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A maid for him batch 11

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A maid for him batch 11 by : 7:37 pm On November 22, 2020
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A Maid For Him 🌺🌺
( Mum brought her)
Episode 22
By Simrah Saeed
🎀 Evan 🎀
” Forgive me and give us a chance Nora” I said with a cracked voice trying to hold my tears.
I might break down if she doesn’t forgive me this minute.
She stared at me then our interlocked hands .
” E…. Evan ” she stuttered
” I know I have messed up a big time Nora but trust me, if you give us a chance, I will change for you and become the man you’ve always wished for ”
” I know I turned out to be among the least of men you will want to go into a relationship with but I can change for you, that’s how much I love you Nora ”
We both stared intently at each other and I could see a little smile crept on her face.
” D…did you truly love me?” She asked
” I do, from the very first day I set my eyes on you. I fell in love with you at first sight”
She removed her hands from mine and stood up from the bed while I did same.
Her facial expression became unreadable.
Did I say something wrong again ?
She walked closer to me and what…….
She kicked my balls …
I groaned and fell on the floor seeing her giggled.
” Your Mum asked me to do so ” she said with a smirk and I hissed in pain.
What the hell? Mum? While will she tell her to do so?
” And I have forgiven you Evan, I am giving you a chance, giving us a chance and please do not hurt me ”
Amidst the pain I was feeling, I felt satisfied.
I felt like I was being crowned the king of the universe.
” I am sorry I did that but you deserve it and I did as instructed ” she grinned helping me stand on my feet
I am not mad at her, not even for a second.
Earning her forgiveness alone took the pain away.
Feeling my heart and mind at peace is what I wished for.
I pulled her into a hug and we both fell on the bed because my legs weren’t stable due to the pain in my balls.
I held her waist snuggling closer to her with her breath fanning my forehead.
” Thank you so much Nora, this means a lot to me ”
I removed the stubborn strand of her hair falling on her face and she smiled shyly.
” I love you Nora ” I placed a soft klzz on her cheek and she flushed.
She stared at me trying to speak but couldn’t.
” You don’t have to love me back or say it, my love for you is enough to cover everything ”
She nodded.
We stayed in that same position for about five minutes before she spoke up.
” H..how about Jenny?”
I chuckled at her question. She had to ask anyways. If I was the one, I will ask about her too. .
” She’s in our past now cupcake, right now is just you and I building up our relationship without rushing into things ” I replied touching the breed of her nose while she nodded .
” O..okay, can you let go off me? I need to get to the hospital in ten minutes ” she said and I groaned
” I want to stay with you like this forever ” I replied placing her head on my chest while she grinned.
” Seriously Evan? I live here with you, snuggling with me can wait but the hospital can’t ” she said loosening her self from my grip but I held her firmly.
” I will on one condition ” I said smirking.
” W…what condition?”
” I will take you to the hospital and no objection cupcake ” I said and she sighed.
” Fine ”
” Is the baby fine?” I asked the doctor as he uses something like an X-ray on Nora’s tummy while a very tiny foetus display on the screen
” Yes, oh my goodness ” the doctor shouted and I shrieked.
” Is anything wrong? What’s wrong with my baby?” Nora asked worriedly as I stared curiously at the doctor who chuckled.
” Can you see the baby boy hiding behind his sister? Isn’t he supposed to be the one to protect her ?” He said laughing and I stared at him with confusion.
” We don’t understand doctor ”
” Mr Evan, your wife is carrying a baby girl and boy. She’s carrying twins ”
My eyes met with Nora and I saw tears and smile on her face.
I am going to be a father of twins? A boy and a girl? Oh my goodness!
Should I jump up, laugh, cry, hug the doctor, klzz Nora or what?
” Congratulations Mr and Mrs Evan, the babies are doing perfectly fine ”
I ran to Nora and hugged her.
” Thank you so much for accepting to keep our babies cupcake ”
I didn’t feel so much joy when I learnt about Jenny’s pregnancy.
Maybe because I don’t love her. ….
I am the happiest man in the whole universe.
I can’t wait to make Nora officially mine by putting the ring on her f!ng£r and wedding her.
She will be mine, mine forever……
I felt someone’s tap on me and I slowly opened my eyes to see Nora standing beside my bed pouting.
What’s she doing here?
” Are you okay cupcake? Are the babies fine?” I asked as I jolted from the bed.
I sat her down on my thigh while she was still pouting.
” The babies wants some ice cream ” she said …
Ice cream?
” Okay, there are still some in the freezer, I will go get one for you ” I said trying to stand up but she shook her head.
” I don’t like that flavour, they make me wanna puke. I want vanilla flavour ”
Where do I get ice cream from by this time of the night?
It’s 12am !!!!!!
” Okay, I will get it for you as early as 7am in the morning, it’s already late cupcake ” I said and she stood up from my thigh.
” I get you don’t want to get it for me, it’s fine you don’t love me as you claimed, it’s very fine ”
What the?
She’s crying? Oh my God!
I quickly rushed to her and hugged her. ..
Is this how pregnant women behaves?
God !
For the past few days have been hell for me.
I almost cried yesterday when she say she wants to eat a cake made in a particular bakery in California.
I bought her from places around but she threw everything on my face.
I had to travel to California to get that for her only to hear that she doesn’t have appetite for it anymore that she wants cherries…
Like freaking cherries that we hardly see in the whole America.
” I am sorry cupcake, I don’t mean to make you cry babes. I will go get it for you right away ”
Gosh! I feel like I am the one pregnant. !
A Maid For Him 🌺🌺
(Mum brought her )
Episode 23
By Simrah Saeed
🎀 Evan 🎀
” Thank you Evan ” she said releasing herself from the hug looking so excited like I just promised to buy her the whole universe.
I nodded going to get my car keys. I don’t have to change from this nightie right?
I feel so sleepy but what do I do? I don’t want to make her cry.
” I will be back in a jiffy ”
I said to her heading out but she held my arm . I sighed turning to look at her.
” Did you need anything else cupcake? ” I asked and she shook her head.
Then what?
This is just two months into her pregnancy, am I sure I am not going to die before she delivers?
” I want to go with you” she replied fidgeting with her hand.
That’s it? Gosh! Unbelievable!
“Okay, you can come with me ” she giggled giving me a quick peck on my cheek before running off to her room
I am sure not going to allow her stay there after our engagement.
I just want to let mum know of her pregnancy before planning on asking her to marry me which will be soonest.
” I am ready Evan ” she yelled and I left to meet her.
God don’t let her wake me up by 2am again demanding for my head !
” You mean you went out by 12am to get her ice cream?” Adam asked again for the tenth time laughing his @ss out.
He wouldn’t understand till his wife or girlfriend gets pregnant for him.
Pregnant women are so annoying to some extent but I can’t be mad at my Nora.
I will do anything for her because I love her. She’s my light and without her, I will be in darkness forever.
” You don’t understand do you? Man I dressed up for work this morning but my beloved baby mama asked me to get her some sand and a new book ” I said rolling my eyes.
” Sand? Like sand and a new book? For what?” He asked bewildered while I chuckled.
” She said she feel like eating some sand and sniffing the scent of a new book ” I shrugged.
Seriously! I wanted to laugh but couldn’t because it might make her cry again .
Her pregnancy hormones is something else.
” Don’t tell me you got them for her ” he said grinning .
” Of course I did, I don’t want her to start displaying her rollercoaster emotions ”
” You are really trying, this is scaring me dude I can’t do all this ” he said .
I just shook my head at him . Till he get there, he won’t understand seeing the tears of the one you love most.
” This is not you talking, when that time comes, you will understand what I am talking about ”
” It can’t dude, I won’t leave my sleep in the middle of the night to get some sh*ts for my pregnant wife , anyways accept my condolence ”
Condolence really? .
” You don’t understand English do you?” I glared at him while he laughed.
🏵️ Nora 🏵️
” Hunny, oh my…. You didn’t tell me you were pregnant, how are you? Are you feeling fine? How are the babies? What did you want to eat? Did you need something? Y…”
” Mum !” I had to interrupt her long squeak .
God! Evan told her already!
” Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I am going to be a grandma, I know you are tired, I am employing three maids to be taking care of you, I will stay here till you deliver ”
” I will give you anything and everything, wait! Where’s Evan? ”
She said looking around .
” I am here Mum any problem?” He asked coming downstairs with his phone while I stood watching amusingly.
What’s this woman up to?
” Are you seriously asking me that Evan? You are allowing a pregnant woman to do your laundry? Are you okay ?” She snapped
Evan’s eyes flickered towards me and I smirked.
I so much love this woman!
” But Mum, she’s just two months in and I did almost all the chores this morning ” he defended .
” And you are still letting her do your laundry? What happened to the machine or the watchers?”
” Mum she…..”
” Do not defend yourself bighead ”
She shushed him and turned towards me.
” I can see you are very stressed out baby” she said to me and I nodded pouting.
Gosh! I want to watch the look on Evan’s face forever.
” yes Mum, my back hurts, my legs, my hand ” I lied as Evan stared at me expressionless.
How much I wish to laugh right now.
” I am sorry baby, Evan is such a stupid boy that doesn’t know how to take care of a woman, did you know how hard it is to carry a baby let alone two?” She shouted at Evan who kept mute.
Seriously I pity him but I love this direct movie I am watching.
” Have you forgotten that I am the Son Mum, it seems you choose her over me ” Evan groaned which made me chuckle.
” You are the dumbass son and she’s the pregnant princess ”
Okay! I can’t hold it anymore. I burst out laughing and she joined me leaving Evan grunting
” This is not fair ”
” Whatever you say Evan, take her to your room and give her a thorough massage, it’s an order ” she said with finality and both our eyes widened.
I thought Nora is crazy but Mrs Scott is crazier 😂😂

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