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A new beginning batch 7

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A new beginning batch 7 by : 7:59 pm On December 9, 2020
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A new beginning
Sandra was downcast, Roy was in prison just because of her, she felt guilty for being the reason Roy was put behind bars. She pleaded with her dad but he only tell her if she would agree to marry lex that Roy would be set free. She didn’t love lex, she can’t marry him Roy was the love of her life, she hated her dad for what he did to Roy.
Mr Williams and Nina went to Roy place of work, they haven’t seen him in weeks and his number was not going through, they decide to visit him to know of he is okay.
They nock at the gate, about few minutes later the gateman opens the gate..
“who are you looking for “the gateman asked.
” we came to see Roy” Nina replied.
Sandra who sighted the people at the gate quickly called the gateman ..
“who are they looking for ” Sandra asked.
” they say they are looking for Roy “Peter the gateman replied while Sandra walked to the gate..
” good afternoon “Sandra greeted as he approached them.
” afternoon!, I am Nina Roy’s girlfriend and this is Mr Williams his dad, he are here to see Roy “Nina said while Sandra drew back in disbelief.” so Roy had a girlfriend “she thought to herself
” do you say you are his girlfriend” Sandra asked.
“yeah anything “Nina asked with a raise of eyebrow. She could see the shock on Sandra’s face.
” where is Roy “Mr Williams asked after minutes of silent.
” when did you guys started dating? ” Sandra asked ignoring Mr Williams question.
” since two month now, and I am even pregnant for him “Nina said this time not only Sandra was shock but Mr Williams also.
” pregnant? ” Mr Williams asked amidst incredulity. While sandra was dumbfounded.
” how could he be a cheat?,” she asked herself, he was angry and Confused, the only guy she had ever loved was a hypocrite, a cheat and a liar.
“Roy is in prison my dad locked him up ” Sandra replied without any feeling of sympathy, her mind had suddenly became cold.
” why!! ” they both asked in unison with their voices full of surprise.
” my dad found out we were having a affairs, ” Sandra replied.
” Roy was dating you ” Nina asked in astonishment.
” yeah, he never spoke of you, I never knew he was such a cheat and a liar. “Sandra answered.
” Is your dad in “Mr Williams asked ignoring the girls and their cold stares.
” No! but I will direct you to were he was locked up, ” Sandra replied giving the man the address to Roy’s station.
They hurriedly left Sandra not until Nina gave her a lethal look.
Sandra could not help but whimper as she thought of Roy, how she had been used.
She couldn’t believe the gentle Roy was capable of using her, she hated herself for falling for him.. She made up her mind to marry lex after all there was no hope with Roy because he had gotten someone pregnant.
Roy was in prison, he had been in prison for the past one weeks, he had become the shadows of himself.
The guys in prison had thoroughly dealt with him, his face was full of scars due to the beating he received in the hands of his fellow prisoners.
“hey Roy someone is looking for you” one of the police man said to Roy while stared at him with hope, this was the first time someone would be looking for him the past 1 weeks he had been in prison.
Mr William and Nina went to Roy cell she stared at Roy with a dejected look, he had change, the handsome Roy was looking so lean and unkempt, he truly look like a prisoner.
” hey love how have you been ” Nina said with concern well written on her face.
” I am fine ” Roy replied gloomily.
” what happened ” Mr Williams asked.
” my boss kept here for having an affair with his daughter ” Roy explained starring at Nina who was indifferent she had already heard the news from Sandra so she was not surprised.
” We’ve come to bail you ” Mr Williams said while Roy shook his head gloomily, you can’t bail me, he had bribe the police to denied me bail, him alone could Set me free from this enigma.” Roy explained to them shocking them with his words.
” we have to go plead with him, that’s our only option ” Mr William said.
” I don’t think he will listen to you, ” Roy replied.
” we have to try, we can’t leave you, only one weeks you’ve stayed here you are looking so disheveled “Mr Williams said.. Nina could not break the news to Roy she felt pity for him.
” by the way Nina told me she is pregnant for you ” Mr Williams said as they were about taking their leaves .
Roy was dumbfounded he was shock to reply, his mind suddenly drifted to the day the find himself unclad on her bed, he had knew Nina for years and he knew for sure that she can’t lie to him..
He let it slip away , he had more problems to face, first he had to find a way to remove from this cell.
“we will be heading to Sandra dad house to go plead with him, please take care of yourself, ” Nina said while Roy nodded.
” are you truly carrying my child? ” Roy asked steering at her.
” yes ” Nina replied..
” I love you Roy and I will do anything to get you out of this disgusting place ” Nina said with a reassuring smile.
They left Roy who was battling with his thought, he couldn’t help but thought how his life would be after he left this pit hole , Nina is now pregnant for him, he knew the chances of being with Sandra is now slim, he thought of Sandra, she had not come to visit me since her dad put him behind bars.
Mr William and Nina went to Sandra father’s house in other to plead with him, him alone could get Roy out of here .
They nock at the gate while the gateman open the gate.
“who are you looking for” he asked scrutinising them.
“we are looking for Mr Johnson ” Mr Williams replied.
“about 15 minutes the gateman open the gate and ushered them in, they walked to the sitting room with the gateman leading the way. They met Mr Johnson who sat down on the couch with his wife.
They greeted him while he asked them to sit.
” I know you came for Roy, the good thing is that I will be setting him free, due to my daughter pleads, she had finally agreed to marry the guy she is betrothed to, if not for her Roy would have rote in jail.. ” Mr Johnson said while Nina and Mr Williams heaved a sign of relief.
” thanks you sir ” Mr Williams muttered happily.
” don’t thank me, I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for my daughter, and again, I don’t wont to see Roy near my daughter, except he his ready to meet his end, what I did to him was just a tip in an ice bag. His salary would be transfer to his account, he no longer works here ” he explained.
” you can go to him, I had already called the DPO to release him ” he added.
To be continued.

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