pulling me up.

“Are you really that hungry?” Xavier asked as he switched off the light bulb.

“Nah, i’m not hungry again but i am tired.” I yawned, leaning against Xavier.

“Should i carry the sleepy beauty to her royal chambers?” Xavier asked sarcastically.

“Yes.” He chuckled and scooped me up in his arms before walking towards the stairs. Xavier gently lay me on my bed once he entered my room. He klzzed my forehead and turned to leave but i stopped him by holding his hand.

“What is it princess?”

“Um, can you please stay with me.” I shyly asked, feeling my cheeks heat up in embarrassment.

“No need to feel shy princess.” He chuckled and took off his slippers before climbing on the other side of the bed, pulling the covers over us.

“You’re too far.” Xavier whined and pulled me close to him, wrapping his arms around my waist, his face buried in the nape of my hair.

“Now this is better.” Xavier mumbled making me smile. After some minutes, i heard the soft snores escaping Xavier’s lips and i leaned further into him, and closed my eyes, falling into a deep slumber.

By Divine Peter.

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