A two faced lover episode 9

A Two Faced Lover
(episode 9) Second-to-last episode!
The past always has a way of creeping into the future; that’s why it’s
advisable for us to be mindful of the way we live our lives. However, the
good news is that a changed person is free from their past and can’t be
subjected or defined by it. Despite the fact that Saint lived a double
standard life in the past, he still deserved another chance to make things
right and live a better life. We all know that stigmas are hard to correct
or erase, so the only thing Saint could do is pray that Rose sees through
Patricia to know that it’s a set-up intended to ruin his relationship with
her. Fingers are crossed and at this point, all we can do is hope that Rose
doesn’t take any drastic decision concerning her relationship with her
repentant beau.
After the shocking revelation by the anonymous WhatsApp contact, Rose
couldn’t think properly any longer. She was in denial and didn’t want to
believe that the half naked man in the pictures that were sent to her was
her own Saint. Everything felt like a horror movie and it gave her a panic
The fact that Saint just informed Rose that he dozed off at a friend’s
place and also didn’t pick up when she called earlier, gave her anxiety and
actually made the whole set-up believable. It was going to take more than
talking to get her to believe otherwise.
While hell broke loose at Rose’s end, Saint was clueless on what was
happening and never suspected any shady act by Patricia while he was at her
house. Though he noticed his belt wasn’t knotted the way he usually does
it, he waived the thought cause he felt it could have loosened due to the
tossing and turning while he slept. Never for once did it cross his mind
that Patricia had a hand in the sudden dizziness and unexpected sleep that
took place while he was at her house. Too bad he trusted blindly!
Shortly after Rose received those pictures, she wanted to call the number
that sent it but held back so as not to complicate things the more. Rose
felt the first person she needed to confront was Saint and not the
anonymous message sender. She felt if there was anyone that owed her an
explanation, then it was him.
One of the wise things Rose did was to take some time to digest the shock
she was feeling at that moment and also calmed her nerves. She knew that if
she called Saint immediately, they might end up not getting anywhere with
their conversation because she would be yelling and throwing accusing
fingers all through their conversation. The whole thing was a huge
contradiction of everything he had promised her so it was a huge deal
“Why on earth would he do this? What sense does it make to go through all
this length just to get me back and make things work between us, only to do
a thing like this few months after we got back together. This can’t be
true, why would he do this? Is it because we chose to abstain? Could it be
that he couldn’t bear his urges any longer and then decided to cheat on me?
But he never showed any sign of resistance towards our abstinence
agreement, so where’s all this coming from? God please let there be a
suitable explanation to this because I’m at the verge of losing my mind”
Rose soberly wondered as she walked to and fro in her bedroom. It was such
an emotionally stressful day for the young lady because she couldn’t close
her eyes to sleep due to the numerous scary thoughts in her mind.
On the other hand, Patricia was anxiously waiting for a reply from Rose but
non was forth coming. She checked the WhatsApp message countlessly, waiting
for a reply but Rose was mute. Patricia could see that she had read the
message and also seen the pictures she sent. She kept wondering why Rose
was mute and wasn’t reacting the way she expected. “Ah ah, are you sure
this is the lady Saint have been flaunting all over social media as his
girlfriend? Why hasn’t she messaged me back till now or even call to yell
at me? Hmm” she wondered. It was quite weird that Rose hadn’t showed any
sigh yet of a lady that just received information with proof that her
partner was cheating on her. Patricia’s initial plan was to get into a
verbal fight with Rose and reveal more shocking details if she had called
back. The fact that she was still mute, made Patricia nervous. All she
could do was keep her fingers crossed as she awaited a reply or reaction.
When Saint arrived home that evening, he called Rose to say ‘Goodnight’ to
her but she wasn’t picking up. Without carrying any thing in mind, he felt
she had already slept off so he innocently sent her a goodnight message.
The following day, Rose woke up a bit calm and was ready to confront Saint
with evidence. While they spoke that morning, she informed him that they
needed to talk after work hours; of which he agreed to meet up with her at
her house.
As they spoke that morning, Rose’s tone wasn’t friendly at all but was
rather blunt and straight to the point. Somehow, Saint figured that
something was wrong and even went ahead to ask if she was alright but she
told him that all was fine.
All through the early hours of that day, Saint was a bit worried and tensed
as he kept wondering why Rose sounded very cold on the phone. Not for once
did his mind ever think that the issue on ground involved cheating
accusations with picture proof of him being half naked with another lady.
Despite the fact that Saint felt a bit tensed all day, he kept his cool and
hoped that it was nothing serious.
Immediately after work that day, Saint hurried down to Rose’s house. He got
there before her and had to wait inside his car for her to pull up. After
about an hours later, Rose returned home and could see Saint’s car outside
her compound. She parked well, alighted from the car and went inside
straight; without exchanging greetings with him.
Everything that happened that very moment confirmed Saint’s fear that
something was seriously wrong. In order not to lose his mind too soon, he
summoned up courage and followed Rose inside the house. When he entered
inside, he found her crying bitterly in the living room. That sight only
was enough to murder his heart as great fear gripped him because he knew
that whatever problem that could make Rose cry, was a big one indeed. “Baby
what’s going on? Why are you crying? To be honest you are getting me scared
and worried” he curiously inquired as he walked closer to her.
At that point, there was just so much for Rose to say that she didn’t know
where to start from. Unable to properly express the pain she was feeling,
she brought out her phone and gave it to Saint. One look at the phone
screen and his heart jumped out of his body.
Just imagine the feeling of seeing a nude picture of yourself with another
lady but can’t recall or remember when that sort of incident took place.
Saint was totally numb and almost collapsed due to the shock that
overshadowed him. At that point, he didn’t even know where to start
defending himself from. Words were heavy because the man on that photo was
undeniable him. After being mute for a while, he finally managed to say
“This isn’t true, I swear I’m very confused because I can’t remember ever
doing this with anyone” Saint confusingly said, “wait a minute, this is
Patricia and this is also her house” he shockingly added. When he said
that, Rose’s attention was drawn and she was kind enough to ask him to
explain himself. “Saint tell me the whole truth now before I lose my mind
that I have been trying to hold together since yesterday evening I received
this message” she said.
Rose’s revelation as to when she received the pictures confirmed any doubts
Saint was having that Patricia had set him up. “Baby let me explain. This
particular lady was the person I told you that I had a business appointment
with. Her name is Patricia and she’s one of the ladies I had a thing with
in the past. When she told me she wanted us to see, I initially didn’t want
to grant her offer till she said it was strictly business. I went over to
her place yesterday afternoon to take a look at the business proposal she
said she wanted to show him. The only thing I can remember last was when
she gave me a drink and when I woke up from sleep. I suspect now that the
drink was drugged because I still can’t fathom why I dozed off unexpectedly
like that in her house. We didn’t end up having the meeting anymore because
I left immediately I woke up. The reason I wasn’t able to pick your calls
when you called was because I was fast asleep. My God! So this lady had
ulterior motives for inviting me over to her house and used ‘Business’ to
lure me over. Baby I swear I didn’t touch her, babe you have to believe me.
I have never cheated on you since we started this new journey, you have to
believe me” he soberly said.
Saint’s explanation was quite convincing but Rose wasn’t ready to believe
him too soon. “How do I know you aren’t lying? I’m trying so hard to trust
you but it’s quite difficult to do so when things like this keeps
happening” she furiously said. Without wasting any time, Saint told her to
follow him so they could get to the root of the whole matter once and for
all. He figured that the best way to make Rose believe him was for him to
confront Patricia in front of her. No time to waste!
“Babe you know what? please come with me! Don’t say anything and just
follow me I beg you” Saint said. In order not to complicate things the
more, Rose stood up from where she sat and followed him out of the house.
They both entered his car and drove off; without him telling her where they
were going to. Saint felt Rose might not want to come with him if he had
revealed that they were headed down to Patricia’s house that evening. All
he could do was pray for Patricia to be at home when they get there.
Throughout the ride, Rose kept sobbing and didn’t look like she was going
to stop anytime soon. It killed Saint deeply to hear her cry but he knew
the tears would dry immediately he was done with what he wanted to do that
After about an hour later, they arrived at their destination; which was
Patricia’s apartment. Saint told Rose to wait inside the car that he was
coming. He rushed to Patricia’s apartment and knocked on the door. He could
hear music playing inside and it confirmed that she was very much around.
After the forth knock, Patricia opened the door and was dead shocked to see
Saint standing in front of her. He tried his best not to unleash his anger
on her too soon, so he kept his cool. “What are u doing here? She
shockingly asked, “Just come with me to the car, there’s something I want
us to talk about” he calmly said.
Due to Saint gentleness, Patricia felt he wanted to talk to her about
making her his girlfriend since she might have succeeded in ruining his
relationship with Rose. She locked her door and happily followed Saint to
where he parked his car. Unknown to her, Rose was seated inside the car and
could see them waking towards the car. A serious confrontation was about to
take place but apparently, Patricia had absolutely no clue.
Immediately they got to the car, Saint opened Rose’s seat door and brought
out her phone from his pocket which contained the pictures and message
Patricia sent. The whole atmosphere was tensed and that was when Rose came
out from the car.
When Patricia saw Rose, her heart skipped a beat and she suddenly realise
what was about to go down. Before she could process things further, Saint
showed her the pictures she sent and said; “You have just two minutes to
explain this pictures and what happened yesterday before I remove my
clothes and run mad for you. Just so you know, if you don’t say the truth
to me you will definitely say it to the police officers when I get you
arrested. Now speak!”.
Scared and shocked, Patricia stammered; I…I…can cann explain please!”.
End of episode 9 ?

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