A new beginning batch 9

A new beginning
Episode 17
Roy went to the hospital for a DNA test, he met the receptionist who directed him to the doctor’s office.
” I want to do DNA test” Roy said as he sat down on the visitor sit in the doctor’s office.
“Do you come with blood or hair sample” the doctor asked while Roy handed him the hair sample he kept in a neat nylon.
“Since is a hair sample the result won’t come quickly , I will advised you come in five days time for the test results. The Doctor assured him while they shook hands, Roy left after settling the bill.
He knew he shouldn’t be doubting Nina because ha had never since her with a guy before, but had this feeling that something is not right about the pregnancy.
Roy went to work, he is now a taxi driver , his dream of going to school had been dashed, but he had to survive he have a family to cater for .
Sandra was now the managing director of her father’s company, her dad no longer goes to work, he was now represented by his daughter.
Sandra in her on her part was happy she met Roy but she was also angry because Roy cheated on her, nevertheless she still love him even when she tried to convince herself, she knew she still has feelings for him, Meeting him had made her feelings magnify.
She drove to her house and alighted from the car, she walked to the house, she was hearing faint noises , she walked to the parlour but nobody was there , she headed to where she was hearing the noise and to her dismayed it was in her room, she pushed the door and behold lex on top of a girl she was maoning hysterically before she behold Sandra ,lex immediately turned and saw Sandra he was shock, Sandra angrily left without saying anything to them she blamed her parents for making her married lex.
She went to the guest room and took her bath, immediately she was done ,she sat down on the bed thinking about her life before lex walked in.
She stared at lex in disdain.
“See Sandra I am sorry I never mean to do it “lex pleaded steering at her with a puzzled look, he was confused because Sandra was composed than ever, he had expected her to be mad.
“See lex I know you are not ready for marriage because you can’t stay without cheating, so please let’s divorce so that you can be free because I am fed up ” Sandra replied nonchalantly.
“I promised it will never happen again it was the devil’s work”lex said blaming the innocent devil..
“I don’t have anything to say to you, I just want an annulment” Sandra vehemently replied.
There was no way lex will grant her wish when he has his motive, Sandra is the only child of Mr Johnson that automatically means the owners of her dad companies. His mean reason was steal the companies from her. only God knows how he will do it but time will tell.
Roy went to the doctor office, the D day had finally arrived the day the doctor told him to come for the test result. He met the doctor in his office, after exchanging pleasantries with the doctor, he handed Roy the result, Roy open the envelop he stared at the result with his mouth agape, he was dumbfounded, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.
” so Junior is not my son ” he muttered to himself and headed home to confront Nina.
Roy was downcast, he couldn’t believe Nina had been lying too him for years, he was dumbfounded as he stared at the DNA result
He immediately left the hospital and drove home . he walked to the door and met Nina glue to the TV, immediately Nina saw him she came to hug him but he pushed her to the other side, she was stun of his outburst.
” what’s the matter love ” she asked in surprised.
” who is the father of junior ” Roy blunted while Nina drew back in disbelief.
She stared at Roy, she was shock .
” why are asking such question when you know you are the father ” she replied bodily, even though was she was scared within but she had to pretend.
” I am the father but the DNA test says otherwise, I can’t believe you used a child that is not mine as leverage to cage me ” Roy replied vehemently throwing the DNA test result to her face.
” Roy I am sorry” she calmly apologized .
“You deprived me from the woman I love , how could you be so heartless” Roy whimpered. Tears could be perceptibly seen on their cheek.
” I am sorry it was not my fault” Nina wailed holding Roy’s hand while he pushed her hands forcefully.
” is not your fault, you deprived me from the woman I love making me to father a child at my early age, you are such a hypocrite, I will advice you to go meet his father because I am done with the marriage.” Roy Blunted angrily heading to the door.
” I was rapped, it was not intentional, I was reaped by Victor and his friends” Nina cried out while Roy halted and stared at her awe.
” the reason why I never told you was because I don’t want to lose you, that’s why i had to put the child on you, I never cheated on you , I love you so much to cheat on you” Nina explained, tears was dropping down to her cheek, Roy immediately felt pity for her.
“But that doesn’t mean you have put the blame on me , I had always love you but as a sister and a friend, I don’t have feelings for you, the reason why I married you was because of the child, you could have told me you were raped instead you dragged me to your plight making me to loose the woman I love. I planned on breaking up with you before your pregnancy issue came up , but since I found out you were pregnant I decided to take responsibility not knowing I was not the father, you manipulated me , you trapped me with someone’s child , I am sorry to say but I can’t continue with this marriage” Roy muttered and storm out leaving Nina to her fate , she was on the floor wailing , she knew she had finally loose Roy.
Roy went to the nearest bar to drink away his sorrows, he was not a fan of bear but in a situation like this he needed something to cool his temper, he had drank 4 bottle of star, he was already feeling tipsy, his phone started ring, he stared at the screen it was Sandra , he pick the call and place it on his ear.
” hello Roy how are you doing ” Sandra asked from the other end.
“The child is not mine” Roy blunted sounding like a drunkard, he was already drunk.
” are you okay ” Sandra asked with concern well written on her voice.
” I don’t know” Roy replied still sounding drunk.
” where are you now ” she asked while Roy told her his location , she immediately ended the call.
About 30 minutes later Sandra got to the bar, she sighted Roy who was already drunk, he sat down putting his head on the table, she immediately went to the waitress and paid his bill before moving Roy to her car and zoomed off.. About 30 minutes they got to her house , she told him to go to the bathroom because he was smells of alcohol. By the way lex was not around, he went for a business trip in south Africa..
She went to the kitchen to make him some hot coffee, immediately she was done ,she headed to the room, she met Roy unclad, he was cleaning his body with a towel, she halted and stared at his athletic body, Roy immediately saw her .
” I am sorry” she muttered and drop the coffee on the table about to take her leave but Roy held her hand while they stared at each other with their hormones ragging in fire , soon enough their lips met and they kiss
To be continued

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