A two faced lover episode 10 – finale

A Two Faced Lover
(episode 10) Last episode!
Most times in life, you just have to take the bull by the horn when it
comes to addressing some issues because any little time wasted could worsen
or complicate things. There are some situations in life that doesn’t
require a gentle approach to solve, but rather a rugged one. If Saint had
stayed back in Rose’s house to explain things to her and try to prove his
innocence, the issue would have taken a longer time before it gets resolved
because she would have probably asked for some space to put herself
together; now we all know that the more space couples take apart, the more
chances that things might never be the same again and they might never get
back together. It was such a brilliant move that Saint made to hurry down
to Patricia’s house that same day to get to the root of the accusation
levied against him. At that moment, a serious confrontation was inevitable!
Patricia was beyond shocked when she realised that Saint brought Rose with
him to her house. Never in a thousand years would she have thought that her
evil deeds were going to backfire at her in such short notice. She probably
felt that Rose wouldn’t have a problem believing her set-up plans, due to
the kind of lifestyle Saint lived in the past. Too bad Patricia wasn’t
aware that Rose was there during the worst times of Saint’s life and was
able to quickly absorb the shock that came with the naked pictures and
message she sent. I guess she should have done her homework well before
pulling such stunt on the promising couple; it was already too late and it
was time for her to dance to the music she played.
“Start explaining because I can’t wait to find out how you were able to
obtain naked pictures of me and also how you were able to get Rose’s
contact. Are you a serial killer or what? Speak because I am at the verge
of getting you arrested now” Saint furiously said. Rose was quiet all
through and just leaned on the car listening attentively to everything that
was happening. At that point, she could tell that her boo was innocent and
was set-up by the strange lady. But despite knowing that he was innocent,
she still wanted to watch the whole drama unfold.
On seeing that Saint was extremely furious, Patricia confessed her evil
deeds to them. She narrated everything and revealed her intentions for
doing what she did. After her narration, she apologised to Saint and Rose
for any harm or trouble she might have caused. “I am very sorry for doing
what I did, I honestly don’t know what came over me. I guess I was
devastated at the thought of Saint being with someone else that I let my
emotions get the best of me. I can’t seem to fathom what I was thinking
when I did what I did yesterday, please you guys should temper justice with
mercy. I’m sorry!” Patricia soberly said.
Due to the apology that was tendered, Rose’s heart melted and she
indirectly gave Saint a sign that it was time for them to leave. When he
caught her signal, it gladden his heart to know that Rose was convinced he
didn’t cheat on her. He took a deep breath and looked at Patricia
afterwards. “Thank your stars I have suddenly calmed down because the anger
I came here with this evening wasn’t a joke. Please stay away from my
relationship because the next time you try something shady like this again,
I will deal with you the way you deserve to be dealt with. If I were you,
the first thing I would do when I get inside is to pick your phone and
delete those pictures you took of me because if I ever see it anywhere
again, I will sue you for defamation of character and blackmail. Don’t just
try me because I would make sure you don’t go unpunished like you are being
left to go scot-free now. Have a nice life and leave me alone” He added and
beckoned on Rose to get into the car. Before Patricia could blink her eyes,
they zoomed off.
It was such a humiliating day for Patricia because she felt like a fool for
pulling such stunt. The fact that Rose still didn’t utter a word as
everything went down, drove her crazy and made her feel more embarrassed.
For fear of being sued and in more trouble, she deleted the nude pictures
from her phone immediately she entered inside her house.
On the other hand, Rose couldn’t stop staring at Saint as they drove back
to her house. Deep down, she felt a bit guilty for not trusting him
initial, but who could blame her? I mean the whole thing looked absolutely
convincing. As she stole glances at him, he didn’t want to look towards her
direction and pretended to be focused on his driving.
After about a hour later, they arrived at Rose’s house. Saint didn’t want
to alight from the car and enter inside her house because it was already
late and he needed to head to his house too. Rose was feeling really bad
and didn’t want to get down from the car. She needed to work things out
with her man in order for their relationship not to get affected by the
incident that just happened.
“Baby I’m sorry for not trusting you, I’m so sorry for talking to you
rudely this morning and also for not greeting you when you came this
evening. I’m sorry my love” Rose calmly said. Saint looked into her eyes
and smiled faintly. “It’s not your fault sweetie, I would have reacted same
way if I were in your shoes. I want you to know that I love you and would
never ever cheat on you. I rather walk away from this relationship than
cheat because cheating would only make me look like the old Saint; of which
I never want to be again. I actually commend the way you handled things
because it isn’t as bad as you think. I love you and want you only. I have
to go now, see you tomorrow” he said and pecked her on the cheek.
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The peck Saint gave to Rose wasn’t enough because at that moment, she
wanted a large piece of him. She held his shirt and kissed him on the lips.
They kissed passionately for a while before she alighted from the car and
entered insider her apartment. Rose was grateful to God that her
relationship with the man she loved wasn’t at risk and was also happy that
he was faithful to her and was committed to what they had.
Apparently, Rose wasn’t the only one that was happy as Saint was equally
happy too. He held his chest and thanked God that Patricia’s evil plans
weren’t fulfilled. They were both extremely happy and valued their
relationship the more.
As time went on, their relationship waxed stronger and became more
authentic. The cheating incident that was intended to cause harm actually
made them trust each other more. They became more conscious of what either
of them did and were more careful than they used to be.
Have you ever benefited from a circumstance that was intended to cause harm
to you? Well, at this point it’s safe to say that Rose and Saint’s
relationship benefited greatly from Patricia’s evil schemes. When two heart
genuinely beats for each other, crisis becomes an elevating ladder in their
relationship and not the other way round.
As time passed by, Saint began to feel the need to wife Rose. The fact that
they were practising abstinence, low-key sped up the whole process. He was
dying to feel her body again and knew that the only way it could be
possible was if he puts a ring on it.
To be fair, Saint also had a lot of reasons why he wanted to wife Rose and
not just because of her body. It had gotten to a point where he knew that
it was either her or no other person. She was his ride or die and was the
only woman that had huge impact on his life. Saint adored Rose and she
somehow had a great influence on his day to day decisions. It’s safe to say
at this point that they were made for each other.
With each passing day, Saint began to make moves on how he would ask Rose
to marry him. He kept thinking on the perfect time but was finding it
difficult to pick a day. The good thing he did was to buy an engagement
ring, while still contemplating on the perfect time to pop the big
question. Rose was completely unaware of Saint’s plans because he never
gave any clue on what he was up to. The tension continued on his path till
one fateful day.
Turns out that Saint hid the engagement ring in his cupboard; since he
hadn’t made up his mind yet on the perfect time to propose. It happened
that Rose came around to his house one Saturday afternoon to cook for him.
When she was done cooking, she dished the food for him and went straight to
the bathroom to take a shower.
After bathing, Rose needed a casual cloth to wear since she was still very
much around. She went to Saint’s cupboard to pick one of his singlet
because that’s where he normally kept them. As she searched in the cupboard
for the perfect singlet to wear, her fingers touched a jewellery case so
she picked it up to see what was inside the box.
Immediately the box opened, Rose held her mouth as her heart raced. At that
moment, there were over a thousand thoughts on her head as to why an
engagement ring was in her man’s cupboard. “Oh My God, this isn’t what I
think it is” she shockingly said as she gazed at the ring.
As Rose was lost in thoughts, she didn’t realise that Saint was behind her
observing all that was happening. He actually walked into the room to get
something when he saw her with the ring case. Deep down, Saint was happy
that Rose found the ring because it only just made things easier for him to
do what he had been nervous to do a long time ago.
“Do you like it?” Saint asked out of nowhere and Rose immediately turned to
see him standing right behind her. Her heart skipped several beats and she
was dumbfounded. Saint figured she was having a hard time digesting all
that was happening so in order to make things clear, he knelt down and held
her hands with his sweaty palms.
“Baby, I know you are shocked and didn’t see this coming but I wanted to do
this a while back but was too nervous on what the outcome would be so I
held back. If there’s anyone I want to spend the rest of my life with, then
it’s nobody but you. We started off on a very rough path but just look how
far we have come. It has gotten to the extent that I can’t function
properly without you. I would never trade our past experience for anything
because that’s the foundation of what we have today. I love you so much and
want you to be the mother of my children. Roseline Jacobs, will you marry
me?” Saint soberly asked.
The atmosphere was clouded with an out pour of emotions that Rose didn’t
know when she started tearing up. She held her heart and looked into
Saint’s eyes. Joy like never before filled her heart and the butterflies in
her stomach wouldn’t stop dancing. With tear of joy in her eyes, she said a
gentle “Yes” and handed the ring over to him to insert it on her finger.
Immediately Saint inserted the ring on Rose’s finger, she kissed his
forehead and happily screamed; “Yes babe! We got this on Lock!”
Everyone deserves a second chance and should be given one if they genuinely
repent from something wrong they did in the past. Don’t be in a hurry to
stigmatise someone because change is constant.
Always endeavour to live your truth and not a lie because being fake would
only do you more harm than good. As you go through this life, make sure
that the foundation of anything you ever want to stand the test of time is
built on truth, because that’s the surest insurance you can stake the
survival of that thing on.
Sometimes, it’s good to lose your cool when someone has stepped on your
toes long enough, because your reaction might just be the perfect medicine
that person needs, in order to turn a new leaf.
In all, endeavour to be slow to anger and not be in a hurry to confront
your partner when faced with trials like unfaithfulness. A simple
conversation and proper communication can solve a whole lot in
relationships. Don’t forget to love with all your heart when you eventually
find that special someone because we don’t have forever on this earth. Give
love your best shot when that time finally comes!
End of Story! ?

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