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A Friend in Need episode 6

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A Friend in Need episode 6 by : 8:18 pm On January 28, 2021
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A Friend in Need
Episode 6
The news of Tolani’s pregnancy shattered Tayo. He was completely devastated. His imagination ran wild yet no possible solution came to mind. If he tried to deny the fact that he had carnal knowledge of her, it would only be a matter of time before a paternity test would prove him wrong. He couldn’t even deny it because, according to her, he was her first. Plus, it would be a lie to deny the obvious.
Almost all the options that crossed his mind were no-go areas— aborting the pregnancy, taking to the woods, committing suicide… The only option that seemed acceptable and appropriate was to let her keep the baby while he prepares for fatherhood. Anything apart from that would involve covering up a sin with another sin. The whole thing depressed him and he felt his life literally falling apart.
Well, he had one more option: he could ask her what she intends to do hoping that it would be less scary. Without wasting time, he called her up.
“Hello, Tolani.” The sound of his voice was almost unrecognizable.
Tolani hesitated. She knew he would call, but her worries were what his recommendation would be. Would he tell her to ‘take care of it’, or keep the baby? Neither of both was good enough for her. Her wish was that the two-month-old fetus in her uterus would vanish one night and everything would return to normal. But that was never going to happen and she knew it.
“Tolani! Can you hear me?” Tayo called again when the other end of the line was silent for too long.
“I… I can (sobs), I can hear you.” She had been crying too. Who would have thought that she, of all people, was going to have a child outside wedlock? She was a youth leader in her church, the daughter of a respected man of God and a deaconess. Thoughts of the disgrace she would bring to herself, her parents and her friends were all unbearable for her.
“I can’t keep the baby!” She said bursting into uncontrollable tears. She wept on for minutes while Tayo pondered on her decision. ‘But, Tolani was a Christian too. How could she be contemplating abortion? Doesn’t she know that it is equal to murder? Or, what possible excuse could she have?’
“Tolani, I understand how you feel about …”
“Stop lying!” Tolani cut in. “You don’t understand anything. I know you will start preaching on how sinful it is to take the life of an unborn child. But, do you want to know why I don’t blame you? It is because you will not be the one to carry a shameful pregnancy for the next 7 months. It is because it will not affect your studies in any way. It is because it will not be written on your face that you put a lady in the family way. It is because nobody may ever find out what you did except you tell them. But listen to me carefully! If you dare stop me from having my way, I will blow the trumpet from every skyscraper in the city.”
“Tolani, could you calm down and listen to me, please?” Tayo pleaded in fear.
“I am not ready to listen to you except you are giving directions to the office of a specialist in dilatation and curettage.” Tolani said angrily.
“I understand… No, I mean you have every reason to be angry with me, Tolani, but I don’t want us to do anything rashly. Let’s take time to think this through and weigh our options carefully. We may come up with a better solution.” Tayo paused, expecting her response.
Hahahaha! Tolani busted into laughter. She laughed so hard that it was not clear if she was mocking or joking.
Tayo was confused. ‘Was this a joke or something like it? What was funny about what he’d just said?’
“Are you even listening to yourself?” Tolani barked, interrupting his thoughts. “I said, are you listening to yourself? You think I haven’t thought of every other possible solution? Are you insinuating that I am too dumb to know what is best for me at this crucial moment? Tayo! Tayo!! Let me be very clear on this matter: I am not keeping this baby. Before this week is over, I am removing it—with or without you.”
“Don’t Tolani me. I have made up my mind and there is no going back. Find out how much it will cost, and within 3 days, send it to my account. Or else…” Tolani threatened as she hung up on him.
Tayo’s woes had just begun. Not only had he impregnated a girl he was not married to, but now he was going to be an accomplice in murder. Tears flowed from his eyes. Just then, Tolani texted her account details which ended it with: ‘Send the money within 3 days. Or else…’
To Be Continued…

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