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A maid for him batch 2

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A maid for him batch 2 by : 7:03 pm On November 22, 2020
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A Maid For Him 🌺🌺
(Mum brought her )
Episode 4
By Simrah Saeed.
🏵️ Nora 🏵️
Holy crap!
I jumped up from the bed seeing the time, it’s few minutes to 7
How the hell did I sleep this long like a pregnant woman?
I quickly rushed to the kitchen and began preparing dinner.
I will just have to make something easier before Mr Evan comes back!
I took out some noodles and eggs. Noodles and sauce for dinner. He won’t complain right?
After all, he didn’t give me a time table to follow.
I feel so good and alive again, I also sure I am going to add lots of weight before I leave this house.
Lots of enjoyment, just imagine how long I have slept. The house was so boring, nothing to do so, I had to sleep.
In some minutes, I was done. The aroma of the noodles filled the room.
Yeah! Just on time, I heard a car honed. That must be Mr Evan.
I quickly picked up the plate I served to the dinning.
You will enjoy eating noodles when it’s hot!
The door opened revealing him!
” Welcome Sir ” I greeted.
He only nodded as usual! I wonder if he doesn’t know how to respond to a greeting! Always nodding like a lizard!
Oops! I didn’t mean to say that!
He dropped his brief case, removed his suit and handed them to me sitting down on the table!
” Keep them in my room ” he said without sparing me a glance!
I rolled my eyes and left to his room feeling so refreshed .
And who says enjoyment is not good? I pray my prince charming have lots of money like Mr Evan.
I have seen him very rich in my dream! I know he is rich anywhere he is.
I smiled and to myself trying to bring the image I see in my dream!
I am being stupid right? Well! You have to know I am stupid sometimes.
My prince charming will never be like Mr Evan, he won’t dare carry women about and f*”king any lady he sees.
If he tries that and I get to know! Gosh! Let’s leave it till then.
Yawning loudly, I dropped his suit and briefcase on his bed and headed to the kitchen!
I am hungry!
Next morning….
🎀 Evan 🎀
This lady’s food is just sumptuous! Wondering if her body is as sweet as her foods taste.
I licked my lips with the image of how she will look when she’s clad in nothing!
Today’s Saturday and nothing to do. I don’t normally go out on weekends after my morning walkout .
And if I do, that’s to bring home some bitches to f*”k.
I changed the channel to 231 and it happened to be a horror movie!
I was so lost in the movie when a knock came on my door.
Nora ran from the kitchen to get it open! It must be Mum because I am not expecting anyone.
” Evan !”
My head snapped at the voice and oh my goodness!
” Jenny !” I called as her body landed on mine.
Gosh! I have missed this face!
” Goodness! Is this you Jenny? What where you eating in London?” I asked turning her around!
” What could I have eaten Evan ” she chuckled and hugged me again.
” You’ve added so much weight and looking more beautiful ” I complimented and she blushed!
” I know you are flattering me Evan ”
” Of course, I am stating the fact ”
” Okay! Thank you ” she said sitting down while I sat beside her
” So how have you been? You didn’t tell me you were coming ” I said feigning hurt.
” I am sorry Evan, I just wanted to surprise you ” she replied apologetically!
” It’s fine, take her bags to the last room Nora ” I said to her who was just staring like we were acting some movie.
” I miss you so much Evan ” she pouted
” I miss you too beautiful ” I replied.
Wondering who Jenny is? That’s my best friend.
She based in the UK with her parents and do visit me once in a while like now!
” Who’s she?” She asked furrowing her brows.
” Don’t tell me you haven’t left your flirtatious ways Evan ” she said glaring at me.
I smiled in return, I can’t do without f*”king ladies and she knows that.
We’ve been friends since childhood before they relocated to London.
” She’s my maid Jenny ” I chuckled.
” But you are still chasing after all the things in skirt right?” She asked…
I opened my mouth to talk but couldn’t! What do I say?
” God, I am so disappointed Evan ” she said hitting me.
” Okay! Can we not talk about that now so you can go upstairs and freshen up then come back for lunch ”
” Yeah, I need that ”
🏵️ Nora 🏵️
Jenny? I wonder who she is to him. But why was she staring angrily at me?
Not that we’ve met before!
I dropped her luggages heading out when I met her half way.
” Hey wait up ” she said and I stopped!
She looks so beautiful and classy, I am sure she’s from a well-to-do family!
She stared at me up to down ! Okay! What’s her problem?
” What’s your name?” She asked folding her hands.
” Nora ”
” Okay, dear Nora! You are just a maid in this house and I don’t like the way you stare at my man ” she said and I scoffed!
Stare at who? Her man? She’s Mr Evan’s girlfriend?
” I don’t remember glancing at you both Miss Jenny ” I replied boldly
” First, do not ever scoff while I am talking to you, secondly, do not talk back at me you lowlife ”
Seriously? Just her first day in this house?
I stared at her and smiled!
” And you are?” I asked.
Who will even drag someone like Mr Evan with her? A total flirt? God forbid it for me!
” you know what Nora, I will get back to you later ” she snapped and entered into her room.
Only God knows how I am going to give her a small beating if she crosses my path!
I wonder why Mr Evan isn’t at the dinning yet .
He ought to have come down since!
Thank goodness that witch of a girl left to Mrs Scott’s to spend the night and will be back tomorrow!
She’s so proud! Arrogant and rude. How I wanted to pour the coffee in my hand on her this afternoon when she told me I don’t know how to cook!
I knocked on Mr Evan’s room and heard a faint come in.
” Good evening Sir, dinner is served ” I said.
He was lying on the bed.
He sat on the bed looking at me!
” I am not eating Nora but I want you to do something else for me ” he said smiling mischievously
” What Sir?” I asked .
He licked his lips as his eyes landed on my b**bs.
” Did you know how hot you look in this nightie? ” He asked.
I quickly covered my b**bs ! Crap! If I had remembered I was on my nightie already, I wouldn’t have entered his room.
” What did you want me to do for you Sir?” I asked changing the topic
” It’s simple Nora ” he said and climbed down from the bed walking towards me.
” I want to on the bed with me and you will give me a massage ”
He walked closer to me and threw pushed me to the bed!
Is this man okay? How can he force me to give him a massage?
” Start with your work already Nora ” he whispered in my ear.
I tried standing up but he was quick enough to hold my left hand!
” I don’t look like one of those ladies you bring in here Mr Evan, I am your maid not a massager ” I replied
” Okay then, if you don’t want to give me a massage, maybe I should have a taste of you ”
He pushed me down bringing his smelly mouth to klzz me and I gave him a resounding slap!
Episode 5
By Simrah Saeed Hareerah
🏵️ Nora 🏵️
I gave him a resounding slap and he held his cheeks falling beside me.
Because I work for him he thinks he can have me?
” How dare you slap me ?” He fumed angrily trying to grab me again but I was quick enough to jump down from the bed.
” What gave you the guts to slap me Nora?” He asked again with fury holding his red cheeks.
” I am sorry Sir but you crossed your limits, the fact that I work for you doesn’t make me your s*x tool. I don’t look like one and will never be ” I replied shrugging my shoulders.
He deserves it right?
” That doesn’t give you the right to slap me, you are fired Nora. I want you to pack your things immediately the sun rise and leave my house, you are f*”king fired ”
He yelled and I found myself chuckling. Is he being serious this minute?
” If I can vividly remember, I wasn’t employed by you Sir. I only work for you, Mrs Scott employed me and only her can fire me if you must know, I ain’t going nowhere ” I replied boldly smirking at him
It’s odd talking to your boss in this manner right? Someone like Mr Evan needs it.
” Then be ready, I promise you Nora, I must have you on my bed like I have had others, I get what I want and you are next on my list ” he snapped!
” Well Mr Evan, we will see to that. Good night Sir ”
I smiled widely at him and left.I am stubborn you know? That’s a gift from God .
I entered straight to the kitchen, served myself with beef, grilled cheese, sandwich, veggies topped with ice cream.
If you must know, I am a foodie. I love food more than I love myself and don’t worry, I will finish all this meals in just a few minutes.
I began eating like a hungry lion, eating those foods I didn’t have the opportunity to eat then because of money.
There is enough food in this house and even if it gets finished, Mr Evan has a lot of money to supply more.
After eating to my satisfaction, I entered into my room. To sleep actually!
Oh saviours! What more can I ask for?
Sometimes, I don’t care about the work I do, it’s just only in the morning I have to clean the house then the rest is cooking. No much work in the house.
And Mr Evan wants me to leave , this enjoyment? There’s no way that’s gonna happen!
* ***
I woke up with the door bell ringing non-stop.
Who the hell comes to someone’s house as early as this time?
It’s freaking 5am. What the…?
I sluggishly stood up from my bed still feeling very sleepy!
I wish I can smack the person’s head.
I sleepily opened the door to see Jenny standing there looking all red with anger!
” What’s wrong with you Nora? You kept me waiting for almost thirty minutes, are you okay?” She snapped and I scoffed.
Instead of her to apologize for disturbing my sleep she’s here saying rubbish?
” Of course I am okay Miss Jenny, I should be asking if you are okay! What will make you come home this early or did Mrs Scott sent you away? Don’t you know you disturbed my beauty sleep?” I asked.
She stared at me ! I know she feels like ripping me apart.
” D…did you just say all those words to me?” She asked turning around!
” There’s no any other Jenny here or did you come with your invisible namesake?”
She was red! Her eyes turning redder. She pushed me away and entered into the room.
This lady is so rude and I hate people like her.
” You are becoming a thorn in my flesh Nora, you are planning on seducing my mind and now you are talking to me in such ill mannered ? ” .
She said furiously! I just don’t get how I tried seducing her man!
That thought makes me laugh! Mr Evan is nowhere near my dream man!
I can never be with someone like him!
” I will make sure you leave this house Nora, mark my words ” with that she scurried away.
🎀 Evan 🎀
That nerve of a girl! Where on Earth did Mum pick her from?
With that innocent look, she’s a very stubborn person beneath it.
I can’t believe she have the audacity to slap me! I mean a slap!
She freaking slapped me!
Even Mum has never for once raised her hands on me. No one else has, she’s the first!
I will make her pay for it, I will make her regret it!
She wouldn’t leave right? Well, two can play better!
” Evan ” my door burst opened revealing angry Jenny!
She sat furiously beside me on the bed without saying a word.
” What’s wrong Jenny? No good morning? Did mum upset you?” I asked knowing well that can’t happen.
Mum loves her some much like a daughter and wouldn’t let an ant pass by her.
” Isn’t it that lowlife maid of yours? She have the guts to talk back at me , I don’t like her Evan, I don’t want her around this house, I hate her ” she blurted out.
Nora? Gosh!
” I am sorry Jenny, d…”
” I want you to fire her Evan, get her fired” she said and I shook my head!
I wish I can do that! Mum will be very mad at me and that Nora girl won’t leave.
” I am sorry Jenny, only Mum can. But trust me, I will talk to her okay ?” I said.
She stared at me and hugged me tightly.

” Can we not talk about this Mum?” I said. I shouldn’t have visited!
I only came to apologize to her for the other day.
I know it’s been almost two weeks but I still had.
I don’t even have enough time and Mum wouldn’t let me be with marriage this and that!
I am still very young and I love my bachelor life !
I can’t stop having those sweet ladies under me.
I know within myself I can’t get married, not now because I won’t be faithful to her.
Right now, some bi*ches are waiting for me at the office!
Jenny will be mad if I bring them home so yeah! The office will be better!
” You are not getting any younger Evan, I need you to get married to a woman who will make you leave this life you are leaving ” she said plainly hurt !
I know she doesn’t like the way I live but I just love it that way!
I will change when the time comes!
” But I haven’t found the right woman for me Mum ” I groaned!
” How about Jenny? She’s been your friend since childhood, she’s loving, caring, protective of you, she loves you Evan, isn’t she good enough for you?”
I love her but never thought of settling down with her. I love her as a sister and friend, I have never read meanings to our relationship.
I know she has a feeling for me but I don’t want to settle down with her.
I will end up breaking her heart!
” She is good okay, but.. it’s not her, I have never thought of that Mum ” I said sincerely!
We’ve been friends for a meaningful time now and I don’t want to ruin it by getting married to her then possibly leave her thereafter. I know that must happen!
” I love her and will want her as my daughter in-law Evan, she’s beautiful and of high standards too if that’s what you want in a woman ”
” Mum…”
” You are getting engaged to her son, I already sent a proposal on your behalf”
Geng geng!
My Nora have dieded! If Jenny comes into the house as Evan’s wife, she will make life miserable for my Nora 😔.

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