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A maid for him batch 6

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A maid for him batch 6 by : 7:16 pm On November 22, 2020
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A Maid For Him 🌺🌺
(Mum brought her)
Episode 12
By Simrah Saeed
( A short episode 😔pardon me)
🎀 Evan 🎀
” Yes! Turn around! Bend ” I told the bi*ch who giggled setting herself in a doggie style.
I brought my rod close to her entrance teasing her cl*t a little before inserting it into her.
” Ahhh!”
” Yes”
” Ow!”
I held her tiny waist dragging her b*tts closer to me before caressing them.
I just want to take a break from everything!
From Jenny’s trouble here and there, from thinking about Nora, from mum telling me to fix a date for my marriage and more.
Everything is super much for me to take in.
I removed my d*”k before turning her and flinging her on the bed. .
She took my huge d*”k in her hand slowly smooching it.
It feels so good as I closed my eyes enjoying the pleasure.
She took the full size in her mouth s√¢king every bit of it.
My hand went to her n*pple and I began giving it a little sensation.
Awakening her desire.
Through out all this, only one person was on my mind!
Her image kept on appearing on the lady’s face.
Why can’t she just let me?
To get myself together again, I need to f*”k her.
I have had more than 3 ladies but they are not what I want.
I want her under me with her breathe mixing with mine.
I want her to mo@n my name in ectacy and pleasure.
I want to hear her scream in my ear like a Melody!
I will get her! That’s a promise but how?
I think I have a perfect plan! I will have her with or without her consent!
I don’t care how it goes! ….
🌹 Jenny 🌹
It’s been a month since I had s*x with Evan and no result.
I have gone to the hospital almost four times but nothing.
I didn’t get pregnant!
I paced to and fro. Everything I worked for.
It didn’t work out as planned. I want this pregnancy so badly.
” Sit down will you?” Carol said patting a space beside her and I hesitantly sat.
” You don’t have to be sad okay?” She said and I scoffed.
I don’t have to be f*”king sad? What the hell?
Will I ever have the chance to have Evan have s*x with me again?
And that stupid video got deleted!
” I shouldn’t be sad? All my plans just crumbled and you are telling me this sh*t.”
I flared angrily.
” I understand you Jenny but there’s always a way out you know ”
” What other way out huh? What’s the way out? ”
She stared at me and sighed.
” Don’t you trust me anymore? I am Never out of ideas and I know this will work perfectly ”
My curious eyes met with hers and she gave me a reassuring smile.
” What idea do you have? I am loosing it Carol, I can’t loose Evan no matter what”
” Don’t worry babe , you won’t, not when I am here ”
” What do I do?” I asked curiously
” A fake pregnancy! Fake a pregnancy Jenny ”
Huh? A fake what?
” Are you kidding me?”
” Trust me, no one will know, we will arrange everything and you will look like a pregnant woman then after some months, we will go for adoption ”
I thought about it and it’s actually a good plan.
I will keep my Evan to myself! He will be mine forever!
🏵️ Nora 🏵️
” Hey ” I turned to see Mr Evan smiling at me.
I rolled my eyes at him.
When did he become all nice?
” Good evening Mr Evan ”
” Evening Nora ”
He didn’t just nod! He answered my greeting. Wow ! Impressive
I glanced at him and saw he was nervous about something.
” You want anything?” I asked and he nodded.
” Actually, Jenny is out and I am bored. I was thinking if we could play a little game , I know it’s surprising but please don’t say no ” huh?
” Mr Evan ”
” Please Nora ” he pouted and I sighed.
” Fine ” at least this is the first time he’s asking me for such thing.
It’s surprising although.! I shrugged it off.
We sat down and he faced me excitedly . Is he really okay?
” You drink right?” He asked and I shot him a confused stare.
” I ..I..mean, alcohol you know ” he said stuttering a little.
” Oh well! Trust me I do but I behave very terrible when I am drunk ” I replied sincerely.
I don’t know why he’s actually asking.
” Then you can’t do a small competition with me, I will beat you to it when it comes to alcohol ”
He said boldly and I scoffed.
” Do not flatter yourself Mr Evan , you can’t drink as much as I can ” I replied and he cracked.
“Should we try that and place a bet ?”
I glanced at him and shook my head.
” I don’t have anything to give you Mr Evan ” I rolled my eyes knowing where this will end.
” I won’t be asking for much. The thing is, if you can take three glass of whiskey without getting drunk, I will increase your pay but I know you are definitely going to fail ”
Just three glasses?
That can’t get me drunk can it?
” Like how much will you add to my salary?” I queried .
He pretended to be thinking for a while before finally speaking up.
” Half of any amount Mum pays you ”
Huh? My face lit up immediatetly!
That’s close to 25$ . Oh my God!
” Then I am in ”
He jumped up clasping his hands running off to the fridge.
He got the whiskey and a glass.
That wasn’t the competition he said but since money is involved, count me always in.
He fill the glass handing it to me.
I briskly collected it and gulped everything down in a swift.
” Wow!” He exclaimed feeling it again.
I took the last glass and I felt my head turning.
I can’t loose this money.
” I did right? So keep to your promise ” I said trying to make my voice as normal as it use to be but I terribly failed.
He chuckled .
” You are drunk Nora, just three glass made you drunk ” he said laughing and I shook my head
” I am not drunk Mr Evan, I… ”
I couldn’t continue my words as I tried standing up ending up falling back on the couch with my eyes slowly closing.
I groaned trying to keep them open but couldn’t.
The last thing I heard was Mr Evan laughing.
My eyes slowly closed and my body relaxed more on the couch with my hand flung on his shoulder.
Nora won’t kill me 🤣.
Did Evan have any plan for making her drunk?🤔.
Episode 13
By Simrah Saeed
🎀 Evan 🎀
I picked Nora up from the couch and she opened her eyes slowly.
” Oh Mr Evan, you look handsome ” she said laughing while I chuckled. .
My plan did work out
I don’t care what will happen later but this is the perfect time for me to satisfy my urge and stop thinking about her.
I climbed the stairs with her in my arms to her room
” Mr Evan is a cute guy living in a cute world ”
She giggled and hit my arm. I thought she was sleeping Gosh !
” We are going to fall down Nora, stay calm ” I said to her and she nodded like she was in her right state of mind.
I knew she was going to get drunk anyways.
She doesn’t look like one who can drink and still be stable.
” You know what Mr Evan? I like you but, you are too grumpy and a flirt ”
Huh? She likes me? I scoffed remembering she just insulted me.
I could have glared at her on a norm.
I opened her door and dropped her on the bed.
” C’mon Mr Evan ” she dragged me towards her and I ended up falling on her.
Okay! I think I should do this. She’s drunk and won’t remember a thing right?
I slowly went closer to her and placed my lips on hers klzzing her tenderly.
Her lips feel so soft and sweet.
She wrapped her arms around my neck as I went straight to into her shirt unhooking her br@ .
I threw it on the table beside her bed removing her shirt.
I was easier because she was just putting on a simple gown.
I zipped it down and took it off.
I wowed as saw the view before me.
My mouth went to her right big b**bs biting her n*pple.
A faint mo@n escaped her mouth while she was still holding me half asleep, half awake but internally unconscious.
I didn’t bother to remove my my dress only my trouser and shorts.
That’s all I needed to.
The bedside lamp was on and I could see a clear view of her.
I stared lustfully at her body while removing her lace pa*ties.
She absentmindedly spread her legs widely .
I touched her perfect cl*t and we’ll shaved area tingling it. .
She mo@ned a little before murmuring some incoherent words.
I brought my rod closer to her as my eyes went to her innocent sleeping face.
I almost had a second thought but is there a need?
I know I am being selfish but I am doing myself a favour.
I am sure when I finally f*”k her, the lust, thinking about her, seeing her images. Everything will be gone.
That’s what I want.
I teased her V with my d*”k and slowly thr*st into her.
” Ahh” she winced hitting me and in no time she was call again .
I groaned for the nth time as my d*”k couldn’t enter her tight p*ssy.
Why in God’s name is she this tight?
” Hmm! ” She said wrinkling her face in pain. I could feel it.
” Ouch! Why am I hurting? Oh! It must be where I …. ” She trailed off closing her eyes again.
I heard a loud scream for her as my d*”k finally entered into her .
Goodness! It feels so good!
I began riding her slowly while she winced in her sleep.
She was even a virgin!
I am taking her pride in a very absurd way.
What if she finds out ?
Of course I won’t let that happen, maybe I should make her forget this incident ever happened.
But I must say, this is the best lady I have f*”ked in forever! She’s so sweet!
Maybe because she’s fresh!!
🏵️ Nora 🏵️
The sunlight piercing through my window woke me up.
” Ouch” I winced holding my head. It hurts like hell!
What happened? Ouch! Why’s my head hurting this much?
I felt a urge to puke and I jumped out of the bed only to land my butts on the floor.
I puked all over my room still sitting on the cold floor.
What’s happening to me?
Why am I feeling pain in between my legs?
Is my menses about to come?
I shook my head at that.
Even if it’s a cramp, it can’t possibly make my pr*vate part hurting this much.
Or Maybe, it does changes! Maybe it is normal!
I shook the thoughts trying to stand up on my feet.
I feel so weak, tired and empty like something is missing in me.
What actually happened yesterday?
I could remember Mr Evan coming and asking me to play a game, we spoke, I took three glasses of whiskey and…….
Nothing! Everything went blank!
How did I get in here? I thought we were both at the living room!
D..did he bring me here ? Oh my God!
I sighed in relief seeing that I was still in my dress from yesterday.
He actually brought me to my room? What?
Maybe I should get this cleaned first . Thank goodness it’s Saturday, I am sure he’s in the house .
I bumped into Mr Evan on my way out. Just perfect!
Is he nervous or something?
” Good morning Mr Evan” I greeted.
He was looking everywhere but me. Okay! That’s weird!
” M.. morning Nora ” he stuttered quickly walking away but I was quick to call him back.
” Mr Evan?” I called and he paused.
” Y…yeah , any problem?” He asked
” Not at all Sir, I was wondering who took me to my room yesterday ” I asked.
He stiffened a bit before turning to me.
I stared into his eyes and I could see different emotions I don’t understand.
He quickly composed himself bursting out laughing confusing the devil out of me.
” I did Nora, you were so drunk by just taking a three glass if alcohol, I had to take you to your room and did you know what you told me yesterday?”
He asked as he leaned closer a bit. God! I know I s√¢k when I am drunk.
I say things out of point!
” You said you like me, is that true?” He whispered and I pushed him away while he laughed.
” Oh please! It was the work of alcohol trust me ”
” Are you sure you didn’t mean it?” He asked raising his eyebrows and I scoffed.
Mean it hell!
” Well! I won’t be selfish at least, for taking the alcohol, I am going to increase your pay as promised ”
My face lit up immediatetly. I thought I lost it
” The only good thing you’ve uttered since I came into this house ” I blurted and quickly covered my mouth
Oops ! I didn’t mean to say that! But that’s true anyways.
” Thanks for the compliment ” he replied sarcastically heading back to the stairs while I laughed.
At least, he’s changing from the grumpy boss he used to be.
I mean grumpy and demanding! He’s become friendlier since yesterday.
That’s better!
He isn’t asking for my body again! I wonder what changed but I like it though.
I need to prepare breakfast! Since Jenny isn’t home, the house is peaceful without her troubles.
I learnt she stays at Mrs Scott most of the time.
I wonder what she likes in her! A bag of trouble.
🎀 Evan 🎀
I hit the balcony door loudly!
Guilt! Guilt! Guilt! Guilt!
Just guilt was what I have been feeling since two days back after I took advantage of Nora.
Yes! I can’t deny what actually happened!
I am feeling really bad for what I did !
She was a virgin!
How much she has dreamt of her first night with her husband!
I feel so terrible!
I regret everything!
I regret f*”king her that night! Seeing her smile at me without knowing what I have done to her kills me!
I am a monster!
What was I even thinking?
I thought after everything, I will forget about her! I will stop thinking about her but I lied to myself
It worsen everything!
She’s everywhere in my Head!
She’s everywhere I go!
What have I done to the innocent girl?
I thought she was like those b*tches I f*”k .
I thought she was as loosed as them and was only pretended to be holy!
I ran my hand through my hair feeling frustrated.
She will hate me forever if she gets to know about it!
She will detest me!
I was taken out of my trance when my phone began ringing.
I sighed dipping my hand into my pocket.
MUM was boldly written on it!
I swiped it up and picked up the call.
📞 Son 📞
She yelled on the other side. I can feel she’s excited about something.
📞 Good afternoon Mum 📞
📞 Afternoon Son, I am so happy and mad at you 📞
Huh? Happy and mad at me? What type of figurative speech is that?
📞 I am sorry I haven’t been visiting Mum, I… 📞
She cuts in immediatetly. Seriously?
📞 I am not talking about that Evan, why did you keep it away from me? 📞
Huh? Keep what away?
📞 I don’t get it Mum 📞
📞 Oh stop pretending son, Jenny just told me about her pregnancy. I am going to be a grandma, why didn’t you tell me earlier? Oh we’re you shy? I can understand. Anyways, congratulations to the latest father to be . I am off to the mall to shop for the baby 📞
My blood froze as she ended the call!
Jenny? Pregnant? For me?

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