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A wish episode 10

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A wish episode 10 by : 11:59 pm On March 19, 2022
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🌼A Wish🌼
Written by Divine Peter

Chapter 10


It was already 9:20pm and all the boys have gone to bed but not before having a delicious meal that one of their household maids prepared for Mason and his sons. Eight year old Alex sat down on his bed, holding ‘Billy’ his teddy bear, close to his chest as he stared at his mum photo frame, wishing he could see her again but it was impossible. Whenever Alex remembers his mum he always cries and cries till he falls into a deep slumber, but he still reminds himself that she is now in a better place where she cant feel pain anymore. A gentle knock on the door snapped Alex back into reality.

“Come in.” Alex said quietly, placing the photo frame on his bed.

Xavier opened the door with a wide grin on his face but it soon disappeared when he saw Alex tear streaked face as he held his teddy bear close to his chest. Xavier approached Alex and perched down next to him, staring at Alex with a worried expression.

“What’s wrong little guy?” Xavier asked, placing both his hands on Alex shoulder as he turned him a little so that he was facing him.

Alex frowned and looked down at his lap. “Its nothing.” He played with his teddy’s ear.

“Alex.” Xavier tone was serious and stern. “Dont lie to me, now tell me, what’s wrong?”

Alex sniffled and reached for the photo frame of their mum as he held it with both hands, not caring if his teddy bear fell down. “I miss her so much Xavi.”

Xavier gave him a sad smile. “I miss her too little guy but no matter how much we miss her and wish she was here, always remember that she is with us right here.” He pointed at Alex heart. Alex nodded and wrapped his little arms around Xavier, resting his head against Xavier chest as he listened to the soft beats of his heart. Xavier gently stroked Alex soft hair as he listened to his silent sniffles which soon turned into light snores.

Xavier smiled when he saw Alex was fast asleep so he tucked him in on the bed and pulled the comforter over Alex. He picked up Alex teddy bear and placed it close to Alex, pressing a klzz on his brother forehead before leaving the room.


Damon pouted and glanced down at his
wrist, looking at the time. “Dad when is she going to be here?” He asked Mason who was seated on the couch, reading a newspaper as he sipped out of his black coffee, no sugar, no milk just the way he likes it.

“Calm down bud, she’ll soon be here.” Mason stated. “Why dont you go check on Xavier to see if he’s done packing.”

“Okay dad.” Damon mumbled, walking towards the marble staircase. He opened the door to Xavier room only to see him still packing some things in his luggage, Alex was seated on his bed staring blankly at Xavier’s luggage.

“We’re only staying in new york for a week Xavier.” Damon exclaimed. “Not a year!” He gawked at the huge box Xavier was trying to zip up.

“Its also filled with things i will use once we get there.” Xavier retorted.

“What things?” Alex questioned, peeking up at Damon who now stood close to Xavier luggage. Alex hated the fact that both his brothers are really tall, that they basically towered over him like skyscrapers.

“You know my books, polaroid camera, video game consoles, action figures, lotions, perfumes and deodorant, sunscreen, shampoo and conditioner.” Xavier tone was blunt.

The two youngest gasped and stared at Xavier like he was insane. “That’s too much stuff!” Alex exclaimed, glancing at Xavier luggage once again, trying to figure out how all the things Xavier mentioned could fit inside the luggage.

“You need to leave some behind.” Damon said, crossing his arms over his chest. Xavier tried to protest but pursed his lips in a thin line when he saw the matching glares Alex and Damon were sending his way.

“Fine.” He grumbled making Alex and Damon grin as wide as they can. With the help of Alex and Damon, Xavier was able to quickly pack up his clothes and little things he will need in another bag.

“Boys!” Mason yelled from the living room downstairs when he heard a car pullover in the compound. Emily Hill, Mason younger sister, got down from her car and gently closed it back before heading towards the front door of the mansion. She gently knocked on the door and it was immediately opened by Alex who brightly smiled up at at his aunt.

“Aunt Emily!” He wrapped his little arms around her.

“Hey sweetheart.” She picked him up. “How are you doing?”

“I’m fine auntie.” Alex giggled when she tickled his sides. As Emily stepped inside the house, still carrying Alex, Damon and Xavier instantly ran towards her. Emily laughed and gently placed Alex down, closing her eyes with her arms outstretched.

‘I, 2, 3’

“Aunt Emily!” Both Xavier and Damon almost knocked her over but she managed to keep her balance straight.

“Alright boys, that’s enough.” Mason said, walking over to where his two oldest sons stood, hugging the life out of his sister.

“Hi sis.” Mason greeted, engulfing Emily in his arms when Xavier and Damon had hesitantly pulled away.

“Hi big bro, how you doing?” Emily asked when they both entangled from the hug.

Mason smiled. “I’m doing great.”

“Can we go now?” Damon asked impatiently.

Xavier glared at Damon. “Why are you in such a rush?”

“Calm down you too.” Mason sent Damon a stern look that says ‘dont you dare act like a brat in front of my sister’

“Your aunt just got here, at least let us welcome her with food and drinks.”

Emily laughed. “Dont worry about me mase, i already had food before coming here.”

“So does that mean we can go?” Damon asked in an excited voice.

“Yep!” Emily chirped. She turned to Alex and then noticed he wasn’t holding any luggage or bag, he only held his teddy bear, Billy, in his hands as he stared up at his aunt.

“Why isn’t Alex with any bag or luggage?” She asked Mason who gave his sister a fake smile when she mentioned Alex.

‘The little shit’ Mason thought, balling up his fist. Before Mason could respond to Emily question Alex yelled excitedly. “Daddy is taking me to paris!”

Emily arched a brow. “Paris?”

Mason smirked. “While you take Xavier and Damon with you to new york, Alex and i will be heading over to paris.” There was a double meaning to Mason words and Emily could sense it but she brushed it off, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“Okay Mase.” Emily turned to look down at Xavier and Damon. “Boys let’s go.”

They both nodded their heads vigorously making Emily lips curl up into a smile. Mason carried Xavier and Damon luggages and walked outside, towards his sister car before placing them inside her boot and shutting it.

Meanwhile in the mansion Xavier and Damon were both hugging Alex in a death grip.

“C-cant breathe guys.”

Xavier pulled back, a large grin on his face. “Sorry lil bro, we’re going to miss you even though we’ll only be gone for a week.”

Damon ruffled Alex hair making the latter pout. “Be a good boy lil bro, dont stress dad out.”

“I’m always a good boy.” Alex huffed and Damon laughed before giving his brother one last hug.

“Cmon Xav lets go.” Damon tugged on Xavier sleeve.

“I’ll meet you in the car.” Xavier said and Damon nodded before sprinting towards the front door.

“Xavi what’s wrong?” Alex asked when he saw the worried expression Xavier had on his face.

Xavier crouched down to Alex height, placing both hands on his shoulder. “Alex for some reason i feel scared about this whole paris trip so please if anything goes wrong dont forget to call me. Okay?” Alex nodded.

“Use your words Alex.” Xavier gritted out, tightening his grip on Alex shoulder making the latter wince.

“Okay.” Xavier smiled and let go his hands slip from Alex shoulder. The two went outside to see Damon and Emily already inside her car. Giving Alex one last hug, Xavier walked over to the car and opened the door before settling at the backseat next to Damon. He would love to seat at the front with his aunt but she told him when he turns twelve only then will he be allowed to seat in the front.

Alex stood beside his father and waved at Xavier, Damon and his aunt till they were out of sight. Alex smiled and turned to face his dad only to flinch when he saw his dad grey eyes had darkened and he had on a wicked sneer on his face.

Alex gulped, feeling his palms sweaty. “Um d-daddy a-are we g-going to p-paris now?” His dad said nothing but just walked inside the house. Alex clutched Billy close to his chest and walked inside his house, closing the door behind him, feeling his heart pound against his ribcage.

“Um daddy are we going to paris today or tomorrow cause you sa-” He could not complete his statement. One second Alex was standing and the other second he was on the floor holding his bruised cheek. He stared with wide eyes at his father, not believing he had just punched him.

“Daddy why did you hit me?” Alex cried.

“Shut up bastard.” Mason sneered. “We are not going on some dumb trip to paris, we are going to stay at home and it will be the best time you ever had.

“What?” Alex asked, dumbfounded only to receive another punch from his dad who was glaring heatedly at him.

“I said shut up!” Mason yelled, feeling his body tremble with anger as he stared at Alex who was crying.

“I’m sorry if i was being a bad kid daddy, i’m sorry!” He quickly picked up Billy and hugged the teddy bear when he saw his father raise his fist again. Alex waited, expecting to feel a punch but he didn’t. Alex looked up to see his father staring at his teddy, his lips curled up into a smirk.

With one step, Mason grabbed Alex by his hair and snatched Alex teddy from his hand, ignoring Alex cries as he dragged him to the second living room. He pushed Alex on the floor hard, making him hit his arm painfully on the ground. Alex sniffled and slowly got up, his face was bruised, his arm was throbbing and he felt weak and tired.

Alex felt all colour drain from his face when he saw his dad lighting a matchstick in the furnace as he held Billy, his teddy, with his other hand. Alex was too shocked and scared to utter a word but he knew what was happening yet he couldn’t do anything. Mason smirked at the little boy before throwing the teddy bear in the furnace.

“Billy!” Alex screamed, reaching out for the teddy bear only to hiss in pain as he quickly retract his hand, remembering his teddy bear was in a fire. He knelt down and cried, he cried cause Billy was the first gift he his mum gave to him when he was one, he cried because he broke his promise to mum when she had told him to never lose Billy. His teddy bear was the only source of reminder he has of his mum and now it was gone just like that. Alex stopped crying and faced his father who had a smug smile on his face.

“You’re a coldhearted beast!” Alex screamed in anger. Mason smile dropped and he glared at Alex with so much hatred.

He grabbed a fistful of Alex hair in his hand. “Never use that tone on me again.” Alex cried out in pain when his face was slammed against the wall. He fell down and was about to get up when he felt a sharp pain in his stomach, his father had just kicked him. Alex lied down limp on the cold floor as he received punches and kicks from his dad, insults that hurts him more than the physical pain his dad was inflicting on him. The last thing Alex heard his dad say when he was done punching him shattered his heart into pieces.

“You killed your mother.”

It went on like that for the week, Alex changed in one week, he was no longer the happy and cheerful kid who will do anything to put a smile on your face. He was a broken soul who needed to be fixed.

Day one: Alex received punches from his dad and his dad burnt the teddy bear his mum gifted him.

Day two: Mason sent all the maids and workers to spend a week in their homes, just so that ge can deal with Alex. Alex was forced to do all the house chores and he accidentally broke a glass cup which made his dad angry and use the pieces to cut Alex leg.

Day three: Alex had five of his f!ng£rs broken cause Mason thought it will be a fun thing to do. Alex cries echoed in the house when Mason bent his f!ng£r back till he heard a crack, it was really a painful experience for Alex.

Day four: Alex father used him as a punching bag, saying hurtful and bad words to him. Alex felt numb, tired and weak, his f!ng£rs were still broken and already started to swell when his dad inflicted more pain in his broken f!ng£rs.

Day five: Alex was taken to the hospital by Mason cause he fainted when Mason started hitting him again. Mason lied to the doctor that Alex tripped down from the stairs which resulted in his broken f!ng£rs. Alex was glad that his dad didn’t punch or hit him when they got back from the hospital but he said some really hurtful words to Alex that broke him. “You’re worthless, pathetic and useless!”

“Nobody loves you!”

“You deserve to die!”

Day six: Alex got hit countless times with a belt and his dad tortured him with a knife, ignoring his screams, cries and pleas.

Day seven: Mason threatened to kill Alex and his brothers if he ever told anyone about what happenned.


“Alex!” Xavier exclaimed happily, running towards Alex who was sitting down on the couch, staring blankly at the wall. Mason was outside, holding Both Xavier and Damon luggages as he bid goodbye to Emily driver who had brought both boys back home.

Xavier and Damon were both happy to be back home cause they really missed Alex and wished he was with them, they were excited to see Alex and ask him how his short holiday to paris was. If only they knew that they was no trip and Alex had a horrendous week.

“Hi Xavier.” Alex greeted with a forced smile making Xavier frown cause Alex tone was blank.

“Alex!” Damon screeched, capturing Alex in his arms.

“Hey Damon.” Damon was surprised cause Alex loves to call him Dami. Before the two could ask Alex what’s wrong, he walked away from his brothers, to his room, where he would cry all night till he was tired.

Everyday became a worst experience for Alex, he wouldn’t talk to Xavier and Damon, he became really quiet and distant, he would always lock himself in his room whenever Xavier and Damon tried to talk to him. He got beaten, abused and tortured by his father in the basement which became his favourite place in the house since he always ends up down there to receive welcoming punches and kicks.

Days turned into months, months turned into years, Alex was abused for five years by his biological dad who hated him so much that he almost killed him. But throughout that five years Alex still endured the pain and inflictions he went through. He had a little hope that all will soon be alright and all the pain will go away but he lost that hope when Xavier yelled at him out of anger.

“I’m trying to help you yet you push me away what do you want me to do? You wont tell me what’s wrong with you! You are not the brother i knew and had! So f√¢king useless!”

He started cutting when voices in his head kept on repeating the same words Xavier told him.

‘It will make the pain go away’

*flashback over*

“Oh Alex.” I wrapped my arms around his waist, feeling tears stream down my face. “I’m sorry you had to go through all that.”

I heard him release a shaky breath as he breathed in. “Dont apologize Brielle, its not your fault.”

“You need to talk to Xavier.” I said when Alex pulled back from the hug., his eyes were blotchy red, his face looking tired.

“I cant speak or talk to him Brielle, i dont want to.” Alex said drily, making me feel a little bit angry, cant he see that Xavier feels really guilty about the slap? Doesn’t he knows how much his brother is hurting?

“Alex you need to stop avoiding him.” I stated, getting up from the bed and glared at him.

“I’m not avoiding him Brielle.” His tone was calm. “I just dont want to see or talk to him.”

“What the fudge is wrong with you?” I asked, feeling mad about what he said. “Stop being so mean!”

Alex must have had enough of my yelling cause he got up and face me with a glare. “I’m not being mean Brielle just because you’re staying with us doesn’t mean you should involve yourself in what is not your business.” I felt a little hurt by his words, he said it like as if me staying with them is a bother.

“Brielle am sorry, please forgive me.” Alex face looked guilty but i didn’t wait to hear what he has to say, i ran out of the room, ignoring his calls for me to stop

T. B. C
Written by Divine Peter.

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