A weekend to remember episode 9


(Caught in a dilemma 😰)

Written by Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚


Roman dialed the number he had memorized impatiently, waiting for Beatrice’s assistant to pick up.

He answered the phone when the connection was almost gone.
“Hello.” He answered from the other end and Roman’s joy knew no bound.

“Hi. This is Roman. I am calling you on behalf of your boss Miss Beatrice, she gave me your number.” Roman talked in haste.

“I have been trying to get to her. Is she okay?” Gordon asked worriedly.

“She is, but she wouldn’t be very soon, so I need your help in getting her out of this place. Do you know the Whereabouts of Tokyo? Her fiancée?” Roman asked.

“Of course. He is here in her office.” Gordon responded though he was yet to get what was going on.

“Why is he there?” Roman further asked.

“He said he wants to take up the company till Miss Beatrice is back from her vacation,” Gordon stated.

“I knew that bastard was up to something all along,” Roman mumbled to himself.

“Now I need your help Gordon, Beatrice isn’t on a Vacation. She has been kidnapped and the person behind it is Tokyo your fiancée. You should understand why he is doing this now he is in the company.” He said and Gordon nodded from the other hand.

“Yes. I knew he isn’t trustworthy right from the beginning.” He stated angrily.

“Now I would need you to do something for me. I would send you a video record of Beatrice saying what she is going through here, you need to show this to the police. Understood?” Roman asked.

“Got it. I would be waiting for your message.” He replied and Roman hung up the call.

He walked out of the room dropping the phone in his pockets and wearing his mask. He opened the door and saw Damon approaching him with a frown on his face.

“Oh No. What is going on?” He thought keeping a straight face.

“Why are you here?” Damon asked angrily and Roman creased his brows.

“Nothing.” He replied boldly.

“You are yet to make dinner! And you are standing here doing nothing!! Get into that kitchen now!” Damon commanded and Roman nodded.

He walked away quickly and headed to the kitchen breathing out in relief.

Daniel walked into the kitchen with his eyes broadened.

“What did Damon come here for?” he asked fearfully.

“It’s nothing, Dan. He didn’t suspect anything.” Roman said and he breathed out holding his chest.

“That’s good. Where is the phone?” Dan asked and Roman looked at him.

“I am still using it, Dan. You need to be calm with m,e, please. I am close to achieving what I want.” Roman stated.

“What is all this about anyway? What is going on with you and Beatrice?” He asked and Roman shook his head. Nothing much, I just want to make sure she gets out of this place, and trust me it won’t be in a bad way for the both of u,,” Roman said.

“you need to be careful Roman. You are threading a deadly path, if you are caught with that phone we are dead. Be careful and be reasonable.” Dan said and Roman nodded.

“You know I do things wisely Dan, you have nothing to worry about,” Roman stated and Dan nodded walking out of the kitchen.


After cooking, Roman put Damon’s food on a plate and placed it on a tray. He walked out of the kitchen and headed to his room.

He knocked on the door and could hear he was on a call.

“We should kill her?” He heard Damon ask and his heart skipped.
Soon, he heard Damon approach the door and opened it. He wasn’t on the call anymore.

“Your food Sir.” He said and Damon made way for him to come in. After he got to the table, he dropped the tray.

He walked to the door and then Damon stopped him.

“Serve Beatrice her food, it would be her last, so let her enjoy it.” He said with a smirk on his face and Damon clenched his haw in anger.

“Understood?!” Damon yelled and Roman nodded.

“Yes sir.” He responded walking out of the room. Immediately he was out, he ran straight to the room Beatrice was kept and opened the door.

He walked in and saw her lying weakly on the bed.

Immediately she saw him, she sat up with a smile on her face.
“any good news?” She asked anxiously.

“Please don’t ask me that now. I need you to do something for me. I am going to be taking a video record of you, and you have to tell me what you are going through here. Do you understand?” He asked and she nodded.

“Got it. So…” She said and Roman drew out the phone.

“Tokyo ordered for your kill tonight. You need to get out of here as soon as possible. You need to let them know this too.” Roman explained in haste.

“Them? The cops?” She asked and he nodded.

“Yes. So let’s begin.” He said raising the phone and Beatrice began to weep.

“Hi Anyone seeing this, I am Beatrice Robert and I have been kidnapped for two days now. I was asked to tell my father that I am on a Vacation, a gun was pointed at my head so I had to do what they asked me to do.”

“Please anyone seeing this should send it to the Cops, Tokyo is behind my kidnap and he has also asked them to kill me because he is now the boss in my company. Please help me, I don’t want to die.” She said in tears and Roman stopped the video.

Tears threatened to fall off his eyes but he fought it back. He sent the video immediately to Gordon and sighed in relief.

“You are getting out of here. I promise you.” Roman said embracing her and she cried on my shoulders.

“Thank you so much, Roman. I don’t know what would have done without you.” Beatrice said admits tears and Roman shook his head.

“I did the right thing. You don’t have to thank me.” He replied moving back a little. Beatrice cupped his face in her hand glaring into his eyes.

“I don’t know what to say, but you deserve more than this.” She said and he smiled slightly.

“I don’t. I am part of those that kept you here.” He stated.
“But you are trying all you can do to make it right. You are a good person Roman.” She said and he smiled.

“Kiss me.” He said and Beatrice smiled. She leaned forward and planted a kiss on his lips.

“I need to move out now. I would be back with your dinner.” He said and she nodded as he walked out of the room.


Guys one more episode to go 😁😁😁😁😁😘😘😘

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