A maid for him batch 14

A Maid For Him 🌺🌺
(Mum brought her)
Episode 28
By Simrah Saeed
🏵️ Nora 🏵️
” D… Dad?” I stammered in fear shifting away.
He ought to be dead right? This is his spirit.
The hall became extremely quiet as they watch the scene.
Okay! I believe this is a dream, I have been thinking about mum and dad lately maybe that’s why.
” Princess ” he called smiling at me and coming towards me.
No! I ran away and hid at Evan’s back. This can’t be my father right? He’s dead.
” C’mon cupcake, are you afraid? This is your Dad okay? He’s not dead believe me”
Evan said. Huh? He’s not dead? But how?
He survived the accident? I learnt their car was burnt down so how?
” It’s me princess, you have every right to be mad at me for showing up just today in ten years but I have a reasonable explanation to give, I was never dead but your mum was ”
I quickly released myself from Evan as I stared at the man before me. My father!
The one I thought he died ten years ago. He must really have a reason for leaving me all alone in this cruel word to survive on my own.
” Come give Dad a hug and happy birthday and engagement princess ” he said spreading his arms widely.
My eyes met with Adam’s and he nodded signaling me to go then Evan who practically pushed me there.
I engulfed him in a tight embrace as tears flows down freely. That of joy, surprise and shock.
” Shhhh princess, I am here now, you don’t have to cry anymore ” he held me firmly patting my hair.
How much I miss this warm embrace.
The crowd cheered up clapping loudly as I released from the hug.
” I miss you princess ” he said pulling me into a hug again smiling.
” Well that’s enough of the father – daughter huggies , happy birthday hunny” mum said while the rest laugh.
Everything is still a surprise to me, the party, being engaged to Evan and Dad showing up.
It’s a lot for me to take in!
I just couldn’t stop stealing glances at Dad, that’s a big surprise Evan has ever given me.
It’s more than anything to have a father in my life again.
” Here is your gift princess ” dad said handing me a package.
I collected it from him telling him a thank you. I will have to open it when I get home. I am certain some of my favourites will be there.
” And here is your gift from me cupcake ” huh? Another gift? Evan won’t kill me ! Hasn’t he done
Wow! A freaking car key! Oh my goodness! I am going to pass out already.
” I can’t be left out you know, so this is my gift t you pretty ” Adam handed me a box which I discovered it’s a new phone. Gosh!
” And mine ” Mum gave me a portrait of me. Saviours!
Did they have to shower me with love this much? How did I become this lucky?
” I…I..I.. don’t even know what to say, thank you so much ” I said in tears out of word.
I don’t know I will be shown love like this in my life.
” Now, we will love the birthday girl to give us a little speech before the refreshment and closure of the party”
Adam gave me the mic and I nervously turned to the thousands of crowd.
Can I do this? What if I pass out?
As if reading my thoughts, Evan gave me a reassuring look before both him and Dad dashed out of the stage.
” I.. can’t really express how overwhelmed I am right now, planning this surprise party for me means a lot to me and it made me feel so special knowing that I have people who takes my interest at heart and love me unconditionally”
” I am so grateful and I show my appreciation to my fiance, Evan who thought about all this and giving me my Dad as a surprise ”
” I don’t know what to say, I am so speechless from the love I received from my family and friends. I am very grateful to you all and thank you for gracing my occasion ”
” Wow!” I blurted immediately I came out of the car.
My Dad owns this house? How? He wasn’t that rich then so what changed?
” You like our mansion?” He asked . Like? I freaking love it. It’s very beautiful and spacious like that of Evan’s.
Remembering Evan,a smile crept up on my face.
He bluntly refused to release me to my father saying he can’t stay without me for 24hours.
It was after much persuasion from everyone that he let me come here with Dad but with a condition that he do come the next day if he doesn’t see me.
You know Dad and I have a lot of catch up to do, it been ten years and everything that happened is still a mistery to me.
” I love it Dad ” I replied simply. He nodded walking in front of me into the house.
Okay! Is Dad now a Mafia king? Why did he have all this men with different types of weapon in his house?
It’s creepy and scary!
He turned to me and smiled seeing the confusion on my face.
” I know that look princess ” he paused chuckling
” Like I said, I have lots of explanations to do okay, so come in ” he said paving way for me to enter.
My jaw dropped on seeing the sitting room. W..what?
Is this heaven on Earth? This is confusing me the more. How did this all happen?
Evan’s sitting room is a child’s play compared to this I am seeing .
Everywhere is well tinted and all white. Gosh! This very house belongs to my Dad? I can’t believe this.
Then why did he leave me for years suffering when he got this kinda money huh?
He instructed me to sit and I did. I sat on the soft sofa.
If care is not taken I will just start sleeping here right now.
” Welcome ma’am, what can we offer you?” I raised my head to see three ladies standing in my front.
In some seconds, it seems I don’t understand what they say.
Everything is very new to me , being treated like a princess since the past few weeks still doesn’t get me used to it.
” This is your home princess, feel free to order for anything and do anything you wish to, you can even seen this mansion if you want ” Dad said making me chuckle.
” Okay, just juice will do ” I said. They nodded and left. Why wasn’t just one person that came?
” Welcome to our home princess, I know you are surprised about my sudden affluence ” he said pausing a bit taking that time to clear his throat.
” Your mum and I were never involved in an accident ”
” She was killed, they tried taking all our lives including yours princess ”
This is becoming more complicated than I thought.
” They thought you died with your Mum and they can after me, I was shot but never died and I knew you were alive but if I come any closer to you, they could have killed you ”
W… what? Who are the they? Why did they want us dead?
Episode 29
By Simrah Saeed
🏵️ Nora 🏵️
What? Who are the they and why did they want us dead?
I blinked in utter confusion as he breathed out.
” The day you turned 11 was the day I won a medal worth millions of naira, it was as if your birthday brought that luck for me ”
” Your mum and I was very happy because we will be living a comfortable life after I invest the money and we will be able to give you all that you ever wanted as a child ”
” When they brought the huge amount of money for me, they brought it directly to my office where I work as a clerical staff remember? ”
He said and I nodded even if I can’t remember.
” I wasn’t in the company when they came they met my boss , he collected the money from them after promising he was going to give me when I arrive at the company ”
” But he never did and in the rule that guide the money was that, it can be given out to anyone if I or any of my family members are dead ”
” He wanted to be in the possession of the money and so he came for our lives”
” He killed your mother and thought you died with her so he came after me ”
” I had to make sure you were out of our house by any means because I was sure they were going to come there so I framed you up for stealing and the owner of the apartment sent you out ”
Huh? Was that why I was sent out at twelve? I knew I never stole the golden bracelet of her daughter.
” I am sorry I did that but I had to just to protect you ”
” I left this city to hide somewhere safe, I couldn’t take you with me , I know gab is a very dangerous man, he could track me and get me anytime ”
” If I had to die, I wouldn’t let my precious daughter die with me so he took everything I laboured for thinking I was dead ”
” Even after I left, I knew every of your movement, I always look out for you Nora to make sure no harm comes to you ”
” I just cake back last two years when I had enough money to forward the case to court ”
” The case lasted for a year and half. Gab was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and possession of someone’s properties ”
” I got my money back, everything! I got it back last few months and I decided it was time to go out and look for my daughter”
” What made it more hard for me was that I lost every info of you, that was when you went into the Evan’s mansion ”
” I wanted taking you with force like inform of kidnaping you are to scare you a little, I know my princess can be a scary cat but when I heard Evan was planning a birthday party for you, I got a change of plan, that was why I showed up at your party ”
” And the men out there? They are just for protection ”
I breathed out after listening to everything. Was it tears of joy or sadness that Mum isn’t here to witness this day?
I wish I can see that godforsaken man and tear him apart! He killed my Mum. My role model!
Dad came towards me hugging me while I placed my head on his shoulder.
How can one stupidly be comfortable enjoying someone’s sweat? That he have to kill us huh?
How heartless can he be?
” It’s okay baby, we are fine now and I miss Handel so much like you do but she’s in a better place now ” he patted my back gently while I sniffed in tears.
At least, I am glad everything is fine now and the fact that I have my Dad with me now.
To top it all, he’s handsomely rich! Stinking wealthy!
” Dinner’s ready, let’s go eat something ” he said holding me up.
I wonder how he will react if he knows I am pregnant! Gosh!
🎀 Evan 🎀
I tossed on the bed dialing her number. I feel so empty without Nora with me.
My face lit up seeing she picked up almost immediately.
📞 Cupcake, I freaking miss you📞
She chuckled before replying
📞 seriously Evan? You are unbelievable! I just left few hours ago and you will see me by tomorrow 📞
She replied.
📞 Yeah whatever, I just miss you, I miss touching you, I miss holding your tiny waist, I miss seeing your little baby bump, I miss kissing your soft lips, I…📞
📞 Evan! You have gone crazy 📞
She cuts in laughing which made me smile. Her laugh is freaking contagious!
📞 I can only be crazy when I am with you cupcake, so tell me, how are you catching up with your Dad?📞
I asked.
📞 Yeah! We are getting along like before real quick, I am glad he’s not dead and he came back for me 📞
I nodded thinking she was here to see me.
📞 I am happy to see you happy cupcake, that’s my number one priority 📞
📞 Awwn, I am so loved 📞 she said giggling and I smiled.
📞 I have always love you cupcake 📞
📞 And I love you to Evan 📞
I quickly sat on the bed taking the phone from my ear. She didn’t just say that did she?
📞 I think I am having ear problem, repeat that again 📞
She chuckled
📞 I love you Evan 📞
She didn’t stammer! Saviours! I have made it to the next level!
I groaned scoffing continuously!
Everyone in the room chuckled and I glared at them .
” You don’t mean it right?” I said to Nora’s Dad and he chuckled.
” I mean it Son, she’s going to stay with me till after her marriage ”
That can’t happen! I can’t stay without her and everyone knows it .
” Okay then, can we do the marriage tomorrow already?”
Everyone burst out laughing but I didn’t see it as something funny.
I planned on doing the wedding when she puts to bed and that’s almost 5months from now, how did he expect me to cope ?
Five good months! What the heck?
” Seriously Evan, you want to get married tomorrow? Without any preparation done?” Mum asked laughing at me.
I never thought of that but is it necessary? I will just die if Nora leaves even for 48hours.
” You all have forgotten he have a chicken brain ” Adam shipped in and I glared hard at him. Idiot!
” She can’t stay with you for five months right cupcake?” I asked looking at her and she looked away smiling without replying
Okay! They all want to punish me!
” I will be going back with her ” he dropped the bombshell! What? Like is he kidding me?
” Then I am going with you both ” I replied with a serious expression.
Mum wanted saying something when the door bell rang!
I am not expecting anyone!
” I will go get it ” I replied standing up.
I turned the door knob and opened it and it was….
Jenny? What the hell?

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